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Chapter 1:

Caroline couldn't believe it. A vampire cannot be pregnant it is impossible but for Caroline it was her new reality.

Caroline stared at her tiny but to a vampire's eye swollen belly. Her eyes wide in shock 'this couldn't be happening' she said in her head over and over again trying to convince herself she was hallucinating.

What was she going to tell her mother, Stefan, Elena, Tyler, and Klaus?

How could she tell Tyler she slept with the man that turned him into a hybrid and then killed his mother.

Or how do you tell Elena she is carrying the child of the man who made her life a living hell, killed her aunt Jenna, used her as a blood bag to create more hybrid's and is the reason she can't have a normal life. You can't Elena, will never except it. She will hate Caroline for even sleeping with him. All her friends would.

How would she be able to tell Klaus that he is the father to her unborn child?

How would he react? Would he be excited?, would he cry?, would he be angry? All these thoughts were running threw her head at lightning speed but the big question was would he accept that they are having a child together and help her raise him or her or would he abandon her and their child.

He may be in love with her but this situation she was in now may make him change the way he feels.

She was freaking out so she did the only thing she could think of, message Stefan to come over ASAP he always knows how to calm her down.

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