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Someone private messaged me asking if Haley had sex with Klaus the answer is no, yes Hayley went to the mansion, looked at his art work etc but when she tried to seduce Klaus he of course he rejects her because he is in love with Caroline. Also Caroline and Klaus had sex the night of the graduation before he left for New Orleans.


After Klaus found out Elijah was with a powerful witch he freaked out breaking furniture and throwing glasses at the wall. Caroline jumped every time she heard a loud smash,taking a deep breath she starts to walk up to Klaus to get him to stop "please stop Klaus" she begs placing her hands on his tense shoulders her eyes start to get watery as the noises keep going. Rebekah has already started walking up the stairs to her bedroom knowing from experience that when Klaus is like this it's best to just leave him alone in till he cools off. "Just stop Klaus, breaking everything isn't going to fix anything" Caroline says a little bit calmer then the first time but a few tears have made it's way done her cheeks. As soon as Klaus sees the tears he freezes "I'm sorry love I didn't mean to make you cry" he says ashamed, She wipes the rest of the tears off her face before replying "it's ok I honestly don't know why am crying, god you must think I'm some weak little girl" she says not looking Klaus in the eye "you know that's not true love, you are strong, beautiful, full of light, your a bloody queen Caroline" he says gently moving her face to face him "seriously you need some new pick up lines" she says rolling her eyes but Klaus can see a faint blush appear on her pale cheeks making him smile "as for the crying I believe it has to do with your hormones after all you are pregnant or have you forgotten" Klaus says

"How can I forget it's the only reason I'm in New Orleans, I could be at Whitemore right now with my friend but instead I'm here linked to a witch that could kill me at anytime and on top of that I'm a vampire who is mated to a killing original hybrid who also happens to be pregnant with his child and also extra moody" Caroline rants

Klaus couldn't help it he laughed freely for the first time in is life, he found her so adorable when she would rant on and on about non sense, he felt more human when ever she was around and he was surprised to find that he enjoyed that feeling.

Elijah's bones felt stif he could barley move, he was weak and he knew he needed blood but the effects of the dagger were not gone yet leaving him laying in a coffin with his eyes closed while his body started to turn back to is natural pale colour. He tried to remember how he got here which was a struggle when his brain was still foggy, he saw images of himself and Klaus talking in there private study when Klaus stuck a dagger through his heart. Elijah was beyond mad at his little brother he was furious, daggering him when Marcel was trying to hurt is family but not only that he daggered him knowing that Caroline needs protection. In that moment he swore to himself that Klaus will never be able to dagger anyone anymore and he would be punished for his actions.

The effects of the dagger were almost gone when Elijah heard the sound of footsteps and a squeaky bed and not long after the sound of even breathing, letting him know that his captive is asleep. He slowly opened the coffin trying not to wake up his captive. The first thing he saw when the coffin was opened was a painting of a face that he recognized to be one on the witches in the French Quarter. Now looking around he realized he was in some sort of attic. When is eyes finally reached the bed he saw a brunette girl, no more then 16 in a deep sleep. He got out of the coffin making sure not to step on any of the squeaky floorboards. He walked to the door only to find he couldn't get out because of the invisible wall blocking his way 'witches' he thought. He didn't really have much options either he could pretend to be daggered still, or he could wake up the sleeping girl and demand answers, instead he decided he would wait for her to wake up then question her.

"So now that you have calmed down Nik, what's your plan" Rebekah asks joining her brother and Caroline back in the living room. When she heard laughing from upstairs she knew that her brother was truly in love with the baby vampire, which made her a little jealous.

"We'll my dear sister, Marcel just so happens to be hosting a ball this evening and we happen to be invited" Klaus replies all traces of a smile gone and replaced with a smirk

"How does attending a ball have anything to do with getting Elijah back" Caroline asks very confused

"It's whats going to happen during this ball that should get dear Elijah back love" Klaus replies

"What the hell are you planing" Caroline asks curious

"You'll see love, I left your dress on your bed,be ready by 7" Klaus said before leaving the house to god knows where

"Since when does Nik buy women dresses" Rebekah asks shocked

"You'd be surprised" Caroline says

"He's done this before" Rebekah asks

"Ummm yeah the dress for your family ball in Mystic Falls and my dress for prom Klaus gave me" Caroline admits

"Those gorgeous dress belong to my brother" Rebekah says, Caroline nods

"Come on I want to see what dress he picked out for you now" Rebekah says vamp speeding up the stairs leaving Caroline to follow

Caroline walking into her room to see Rebekah holding up the most gorgeous blood red dress she as ever seen

"Wow" Caroline says in awe

"I know this dress is bloody gorgeous, I can't believe Nik has good taste" Rebekah says in awe herself

"We'll he is like a billion, he must of picked up on fashion over the years" Caroline replies "I can't wait to where it tonight"

When Klaus left the house he vamp speed all the way to the witches cemetery to put is plan into action

"SOPHIE" Klaus yelled on the top of his lungs

"What" Sophie asked appearing out of her families resting place

"Get ready, tonight are plan begins" Klaus says

"It's to dangerous Klaus, I can be executed for using magic" Sophie says

"You wanted my help sweetheart I came up with a plan, now I suggest you shut up and get the ingredients for the spell ready before I kill you" Klaus threatens

"You won't hurt me, let alone kill me unless you want your precious Caroline to die too" Sophie taunts

"Sweetheart I've been alive along time I now ways to torture that make you bleed out slowly, and next time you threaten Caroline remember she is a vampire and vampires heal quickly while witches do not, do you understand" Klaus growls

Sophie nods scared for her life

"Good, start your spell when the moon is at it's highest I will take care of the rest" Klaus says before leaving making his way home to his love and his sister.

Klaus waited at the bottom of the steps 5 minutes before 7 o'clock for his sister and Caroline. 7 o'clock on the dot Caroline walked out for her room to meet Klaus downstairs

Klaus was in awe when he saw her, she was the most gorgeous creature he has ever seen and knowing that she was caring his child, his own flesh and blood in her womb made his hear swell with more love for her. He might have acted like he didn't care about the child but he truly did want to have a family, he was just scared he would become like his father. In this moment he couldn't picture anyone else carrying his child.

Caroline had her blond hair in an elegant bun with a single piece of blond lock down she was wearing the blood red ball gown the fit her just right and hid her slightly swollen belly, matched with Rebekah's red pumps and of course the diamond bracelet that she through in his face on the night of his families ball. She felt like a princess. The way he looked at her made her feel special and beautiful she knew she was blushing. This moment remind her of a scene in a Disney movie, and she knew in that moment there was no denying what they had.

"You look absolutely breathtaking Caroline" Klaus whispers

"Thank you, you look quite beautiful too" Caroline blushes when she realized what she said "I mean handsome" and it was true he did with his fancy black suit with his hair slightly gelled back

"Was that a compliment" he teases

"Don't get used to it" Caroline says crossing her arms over her chest giving Klaus a view of the flesh above her breast

"Are we ready to go" Caroline asks

"Just waiting for Rebekah, then will will be on are way" Klaus says

10 minutes later

"REBEKAH HURRY UP" Klaus yells tired of waiting for his little sister

"I'm coming, you know it takes time to look pretty Nik" Rebekah replies coming down the stairs wearing an elegant black ball gown

"I'm sure Marcel will be jealous" Klaus says with a knowing look "now come on we are going to be late" He says leading his favourite girls to the limo.

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