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"Hello, Miss…" The black haired man at the far end of the table consulted his list.

"Miss Potts! Um, ok, wow, strange name! But anyways, my name is Tony Stark, as you obviously know, I'm apparently in need of a full time babysitter, according to this guy over here," He motioned to the tall man standing close by. "And he thinks it needs to be someone who's not easily bullcrapped. Are you right for the job?" Tony, by the way he was addressing the matter, didn't seem keen on the fact of having a babysitter/assistant. Thalia easily stood her ground.

"That depends, sir. Are you going to give me bullcrap?" Tony grins and turns to the man next to him.

"I like her Obi, she reminds me of someone… From a long time ago." His eyes kind glazed over as he looked back at the woman standing by the door. He could feel the aura of power around her. She stood tall and firm, not wavering at any comment he had made thus far. "I'm gonna keep her. Tell everyone else to leave. Miss Potts has won my affections." Thalia scoffed a little.

"Sir, you make it sound like you're a princess choosing her prince at a ball. If you're this dramatic all of the time, then why don't you hire a play producer to help you blow up your ego. You're not going to "keep her", but I suggest that you offer her a job, where she is paid and is given tasks that revolve around the job given it her if she accepts." She pauses and takes a breath before continuing. "And you should not refer to your employees as pets nor slaves, but equals working under one roof towards the same goal." The tall man, who she assumed was Obidiah Stane, grinned.

"Oh, yes Tony. She will work great with you." He then walked out and motioned for Thalia to follow.

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