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Reid, review, and ENJOY!

It was JJ.

"What the hell?!" Morgan screeched from the drivers side.

"Oh, JJ is gonna pay for keeping this a secret from me!" Garcia said with her most devilish glare.

"Wait, but, what about Will?" Morgan asked as the idea of their secret relationship was still processing in different parts of his mind.

The thought had seemed to elude Garcia until this point, because her jaw dropped at the realization of what this meant.

"Reid and Jayje are having an affair…"

"No. JJ wouldn't do that to Will, would she?" Morgan asked, completely perplexed by the situation. "And neither would Reid, right? He's too innocent and good hearted to do something like that to anyone, especially Will."

"I thought so, but… well if this is an unsub, what would this look like."

"Well, in the context of an unsub, my first thought would be it was a motive for murder, but I am very hopeful that I do not have to look at this in that perspective."

"Ok… fair enough," Garcia said, only half registering his words, still too entranced by the couple sauntering to their car.

"What do you want to do about it?"

After a moment of consideration, she opened the car door, and slammed it shut behind her. She quickly walked across the street, now followed by Morgan, who was trailing right on her heels.

"Whoa, baby girl! What do you think you're doing?" Morgan called out to her.

"You asked me what I want to do. This is what I want to do," she said without turning behind her to face him, keeping her eyes trained on the now halted couple leaning against the car.

"Which is what, exactly?"

"Confront them," she said matter-of-factly, and before Morgan had an opportunity to respond, she had reached her destination, and now stood right beside the entangled couple, eyeing them like a teacher scolding children for throwing spit-wads in class.

As she cleared her throat, Reid quickly pulled his face away from JJ, but did not remove his body from hers completely. When he realized who had interrupted them, though, the blood rushed to his cheeks and he stepped backward, severing all connection between the two.

They both stared at her, waiting for her to say something. When it became obvious that she was going to continue to stare them down until one of them gave an explanation, Reid spoke up.

"What are you guys doing here?" he asked, his voice getting momentarily stuck in his throat.

"That's it?! No explanation?! Just 'what are we doing here?'" she screamed.

"Hey, I don't think we have really anything to explain. We are both adults," JJ rebutted, speaking very calmly and clearly.

"You don't have anything to explain?! Oh, because it's completely understandable to catch you and the doctor here swapping saliva?!"

"Hey, let's keep the saliva talk to a minimum, shall we?" Reid interjected.

"What about Will? Does the fact that your cheating on your husband deserve an explanation?!"

JJ looked over to Reid for a second, before averting her eyes to her feet. Her face got flushed, and Garcia could tell there was more than what she knew going on.

After a second of awkward silence, JJ spoke up. "Will and I are getting a divorce. And before you ask if it's because of this-" she said motioning between her and Reid, "it isn't. We got together after I had decided to leave Will. The divorce will be finalized by the end of the month, and at which time we were planning on telling you guys about us."

Garcia stood there shocked.

"When did you leave Will?"

"About three months ago."

Morgan then added, "And when did you two.. become you two…?"

"About two months ago," Reid answered.

"Wait! So did this happen when Reid was going through… all of his… stuff?"

"Yes," the two responded in unison.

"Do you forgive us, Garcy?" JJ pleaded after a second of uncomfortable silence.

She quickly considered this inside her mind before responding, "I guess. I can't stay mad at you! Plus, I know Junior-G Man has been in love with you for years. I just never thought he'd have the guts to do anything about them!" she gushed.

Reid blushed as JJ regained her grasp on his hand.

"Okay, well, as you both know, free nights are such a rarity, that we would like to enjoy the rest of ours. See you guys tomorrow?" JJ asked hopefully.

Garcia squinted, not pleased with the question, but then responded, "Okay, fine. But, you guys have to come clean to the team because there is no way I can keep this secret for too long!" she said, finally flashing her award winning smile.

They all chuckled, knowing just how true her words were.

"Fine. First thing tomorrow, the team will know everything," Reid said, after sharing an agreeing glance with JJ.

"Okay. That's settled," she said, regaining her composure, before letting it slip again as she added, "Have fun you two!" Then she turned away without another word, dragging a somewhat whiplashed Morgan with her.

Reid looked over at JJ, sharing a knowing smile of just how chaotic the next day was going to be, but agreeing without words not to worry about that then.

"Now," Reid said, leaning back against JJ, "Where were we?"

She giggled and brought her lips to his, smiling against his kiss.

"You guys are adorable!" they heard Garcia yell from the passenger seat of the SUV, halted in the middle of the road.

"Good night, Garcia!" JJ yelled at her friend as Reid hid his red face in the crook of her neck.

She heard the giggling analyst drive away before she pulled Spence's face back to her own.