Kurt's whole world was crashing down around him.

His little sister Rachel clutched his hand tightly as the medicine woman gave them the bad news.

"I've done all I can for him but he's too far gone. He needs to go to the hospital and be operated on in the next 24 hours or he will die. I'm so sorry."

"We-we don't have any money to pay the hospital," Rachel said in a high, trembling voice. "Kurt, what are we going to do?"

They looked across the room of their cottage where their dad lay sleeping, twitching in pain and covered in sweat.

"I don't know," Kurt said dully.

Their family was in debt and their father was so sick. The medicine woman had told them that if he went to the hospital and had the operation on his heart, he would recover, but it was too serious for her herbs and natural remedies to fix. But they had no money to speak of to pay what would be a huge hospital bill. Their world was an ugly one, and the hospital would require they pay for the operation before their dad could get it.

Kurt loved his dad and his sister more than anyone in the world. They were his life. Losing his dad was something he couldn't bear to think about.

"I'll stay with him for a while. You two should go get some food in you," the medicine woman said gently.

That was how Kurt and Rachel ended up at the tavern swallowed bread and water while drunks and gamblers shouted and swore around them.

"There must be something," Rachel said pathetically, "some way to get the money."

"If there was, I would do it," Kurt told her, and tears welled in his eyes, "I would do anything to protect you and dad. But…but there isn't any way we can get that kind of money in the next few hours."

A tankard of beer slammed down in front of them, and a dark haired woman with caramel skin sat down across from them.

"You sure about that, Whitey?" She said, taking a swig of her beer.

"Who-who are you?" Rachel asked.

The woman ignored her, focusing on Kurt. "I might have a way for you to get that money you need so bad. It just so happens my employer is a very wealthy man who would be willing to pay generously for certain…services. Interested?"

Rachel blushed, looking down at her lap. "I…if he wants me to sell my body." She bit her lip. "I will do it for our father."

"Rachel, no!" Kurt said.

The woman snorted. "I don't think you'd fetch the kind of cash you're looking for in one night, dearie. Besides, my employer wouldn't be interested in you. He'd be interested in the services of Ghostface here."

Kurt's hands clenched the edge of the table. "He-he wants…sex?"

The woman shrugged. "He wants lots of things. But what I'm referring to is…" she lowered her voice and Kurt leaned closer. "Blood."

Rachel gasped and Kurt felt his stomach drop.

"Kurt you can't!" His sister said.

But Kurt stared at the woman. There wasn't anything he wouldn't do for his family. Including dying. "This man, this vampire. How do I know he could afford the money we need?"

"Kurt, don't even think of doing this! Dad would never agree-"

"He doesn't get a choice," Kurt said firmly. His mind raced through his options.

The mysterious woman smirked. "When you've lived for centuries, you tend to accumulate quite a bit of wealth. You can name your price. The choice is yours."

Kurt felt a chill go through his body but he had his answer. It was his life or his father's, and he knew that he wouldn't be able to provide for Rachel. His father, restored to his health, could do that. He could get the business running again, take care of Rachel, and get them out of debt. This is what Kurt could do to make this happen, to take care of his family.

"I'll do it."