Kurt soon fell into a pattern of life. Once a week, he would return home from work and ready himself before Santana arrived to pick him up. He would shower once he reached Blaine's home and change into clothes provided and go to the vampire who awaited him. Though he did not fear Blaine as he since had, Kurt still felt a fluttering in his belly each time he first saw his dangerously handsome face, which usually wore a smile that showed his long, sharp fangs. From there, Blaine, always the gentleman, would invite him in, guiding him gently towards the bed, soothing voice and soft touches helping Kurt to relax, before grazing his lips over his skin and then sinking his fangs into his flesh, flooding Kurt with blissful sensations as he drew his blood from him. Kurt would wake to Blaine nursing his wound and eat a delicious meal of his own to replenish his system before curling up with the vampire again. He spent the rest of the day exploring the huge mansion while Blaine slept. He didn't see Santana and her lover again, but he did not forget the sight of them cuddled together, so obviously happy and in love. Blaine would escort him home once the sun had set, holding him close in the back of the car while Santana drove.

Kurt would spend the rest of the week listless. His job under the seamstress seemed more tedious than ever, yet he did not quit. Blaine was very generous, but the cost of his dad's medical bills and their substantial debt meant that he couldn't afford to give up a steady job, when he knew his arrangement with Blaine would end. The only times Kurt didn't feel as though he was simply waiting for his next appointment with Blaine were when he was with his family, making sure his dad ate properly and took his medication, helping Rachel with her homework and singing songs with her while they washed dishes or cleaned the house.

He couldn't share with either of them, though, his feelings about his arrangement with Blaine. How he struggled more and more to keep his mind off of the pleasure he felt when Blaine drank from him when he went to sleep at night. How he had grown secretly glad that vampires craved closeness after feeding, because it meant Blaine always wanted to hold him. How he still hadn't seen all of Blain's house, but his curiosity about it dimmed in comparison to the idea of remaining in bed with the vampire and sleeping the day away. How he shivered whenever Blaine's cool lips brushed over his skin, and craved to know what they would feel like on his mouth.

It was only after four weeks of this that Kurt finally managed to pluck up the courage to ask Santana about what he had seen. She still always wire scarves and turtlenecks, so he assumed she didn't know about what he had seen.

"You said that you've dealt with a lot of vampires," he said as she drove him to Blaine's. He felt awkward bringing it up, but his growing feelings for Blaine prompted him to do it. As someone with a vampire for a lover, and who knew a lot about them in general, maybe Santana could offer him some insight.

She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. "Is this about your Peeping Tom act a few weeks ago?"

Kurt stared at her in surprise and she snorted.

"You're not as sneaky as you think you are, you know. Brittany heard you coming a mile away. She just didn't want to embarrass you, so she didn't say anything at the time. And she knew that if I knew you were creepily spying on us, I would have gone up and smacked you."

Kurt blushed. "It was an accident. I promise I didn't mean to see anything. I didn't even know you had a..."

"Vampire girlfriend?" Santana finished with a smug smile. "Well, I do. And all you need to know is that she's perfect, and I've been with her since before Blaine turned her."

Kurt swallowed heavily. "Blaine...he made her a vampire?" He wondered how often Blaine did such a thing and under what circumstances.

Santana nodded and her expression was cloudy. "I was already working for him, and...something happened, and it was the only thing I could think of to save her. So I asked him to do it."

Kurt watched her closely. Santana stared forward, looking like she was a million miles away. Blaine had turned her girlfriend into a vampire to save her. Learning such things about him only made Kurt fall harder. His voice, his eyes, his elegance, his beautiful face and powerful body attracted him, his touch and the feelings that coursed through Kurt at his bite both soothed and aroused him, but it was his kindness, his generosity, his gentleness and compassion that made Kurt'sfeelings into something deeper, something that could not be ignored.

"Do you think...if you had met Brittany after she became a vampire, do you think the two of you still would have..."

Santana rolled her eyes. "Stop tip-towing around it, Kurt. I know you have the hots for Blaine. And I know he wants you, too."

Kurt blushed furiously. "He does?"

"Remember when I told you feeding didn't have anything to do with sex? Well, I lied. Vamps like to feed from people they're sexually attracted to. It's one of those things that makes the blood taste better. I scoped you out that first night because I know Blaine's type, and he thought he had gone too long without feeding to go out and find someone himself. Picky picky. But he only agreed after I sent him a picture I took of you."

Kurt felt flustered, having trouble taking this all in.

"You do have feelings for him, don't you?"

"How did you notice?" Kurt asked embarrassed.

"Call it my Mexican third eye."

"Does Blaine know?"

Santana laughed. "Of course he does. Or, at least he can tell you're attracted to him. Vampire senses and all. He could tell the very first night."

"Oh," Kurt said quietly, fiddling with his hands in his lap.

"If Britt was a vampire when I met her, I wouldn't have let that stop me," Santana said with a shrug as she pulled up the long driveway on Blaine's estate, "and I don't think it would've made a difference to her either."

"What do you think I should do?"

"I don't know. Blaine is reliable in a lot of things, but if there's one area I'd have trouble predicting, it would be when it comes to sex and romance. So you have to ask yourself if you think it's worth the risk to go for it."