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Blake hummed as she played her Pokémon game, earphones jacked in and listening to the game soundtrack for the full experience. Her room was dark, save for the soft glow of phosphorescent lights that hung along her wall like thin vines, reaching down from the ceiling as the miniature bulbs slowly transitioned from one brilliant hue to the next. Wrapped up in a blanket, nestled cozily on her bed after a long day of homework, and a small bag of fish gummies just within arms reach made her feel as though she had found her corner of heaven. It was approaching midnight, but still she played on.

A week after the release, Blake found that the game was rather fun so far. The features of this generation were glaringly different than the past, but not in a bad way. Far from it in her opinion. While the shopping and new 'make your own promotion video' were something that did not appeal to her, the new Pokémon, battle functions and unique perks of this generation did. Hordes in the wild? Sweet. A new type that could defeat dragons besides ice and, ironically, dragons? About time. Wonder Trade? Time to take on the Wonder Trade challenge.

She was doing that now, fighting with a team of six randomly traded Pokémon that she lifted off six strangers from the internet. The goal was to beat the game with whatever Pokémon one was gifted with in Wonder Trade, no matter what they were. It had been a tad difficult initially when half of the Pokémon on her team were, irritatingly enough, the exact same Pokémon. However, that did not hinder her determination and she had yet to give up.

In the middle of traveling from one town to the next, six badges secured and heading for the seventh, the bottom of her screen displayed a greeting, one of the characters on her friends list now colored in. It seemed her friend, Ruby, was online and connected to the internet. To her surprise, Yang followed soon after.

Since she bought the game, she had yet to see Yang online at the same time as her. They had not spoken once since their crazy meeting at the Wal-Mart release and Blake could not help but wonder how she was doing.

A ping notified her to a request. Yang was inviting her to chat.

Chat? Blake had no idea what the chat feature was on the DS, having not partaken in it with people she battled or traded with over an internet connection, but she had been vaguely curious as to how voice chat would work. She shrugged. Sure. Why not?

She tapped the accept button with her stylus, waiting. Nothing happened.

She muttered as she shook her head, disbelief evident in her tone, "Huh. It didn't do anything..."

"What didn't?"

Blake shrieked at the voice in her ears, dropping her DS on her lap in surprise.

"Hey!" The voice exclaimed, ringing loudly in her ears. "What's going on over there? I hear screaming, and it doesn't sound like the good kind." The voice crackled on the other end, the music still playing as the voice spoke through her earphones.

"Swiss cheese!" Blake spluttered, clutching her chest in surprise. Her face twisting into a frown as she realized that she knew the voice. "Yang? Is that you?"

"The one and only! Were you expecting someone else, sweetheart?"

Blake loosened her grip on her chest as her heart beat started to slow from its fear-induced adrenaline. She grimaced, unamused, as she picked her DS up from her lap. She could almost hear the teasing smile through the static and Yang's giggles over her censored cursing on the other end.

"No, but I was not expecting to hear you."

"You alright over there, Geodude?"

"Peachy. Had a heart attack, but just peachy."

"Great!" Yang quickly waved off her concerns. Her voice lowered as she asked, "Sooo… how you doing?"

Blake rolled her eyes. A useless gesture as Yang could not see her, but she felt it needed to be done. "Oh, you know, fine."

"Just fine? Nothing else? You aren't hungry? Or maybe cold? Got a headache? A squid on your head sucking out your brains? You can't be 'just fine'." Yang insisted.

If I didn't have a headache before, I'm certainly getting one now. "If you must know, the weather is a little too chilly for me, but, like I said, I am fine. Thanks for the concern."

She listened as Yang tried to stifle another giggle. "I guess you could say that when the cold came, the Heatran."

Ruby was right, she actually does do the pun thing. Excessively. Not deeming Yang's pun with a response, Blake curiously inspected the game screen, still in wonderment at yet another new feature the game provided. "Does this thing work like a cell phone?"

Yang answered her with a theory of her own. "I thought it was more like video chat without the camera. But I guess you could say it's a cell phone. The cool thing is that you can chat like this with anyone! The downside is that you can't lower the music while talking." Her observation proved astute, the soutrack still droning in the background.

"Really." A devious smile graced her features. She brought her mouth close to the microphone, raising her voice to a shout. "Can you hear me now?!"

A surprised yelp was her reply. "Ah! Geez Blake, I got my earphones in! No need to be so damn Loudred!"

Blake gave a low chuckle as she heard her protests. As she laughed, a curious thought made itself known and she had to ask, "I thought you weren't doing Pokémon puns around me?"

Yang tutted in disapproval. "See, that's where you're all wrong! I don't pun for just anyone, Blake. No, I only pun around the cool people."

"Well stop. It's irritating." Blake deadpanned, trying to hide the flattery she felt by the other girl's flippant comment. She was pleased to hear the sarcastic gasp of disbelief from the blonde's side of the conversation.

"Why, Blake! Would it be Farfetch'd to assume you are not a fan of my Poképuns? Shocking!"

"Not really. Are you done yet?" Blake asked in amusement. As clever as her puns were, they truly were beginning to grate on her nerves.

"You sounded just like Ruby, I swear."

Brushing the remark to the side, she decided to make a proposal. "How about a battle?"

"Oh hell yeah! Let's do this!" Yang readily agreed. "You are so gonna crash and burn against my awesome boss team. You will buurrrnn." Yang drew out the 'burn' long and hard.

Blake could not resist giving Yang a taste of her own medicine. "I guess you could say we're going to… Throh down."

She was met with silence from the other end.

"Uh… Yang? You still there?"

The dark haired girl almost jumped in surprise at the loud exclamation that beat against her poor eardrums. "Dammit! Why didn't I think of that?!"

As Blake accepted the battle request that popped up on her screen, she couldn't help another laugh. "Not sorry."

"Psh, whatever. My puns are better anyway…" Blake managed to glance over the battle restrictions before Yang asked, "You ready?"

It was going to be a double battle, Blake's favorite way to play. "I assume we are going to battle with our current parties?"

"Raichu are, but this'll just be a warm up battle." Static crackled through the DS as Yang cackled evilly. "This way I can see what kind of Pokémon you like most!"

"Is that your evil plan?" Blake asked, a hint of amusement in her voice. "You are going to be most disappointed then."

"What do mean…" Yang's sentence remained unfinished as the pre-battle match screen connected, revealing the Pokémon in both their parties. "Is this some kind of joke? This can't be your real team."

On the top half of Blake's screen, their teams sat side by side. On the left was Yang's team, displaying her favorite Pokémon of choice: led by one of the usual starters, Chesnaught, followed by the secondary starter Charizard. After them came Lucario, Flareon, Espeon, and Pangoro. Blake assumed she had yet to beat the game if this was all she had to offer, but it was not a shabby team.

On the right side, standing proud and tall, was Blake's team. Leading the team was her very own Bibarel, followed by a shiny Blastoise, a Steelix, another Bibarel, another Bibarel, and a yellow Florges.

She tapped the start button before responding, smirking. "It is not. You interrupted me as I was doing the Wonder Trade challenge, so what you are seeing is not my real team, but six random partners that I got through the internet."

"Swiss cheese…" Yang muttered, borrowing Blake's pseudo-curse. "I'm so sorry you have such a lame team."

"You will be when I beat you." Blake retaliated, having full confidence in her team.

"Promises, promises." Yang tutted. "I'll Blastoise you out of the water with my skills, you just watch."

In the middle of their trash talk, the battle was underway. As it was a double battle, Blake's first two out were one of her Bibarels' partnered with her Blastoise. Against them were Yang's Chesnaught and Charizard, an intimidating duo to be sure.

Blake smiled at the thought of what she was going to do to them.

"I hope you're preparing for the inevitable beat down, Blake." Yang sang through her mic. "You'll burn in the flames of defeat!"

After choosing her moves for the turn, Blake asked with incredulity, "What is with you and the burning thing?"

"I just -" Yang stopped mid-sentence. After allowing her Charizard to Mega Evolve, the lizard like Pokémon transforming into a black beast mixed with blue, she watched in stunned silence as Blake's Blastoise took the first turn, a single Ice Beam knocking it out. Blake had predicted her move to evolve her Charizard and took advantage of its new Dragon typing, ending it with one swift move.

Blake imagined Yang's mouth opening and closing in awe at what had transpired, the blonde brimming with rage. "What the hell? How is your snot squirrel faster than my Charizard?!"

"Maybe it knew you were calling it a snot squirrel." Blake retorted, finding humor in Yang's assessment of her green Blastoise.

"Hmph! We'll see how smug you are when my Chesna-" She silenced herself again, both girls watching as Blake's Bibarel also used Ice Beam on Yang's unsuspecting Chesnaught, proving to be faster than the grass type starter. "I can't believe it." Voice devoid of emotion, "That lousy excuse for a beaver took out my Chesnaught. I officially hate your Pokémon."

"They're not too fond of you either." Blake laughed.

"You know what? Just for that, I'm gonna name each and every one of your Bibarels Justin." At the same time she spoke, she sent out her next pair, the Lucario and the Flareon.

Blake's eyes widened as she understood what Yang was getting at. "You wouldn't dare."

In the battle, her next objective became the Lucario. She would not take the bait of going after the bad type matchup that the Flareon presented, for she knew exactly what Yang was planning. As simplistic as it was, it was not a bad strategy to hold up her Flareon as a sacrifice. Too bad Yang was so predictable.

"Each and every one of them…" Yang began, slow and soft.

"Don't say it!" Blake warned.

"Will be known as…"

"Don't finish that sentence!"

"Justin Beaver!"

"Dammit Yang!" She went there.

In the game play, Blake's unusually speedy Blastoise began the turn with a Zen Headbutt to her opponents Lucario, only able to hope to heaven that it would do its job as the Lucario's health only dropped to one fourth of its original amount, its health bar yellow. The angels seemed to have heeded her prayer and she silently whooped in victory, because the Lucario she knew would bring the end of her Bibarel flinched on its turn.

"Are you kidding me?!" Yang yelled, becoming outraged at how this battle was turning out.

"Would you like to rage quit?" Blake asked mockingly.


As soon as she said that - right after Yang's Flareon surprisingly used Yawn on her Blastoise - Blake's Bibarel used Surf, reducing what was left of her Lucario's health points to zero while simultaneously ending her Flareon in a single, super effective, maneuver. The move doing minimal damage to Blake's own partner, the water type barely affected.

"Okay, maybe now I will." As she sent out her last two in her party, an Espeon and Pangoro, Yang sighed dejectedly. "I concede defeat."

"The battle isn't even over." Blake smirked, relishing in the knowledge, yet feeling slightly guilty, that Yang could not see her evil expression. Surely Yang knew that Espeon and Pangoro was a duo that complimented each other nicely, a psychic type paired with a fighting/dark could cover a wide range of weaknesses with the right moves. "Don't give up yet!"

"It's kind of hard not to when I haven't even so much as scratched your team."

On screen, Espeon moved first. Blake could only watch in astonishment as her opponent swiftly put an end to her Bibarel, the psychic type having Grass Knot among her repertoire of moves. Her Blastoise, temporarily on its own, fell asleep on its turn after using Dark Pulse on Yang's Espeon, a result of the now fainted Flareon's Yawn. Espeon managed to hold on to half its HP, Dark Pulse weakened by the Colbur berry it ate, lessening the effect of a super effective dark type attack. The turn ended with Yang's Pangoro nearly ending her Blastoise with a well aimed Focus Blast.

"My team!"

"Doesn't matter." Yang brushed off her feat like it was nothing. "You'll still get me in the end."

Maybe, maybe not. Blake mused from her end, not sure how many more partners she would lose to this duo before she would be victorious.

Another Bibarel replaced her fainted Bibarel, causing Yang to laugh into her microphone. "Once again, the day is saved! Thanks to… Justin Beaver Mark Two!"

"I will end you." Blake hissed, not taking the insults to her team lightly.

"Aren't you already doing that?"

For the next turn, Yang's Espeon once again went first. This time, it used Morning Sun, regaining back almost all of its lost HP with a barely noticeable sliver serving as the only indicator that it had lost any to begin with. Blake's Blastoise remained asleep, its Nevermeltice not helping it and wasting its turn. As it was only its first turn being asleep, Blake did not bother hoping that it would wake up. Next, Pangoro attacked, proving itself to be faster than the second Bibarel. The same Bibarel fainted from another well aimed, super effective, Focus Blast. Blake could not help but wonder if her Pangoro was holding a Wide Lens, its accuracy seemingly uncanny.

"Two down four to go." Yang cheered, starting to get a little enthusiastic. The tables beginning to turn in her favor. She might be able to pull a victory after all, she just had to be careful.

Blake did not respond, only sending out her next Pokémon: the Florges.

"Shit." Yang muttered. Any hope of victory now dashed.

So it began once again. Yang's Espeon beginning the round by using Psychic on Blake's Blastoise, draining the rest of its health before it could even have the chance to wake up.

"Bye bye Blastoise…" Blake called forlornly, watching as it turned into a speck of light and receded back into its ball. "You toughed it out long enough."

"And the mutant ninja turtle is history!" Yang whooped, voice rising in her self-congratulatory shout. Puzzled, Yang had to double check Blake's sanity. "You know that they don't exist, right?"

"I can dream, Yang." Blake snapped back. "I can dream."

"Aw, how cute!" A chuckle accompanied her words before they returned their attention back to the screens. "I so saw this coming." Yang commented, watching as Blake's Florges decimated her Pangoro with a single Moonblast, the most powerful fairy type move to date proving too much for her dark type fighter. "I ain't even mad."

What would hopefully be the last partner she sent out, Blake decided to showcase her only other Pokémon that was not a repeat: Steelix.

"Hope you're ready for your inevitable defeat." Blake crowed, triumph near at hand.

"Yeah, yeah." Yang shrugged off her boasting, a plan still in the works. "But do you think you can handle… This?!" Yang yelled dramatically, her Espeon using Grass Knot once again, but on her Steelix. While it was not super effective, it did take a large chunk of the Steelix's life force, the heavy Pokémon taking some serious damage but not fainting. "Damn. That basilisk is pretty tough..."

"Got to try harder than that." Blake reprimanded. The battle came to an end, Blake's Florges using Energy Ball to weaken Yang's Espeon as much as she could, followed by her Steelix using Dark Pulse, effectively securing her win. Seeing an opportunity, she couldn't help but add a pun. "Although, I must say, your battling style isn't very Lilligant."

"Noooo!" Yang shouted. Blake could easily envision her shaking her fists in despair, as though hoping to strangle the dream of her defeat and bring her back to reality. It was not to be. "My puns! And my super boss team!"

"Hey, it was a great battle. You did your best." Blake softly spoke. Her encouraging words becoming deceitful as she continued speaking, "So don't give me those Krookodile tears."

"Dammit! Stop stealing my shtick!" Yang lowered her voice as she added, "And being better at it than me."

"Aw, would you like a pity prize?"

"..." Blake had to wait a few moments before she heard her childish reply. "Yes."

"Then I'll give you a Growlithe I hatched. It's got a good nature."

"For real?! Arcanine is my favorite Pokémon!"

"Then you'll love this Growlithe, it even knows some really good moves since it was bred from an egg."

"Hell yeah! Thanks a ton!"

In the middle of their trade, a sudden banging noise sounded from the other end, as if someone had slammed a door open. "Hey sis!" A new voice broke through their exchange, distant sounding in Blake's earphones. "What were ya yelling about in here? I could hear ya from down the hall."

"Oh, hey Ruby!" Yang called from the other end. It would seem as though Ruby had walked in on Yang, wherever she was. "I was expressing my hurt." She paused. Blake assumed she was bringing her attention back to the screen. "A certain someone beat me in a battle."

"Oooo! Who was it?" Ruby's voice became louder, signaling her approach to Yang and her DS and allowing Blake to hear her better. "Who did ya fight?"

Blake heard a loud, static crackle as Yang pulled out her earphones. She answered with a snarl, the over emphasis on her words symbolizing her jest. "Blake. The snark beat me without even breaking a sweat!"

"Well, to be fair, your Pokémon have a lot to be desired." Ruby pointed out. Blake tried to hold in a laugh at that comment, the younger sister probably having beaten the older one in a battle previously.

"Shush Ruby! Do you want to be banished from my room?" A small pause. Ruby was probably shaking her head. "Didn't think so. At least I get a cool, new Growlithe out of it."

"Nice!" The redhead then called out greetings to her friend, the other girl in the room not forgotten. "Anyway, hey there Blake!"

"Hello, Ruby." Blake replied with mirth, a smile on her face. "How are you?"

"Oh, you know, living life. Can't complain." That was always Ruby's answer, but Blake knew there was more. There was always more. "Did you save the battle you guy's had? You have to show it to me later! I wanna see how badly you kicked Yang's butt!"

Blake let loose her laugh this time. Incidentally, she had. "Sure thing, Ruby. I'll show it to you later."

"Alright, I think you overstayed your welcome." Yang huffed. Blake listened to the clatters and sounds of someone setting something down and then getting up from a chair. "Bye Ruby!"

"But I just got here!" Ruby whined, her cry growing distant. Most likely due to getting pushed out of the room by her stronger sibling. "Come on, let me stay!"

"Yeah, let her stay." Blake called out, supporting Ruby while, at the same time, successfully irritating Yang.

"Hmmm… let me think about this. Uh… No!"

"Wait!" The younger sibling suddenly shouted. "Since Blake's here… well, not technically 'here', but, you know, she's at least, uh, kinda here, in a sense, she's in the room, sorta," Ruby rambled. "I wanted to ask her something, really!"

"Ugh, fine. Ask her your question and then get out." A clapping sound filled Blake's ears. "Chop chop! Hurry up!"

"Hey Blake!" Ruby called to get her attention, as if she did not have it already.

Blake called back anyway. "Yes, Ruby?"

"Wanna come over tomorrow? Weiss is coming over and we're gonna play games and watch movies! Yang's gonna be here too, so you should come hang out with us! We'll have an even four players and it'll be awesome!"


"Yeah! We can all play games and stuff. You like Mario Kart, right?"


Yang cut in, voice playfully pleading. "Aw, come on, Blake! It'll be fun!"

"Yeah, what she said!" Ruby agreed with her sister, trying to convince her usually introverted friend. "Unless… You're busy tomorrow?"

"Well, no, I'm not…"

"Then," Yang's voice grew louder again, the young teen drawing closer to her DS so Blake could hear her better. She phrased her question carefully, "would you like to come by tomorrow?"

With a sigh, she decided there would be no harm in a little play date. At least, there shouldn't be. "Sure, I'll come over."

"Great!" Yang cheered, her excitement audible even over the crackling speaker. "Want me to give you our address?"

"No need. I already know where you live."

"Wha- really?! How?"

"I've been over to tutor Ruby before."

"You have?" Blake could easily picture Yang's eyebrows furrowing in her confusion, eyes scrunched as she turned to her sister. "Where was I?"

"On dates or out at parties, usually." Ruby helpfully supplied.

"Oh." Was all she had to say. "Well, I'll be there this time!"

"Okay, I'm looking forward to it." Although they could not see it, the siblings could almost hear the smile in Blake's tone. The young girl genuinely looking forward to spending a day with her friends.

Blake could hear thumps as someone approached the DS. "Alright! Come on over anytime after ten and we'll see ya later Feraligator!"

Two exasperated groans were heard from both rooms.

"You had to throw in that last one, didn'tcha?" Ruby's groan became distant, most likely because she was walking away, not wishing to be anywhere near her punny sister. "I'm out of here."

"Goodnight, Yang. See you tomorrow." Blake briefly chimed in, hastily cutting off the connection before the blonde could make anymore remarks.

Blake, alone once more, sighed as she leaned back into her pillows, her bed a comforting support as she delved into her thoughts. Truthfully, she was both excited and nervous about tomorrow, more so the latter than she would let on. Her eyes wandered over to the clock on the nightstand at her bedside, the glowing dial reading fifteen past one.

With a sigh, Blake shut off her DS, placed it and the now wrapped up, near forgotten, package of fish gummies on the same nightstand, and got up to prepare for bed. She had a full day ahead of her tomorrow.

It was undeniably a beautiful, sunshiny Sunday. Warm rays shining down with a smile. Small scattering of puffy clouds scuttering by quickly and harmlessly in the vibrant azure sky, not even hinting at any coming rain. On this wonderful day, a girl stood in front of a house, the two story residential building welcoming with its bright beige paint and clean cut lawn, inviting her to come in and play. However, the lone girl hesitated, unsure and weary of what was waiting for her inside.

This was a bad idea. Maybe I can just leave, pretend I'm sick or something. Blake thought, not sure if she wanted to do this. She felt that today would go wrong, one way or another. Sure, she had been to Ruby's house before, without Weiss even, but this time would be slightly different. This time, she would be the center of attention of her friend's over energetic blonde sister. If only because Ruby and Weiss would be too caught up in themselves.

While how long she was out there was indeterminable to her, she knew that it had to have been near forty minutes already. Good thing she had arrived an hour early, knowing that she would do what she was doing now: freezing up.

Blake turned around, about to walk back to the bus stop and forget that this ever happened. However, for the third time, she looked back to the house, worrying at her lip with her front teeth in her indecisiveness.

You know what? Blake thought to herself. Screw it. Abandoning all other thought, she quickly marched up to the front door, delivering a swift knock to the hard wood surface before she could give herself the chance to think about her actions.

The door swung open momentarily. The intensity of the bang it made as it hit the wall on the inside caused Blake to jump and nearly hiss, defensive instincts kicking in.

What greeted her was her friend Ruby, the young girl beaming with a welcoming face. From within, Blake thought she could hear someone laughing and another nagging. "Heya Blake! Glad you could make it!"

"Gl-... glad to be here." Blake calmed her heart's incessant pounding, no danger at hand. It would seem that both the sisters were, one way or another, intent on giving her a heart attack.

"Come on in! Weiss is already here and the three of us are playing Super Smash Brothers! You can join in next round!"

"Sure, thank you Ruby." Blake shot the redhead a smile as she crossed the frame of the door, entering their humble abode.

Near the front door was a small, quaint little shoe cubby. After depositing her footwear into a cubby hole per Ruby's request, Blake was led inside. Led down the short hallway she had been in several times before, the duo could hear the shouts getting ever louder, one of them unsurprisingly haughty, the other jovial. Intermittently, Blake could hear battle music raised in volume, then lowered, raised, then lowered once again. What were Weiss and Yang up to?

Together, Ruby and Blake stepped out of the hallway and into the den, a cozy little room with a TV set up directly across from the entrance and two, long couches creating an uppercase L in front of it. One sofa set facing the television, the other to the left when viewed upon entry. A circular glass coffee table littered with snacks, coasters, drinks, and movie and game cases sat nestled between the furniture and the entertainment system.

The source of the fluctuating music came from the television, the screen displaying a Super Smash Bros fight in progress. For the moment, the game was paused. The next, Yang, taking up residence on the left couch, unpaused it and chuckled as what Blake assumed was her character attempted to push another off the stage to its imminent demise.

"Quit it you brute!" Weiss yelled from her couch facing the television, her back to Ruby and Blake. The ivory-haired teen once again thwarting the blonde's cheating by halting the game.

Ruby rushed passed Blake, vaulting over the couch her girlfriend resided on and plopping down to claim the spot beside her. A Wii remote that had been settled on the glass table was snatched by the focused girl, a fire burning in her eyes. "Cheating ain't gonna help you win Yang!"

"Won't it?" Her pretty little mouth twisted into a evil grin. "You've already lost another life!"

"What!" Ruby exclaimed. She turned to the girl beside her. "Weiss! Why didn't you do anything?"

"I was trying!"

"Try harder!"

Blake observed from her position by the hallway, bemused. Her friends certainly had character.

She was soon spotted. "Heya, gamer girl!" The dark-haired girl shifted her attention to the left, a waving hand and lit lilac eyes welcoming her. "Come on over and take a seat." She patted the cushion beside her. "I don't bite!"

"That's debatable."

"Shut it, princess." Yang growled at the smug girl on the opposing furniture. Smile turning friendly once more, Yang returned her attention to Blake. Her inattentiveness causing her character to die in the now unpaused game. "Forget her, she's just being her usual crapsicle self." She shot a nasty glare to her usual opponent. "At least I don't give people frostbite with my attitude." Weiss chose to ignore her.

"Don't mind me then." Shooting her other host a smile, she made her way over, gingerly sitting on the opposite side of the sofa from Yang.

"Hey." Yang slid over, her controller on her lap as she sat shoulder to shoulder beside Blake. Her grin far from innocent. "No reason to sit so far away, I'm friendly, promise! Like I said, I don't bite."

"Heh." Blake coughed nervously, using her index finger to slowly push Yang away so that they were not in contact. "That you did, but I like my personal space." She then glanced toward the screen, the distracted blonde none the wiser to what was happening. "Look out."

"Huh?" Yellow locks slapped their owner's face from the speed at which Yang turned. "Oh shit! No no no nooo…" Her voice died alongside her character. The last life of her fighter, Samus, taken by the ever righteous Pit.

"Ha! Cheaters never win, and winners get to gloat!" Ruby pumped her fists in the air, hollering at her victory.

"That's not how the saying goes."

"Who cares, sis? I won, you lost! Whoo!"

Blake cut in. "And then there were two."

"One, actually." Weiss corrected. On screen, the still alive and kicking Ice Climbers side slammed the immobile Pit with their hammers in a double whammy, flinging him off screen with a brilliant explosion and relieving him of his last life.

"AAAAH WEISS, HOW COULD YOU I TRUSTED YOOUuuu…" Ruby petered out. She headbutted Weiss' shoulder, burying her face in the unyielding girl's collar.

Weiss patted Ruby's head, not bothering with pity. "That was your error."

"Oooo, given the cold shoulder by your own girlfriend." Yang sucked in air through her front teeth, mock wincing. "Sucks to be you."

"What do you know? You lost even though you cheated!" Ruby peered up, killing intent ingrained into her stare.

Lilac eyes diverted themselves to a wall. "Psh, whatever."

Blake broke in. "So, do I get to play this round?"

"Yes!" Ruby snatched up the only other Wii remote on the table, handing it over to Blake. "You know how to use it right?"

"I know my way around a controller, yes."

"Okay!" Ruby zealously bounced in her seat, using her own remote to bring the screen back to the character selection menu. "Pick your fighter and let's begin!"

Far later, the girls were still at it. After playing for hours on end, only breaking for lunch and bathroom breaks, the young teens were still going strong. Each of them becoming more and more active with each passing game. Even Blake, whom in the beginning sat back and was content to let her company resolve their shouting matches by themselves, became involved and added her own two cents in every argument. Their last round had been a very heated race of Mario Kart, the four girls making alliances, providing aid on a whim or messing with each other throughout the game.

A clock upon a nearby wall, its ticking catching Blake's attention, displayed its little hand south and its bigger hand north. Six in the evening; maybe it was time to go.

"Alright, me and Weiss are still tied for first, so how about one more game to decide today's winner?" Ruby threw a fist in the air as she announced her challenge.

One more game wouldn't hurt.

"Sure, one more game." Blake nodded from the edge of her seat, her position having changed since she first arrived. Where she had before relaxed into the corner of the sofa in her attempt to distance herself, she now sat on the edge of her cushion, leaning forward and playing with energy. "I should probably head home soon, so this will be my last game."

"Aw." Yang, the dark girl now accustomed to having her by her side, protested. "You're not gonna stay? We'll even feed ya dinner."

"Yeah, dad won't be back from his trip until tomorrow." Ruby agreed. "Which means it's pizza night! You should stay and have pizza with us!"

"If you want me to stay," Blake slyly smirked. "then we'll have to make this next race quick. The last bus leaves at eight, so let's speed this up."

"Go go go!" Yang cupped her hands to her mouth as she shouted to her sister, the young redhead frantically setting up the race.

Barely ten minutes later, the quartet were already rounding the track on their last lap. Weiss had taken the lead through the ingenuity with which she disposed of her items, using them for protection from any red shells and gracefully dodging each and every obstacle presented to her on the track. However, Yang and Ruby were not far behind.

"You better watch yourself, missy." Yang taunted. Her position in second place entitling her to some provoking. "Me and Rubes ain't gonna let you win."

"I'd like to see you try and stop me." Weiss coolly quipped back.

"Hey, wait, no!" Yang shouted, her driver assaulted by a red shell. "RUBY!"

"Yes, dearest sister?" The redhead, once in third place and now in second, shot her a smug smile.

"I can't believe you! I was so close to getting her and you just, just, urgh! God f-"

"YANG!" Weiss interrupted. "Language!"


"Don't say it!"

"Uuuuhhh -"


"-lipping pancakes?"

A chill inducing stare eyed her for a few moments. "Fine."

"Pay attention Weiss." Blake advised, utilizing all her skills in stoicism to not fall over laughing. "You're about to be hit."

"What do you mean I'm about to -" Ruby cackled maniacally beside her. "I can't believe you!" Weiss spluttered, watching as her character exploded in a fiery blue boom.

"Now you know how I feel." Yang muttered.

"Who used that blue shell?" A glacial blue stare shifted between her three competitors, demanding to know whose blood she desired to spill.

Blake rose her hand and waved. "That would be me."

"How could you back stab me like this?! I thought you were the one I could trust!"

"It's simple, Weiss." Blake gave Weiss what she thought was a sympathetic look as the game declared Ruby the winner, the redhead taking advantage of Weiss' defeat and passing her to claim victory. The barely noticeable smirk lent Blake the guise of a devil in disguise. "I'm your friend, and, as your friend, it is my job to look out for you. Looking out for you means I have to make sure you don't get a big head. Therefore, it was my sacred duty to use everything within my power to stop you from reaching first, no matter what the cost may be."

"Why you sneaky little…"

"Although, I may have failed in this sacred duty since day one."

"Hah! It's always the quiet ones." Yang, who had been listening, guffawed at Blake's remark. She held out her fist to Blake, the grinning girl giving her a fist bump. "Nice one!"

"Why were you helping Ruby!?"

"She promised me a shiny Vulpix if I helped her."

Weiss turned to her deceiving girlfriend, lips curled inwards and cheeks puffed out. She had wondered what Ruby was whispering to Blake before they started. "You what?"

The redhead shot Blake a furious glare at having been ratted out, to which Blake cheerily waved back. Ruby then held a hand to the forefront of her face in a defensive pose. "It's not what you think, Weiss! It's not the one you gave me, I swear!"

Weiss leaned in, face still puffed. "What?"

Ruby shook her head vehemently, denying any betrayal. "Really!"

"Hmm…" Weiss hummed before her posture relaxed back to its normal state, back straight and feet crossed. "Fine, if you say so." She thrust a finger at Blake, her glare speaking of untold, despicable things she would do if she dared cross her again. "As for you, don't think I'll forget this."

"It's just a game Weiss. Why don't you…" She paused for dramatic effect.

Weiss caught on to Blake's reference. "No. You can't be serious."

"Why don't you…" She repeated for build up.

Weiss threw her hands up in the air, searching the ceiling as though it held the answer to her question. "Why is everyone doing this to me?'

Then the punchline. "Let it go." Ruby and Yang clutched their mouths, trying to hold in their laughs.

Weiss finally broke her perfect posture as she slumped in her seat, a hand splayed over her eyes in defeat. "It's official. I'm in hell."

"Then it's a good thing hell has pizza." Yang, for once taking pity on her opponent of wits, cheerfully chimed in. "I don't know about you three, but I'm starving."

"Yeah, let's go get pizza!" Ruby cheered.

Blake tilted her head to the side in puzzlement. "Are we ordering it here?"

"Ah, no." Yang realized Blake had no idea what they meant when they said they were going out for pizza. "There's a cute little pizzeria down the street from here, we go there all the time! The owners are our dad's friends and they're really nice!"

Blake furrowed her eyebrows in concern. "Won't it be… a little dangerous? Walking there at night?"

"If you're unarmed and don't know how to fight, maybe." Yang deviously smiled. "Besides, our friend always gives us a ride back. He's a real gent!"

"How about instead of yakking on about it, we show you?" The youngest girl in the room twittered from the other couch, Weiss and Ruby watching their interaction from their own seats.

Yang jumped up from her cushion and quickly shut the Wii and the television off. "That's what we're doing!" She held out a hand to Blake, the seated girl looking at it with distrust. Yang sighed in defeat, retracting her hand. "Let's go, please?"

"Well, since you asked so nicely…"

Weiss, on the other hand, was not so easily persuaded. "I don't think I'm going to go."

"What?! Come on Weeeiisss!" Ruby pleaded, nestling up to the stubborn girl's side. "Let's go out for some pizza, it'll be fun!"

Weiss turned her head away from the whining redhead, cupping her chin with a hand and puffing out a cheek as she thought. "Hmm… I don't know, I'm pretty comfy on this couch as it is. Maybe you should just bring me something back." She smirked at Ruby's whine.

Yang looked over to Blake, hands on her hips as she gave her a critical look. She pointed a thumb in the direction of the other pair, a sly smile curling her lips. "They're a lost cause, how about me and you go on ahead of them and have our own date, two video dames out for a night on the town?" A wink punctuating her words.

Blake grinned a devious grin of her own, a playful glint in her eye and a whimsical air in her tone as she shot down Yang's plan. "I'm not so sure I want to leave either. Weiss brought up a very good point, I'm too comfortable to leave." To emphasize her point, she wiggled deeper into her seat, the leather bending down with her weight.

She was gifted with an incredulous stare. "What?!"

"I'll only get up if Blake gets up." Weiss claimed, still ignoring a clingy Ruby.

Blake could not help but laugh as she saw the sisters' eyes light up, Ruby's in hope and Yang's with a look that read 'challenge accepted'.

"Thanks, Weiss." Blake said sarcastically.

The smirk still planted upon a pretty face was soon aimed at her. "Anytime, friend."

Ruby quickly shot over to the dark-haired girl, grabbing her right arm. "Come on, Blake! There'll be food in it for you if you just get up!"

"Eeeh?" Came the exasperated groan. "I don't want to."

Yang joined in, standing strong and grabbing Blake's left arm. "You're coming with us for pizza and you're gonna like it!"

Together, the sibling duo easily hefted the lightweight girl to her feet, Blake still laughing at their efforts. "Okay, okay! I'm up."

Weiss sighed from her seat, getting up from her cozy little spot. "Way to give in so easily, Blake. I thought you had more willpower than that."

As Ruby and Yang released her arms, the corners of Blake's mouth curved up into an innocent smile. "Whoops, I lied. Falling back down." Blake let her body go limp, sinking back into the couch and enjoying the various reactions Yang and Ruby gave her.

Ruby tried to grab her before she fell completely, only succeeding in grabbing her arm again. "Hey! You liar!"

Yang, on the other hand, gave a devilish laugh. "I don't think so, snark." She bent down toward Blake's level, surprising the unsuspecting girl when she wrapped her arms around her midsection. "I saaaiiid..." Blake cried out in surprise as Yang lifted her and threw the poor girl over her shoulder. "You're coming with! Whether you like it or not!"

"Hey! Let me down, Yang!" Blake shouted, punching Yang's shoulder and back, struggling for all that she was worth. Yang really was quite strong.

"Are you gonna try to sit back down?" Yang asked playfully.

Blake blew out her breath in annoyance, mouth set into a frown and arms crossed as she ceased her movements. She answered in a small voice, barely audible to her captor and spectators. "No."

"I can't hear yoooouuu!" Yang singsonged, innocently twirling a finger in the air and succeeding in extracting a laugh from her sister and her friend, Weiss' usually frigid demeanor absent.

"I said no!" Blake shouted, bluntly elbowing the back of Yang's head. "Put me down!"

Blake was soon back on her feet, a pouting Yang rubbing the back of her head. "Geez, alright! No need to get violent!" She emphasized her pain with another tender rub, giving an over dramatic wince. "You sure pack a punch."

"Good." Blake nodded as she stomped toward the front door, leaving Yang in the dust with Ruby and Weiss close behind.

Blake managed to hear what Yang mumbled as she stormed off, her slightly better than average hearing still catching what the blonde thought no one would hear. "Whaddya know? Cute and feisty."

Before long, the four girls left the sister's home and set off down the street, thoughts of dinner nearly making Yang and Ruby drool. The crisp autumn air and setting sun peeking in between houses as they passed cast a casual setting over the quartet, the young teens enjoying their evening stroll. They naturally split into pairs as they walked, Ruby and Weiss drifting behind Yang and Blake in an attempt at privacy, the couple discreetly holding hands out of view of the older sibling lest she try to separate them. Yang, however, was distracted. Her attention captured by a certain ebony teen at her side.

Deciding that now was as good a time as any, Yang asked what she had been meaning to find out for a while. "Hey Blake?"

"Yes Yang?"

"Uh… How good are you at math?"

Blake hummed as she tried to think of the simplest answer. "As I am in advanced calculus, I would say I am quite proficient."

"Mmm, I see. And..." She trailed off, assembling her thoughts as best she could. "You tutor people in math?"

"Infrequently, but yes."

"Well, I don't suppose you would, I dunno, tutor me maybe?" Yang shrugged sheepishly at admitting her shortcomings, but she did need the help.

"Am I hearing you right?" Blake gasped, theatrically holding her right hand over her heart. "You would rather study over doing something fun?"

"Hey, I care about my grades!" Yang puffed out her cheeks and crossed her arms. She then began whistling innocently as she turned away from Blake's scrutinizing stare. "When I'm failing anyway." A finger dug into Blake's shoulder in a playful poke. "And it's not like I go partying every weekend!"

Weiss called from behind. "Only every other day is all."

"Quiet in the back row! Don't think for a second I don't know you two are holding hands! I can and will separate ya." Yang snapped. She nodded at the silence that answered her. "That's what I thought." Her steps then became stomps as she quickened her pace, getting ahead of her giggling companion. "But hey, whatever Blake, so you don't wanna help me. I get it!"

"Wait! I never said that!" Blake, smiling, quickly caught up to the retreating blonde. "I would be happy to tutor you. What days work for you?"

Her hurried trek slowed back into a stroll, Yang patting the side of her jacket as she thought. "Maybe… Sometime next Friday? After school?" Yang rummaged in her pocket for something, her hand soon revealing that she had dug out her cell phone. "But just in case, maybe we should exchange numbers? For scheduling purposes of course."

Blake shook her head as she brought them to a stop, her smile having yet to fade. "Of course. For scheduling purposes."

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