Chapter one

After the battle and after all the cheering, Harry, Ron and Hermione finished talking to Albus Dumbledore's portrait. As they came down from the spiral staircase, Harry turned to his friends.

'I know you need to go back to your family Ron, I just wanted to let you both know that I'm going to stay around here for a while. I want to go see Madame Pomfrey, get her to check a few things, but I know she's busy at the moment, dealing with the seriously injured people. So could you send my clothes up to my bed in Gryffindor tower Hermione?'

'I'll do that now, but about Madame Pomfrey, is that from what he did to you in the Forbidden Forest?' Hermione asked as she pulled all Harry's clothes out of her small beaded bag and banished them to Harry's bed.

'Yeah, it's nothing to worry about, just a little tender. I'll come see you both in a couple of days.'

'Okay, I do need to go down, see how they are and when their leaving. But can you believe it Harry, it's over. Voldemort, Bellatrix, there dead, along with almost all his death eaters.'

'I don't think it's really sunk in yet Ron, I'm just so tired. I probably won't believe it for a while yet. Anyway, go on, you're needed down there.'

Hermione hugged Harry, 'It is over now, we can all have normal lives for a change.'

'I know we can,' Harry let Hermione go, gave Ron and Hermione a small nod, then watched them leave. Harry slowly walked along the ruined corridors until he came to the hospital wing. The moment he stepped inside, he felt his heart stop for a minute. Every bed had someone in it. Madame Pomfrey with some other healers were tending to the injured. Harry saw Padma Patil, Terry Boot, Hannah Abbott and a few other friends all lying in beds.

'Mr. Potter, did you need to see me?' Madame Pomfrey asked wearily.

'If you're too tired, it can wait, it's not that serious.'

'You're here now, I can rest later, but as you can see all beds are full, so come into my office,' she opened the door gesturing for Harry to go in, 'So what's the problem?'

'Well, he decided to drop me a few times, so my lower back is sore, also my left ankle, I fell on it pretty hard. But it's my shoulder that I'm more worried about.'

'Tell me what happened to your shoulder?'

'Um, well, he hit me with the killing curse again. I've got a cut on me, like my head,' Harry unbuttoned his shirt and moved it aside, 'It doesn't want to stop bleeding.'

'I can take care of that, but you will need potions for a few days though. Dark magic is not easy to heal. Sit down so I can see what else is wrong,' the moment Harry sat she ran her wand over him, 'You have a fracture in your ankle and just jarred your back, it's nothing serious, it just needs rest for a few days. I'll get you some potions,' she walked over to her cabinet, grabbed two bottles, than handed them to Harry. 'The purple one you will need every day for a week.'

Harry drank both potions, shuddering at the taste, 'Will it scar, like my head?'

'I'm afraid so, you can't heal dark magic fully Harry, it always leaves traces. You look like you could do with some rest, I would make you stay here if we have room, but as you see, we don't.'

'I'll go up to Gryffindor tower and rest there, but everyone here, are they going to be alright?'

'Yes, the most serious went to St Mungo's. Miss Patil is the most serious here and she will have some scars. Everyone else just needs potions, healing charms and rest.'

'Do you know how many died?'

'No, I'm sure Professor McGonagall is working on that. I know they are moving them to a classroom until they can be taken care of.'

'Okay, thanks and I'll come back tomorrow for the potion.'

'You did it though Harry, finished him off. I think after all the years he has been after you, you can finally put that part of your life behind you and to rest.'

'That's what I'm hoping Madame Pomfrey. I'll see you tomorrow.'

'I will be here,' she watched as Harry left her office, he looked at all the beds again before leaving her hospital.

Harry walked down the corridors and stairs, then saw Professor McGonagall walking towards him. She was bloodied and bruised just like everyone else and her hair was hanging down and looking untidy, which is something you normally don't see on her.

'Professor, you look like you could do with some healing and rest as well.'

'Maybe a few things, but I'm a bit busy right now. So is that where you just came from, seeing Madame Pomfrey?'

'Yeah, just a couple of problems, she gave me some potions. I needed to tell you about Snape though.'

'I heard you say he was really Albus's spy and he loved your mother. You will have to explain all that.'

'From the moment Voldemort thought the prophecy meant me, Snape went back to Dumbledore and has been helping him protect me all these years. Dumbledore asked Snape to kill him Professor, not like what I thought. He was dying, because he's hand was cursed. Um, if you keep it to yourself, there's a memory in Dumbledore's pensieve, I forgot to take it out. It explains everything, me, Snape, Dumbledore, Voldemort and what Hermione, Ron and I were doing. But I don't want the part about me told to anyone though, it's private.'

'I'll get to it tomorrow and I will keep it to myself, but do you know where Severus is now?'

'Dead, in the shrieking shake. We saw Voldemort tell Nagini to kill him, then he left. I knelt down next to him, he was still alive, but dying fast. He gave me the memory, so he's name should be cleared.'

'Okay, but I also heard you say horcruxes, I do know what they are Harry. So that is why he never died all those years ago and why he was able to come back?'

'Yes, he made seven. I'm sorry Professor, but can we talk tomorrow, I'm exhausted.'

'Of course, are you going to the Burrow with the Weasley's?'

'No, I'm just going up to Gryffindor tower for now, I'll work on where I'll live in a few days.'

'You'll probably have a few people staying up there with you. So I'll talk to you tomorrow Harry,' she stepped closer, 'I really can't believe it's over, you did it.'

'Like I said to Ron, I don't think I really believe it at the moment. It's probably just because I'm tired. But he really is dead, isn't he Professor, this isn't a dream?'

'No it's no dream Harry, he really is dead. Minister Shacklebolt and a couple of aurors have taken his body away. I'm not sure what they are going to do with it, but I suppose it doesn't concern us anymore.'

'No, hard to believe, anyway, night Professor.'

'Goodnight Harry,' Minerva McGonagall watched Harry walk away and she thought yes, he looked tired, but also like he wasn't sure what to do or where to go. She kept watching until Harry was out of sight, then went to her office.

Harry sat on his old bed in the Gryffindor dorm room and looked around. He remembered that Ron, Dean, Seamus, Neville and himself did have some good times in here and couldn't ask for better friends. But now, he wasn't sure how he felt about anything and just wanted to be alone. He hoped it was just tiredness why he felt so empty right now, so he thought he'd give himself a few days to let everything sink in and to rest.

He took his glasses off then stripped off his ripped and stained jumper and shirt, took his shoes and socks off, then his torn jeans, got into his bed and was asleep instantly.

The following day, Harry woke to bright sunlight and judging from where the sun was coming in, he realised he must have slept the remainder of yesterday, the full night and half that day. So he summoned a towel, grabbed his clothes Hermione had sent up before heading to the shower.

When Harry finished, he left Gryffindor tower and headed down into the school. As he looked around, he saw how much of the old castle was damaged and wondered if it would ever be repaired. He looked through the busted doors of the Great Hall and saw a lot of the older students still there, some family members of those students and also people that had joined in the fight. Harry sat at the end of the Gryffindor table when food instantly appeared in front of him. When Harry looked at what food was there, he smiled. Kreacher must know it's him or something for he sent up a lot of Harry's favourites along with juice, tea and coffee.

Harry drunk his tea first, feeling the warm liquid pass down his dry parched throat, then he started on the food. He was halfway through when a bunch of reporters came through the door and over to Harry. They kept shouting questions, taking photos and crowding around him.

'Leave me alone,' Harry yelled at them, but they ignored him. Harry tried to get up but they kept him surrounded, 'Bloody hell, I'm trying to eat, now get away from me.'

Neville pushed through the crowd, not caring if he knocked anyone over. 'He said leave him alone, so I'm telling you right now, get out and away from Harry before I have you all thrown out.'

'We need answers, Harry can give us them. The people have a right to know,' Skeeter said from the crowd.

Harry sneered as he finally pushed himself to his feet and before he knew what he was doing, he had his wand on her and she was flying backwards through the busted doors.

'You stay away from me you lying piece of shit or I might do worse next time. I think if I can kill Voldemort, I could probably do the same to you,' Harry shouted.

'That's it, everyone away from Harry right now,' the deep slow voice of Kingsley Shacklebolt said as he walked over with a few aurors behind him, 'If you don't leave now, you will be arrested.'

The reporters slowly left, all mumbled about getting answers, but Harry noticed no one picked up Rita Skeeter and he couldn't help smiling because he realised all of them couldn't stand her either and probably hated the fact she made a name for herself by lying to everyone. He knew eventually he would need to speak to the reporters, but right now, he was just too tired and still on edge. He knew there were death eaters out there even if Voldemort was dead and they might just decide to come after him and right now, he didn't think he had enough energy to fight anyone.