Chapter thirty

When Harry let go of Hermione and Ron, he stared at each of them, 'I wish I wasn't so stubborn and just listened to you or Kingsley. If it wasn't for this gift Molly gave me, I would still be angry with both of you.'

'We knew you weren't ready to hear anything Harry, but yes, you can be stubborn sometimes, this time though, we do understand,' Hermione took Harry's hand, giving it a squeeze.

'I did try Harry, after deserting you and Hermione, I promised myself that I would always be there for you no matter what happened.'

'I know, I read that in you and you don't have to explain. Remember, I've been hit with that curse a couple of times. You can't move or do anything with that.'

'We heard those kids were after you and Kingsley, but you caught them.'

'Well I didn't catch them, I just knew they were at the cemetery and let Samuel know. So he and a couple of other aurors caught them. This might shock you though, but Molly spoke to me that day, mum, dad, Sirius, they did as well. Remus, even Mad-Eye, he told me where his body was. Molly called me daddy, told me she loved me. It was a miracle and something so magical it's hard to explain. But I sat there having a proper conversation with them. She let me know what I could do and why. She was born to help our world, she was going to be the most powerful person there ever was, but because of what happened, she wanted me to have her power and she gave it to me. I can see and hear everything, I look at someone and I can see how good they are, it's really hard to explain. Kingsley called her a gift to our world, I think he's right, but since she couldn't stay here, she wasn't going to allow her gift to go to waste. Next week, will you both come with me to talk to her?'

'You know we will Harry,' Ron gave him a small smile, 'But look at how shiny you are, what are you going to do with all those medals and awards?'

'Frame them for my office, mum, dad, Sirius and Molly would want me to.'

'Mum told us about the orphanage you started. What gave you the idea?' Ron asked.

'Kingsley to start with, he told me he's thought about adopting and then told me how many kids were orphaned because of Voldemort and his death eaters. When I thought about it, I realised that I would have preferred an orphanage than the Dursleys, even a muggle one. Our children, they should be with their own kind, not with muggles.'

'Yes, they should be and it's a wonderful idea Harry.' Hermione smiled at Harry.

'I don't mean to interrupt the golden trio, but we need photos of all of you. Do you think you could catch up later?' Kingsley asked as he slipped his arm around Harry and before anyone said anything, Harry kissed him passionately. 'What did I do to deserve that my love?'

'For putting up with my stubbornness and snapping at you all the time, you should have just petrified me and told me instead of putting up with that.'

'Well, you can be stubborn Harry, more than I realised. But I wouldn't do anything like that to you, I love you.'

Harry grinned, 'I love you too, so let's get these photos taken, as long as one gets taken of me and you together.'

'Already planned, so come on,' Kingsley, Harry, Hermione and Ron headed back inside and stood for the next hour having one photo after another taken. A lot were done of Harry, Hermione and Ron together, then their friends, Harry and Kingsley together, then heaps of group shots. Slowly people started to drift home, Hermione and Ron letting Harry know they would see him soon, then the three friends hugged before all of them left as well.

When Harry and Kingsley got inside their home, they both started to take the other's clothes off while they kissed, slowly making their way upstairs to their bedroom. By the time they shut the door behind him, they were both naked, but still kissing, then they fell onto the bed with their hands over the other's erection. They kept touching, stroking and kissing until both were ready, but Harry pushed Kingsley over onto his back, climbed on top of him, then slowly lowered himself onto Kingsley and they just stared into each other's eyes while they moved. Then Kingsley finished, Harry moved, lifted his legs and Kingsley made love to Harry and still they kept their eyes on each other.

A few days later, Harry, Kingsley, Hermione, Ron, Samuel and Luke all apparated to the cemetery in Godric's Hollow. Harry instantly knelt down and touched his daughter's name.

'Yes, I told you I'd be back angel,' Harry kept staring at her name, 'Yes, I spoke to Ron and Hermione, they told me what happened,' Harry kept concentrating on his daughter, 'Ron never let go of you the whole time, until he was cursed. Yes, he was brave angel and I'm glad you told me to forgive them,' Harry closed his eyes then chuckled, 'Molly told me to tell Hermione and Ron to be a bit quieter when you have sex because Ron's parents can hear you.' Harry gazed around at Hermione and Ron and they were both blushing, then Harry turned back, 'She told me to tell Samuel and Luke it's time. She said Samuel's nervous because Luke's never done it before, but Luke wants to and is ready. Angel, you really shouldn't tell me things like that about other people, even if they can't hear you. She wants me to tell Kingsley that you're plan to make me beg won't work, I'm too stubborn. I might just give in and beg anyway angel,' Harry listened to his daughter then turned and looked at Kingsley, 'She wants us to go to the orphanage, there's someone there she wants us to meet but we have to go today.'

'We'll go as soon as we've finished here.'

'Molly said you have to stop daydreaming about me because you're getting behind in your work,' Harry laughed softly, 'Do I do that to him angel?' Harry laughed again.

'Yes you do and I'm sure you know what about Harry,' Kingsley shook his head.

'Yeah, when I shagged you on your desk, then you shagged me on your chair.' Harry listened to his daughter again, 'I love you too angel and you will always be in my heart,' Harry moved a little and touched his parents name, 'I'm here,' Harry listened, 'Oh, alright, so that would be upstairs,' Harry listened, 'Under my baby cot, okay, I'll work on getting it out. Sirius, you're supposed to be peaceful up there or wherever you are, stop giving my mum heaps or I will deal with you later. Remus, control those friends of yours,' Harry listened again, 'Tell Luke that Tonks had a crush on him before she met Remus, she never knew you were gay. Alright, we'll come back another day, just remember I love all of you very much,' Harry listened, 'I promise,' Harry kissed his parents name, then Ginny's, 'Yes Ginny, you're mum's good now, I said I would. Do you want to tell Ron anything?' Harry listened, 'Ginny said you're still a git but you were a wonderful brother and she loves you. Alright Fred, he said you're a prat and wants you to give George a hand until you go back to Hogwarts, but you proved you were brave and did things that surprised him and not a lot could ever surprise Fred.'

'Ginny, Fred, I love you,' Ron said sheepishly.

'They said they know and they love you too. Yes, alright, we're going angel, daddy loves you,' Harry smiled then kissed his daughter's name before standing up, 'She really wants us to go to the orphanage.'

'Then let's go, we can't deny you're daughter when she wants something. Do you lot want to come with us?' Kingsley asked and the others nodded, so they apparated away and arrived a few seconds later outside the high gates surrounding the orphanage. Kingsley took down the wards and they all stepped through before he put them back up again.

The six of them all walked up the long drive and could see a heap of kids playing all over the place. Harry spotted someone and walked over to her.

'Hannah, are you working here?' Harry gave her a hug.

'Harry, Hermione, Ron, Minister and two aurors, um, no, I just come to help, I love kids. What are you all doing here?'

'Harry's daughter told him he had to come and meet someone.'

'Yes, Neville told me about that, it's unbelievable Harry. Well I'll let you go find Molly, she's around somewhere, probably with the babies.'

'Thanks Hannah,' Harry smiled and the group walked inside and started looking around. Harry got stared at by the older kids, 'Um, do you know where Mrs. Weasley is?' Harry asked one of the kids.

'Yeah, upstairs in the nursery, she's feeding the babies,' the boy said.

'Thanks,' Kingsley said and they all went upstairs, 'Molly.'

'Hello you lot, what brings you here?'

'I was at the cemetery and Molly told me I had to come and meet someone. But I have no idea who that is.'

Molly grinned, 'I think I know Harry, come over here,' Molly took Harry's hand and led him over to one of the cots, 'Her name is Molly Sheppard, she's adorable and reminds me so much of Molly, except she has black hair, but she also has green eyes Harry. Oh she's waking up.'

The little baby girl yawned, turned over and smiled up at Harry, 'Daddy,' she held her arms out to Harry, who picked her up and stared into her eyes.

'I can't believe this,' Harry touched the little girl's face, 'Hi.'

The girl smiled then looked at Kingsley and put her arms out to him, 'Daddy.'

Kingsley took the little girl, 'Hi there, so you were the one and you know what Molly, we agree.'

'Um, agree to what babe?'

'That little Molly here is going to be our daughter, isn't that right?'

The little girl nodded then wanted to go back to Harry who held her tight in his arms and could feel the tears in his eyes.

'I see they met Molly,' Hannah said as she stepped inside.

'Yes, we did, so Harry, is she our daughter?'

Harry smiled, then looked up at Kingsley, 'Yeah, she is,' Harry stared back at the little girl, 'You want us to be your daddy's?'

Molly nodded, then hugged Harry, 'Daddy.'

'Oh that's so sweet,' Hannah said as she wiped a tear from her eye and noticed Hermione and Molly Weasley did as well.

'So Molly, what do we need to do to make this official?' Kingsley asked.

'Well, I have to approve it, after I make sure the potential parents are acceptable, then I pass that to you who has to make the final approval. Now since I've seen you and Harry with Molly Potter, you're both approved, now you have to approve yourself.'

'But we both work, what are we going to do? One of us will have to give up work,' Harry said but kept staring into Molly's eyes.

'Can I make a suggestion before you leave your job Harry,' Molly Weasley smiled, 'Hannah would make a great nanny for Molly. I would take her on, but I've already got a full staff.'

Kingsley and Harry faced Hannah, 'Do you want the job Hannah, because you couldn't get a better recommendation than Molly Weasley?' Kingsley said.

'I would love to, because I've already fallen for this little princess.'

'Then I suggest we get the paperwork done so you can take your daughter home. You will need to buy things for her, but she has some clothes and things here. Oh and when she's upset, her little dragon toy floats up in the air.'

'She's showing her power already, so Harry, why don't you hand her to Hannah and we'll go do this paperwork.'

Everyone kept staring at Harry who just kept staring at Molly, 'Harry, we need to do the paperwork then you can hold her forever if you want.'

Harry nodded, then leaned in and kissed Molly on the forehead, then turned and hugged Kingsley.

'We're a family,' Harry said and everyone heard how choked up Harry sounded. They watched as Harry and Kingsley went with Molly, worked on the paperwork, then Hannah, Hermione, Ron, Samuel and Luke followed Kingsley, Harry and Molly home and the others knew that this little girl had already won the hearts of her two fathers and they pitied any boy that took an interest in her. First, Kingsley Shacklebolt, auror and Minister for Magic, second, Harry Potter, powerful, took down the world's worst dark wizard and will die to protect the ones he loves and you could tell he already loved Molly with everything in him, so he was already protective of his and Kingsley's daughter. They watched Harry and Kingsley as they both held Molly, even when she was asleep, they just couldn't seem to put her down so they knew this little angel was sent to these two men and she had already wrapped them around her little finger.

The End: