Summary: Shortly after Alucard's disappearance at the hands of Schrodinger, Alucard finds himself meeting face to face with the Shinigami. On a mere whim, the Shinigami randomly sends him off to another world, there he meets his new master. One who he.. No.. She gleefully obeys. She would protect her master to the best of her ability. For to her, her new master was more precious than anything. Fem. Alucard. AKA Girlycard.

Author's note: An idea after rewatching the hellsing Anime. I like the Naruto series, and I also loved Hellsing. So, I figured why not make a crossover about the two? Before you read the chapter, do note that Alucard won't be female yet right away that's later in the chapter.

"Alucard! Do not close your eyes! That's an order!" Intergra Hellsing, the head of the Hellsing organization, and the master of the most powerful vampire to walk the earth. Alucard, the no life king, also known as Dracula. Intergra wore a dark green suit, her her platinum blonde hair was long, two bangs framing her face, and stopping just below her chest. Her blue eyes shined with desperation, and a silent fury.

Beside her, a woman named Seras Victoria watched on with a worried expression. She had long blonde hair tied into a spiked ponytail, she had crimson red eyes, that shined with determination, and slight sadness. She wore the female version of the Hellsing families uniform.

Both were watching on a screen projector as a man with long black hair was looking off into the rising sunrise. His crimson red eyes watching the sunrise with longing, and slight exhaustion. He wore an entirely black attire, though they seemed to resemble a straight jacket.

Behind the two women was a man dressed entirely in white. He had blonde hair that was slicked back, few bangs slick just above his left eye. The man's yellow eyes were shining in victory, his lips pulled back into a massive shit eating grin.

"Intergra..." Alucard uttered softly "I am sorry master.. But that order is one I cannot follow."

"Alucard!" Intergra yelled.

"Seras.. Take care of master.." Alucard softly requested.

Seras sniffed slightly "Y-Yes master Of course." She whispered in sorrow.

"Goodbye... Intergra." Alucard said, smiling softly as his eyes slowly closed. In front of Alucard, and teenage boy watched on with angry eyes as Alucard slowly began closing his eyes.

'D-Dammit! It wasn't suppose to be like this! I was suppose to fight Alucard fair and square!' He thought in sadness and rage.

Intergra watched in sorrow as her close friend, and confident suddenly disappeared as if he never existed in the first place. She clenched her fist, and suppressed the tears that were forming within her eyes. Hearing laughter, she turned her head to stare at the major. Her expression turned into one of pure rage, and hatred. Her blue eyes glinting murderously as she slowly stalked towards the laughing man.

Darkness was all he felt, he felt nothing, he felt weightless. He had no idea how he long he has been in this dark existence of his, all he knew was that he had to solve the problem that started his little resting state.

However, just when he finally decided to eliminate the millions of souls that he had stored within him to free of him of this nothingness, he was suddenly assaulted with a blinding light.

He slowly opened his crimson red eyes, and he slowly surveyed the area, however he was only able to see a vast sea of nothing but pure white.

'Is this... The purgatory?' He thought in slight surprise, and anticipation.

Feeling a presence behind him, he instantly turn around, only to come face to face with a demonic visage.

White robes, long spike white hair, a purple maks that seemed to be eternally grinning. A knife was held in its mouth, showing off yellow fanged teeth. Eyes that were entirely black, with the iris only remaining yellow. And finally, small red horns sticking our from its head.

Alucard tilted his head slightly, idly wondering who this being was. "Who are you?" He asked curiously.

The being stared at him for several long moments, before he finally answered in a gruff, and a deep tone. "I am known simply as the Shinigami to all beings. I am the god of death, and the ferry to guide all souls to their spot in the afterlife."

Alucard's eyes widened slightly, before they returned to normal, and suddenly he gave off a loud and booming laugh. "Truly? How curious, and wonderful!" He bellowed. "I had always wondered what death was like, and now I finally have experienced it. So tell me, what is my spot in the afterlife? Its hell.. Isn't it?" He asked with a full blown grin.

The Shinigami tilted his head slightly "You are mistaken. You are not dead.. You are experiencing a near death experience. While your body in the living world was destroyed, you are somehow still living on. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that there are millions of souls within you that are still sustaining you." Shinigami explained.

Alucard frowned slightly, but his smiled returned as he looked upon the death god. "I see, so tell me... What happens now Shinigami-san? Am I to forever remain here in limbo with only you as company?" He asked, a shit eating grin on his face.

Shinigami hummed slightly "I am not certain. You were not expected to die until the end of your world, yet here you are. I cannot send you back to your world, seeing as you technically died there, despite you somehow still living on. Although... There is always that option." Shinigami mused.

Alucard rose an eyebrow "What option would that be?" He asked in curiosity.

Shinigami looked upon him with an unearthly gaze, almost as if he were judging the vampire. "I could use my power, and randomly send you off into a different world altogether, however I would demand compensation for such an action. And I would alter your true form into something else."

Alucard blinked once, and he regarded the death god curiously. "Why would you need to alter my appearance?"

Shinigami stared at him with an unreadable expression. "By sending you into another world, you are essentially starting a new life, thus the need to change your form into something else. You would live a new life. There wouldn't be much of a difference, you would still retain yours powers, abilities, your souls within you, and your memories. You can chose to live your new life however you wish. You can even choose to live as a servant to another human should you choose to."

Alucard looked upon the Shinigami with interest. Though he didn't want to leave his fledgling Seras, and his master Intergra alone, he knew that at one point in time he would have to leave Seras on her own. He couldn't keep watch over her constantly, he wanted her to make her own choices, and to become independent. Something that would not happen if he watched over her constantly.

As for Intergra, he knew that one day he would either be resealed, or that his master would perish of old age. It tore at his immortal, and blackened heart, but he had no choice but to accept it. Besides, both Seras, and Intergra were strong, their will, and their resolve made from steel. He believed in them, he knew they would finish the fight with millennium.

He turned his gaze upon the god of death, and he spoke. "Before I give you my answer, I'm curious. What would the compensation be? And wouldn't Kami have a problem with this?"

"To answer your first question. My compensation is simple, I want twenty thousand of the souls that you have consumed."

"Why would you want only twenty thousand?"

"Most of the souls that you have consumed are those who have committed various sins, and heinous crimes during their lives. However, you have also consumed various innocents as well. With my eyes, I can tell apart the innocent souls, along with the corrupt souls within you. Twenty thousand innocent souls are within you. That is my compensation. Allow me to take those twenty thousand souls."

Alucard smirked slightly in amusement, and slight surprise. "Really? Twenty thousand innocent souls live within me? Didn't know that, I just assume they were nobodies. I guess there is such a thing as "being in the wrong place at the wrong time."" The no life king mused. "Very well than, I'll let you take those souls, not like I have another three million in there or something."

Shinigami nodded in thanks, and continued "As for your second question. Do not worry about my brother Kami. I am his brother, I am certain I can convince him to agree to this. If I can't, I'll just get Yami's assistance."

Alucard nodded slightly, and the no life king grinned in anticipation. "So when are we getting started?"

"Right now, but first.. My compensation." With that said, Shinigami dug his hand into Alucard's chest, surprising the no life king immensely as he let out a small grunt of surprise. The feeling of the shinigami's cold hand digging into his very soul was strange, and painful. However he could deal with the pain. He endured being shot to shreds, and than reforming just afterwards. If he can't endure this, than he was just like those weak, and pathetic Vampires from his world.

Seconds later, the Shinigami pulled out hundreds of small blue orbs that hovered just above his hand. Shinigami clenched his fist, and when he opened them again, the blue orbs were gone. "The compensation has been taken, and now, its time to alter your form. Which form would you prefer?" The death god asked.

Alucard shrugged "Form does not matter to me. I do not care what form I take, so long as I'm at least familiar with it, than I'm fine with it."

"Very well." Shinigami uttered.

Suddenly, Alucard felt his entire form shifting, and changing without his command. Soon, he felt himself getting smaller, her hair growing longer as well. He felt his entire body changing into something familiar, and changing into a form that he had only changed into just recently in order to fuck with Walter.

The Shinigami conjured up a mirror in his hand, and handed to Alucard.

Alucard took the mirror, and he was not surprised to see his... Her female form. The fourteen year old visage stared back at her, long silky black hair with bangs covering her forehead. Scarlet red feminine eyes stared back at her. The white outfit she usually wore when taking this form was on, and of course a white hat sitting atop her head.

"My girl form?" Alucard said. However, she was surprised. Instead of the male voice she usually kept when in his girl form, instead it was replaced with a soft melonious tone. Her new voice was strange, but she was certain she could make it a bit more sinister. After all, she was Alucard. The no life Ki-Queen!

"You did say a form you were familiar with, so I ended choosing a form that you used just recently. One more thing." Shinigami placed a finger on Alucard's hand, and suddenly, the seal that bounded her to the Hellsing family that was on her gloves disappeared. Following that, Shinigami than dug his hand into Alucard's form once more, and pulled out a very familiar form.

"Uh oh."

In the Shinigami's hand was now the very cause of why Alucard was in limbo. Blonde hair stopping at his mid-neck, black cat ears atop his head. Purple eyes shining nervously, and a sheepish chuckle escape as the person smiled nervously.

"Oh.. Its you... What's your name again?" Alucard a deadpan tone entering her voice.

"It's Schrodinger!" Schrodinger said with a twitch in his eye.

"I'll just call you dinger." Alucard said, a large smirk on her features as her fangs glinted. Her scarlet eyes glinting with bloodlust.

Schrodinger gulped.

"Schrodinger, you are going to be suspending quite a bit of time with Yami. I do not pity you." With that said, Shinigami opened a portal, and tossed the cat boy into the portal. The only thing Alucard could catch a glimpse was darkness, and... Were those black flames?

"Now than, as per our agreement, I shall now send you randomly into another world. Are you prepared?" Shinigami asked, Making Alucard grin in anticipation.

"One last thing." Shinigami waved a hand over Alucard's head, and suddenly the no life queen was assaulted with images, and the knowledge of how to create a servant seal, similar to the one the Hellsing family used to make her serve them.

"Why would you give me this knowledge?" Alucard asked, shaking her head to rid herself of the cobwebs.

"You forget that I told you, you can choose to become a servant to someone else should you choose to. The knowledge is merely there should you really do choose that course of action. Now than." Shinigami held out his palm, and a green portal opened above his palm. The portal slowly hovered off his hand, and onto the floor in front of Alucard.

"Simply jump into the portal, and you shall be taken across time, and space. Across many different planes of existence, and many different realities."

Alucard grinned, and she eagerly began walking towards the portal. She turned her head towards the Shinigami, and she flashed him a fanged grin. "Pleasure doing business with you Shinigami-san." She said, giving a small mocking bow, before she jumped into the portal, her laughter echoing.

... "I do not pity the world that she has gone into." Shinigami uttered. One of the main reasons why he had let the vampire leave into a new world was simple. The afterlife was NOT ready for that psychopath!

After what felt like a life time, Alucard finally existed the portal, and the first thing she did was stare up at the night sky, the full moon hanging in the starry sky.

Alucard grinned, showing off her shining fangs. "What a wonderful night... A wonderful night for a drink." She said with a sinister giggle, her scarlet eyes glinting with bloodthirst. She sniffed the air, seeing if she could catch the scent of any living being. And she did, she was able to catch the scent of vast number of humans deeper into the forest, and an even larger number of humans a bit further away.

'Hmm, perhaps they are currently partaking in war?' She mused. However, she perked up when she caught the scent of blood. Fresh blood.

Her scarlet red eyes instantly zoomed in on a puddle of crimson liquid. She grinned widely as she advanced upon the puddled of blood. She quickly bent down on her knees, and her head leaned over the blood like a predator. Her tongue slowly emerged from her mouth, and she gave long, and savoring licks to the puddle of blood.

After several licks, she suddenly froze. Her scarlet eyes widening in surprise, and glee. 'This blood... Its more delectable than Intergras! This is by far the most delicious blood I have ever had the pleasure of drinking.' Curious as to who had such delectable, and delicious blood, she viewed the memories that the blood would no doubt contain.

What she saw made her laugh hysterically, a gleeful undertone in her voice. Her eyes glinting madly with insanity, and slight happiness. The memories she saw were that of a young boy's. A boy with spiky sun kissed blonde hair. Sapphire blue eyes, and whisker marks on his cheeks. The last memory she was the boy being chased into this very forest with a large mob following behind him.

Through the blood, she was able to also feel the emotions the boy was feeling. Fear, desperation, the desire to live, hopelessness. However, the will to never give up, or back down despite the situation. She was also able to see deeper into the blonde's boy's heart. The boy had compassion and kindness that far exceeded beyond even what she expected.

Yet, he had also a vast amount of hatred, a hatred that may even one day grow to surpass even hers. A hatred that may, if left unchecked, may destroy the world... And she would be the instrument of the boys hatred, rage, and wrath.

'Uzumaki Naruto eh? A strong, and fitting name. You... Will make a splendid master.' With that thought, Alucard stood, and slowly strolled deeper into the forest, a slight skip in her step as her grin threatened to splint her face in half.

Uzumaki Naruto was both angry, and terrified at the moment. The recently turned seven year old's day had started out quite normally. Wake up in his shitty apartment, wonder around the village while ignoring the hateful glares, and harsh whispers of the villagers.

Than, somewhere in the day, prepare a prank as payback to some of the more vocal villagers. All in all, it was simply a normal day for him. Of course while he kept up the mask of a smiling idiot, he was a lot different in terms of personality than what he let the villagers see.

While the villagers saw a constantly smiling idiot, he was surprisingly a lot smarter than most people for a seven year old. He wasn't as smart as a Nara, no one could be as smart as a Nara, but he was smart enough to be considered in the league of a genius. And while he may seem to have a happy go lucky attitude, he could absolutely with certainty that he hated most of the villagers in Konoha.

However, he was not petty. He could handle glares, whispers, and all the insults. Those were nothing. It was the other things that they did that made them hate them. Beating him once in awhile, kicking him out of shops, and sometimes defacing his apartment. That made him hate them so much.

If he had the power, he would make those who made him suffer so much pay. But he didn't, and there wasn't a way to get stronger because the librarians usually never let him go in the library. The only way for him to get stronger is to join the academy next year. But he would be forced to hide his progress over the years, and continue to be the idiot they thought he was.

Another thing was that he knew they would sabotage his grades in the academy to make him seem even worse of an idiot.

But while he hated most of the villagers, there were those he did not hate. Like the Ichiraku's, his somewhat surrogate family. The Sandaime Hokage, his grandfather figure. And finally Inu nii-san, the ANBU who always protected him when given the chance, and who sometimes bought him stuff to make his living conditions more lively.

After wandering around the village until the sun began to set, he quickly began to head back to his apartment, and that was when things took a turn for the worst. As a large mob of villagers had formed, and they began to chase him out into the forest. The worst part was that in the mob were some Shinobi, and that made getting away even more difficult.

He had no choice but to run deeper into the forest in an effort to get away from the mob. Allow he had gotten hit with a Kunai in the shoulder, causing his blood spurt out, and land onto the ground below. However, he payed no attention to that, and instead continued running deeper into the forest.

Minutes later, he was pelted with several more Kunai, each one hitting his legs, causing him to crash onto the floor. He had quickly dragged himself to a tree, and began yanking out the Kuani impaled to his legs, and shoulder. Of course his injuries began healing shortly after the Kunai's were removed, and the blonde haired boy was prepared to shoot up from the ground and continuing from his pursuers.

That plan was shot down when a foot slammed itself to his chest, keeping him pinned down to the tree he was leaning against. And he felt desperation, fear, and slowly brimming anger as the mob began to advance upon with the intent of harming him, and beating him senseless.

And that led to the blonde's current situation at the moment. The mob currently beating him, while he himself curled into ball, protecting his torso from being injured.

This continued for several minutes before they stopped, and the blonde was able to hear the mob's voices as they all began to say that it was time to finish what the Yondaime started.

Naruto's panic increased as he noted that they began to pull out bladed weapons, each intended to tear into his skin.

however, before they could go through with their intention to maim the blonde, soft, and sinister giggles broke through the forest. "Truly you dogs amuse me so. You are so weak that you must beat on a child to prove you are strong. How weak, and pathetic each of you are."

The villagers, unnerved by the voice seeming to come from every direction, all glared in all the directions where they believed the voice was coming from. "We do not know who you are stranger! But that is no child! Its a monster in human skin!" One of the villagers roared, with the rest shouting in agreement.

"Oh? A monster you say?" The voice began once again.

The villagers all nodded their heads, their cries of the blonde being a monster being heard.

Naruto felt what ever hope he had being melted away as he was sure that whoever was watching now believed him to be a monster. He grit his teeth, and prepared to endure, as it was the only thing he could possibly do.

However, the forest became eerily silent as the shadows began to rise, and begin to take shape. Everyone watched in fear, and shock as the shadows took the shape a girl no older than fourteen. Long black hair flowing down towards her back her bangs covering her forehead, scarlet red eyes that shined with bloodlust. She wore an entirely white suit, a black tie, and under shirt being worn under. A white hat rested atop her head, and she wore white gloves.

The girl was grinning widely, showing off shiny white teeth, and fangs. her eyes were glaring at the mob with murder, and as if they were the source of all the problems in the world. A desire to kill, maim, and torture the people in front of her. "You call this boy a monster.." She softly began, her voice sending shivers down their spines. "But there is only one monster I see here..." At this point, her eyes gleamed with insanity. "... That monster.. Is ME!" With gleeful, and maddening laugh, the girl lunged, her teeth sinking into the neck of a villager, and with a champ, the head was severed from its body.

the villagers screamed in horror, and terror. The few Shinobi in the mob took their Kunai's and pelted the girl with deadly precision. Alucard merely grinned as the Kunai all impaled her body, and she doing to stop them. Finally, the shinobi stopped, and the villagers felt relief when they saw the girls body on the forest floor, pelted with Kunai's and various injuries.

Naruto looked upon the scene with shock, and slight foreboding. Why did he get the feeling that it wasn't over?

The blonde's question was answer when the body twitched, and blood began rising from the ground, and was absorbed into the body. Before everyone's eyes, all of the injuries the shinobi had inflicted began healing, and soon. The girl was standing, looking at them with her large grin still intact. "Dogs can't kill me." She said, her voice echoing across the clearing. "Only men can kill monsters!" With that said, She lunged, and she was tearing into the villagers as if it were nothing.

Limbs, heads, and organs were thrown all over the clearing, blood splattering everywhere as the girl showed no mercy in killing all the villagers. In fact, she was laughing gleeful, and loudly. As if she was just a child playing in the park.

Moments later, everyone in the mob was dead, all but one, and that was a whimpering, and cowering civilian who was currently leaning against a tree. Alucard slowly looked at him, her eyes glinting with bloodlust. "I said that only men can kill monsters." She began "So what are you? Are you a dog? Or are you a man?" She asked mockingly, taking slow, and taunting steps.

The villager brought up his weapon, and small knife, and dragged it across his throat, killing himself.

Alucard frowned, and she grunted in annoyance. "I hate when they puss out like a bitch." She murmured. Her grin slowly returned, and she turned her head towards Naruto. Her grin increased slightly, and she slowly stalked towards her soon to be new master.

Naruto didn't know to what think as he watched the girl walk towards him. When he saw her decimate the mob of villagers, instead of fear, and horror, he felt satisfaction as the villagers all died by her hands. When the girl turned towards him, he expected her to look at him the same way she looked at the villagers.

But she wasn't. Instead she was gazing upon him with an almost loving gaze. The girl suddenly got on her knees to reach his level, as he was sitting on the floor, his back against a tree, her face was close to his own, much to close for his liking. On pure instinct, Naruto grabbed a Kunai that was scattered about the floor, and nearly drove it into the girl's neck. However, he stopped himself just in time, the tip of the Kunai just barely grazing the girl's neck.

If anything, her grin got wider at Naruto's course of action.

"Hello." She purred, staring at the blonde through half-lidded eyes.

Naruto gulped "H-Hey?" He responded questionably. The girl did nothing, almost as if she was content to simply stare at him, and Naruto was already getting tired of her invading his personal space. "Why... Did you help me?" Naruto asked slowly, as if he himself still could not believe that someone was helping him.

Alucard tilted her head, and she smirked. "Why wouldn't I wish to protect my new master." She stated.

Naruto froze, and he looked at her with disbelief. "M-Master?" He murmured.

Alucard nodded her head eager, her long raven locks brushing against the blonde's face. "Yes. Well, should you accept to become my new Master. If not, I'll just continue hounding you until you do."

"Why.. Why would you want to become my servant." Naruto asked.

Alucard's smirk grew "Why wouldn't I want you to be my new master? I've tasted your blood, and its more delicious than my previous masters. I've seen your memories, and your will is stronger than my previous masters. You are strong, in mind, spirit, your heart in strong as well. You have the perfect qualities to become my master. Why wouldn't I want someone strong to become my master?"

"B-But in terms of physical power.. I am weak." Naruto dejectedly said. He felt a hand caress his cheek, and his blue eyes locked with Alucard scarlet ones.

"You can be a feeble old man, and I would still choose you as my master. You are already a beautiful creature in my eyes. While physical power does indeed hold much merit, I'd rather focus on the strength that is in your heart, mind, and soul. So I ask again.. Will you allow me to serve you master? Will you allow me to be the instrument of your wrath?"

Naruto stared deeply into her eyes. He saw many things in her eyes, insanity, a disregard for the lives of other except those she held close. He saw the deep seated hatred in her soul, yet he also detected a fierce loyalty, and devotion. Gulping, Naruto made a decision that would change his life... Forever.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"My previous master's gave me the name Alucard." Was Alucard's instant reply.

"Should I take you as my servant. Do you promise to never abandon me? To remain by my side until the end? To fight alongside me in every battle? To crush my enemies into nothing but a smear on the ground? To hear my enemies plead for mercy, only to receive none?" The blonde asked seriously.

"Nothing shall please me more master." Alucard gleefully answered.

"Than.. I shall accept you as my servant. Alucard. What is the requirements need to make this possible?"

"Allow me to handle this master." With that said, Alucard rose her hands up, and suddenly, the blood on the grass began to rise, and began to swirl around the girl's hands. Soon a circle appeared on the back of the girls hands. The circle held similar symbols to that of the one she used to have when she served the hellsing, except there was no star in the middle. With a large grin, Alucard turned her eyes towards her new master. "All that is left is for me to drink your blood master."

With only a moment of hesitation, Naruto used the same Kunai he nearly stabbed Alucard with and cut himself across his hand. Alucard was quick to grab hold of his hand, and she began to lick the blonde's bleeding hand making Naruto flush scarlet at her actions. Alucard giggled slightly as her new master's flustered look, and she watched in glee as a swirl appeared in the middle of the circles on the back of her hand. The runes shined brightly before they dulled.

With a large grin that threatened to splint her face, she gently took the blonde in her arms, her arms circling around the blonde's body as her head rested atop his. "The sealing is complete master. I am now under your command. I will follow any order you give to me, and your wrath is now my wrath. Your sorrow is my sorrow. Your hatred is now my hatred. Your enemies are now my enemies. I shall kill thousands, millions, billions in your name master. All you must do is give the command." Alucard announced, her eyes glinting gleefully.

"That... Sounds nice." Naruto murmured, his face being extremely flushed as Alucard held his form close her. Soon the days events finally caught up to him, and he felt exhaustion as he felt his eyelids dropping.

"Rest master. I shall deal with everything until you awaken." Alucard softly spoke in his ear. Heeding her advice, Naruto allowed sleep to overcome him, and he unconsciously snuggled in his new servants arms.

The clearing was silent for several moments, before Alucard slowly began to tremble. Her form was shaking uncontrollably until suddenly, she threw her head back and laughed loudly. Her mad laughter echoed into the very night itself, scarring away any predators who were attracted by the smell of blood. Her eyes were shining ominously in the night, a scarlet glow that could be seen from miles. Her fangs out in the open for all to see.

Giving off one more bark of laughter, and a fanged smirk. The shadows began rising up, and they quickly surrounded her, and her new masters form. She held onto her master lovingly, before the shadows consumed them, and they were gone from the clearing.

Across the other end of the forest, within the village of Konoha, inside Naruto's apartment bedroom the shadows rose and expanded in mass and size. Almost like a tattered cape, the Shadows splint apart and revealed the form of Alucard holding holding her master gently but firmly.

Slowly, Alucard lowered her master on the only bed in the room. She smiled at her master's sleeping visage, before she scowled as she looked around the apartment around her. 'Such a disgusting, and disgraceful place. My master deserves much more than this. Hmm... Perhaps I can make this place much more fitting.' She thought. Although first things first.

'There are no other occupants living within the apartment complex, thus I can safely assume they left because they did not want to live near my master. The only other person who lives here must be the owner of the building as I can sense his presence a few floors below.' A smirk settled itself on her vampiric visage. She giggled sadistically to herself. Silently, she phased through the ground beneath her, and she continued to phase through the floors until she reached the floor were the owner lived.

Quickly, she stalked down the halls, turned a corner, stopped at the door at the end of the hallway, and knocked several times. Moments later, a man in his thirties opened the door. He had shoulder black hair that was mattered down against his head. His black eyes expressed annoyance. "What do you want now demon brat-" The man stopped speaking when he noted that, instead of the blonde brat who lived several above him, in his place stood a girl with long black hair whose outfit consisted entirely of white. Her eyes were red, but much brighter than Yuhi Kurenai's, and they held a more... Sinister gleam to them.

He had no idea who the girl was, but judging from how expensive her outfit looked, she was obviously of noble birth. Thus, his attitude did an entire one-eighty. "How may I be of assistance Ojou-sama?" He asked politely, and in a friendly manner.

Alucard fought the urge to scowl at the man in front of her. Having used to her telepathic abilities, she was quickly able to detect the obvious dislike towards her master. She wanted to kill him immediately, but she needed him alive for the moment. Once his use was no longer required, maybe her master wouldn't mind if she had a 'snack'. "Yes." Alucard began. "I was hoping we could discuss the ownership of this building." She said.

"What do you mean?" The owner asked, confusion in his voice. In response, Alucard lifted her hand, and pressed her finger to the man's head.

"You are going to invite me to your room, and your are going to bring me the deed to this apartment complex." She murmured, her eyes shining a sinister bright red.

"Yes of course. Please come in, I shall bring you the deed." The man said hollowly, his eyes blank as they shined a dull red color. Grinning, Alucard walked into through the door. Eyes flashing crimson as a sinister chuckle escaped her lips, she used her telepathic abilities to forcibly close the door behind her. Outside the room, it was silent for several long moments, before a brief sound of pain was heard, a moment later.. It was silenced.

The next morning, Naruto awoke with a groan as the sunlight shined upon his whiskered face. He opened his eyes, and glared at the sunlight entering his room. He got up, and gave a drawn out yawn. He scratched his head, and suddenly, the events of last night assaulted his brain. He frantically looked around the room, searching for any evidence that last night had happened.

Sadly, he could find nothing. Frowning, the blonde looked at his hand. "Was it all a dream?" He murmured. "Was that girl... Even real?"

"I can assure you master that I am quite real. For if I wasn't, than how could I be standing in front of you?" A soft voice said beside him.

Blinking, the blonde turned his head, and his vision was assaulted by red. Blinking rapidly, the blonde leaned back, and he was able to see the girl from last night. Her face being inches away from his, her red eyes being the reason why his vision was blocked by a red color. She was so close that the color of her eyes were the only thing he could really see until he leaned back.

The girl remained where she was, not moving from her position, although she did crack the blonde a wide grin.

"Alucard...?" Naruto asked slowly, as if he still wasn't sure she were real.

"Yes master?" Was Alucard's immediate reply.

Naruto didn't respond immediately, instead his mind was focusing on the events of what happened last night, and he blurted the first thing that came to his mind. "What are you?" He asked bluntly. Let it be known that he was never discreet.

"I am a monster master. A vampire." Alucard answered, a sick grin on her face.

Naruto blinked "Vampire?" He asked, bewildered.

Alucard eagerly nodded "Yes." She purred.

"Than... Why aren't you burning in the sunlight. You standing right in front of it." The blonde seven year old asked. And it was true, the girl was standing directly into the sunlight's path.

Alucard chuckled slightly at her master's question "I am a special Vampire master. I have an immunity to all the weaknesses a normal vampire would have. At best, sunlight is but a minor annoyance to me." She answered, a hint of arrogance in her voice.

Naruto rose an eyebrow at her "Prove it... Show me your fangs." He asked. He did remember her licking his blood last night, but that didn't mean she was really a Vampire.

In response, Alucard smiled widely, her lips parting revealing her sharp fangs.

Naruto stared wide eyed at her fangs. He could tell the difference between fake teeth, and real ones. For starters, fake teeth were not as bright than real ones when cleaned. Generally, they remained the same color. Also with his nose he was able to pick up on scents that a canine could pick up on. Fake teeth had a rubber like scent on, or a metal scent, or even the scent of wood depending on the material they were made from.

However, Alucard's teeth did not have the scent of any of them. That meant they were honest to god fangs, and that meant she was a honest to god vampire.

"You truly are a vampire." Naruto whispered.

Alucard nodded, her grin remaining on her face. Naruto slowly rose his arm, and his hand slowly reached out towards Alucard. He stopped for a moment, looking to see if Alucard would object. She didn't, she remained there with the same wide smile, her scarlet eyes staring intently into his.

Naruto gulped, and placed his hand on Alucard's cheek. It was cold. Yet at the same time... To him it was comforting.

Alucard leaned into the blonde's touch, her eyes closing as she snuggled into her master's touch. Back when she served Integra, the woman had hardly ever graced her with even a single touch. She savored it, the touch of her master was wonderful to her. Feeling a hand on her chest, She opened her eyes to see her master having his other hand resting on her chest.

"No heartbeat." She heard him murmur.

Feeling mischievous, the no life queen wrapped her arms around her new master, and she whispered into the blonde's ear. "Why my new master is so frisky, and perverted. If you wanted to experience a woman's body, all you had to do was ask master."

Immediately she felt her master's embarrassment as her master's seven year old face turned into a excellent shade of scarlet. His blue eyes quivering cutely. "N-No! Y-You got i-i-it all wrong! I was just curious if you had a heartbeat!"

Alucard snickered at her master. He was so fun to tease, and fluster! She was going to enjoy her time with him.

Moments later, a comfortable silence ensued, Alucard was content to hold her master, while Naruto himself enjoyed the Alucard's embrace. Despite her boyd being cold, and not having a heartbeat, he enjoyed being held by her. To him, her presence was warm, and he wouldn't trade it for anything.

"Alucard." Naruto began, catching her attention. "Last night you said you would never abandon me. That you would remain by my side until the end. That you would stick by me no matter what... Did you mean it?"

Alucard smiled genuinely at her master "I met every single word master." She answered, nuzzling her cheek against her master's hair.

"After I went to sleep... What else happened last night?" Naruto asked, satisfied with Alucard's answer.

"Well, after you heeded my advice and rested. I took you straight home, and proceeded to... 'Negotiate' with the owner of this apartment complex. Congratulations by the way on being the new owner master."

"How did you get him to agree to that? The guy's an asshole." Naruto interrupted. Alucard grinned.

"I have my ways." She answered.

Naruto stared "You killed him didn't you?" He asked.

"Maybe." She immediately answered.

Once again Naruto stared before he suddenly shrugged. "Like I said, he was an asshole anyway. Continue."

"After that, I summoned my familiars and began to clean the apartment-"

"Familiars?" Naruto interrupted once again. In response, Alucard pointed a finger to open door leading into the hallway. Naruto looked, and he caught sight of a large black dog with multiple eyes walking down the hallway with a trash bag in its mouth.

Naruto stared "I'm not going to ask." He murmured.

"After my familiars began cleaning the apartment, I set about looking for a place to sleep, yet nothing suited me. So I decided to sleep next to you until sunrise master." She meant that to. She looked all over the place that was dark enough, yet nothing really suited her. She looked for something that resembled a coffin but sadly nothing in the building could be used as a makeshift coffin. She could have built one, but she was to lazy that night to go about doing it. She wished she didn't have to leave behind her coffin before she left to this world but what can you do?

Thus, with her options limited, she decided to sleep with her master on the same bed. Besides, she actually enjoyed her master's warmth. Not to mention her little master was quite clingy while he slept. That amused her.

"W-Wait! You slept in the same bed as me!?" Naruto exclaimed, his face a beat cherry red.

"Yes master, I also recall you being extremely clingy during the night." Alucard answered.

Naruto's flush increased, and the blonde could only look down in embarrassment. Regaining his composure, the blonde took a deep breathe. "Was that all you did during the night?" He asked, curious as to what else she did.

"That was all master." She answered.

Naruto nodded "Okay, I should get dressed and prepare breakfast."

Alucard tilted her head "You tidy up master, I shall prepare breakfast." With that said, she seemed to glide across the room towards the hallway. The door behind her closed, and she continued onward's towards the kitchen. Reaching the kitchen, she quickly set about the task of making breakfast for her little master. She was glad she knew how to cook.

One of the best things of drinking someone's blood was that not only did you get their memories, but also their skills. She consumed several chefs during her life on earth, of course some of them were innocent and clean of sins. Although she believed two or three committed sins and or heinous crimes seeing as she can still sense their souls within her.

Roughly forty minutes later, she sensed her master entering the room. By that time, Alucard had already set the table, and a breakfast fit for a king was resting on the table, waiting for her young master to devour it. Entering the room, she noted her master wearing a white shirt with a red swirl on it, similar to the one she had on her gloves. He also had on a pair of blue shorts. She mentally frowned at his attire. She would have to fix that once he was done with breakfast.

"Alucard... You didn't need to go this far." Naruto murmured as he stared at the food before him. One had a plate of three sunny side up eggs, another had a dozen strips of bacon with buttered toast next to them, while the last one had a large stack of pancakes. Off to the side was a tall glass of orange juice.

"My master deserves only the best." Was Alucard's immediate reply.

Naruto sat down, and began eating the breakfast prepared for him. He froze for a split second, before he began eating again, his pace a bit faster than before. A minute or two later the blonde haired child was drinking the glass of orange juice completely. The other plates empty except for crumbs. "That was amazing." Naruto complemented, wiping his lips.

"I am pleased you think so master." Alucard said, giving a small bow as she gave a pleased smile.

Naruto smiled at the vampiric girl, before he frowned slightly. "Why didn't you eat anything?" He asked.

Alucard chuckled "I'm a vampire master. All I require is blood." She stated.

"Blood huh?" The spiky haired blonde murmured. He dug into his pocket, and pulled out the Kunai he kept from last night. Placing the Kunai at the base of his palm, he dug it into his flesh. Biting back a hiss of pain, he removed the Kunai, and held out his bloodied hand for scarlet eyed girl.

Alucard's attention was focused directly upon Naruto's bleeding hand. Slowly, she got closer to her master, and gently she took her master's hand. Bringing it to her lips, she allowed her tongue to slide out of its confines, and she began licking the blonde's bloodied hand.

The seven year old felt himself flush, but kept it down. With the way he lived, he was not as naive as people thought. While his body was still that of a child, and to some extent his mind as well, generally his mindset was that of a preteen.

Having her fill of blood, Alucard stopped, and leaned back. "Thank you for the meal master." She said as she let go of the blonde's hand.

Naruto absently nodded. Watching as his hand healed. Once it was healed completely, the blonde stood, and made his way towards the door. Intent on leaving outside the apartment. Because he could take a step further, he felt Alucard's hand on his shoulder. Looking at her with confusion, he decided to hear what she had to say.

"Master before you leave, I suggest a change of attire. I will not allow my master to walk in such filthy clothes when you deserve better." She stated.

Naruto frowned "These are the only clothes I have." He murmured.

"Fret not, I shall take care of it." Alucard declared. With a snap of her fingers, the shadow's rose up, and engulfed Naruto's body making him yelp in surprise. A moment later the shadow's parted, revealing Naruto's new appearance.

He had on a white dress shirt, over that he wore a black suit jacket completed with black pants. He had a a crimson tie, and a black hat rested atop his head. Alucard frowned as she looked upon it. "No. It doesn't suit you master." With that said, she snapped her hands, and the shadows rose up, and covered the blonde's body again.

When the shadow's parted again, this time the blonde was dressed in an entirely different attire, this time the blonde was dressed in robes. The Robes consisted of a light gray long sleeved hooded shirt with a sleeveless dark brown leather wrapping, trousers, leather calf braces, leather wrap arm bracers, a white sleeveless surcoat, and leather foot wear. (Jedi adventure robes from star wars the force unleashed)

Alucard hummed "Its good, perhaps when you age more master. Perhaps a simple yet elegant Yukata shall suffice." With that said, the shadow's rose and engulfed the blonde once more. They parted not a second later, and Naruto was shown to be in a crimson red Yukata. A decoration of what seemed to be various yellow swirls resembling whirlpools were etched upon the attire, and they were arranged so elegantly, and in such a manner that Naruto could have been mistaken for a prince. (Which technically he was.)

"Perfect!" Alucard chirped.

Naruto stared at her with a deadpanned expression. She called this simple? This Yukata would probably be worth a small fortune what with how regal it looked. Shaking his head, he thanked Alucard for her help, and prepared to leave the room. He stopped however, and looked at Alucard curiously as she seemed like she was going to follow him.

"Your coming with me?" Naruto asked.

Alucard grinned slightly "Why of course master. I'm not going to let you walk around alone in this disgusting village full of worms." She stated.

"But... If anything they might try to take you away from me." Naruto frowned.

"They can try master. But I do have a method to follow you without anyone ever noticing." She stated. A moment later, her form was slowly merging with Naruto's own shadow, until finally she had completely merged with it.

"Alucard?" Naruto asked, blinking owlishly.

'Yes master?' Alucard's voice sounded within his head.

Naruto looked around for several moments,, before he stared at his shadow. 'Your speaking to me through your mind aren't you?' He thought.

'Correct master.' Was her reply.

'I see.' Naruto thought back. This was useful, extremely so. Not only would she be with him almost constantly, but they could keep in constant contact. 'Alucard.. When we walk around the village, you may hear some of the villagers whisper insults at me, and glare at me. Do not do anything to him.'

'But master-'

'No buts. Insults, whispers and glares are nothing I cannot handle. Insults are just words, and glares are just eyes that gaze upon me. They cannot do any true harm. However... Should they try to inflict physical harm, your free to do with them as you see fit.' Naruto finished sternly. He didn't need to see Alucard to know that she had the most bone chilling grin set upon her features.

'Of course master.' She finally replied.

Nodding at her reply, Naruto left the apartment building, and proceeded to walk down the streets of Konoha. During his trek, various villagers would glare, and whisper harsh insults to the blonde. The villagers were also surprised by Naruto's clothing, and they quickly assumed that he had stolen them from a noble. Of course Naruto paid them no mind. Content to merely ignore them.

However, while Naruto was simply content to ignore them, Alucard was not. At times the blonde's shadow would writhe, and bristle. At times it seemed as if they were going to lash out, and kill the villagers, but they did not. Instead they restrained themselves, albeit barely.

The civilians did not notice, but the various Shinobi in the crowd did, but they wisely chose to not inquire any further. Instead they chalked it up to a Nara watching over the blonde.

Hours later, around Noon, Naruto reached the park, and he could only stare in envy as the kids his age were playing together. Including a girl with pale blonde hair, and a girl with pink hair.

He looked off to the side, and his envy grew as he saw the parents of those kids looking on with happy, and loving expressions. How he longed for someone to look at him with eyes such as those instead of the usual scornful, and hateful ones.

'Its okay master.' He heard Alucard say through their mental connection. A moment later, he felt arms encircle around him, and he felt his small body being pressed against another, following that, a soft voice soon whispered in his ear. "I am here master. I am all that you require. Those offspring of the filth you see before you will only drag you down. You reside on a pedestal that they will never attain master. Such filthy dogs are not worthy to call themselves your friend. Friends are below you master. Do not bother with such useless things."

Naruto stared at the scene for a moment longer, before he looked into Alucard's eyes. One look into her loving eyes, and he knew his answer before his mind could process it. "Your right. I don't need any of them. You're all I need." With that said, Naruto briskly turned around, and continuing striding the street, not once looking back.

Alucard grinned as she merged with her master's shadow. 'Before, I had a master who could command me to slay dozens without remorse, a fledgling who loved only me.. Now. Now I have a master who will love only me. a master who will not be held back by attachments, or loyalties to other causes. Although, the only loyalties he may have will be for the Sandaime Hokage, and this Ichiraku family. But his love will belong to me. A master who does not despise me, a master who will not keep me locked away. A master who will love me, and me only. Truly... This makes me blissful.' Alucard thought, as Naruto's shadow grew a large grin with two eyes staring at his back with love, and devotion.

Naruto's shadow quickly reverted back to normal as they began entering a more populated area. 'No one shall take away my master. He is MY master, and only I shall decide who is worthy of him. Those who try to take my master away, and want to be with my master... Shall have to get through ME!' Was Alucard possessive, and final thoughts on the matter as she payed more attention to her master's surroundings.

She wanted one of these foolish villagers to try and harm her master. That way, she could leave a bloody smear on the floor.

Fortunately, (Or unfortunately depending on who your asking) a villager did gain the courage to try and attack Naruto in the afternoon. Alucard had quickly advised her master to lead the man into a secluded area, and the blonde haired boy listened to Alucard's instructions. The villager, unaware of his impending doom had followed.

He had found Naruto waiting deep in the alley, and when he advanced upon the blonde. Naruto's shadow had morphed into into Alucard, her crimson eyes flashing malevolently, and lips grinning widely. Her right arm had shifted into a very familiar hellhound, and the villager was promptly devoured.

From than on, when Naruto returned to walking down the streets after leaving the secluded alley, their were no other attacks on his person.

Now however, the blonde was in his apartment eating dinner that Alucard had prepared, while the no life queen herself was tidying up her master's bedroom.

Fluffing her master's pillow, Alucard observed her handy work. "Perfect." She stated as she looked upon the sparkly clean room... Seriously the room was fucking sparkling. "Walter, eat your heart out." She grinned as she imagined Walter's shocked expression. She could imagine the words he would say to her.

"You mean to tell me you could have cleaned the estate better than me!? If that's the case why didn't you help at times!?" She imagined him saying., to which her response would be

"Meh, I find it amusing watching you fret over cleaning the estate."

To bad she wasn't gonna miss Walter anytime soon.

Satisfied with her work, Alucard turned around, and prepared to leave her master's room when she saw something that honestly surprised her. In front of her, right next to the door was her coffin The very same one she had used since becoming a Vampire. She blinked as she noted the sticky note that was on it. Shrugging, she took the note, and read it.

:Thought you might have wanted this, this wasn't easy to obtain by the way. Sincerely, Shinigami:

She rose an eyebrow at the letter, and its details. She shrugged nonchalantly, and chalked it up as the Shinigami being unusually generous. She made a mental note to be more suspicious if the Shinigami did her any more favors.

She hummed as she tried to think of a good place to put her coffin, Perhaps she could place in the darkest spot in the apartment. However, a lot of places were dark in the apartment, and she had no idea which one was the darkest. Perhaps her master would know.

With her mind set, Alucard quickly set her course towards her master, intent on asking him her question. She arrived just in time to see her master set his plate in the sink. The blonde seemed like he was about to wash it, but Alucard immediately intercepted. "Master, its not your place to wash the dishes. Please allow me." She said.

Naruto frowned at her "But I always wash my dishes." He lightly complained.

Alucard smirked in response "That's because you did not have anyone to do it for you. I shall take care of your basic needs and such. There is no need for you to bother yourself with such trivial things." Alucard stated.

Naruto frowned once more, but conceded. Although he did grumble to himself as he sat on the couch.

It didn't take long for Alucard to finish washing the dishes, and she immediately stood behind her master. "May I impose a question master?" She asked.

"You just did, but I suppose I can let you ask a second question." Naruto said as he took the remote to the T.V, and began fiddling with it.

Alucard smirked at her master's words "I was simply wondering where the darkest part of the apartment was?" she asked.

Naruto hummed slightly "The darkest part huh? Come to think of it. There was always this one part of the apartment that was always blocked off. I believe I heard some of the people who used to live say how this building was the former T&I Department before it was decommissioned."

"Why was it decommissioned?"

"Something about not having enough cells for future inmates, or whatever. I never bothered learning anything more about it." Naruto said.

"I see." Alucard murmured, a grin slowly working its way on her lips. It sounded like the perfect place for her coffin.

"Why do you ask?"

"Oh nothing, just thinking its the perfect place for my coffin." She answered.

"Isn't a coffin where you vampires sleep?" Naruto asked, receiving a confirmation from Alucard. "I see, so I take it you'll be using your coffin to sleep in from now on." He stated.

Alucard could not resist the opportunity to tease her master at that moment. "Is master upset that I will not be sharing his bed with him anymore." She said teasingly.

Immediately Naruto blushed scarlet "N-No! Y-You got it all wrong. Besides, it was only for one night! And I didn't know you were there at the time!"

"Did not stop you from snuggling me master."

"S-Shut up!" Naruto responded, turning his head away.

Alucard giggled at her master, before she placed her hands on his shoulders. "Fret not master. While I shall reside in my coffin for most nights, that does not mean that I shall neglect you should you wish for me to sleep beside you." She said.

Naruto did not answer, preferring to turn on the T.V for late night shows.

Alucard grinned as she was able to sense the emotions her master had almost masterly hidden. She sensed her master's slight relief at her words. It appears her master wanted to close even while at night. How interesting. Despite the fact that she was a monster, her master still wanted her to remain so close to him. Even trusting her in his sleep it seems. If things kept going the way they were, he was going to be her favorite master, if he wasn't already. He was already way up there with Integra.

"Good night master." She said, as she turned around, and prepared to move her coffin into the blocked off area of the apartment.

"Good night Alucard." She heard her master respond. She stopped for a splint moment. No one had ever wished her a good night before. She grinned widely. Yup. He definitely becoming her favorite master of all time. She quickly retrieved her coffin, and traveled through the very shadows, and darkness into the block off area of the apartment. She easily broke past a weakened sealing barrier, and her form along with her coffin materialized.

She immediately grinned upon her arrival. The space was wide, and various cell doors were opened, with each cell door being rusted, and the bars bent slightly. A ominous mist seemed to reside slightly, and stained blood was on the floor, and walls. She could hear soft, and distant echoes, seeming to resemble screaming. She grinned as she realized it was quite literally the echoes of the past.

Busted chairs were littered around the area, and various torn, and burned books were on the floor. To her it wasn't half bad, a bit of cleaning up would need to be done, not to mention she would have to something about those echoing voices as they would no doubt becoming annoying. Immediately she summoned up her familiars, and instructed them to clean the place up, while another half would do something about the echoing screams.

Working for the Hellsing family, who specialized in vampire hunting, yet they also preformed exorcisms despite not being experienced in them, she even watched them preform them. So she knew the basis of exorcising any lingering spirits.

Confident that her familiars would clean, and exorcise the place properly, she set her coffin in the middle of the room, opened it, and laid inside it. The coffin closing moments later. Her scarlet eyes glowed within the darkness of the coffin, and they slowly shut.

She coul not wait for the next day.

Chapter end.

To me, I always figured that Alucard was just a bit obsessive with with his masters. I mean when he was with Integra, he always seemed to provoke the harsher, and cold side of Integra. He always wanted Integra to sometimes let go of her humanity to destroy her enemies, or at least that's what I figured. I also thought of that when he fought Walter. I remember at the beginning of the fight with Walter, he was saying that Integra, and Seras belonged to him now. Or something along those lines.

Next chapter we'll skip ahead a year, and Naruto's first day in the academy.