Summary: Shortly after Alucard's disappearance at the hands of Schrodinger, Alucard finds himself meeting face to face with the Shinigami. On a mere whim, the Shinigami randomly sends him off to another world, there he meets his new master. One who he.. No.. She gleefully obeys. She would protect her master to the best of her ability. For to her, her new master was more precious than anything. Fem. Alucard. AKA Girlycard.

Author's note: Well, Time seems to go by quickly, especially when you are having way to much fun in GTA V online with your friends. Anyways, here is the third chapter to the story, I should everyone enjoys, if not I'm sorry to have disappointed you.

Author's note#2: I would like to thank Joe lawyer for pointing out my overlooking of Alucard's memory absorption power. To be honest, I had nearly completely forgotten about that particular power. I knew I was missing something but I never really noticed until you pointed it out. So I had to improvise, and come up with a good enough reason as to why Alucard didn't reveal that particular power. I hope my reasoning is good enough. And about that bit about guns.. Well I am a bit torn about should I add them or not. The Naruto world's method of combat has always mostly been about close combat, or Jutsu. Sure, both Alucard, and Naruto would look great with guns, but at the same time, I want to keep the whole Ninja, and up close fighting feel to it. Its a tough choice really.

Inuzuka Kiba growled in frustration as he was once again thrown harshly against the ground. Dust kicking up as dirt settled itself upon his frustrated form. He grit his teeth as he heard the jeers, and taunts of his classmates as they told him to give up his match. But he couldn't as this was both about his pride, and this was one of the tests he had to at least preform well in if he wanted to pass the academy seeing as it was the day of graduation.

His partner Akamaru was laying beside him, the pup whimpering as bruises littered the dog's small body.

"A-Akamaru.. Get up! We can win this!" Kiba said fiercely, determination in his eyes as she stood unsteadily to his feet. A moment later he was thrown off his feet, and landing harshly on the ground again.

Kiba panted heavily, his vision blurring as a trail of red liquid rolled down his head. He glared angrily at his opponent. Only for cold sapphire blue eyes to glare back into his eyes.

His opponent had golden blonde hair that reached passed his shoulders, his ponytail that he once had being gone in favor of letting his hair flow free. Two bangs framed his face, along with a few bangs swaying into both his eyes, blocking just a small portion of them. Whisker marks being etched upon his cheeks, a deep scowl on his face as he regarded the Inuzuka with cold neutrality.

The blonde was not wearing the usual Yukata clothing that he was seen in so frequently, instead opting to wear a strange set of black robes. The Robes consisted of a light blackish grey long sleeved hooded shirt with a sleeveless orange leather wrapping, trousers, leather calf braces, leather wrap arm bracers, a black sleeveless surcoat, and leather foot wear. (Jedi adventure robes from star wars the force unleashed, with the exception of the robes being black, along with orange attributes.)

The blonde himself did not have any injuries, or even a speck of dirt on him. It reminded Kiba that not once was he able to lay a single hand on the blonde.

"Is that all Inuzuka? I expecting better form a clan heir." Naruto coldly stated, his statement being heard clearly despite the cheering roars of the blonde's fangirls.

Kiba clenched his fist as he heard the subtle disappointment in the blonde's voice. His teeth clenching as he tired fruitlessly to try to think of a way he could turn this around. He heard Naruto scoff, and shake his head.

"I suppose this is the best the Inuzuka clan can offer. How disappointing... I was expecting more of a fight." The blonde began "How a weakling such as you believes he can become a notable Shinobi is laughable. At best, you won't even survive your first B-ranked mission as you are now. How pathetic you are. Perhaps a cat can give me a better fight." Naruto coldly finished, the taunt being heard throughout the entire training grounds despite the loud cheering.

Kiba felt his anger increase as he stood, giving the blonde an expression of rage as his fists clenched. Seeing this, Naruto gave a small sadistic smirk.

"Well now, it seems like you have a bit of bite left to your bark. I'll be sure to rectify that." He stated, a hint of approval in his eyes before it vanished.

Kiba growled, before he charged at the blonde, Naruto merely standing in the same spot regarding him with boredom. Once close enough, Kiba began attacking the blonde with a flurry of swipes. However, the blonde dodged all of them, hardly ever giving the Inuzuka even the chance to hit him.

Off to the side, overseeing the match was Iruka, and Mizuki. Iruka was watching the fight with slight worry, but otherwise he was putting down the results. While Mizuki was glaring at Naruto, his eyes drilling a hole into the blonde's head.

Iruka tapped his pencil on the desk once, idly putting down another mark as Kiba was yet again thrown to the ground by one of Naruto's kick. Iruka winced in sympathy, idly rubbing his leg as he remembered how strong Naruto's kicks were when he sparred with him a few minutes ago. He once again, looked at the two of his soon to be former students.

Kiba had already scored enough points to pass, while Naruto himself had gotten perfect marks, just as he had on the written portion of the exams. He sighed briefly. The sparring part of the second course of the exams was set into two portions. One, the student would spar with the teacher, and if they impressed the examiners enough, or if they scored enough points, than they would pass.

the second part of the second exam was to set them against their peers, while they had already gauged their skill levels by sparring with them personally, the second part was mean to see if they were willing to truly fight against someone they knew, and if so they wanted to know to what extent they would go. This was mean to prepare them if one of them went rouge, that way they would have an easier time in combating them as they had in a sense already hardened themselves for a confrontation against former comrades.

Based on what he was seeing at the moment, Kiba was willing to fight, but at the same time just a bit hesitate. While Naruto himself... Was perfectly willing to break a few bones as throughout the entire fight, Naruto had only attacked Kiba in vitals areas. But he could tell the blonde was holding back so he didn't permanently damage the Inuzuka.

Thinking about Naruto made Iruka released a small sigh as he once again sent the blonde a mildly worried look. Over the last few years, Iruka had tried to get to know the blonde, trying to find any type of common ground that they could base a friendship on.

Unfortunately, all his efforts were unsuccessful. The blonde either ignored him completely, or glared at him until he went away. That and the blonde barely ever went to class. Most of the time he never attended the academy, or he would just skip all his classes, making it difficult to speak with the blonde. Iruka had to resort to speaking with Naruto at the ramen stand as that was the only place he would ever find the blonde. He had tried to go to Naruto's apartment, but he couldn't as he always had the feeling of impending death every time he got near it.

The blonde himself had yet to gain any type of friends either, and while he may have been seen occasionally speaking with Aburame Shino, Shino had confirmed that they were not friends, but instead acquiesces.

Naruto was also seen exchanging a small of nod of respect with Uchiha Sasuke, the last of the Uchiha clan, and runner up for rookie of the year, with the title itself belonging to Naruto.

Iruka had managed to gain some type of common ground with Naruto, but the blonde still remained distant towards him. He no longer gave Iruka any glaring looks, instead them being of cold neutrality. He did speak with Iruka, but those exchanges were little, and quick. With the blonde always ending the exchange only moments after speaking with him for but a few moments.

While he was dismayed at having very little progress with the blonde, the progress he made was progress nonetheless, and Iruka was happy to have made progress at all.

Iruka was shaken from his thoughts as he heard Kiba yell out in pain. Quickly looking forward, Iruka was met with the sight with Kiba kneeling in front Naruto, the Inuzuka's fist being held in Naruto's hand. The blonde was gripping the Inuzuka's hand tightly, and was twisting it, making Kiba yell out in pain, and forcing the Inuzuka on his knees. The Inuzuka's nose was also bleeding, and Iruka was worried that his nose was possibly broken.

Quickly, Iruka shot to from his seat, and rose his hand. "Match over! Winner! Uzumaki Naruto!" He shouted. Immediately after that, Naruto released Kiba form his grip, the Inuzuka falling to the ground, and cradling his hand, and blood from his nose dripping to the ground as Akamaru slowly trudged towards his partner. If anyone payed attention, they would have noted that the blood that was dripping to the ground near Naruto's shadow, the droplets would immediately disappear as the shadows seemed to absorb them.

Naruto merely gave Iruka a blank look, making Iruka gulp just slightly. Finally, after a moment Naruto gave Iruka a brief nod before he walked back to his favorite spot near the edge of the training ground, where a tree stood. The blonde quickly jumped on one of the many branches, and sat down, his legs hanging off the sides, as he leaned against the tree's bark.

Naruto's impassive eyes gazed upon the training ground as Kiba was led out, the few medical Shinobi around giving the Inuzuka what ever medical attention they could. He gazed upon his classmates, he made contact with Sasuke's onyx black eyes, and he found himself giving the Uchiha a small nod, with the Uchiha returning it.

He briefly shut his eyes, and turned his head away from the field. 'Alucard, have you've been able to make contact with the Kyuubi yet?' Naruto asked.

It was silent for a moment before Alucard's voice sounded through his mind. 'Unfortunately no master. The beast is still not responding to my calls. I still do not understand why you do not let me purge him from your body.' She answered, a small scowl adorning her features.

'I wish to speak with Kyuubi-san a bit more than we did last time before coming to my own conclusions about him... That, and I wish to know just why the Yondaime chose me to hold him. Right now, only the Sandaime knows of why, and the Kyuubi himself may know why as well.'

'Of course master.'

While on the subject of the Kyuubi, Naruto still found it difficult to believe that such a creature resided within him. That, and it was also the day of when he learned of Alucrad's ability to view the memories of other living beings by drinking their blood.

Of course, he had asked Alucard why she was keeping such a thing from him as he could have used that particular ability to learn many more things considering all the knowledge that Alucard had stored within her, not to mention the few Jonin she devoured.

As it turned out, Alucard had several reasons as to why she didn't reveal to him of her memory absorption ability. The first being that she wanted him to find out on his own accord as her previous master's had done before. While she would do anything to help him, she wanted him to be able discover facts of his enemies, and allies of his own accord to help him grow. Learning of her memory absorption was something of a test.

She had also occasionally dropped hints for him to figure out, and as expected of him, he found those hints she always left behind. She used the same method she used on her previous master's, whenever they had a mission for her, she would always return, leaving behind small and subtle hints of her memory absorption power. Hints such as knowing where they placed their secret vaults, other valuables, or just doing things that she knew that they knew she was never able to do before.

With Naruto however, she had to do it differently as the blonde never kept secrets from her. As such, she had to do something else to drop the hints for him. Those hints she used while sparring with Naruto during their training. Occasionally, she would suddenly switch to a fighting style that she was sure that made Naruto confused as he had seen those styles before, from their she would start to use tactics from the people she devoured.

It took Naruto awhile, and no small amount of observation, but he was finally able to put the pieces together. He had his suspicions as he did in fact note the random different styles that Alucard employed. His suspicions were later confirmed as he noted that Alucard knew the lock combination to a safe that was kept in the back of one of the stores that usually kicked him out.

The owner of the store was just about to violently kick him out, but Alucard had quickly intervened, and devoured the man before he could to such a thing. Naruto was glad that it was night that time of day, and as such most of the villagers were asleep. From there, he watched as Alucard just turned around, opened a secret compartment behind a painting, and unlocked the safe with hardly any difficulty. That was when it clicked for the blonde.

Later back in their apartment, Naruto had asked if she truly had a memory absorption power, to which Alucard grinned and confirmed.

The second reason why she didn't tell him of her ability was that she did not enjoy using that power when she drank the blood of a villager within the village. When asked why, Alucard had explained that while she could block out the memories in the blood if she so chose, if she wanted to delve deeper with the memories to learn more.. She would have to first go through all the more recent memories as those memories would be the most powerful of the among the rest.

She also explained that some of the more recent memories were of them plotting to make his life miserable, or hurting him in general. She had explained that while hardly anything bothered her as she was the very definition of the word monster, she did not enjoy viewing the memories of her master being hurt as that would send her into a type of blind rage. Not to mention when she heard of the plans they usually made to harm him would send her into an even more rage induced state.

She had even caught a glimpse of how a man was very much planning on raping her master back then. Since that time, she had been blocking out the memories of each of the villagers she consumed, hardly ever giving them any type of thought.

Naruto had no response to that, but he still could not overlook how useful her memory absorption power was. Eventually, Naruto asked if it were possible for Alucard to connect her mind with his, to make it possible that he could control the memory influx. Something that made Alucard curious as she had never it tried with her previous master's. The two quickly tested it to see if it were truly possible.

The results were interesting as they had immediately ended up in the middle of Konoha, yet there was not even a single trace of any living being. They had also noted the strange sight of nearly no one walking the streets of Konoha, not even a single trace of life could be spotted. They had noted that there were people yes, but they did nothing, just standing in the same spots with blank faces. They had left for Hokage mountain to gain a better view, and to think on the strange happening, although Alucard had a few minor suspicions.

When they got to the stairs that led up the mountain, they noted a steel door off to the side that no doubt led inside the mountain, and they're curiosity won out, and they investigated.

Naruto would never forget the first meeting he had with the Kyuubi itself... He was very much glad that Alucard was with him that day.

"What is this place?" Naruto asked, his eyes cautiously looking around the dark area, his eyes not being able to see even a single feet in front of him.

Beside him, Alucard looked around curiously, her eyes having already adjusted to the darkness around her. "We know we are inside the mountain, but where in the mountain is the point. Be careful master, there is a hole in front of you." Alucard pointed out, grabbing her master by the hand to prevent him from moving forward.

Naruto nodded in thanks "Thank you Alucard."

"Perhaps it is better for you to hold onto to me master." Alucard stated.

Naruto agreed, and with that the blonde found himself letting Alucard take the lead, holding her hand as she did so.

The duo continued walking through the pitch black darkness for what seemed to be hours, before finally lighting was gradually being returned, and Naruto's vision was restored as they reached a large room with a fair amount of lighting. A positively massive cage stood before them, the bars being a bronze color, chains protruding from the walls, and crossing against the bars.

Sharing a glance with his monstrous servant, Naruto moved forward, Alucard beside him. As they got closer to the cage, they felt as if they were being watched, Alucard looking around them with narrowed eyes as the blonde's eyes quickly turned cold. When they were but a foot away from the cage, Alucard suddenly sprang forward in front of Naruto, her arms spread out in a protective stance as a claw, that suddenly forward from the cage, stopped but a mere inch from her eye.

Naruto's cold look increased, while Alucard merely grinned widely, her eyes shining with bloodlust. Before their very eyes, a pair of crimson red eyes opened, and glared down at them with hate, and loathing.

"If only you were an inch closer, than my claw would have pierced that skull of yours. Although I highly doubt that would kill you wouldn't it vampire?" A deep, growling, and menacing voice spoke.

"I'll be sure to step closer next time, that way I can teach you why you shouldn't make such violent movements towards my master." Alucard stated, still grinning, her scarlet eyes glaring murder at the massive creature. Behind her Naruto was giving the massive creature a glare, his ice cold eyes staring daggers into the crimson orbs hovering above them.

"You sound confident bloodsucker. But even with all your power you wouldn't be able to defeat me, I am a being who could destroy mountains, and cause natural choas with but a swipe of my tails." The voice once again growled out, although a dark twinge of amusement could be heard.

"I don't know about that I am pretty powerful myself. Granted I don't have the raw power needed to destroy a mountain, but still, I have a habit of not dying. I wonder how you will deal with that." Alucard shot back, her fangs glinting.

"Teh, we'll see about that habit of yours after I blast a Bijuu-dama in your goddamned face."

Naruto's eyes adjusted a bit more to the dark, and he could see the nearly hidden visage of the massive creature before him, and Alucard. The crimson red slitted eyes that expressed raw anger, and a hint of hatred. Dark orange fur, rabbit like ears that stuck out, a human like torso, and finally nine tails lazily flowing behind it. Naruto only had one thing to say about the creature before him.

"Kyuubi... I had suspected that you were never killed." The blonde murmured, catching the fox's attention as it shifted eyes from Alucard, to Naruto. Alucard made sure to stand more protectively in front of the blonde seeing the fox focus on her master.

"Oh? You suspected that I still lived? Tell me... Why would you think that." The Bijuu asked, a hint of curiosity seeping into his tone.

"The books in the academy that speak of the Bijuu... They always said that a Bijuu was unkillable, that they could not die. Yet we were also told that the Yondaime Hokage 'killed' a Bijuu. I knew that one of them was entirely incorrect, so I always had a suspicion that you were still alive." Naruto explained, making the Kyuubi raise an eyebrow in interest, and Alucard grin at her master's observations.

"But to think that you were sealed inside Hokage mountain... I did not expect that."

Kyuubi grinned, amusement seeming to dance around in the Bijuu's eyes. "This is not Hokage mountain, well it is... Its just not in the real world." He cryptically said.

Naruto narrowed his eyes, his mind trying to solve Kyuubi's cryptic words. While Alucard, was able to realize what the Kyuubi was implying. She sent her master a small glance, wondering what his response would be. Either way, she would stand by her master to the end.

Naruto continued to put the pieces together one by one. The glares of the other villagers. Their murmured curse of the demon brat. How he, and Alucard first found themselves in this place to begin with. The question that Naruto had wondered for the first seven years of his life had finally been answered. Right when he did not care about the answer anymore.

"You... Are sealed within me." Naruto murmured slowly, the small light in his sapphire blue orbs dimming, a perfectly blank expression on his face.

Kyuubi watched the blonde with interest... He could use this to his advantage. "Yes I am. The pathetic humans of this village believe you to be me. All their abuse, their anger, their grief, their hatred... They took it all out on you to get to me. A waste of time if you ask me.. Since I was not effected by what they were doing at all." The nine tailed beast stated, dark amusement in his rumbling voice. "Do you want revenge? Remove this seal... And I'll grant you the power you will need to obtain your revenge."

Naruto remained where he was, raw rage, and anger burning within his eyes as his teeth clenched together. His took a single step forward. Alucard's hand came upon his shoulder as her scarlet eyes stared into his recently turned crimson.

"Master do not let this beasts words control your actions through your anger, remember that no matter what you do, no matter what others may think of you, no matter who calls you a monster, remember that I will always remain by your side. I said that I would be the embodiment of your rage, hatred and anger. And I still am master. If it is your hatred, and rage you must release, than I shall vent it for you. A beautiful creature such as yourself does not need to be influenced by this loathsome beast. Allow me to be your instrument of hatred. Allow me to place this beast in its place."

Naruto stared into Alucard's eyes, his crimson eyes gradually fading back to blue as he stared into her scarlet orbs. Her expression soft, and loving, her presence dark but comforting. He saw a hint of approval in her eyes as his anger dimmed, but was still burning just beneath the surface. " Alucard, I had no intention of listening to Kyuubi. I was merely going to slap his claw away from you. Thank you though Alucard. Your words have calmed my anger down." Naruto calmly stated, his voice level and calm. His eyes glaring ice bergs into the Kyuubi's crimson eyes.

The Kyuubi snarled, his eyes glaring at the two as they faced him in unison. That damned vampire! And that impudent brat! He was going to rip both to shreds when he got out this god forsaken seal.

"Now than Kyuubi-san, why are we here?" Naruto coldly asked.

Kyuubi growled softly, his crimson eyes staring daggers at both the blonde, and raven haired vampire. "Obviously, I brought the two of you here." He huffed.

"Why?" Alucard asked in curiosity, wondering what such a beast would want with her precious master.

"I couldn't help but overhear of your little memory absorption problem. So being the 'generous' and 'kind' being that I am, I decided to lend you my aid in solving this problem of yours."

Naruto rose an eyebrow as he mulled over this interesting turn of events. He could accept the Kyuubi's help, and use the full extent of Alucard's memory absorption to its fullest. However... "What would you like in exchange?" The blonde asked warily as Alucard sneered at the Kyuubi with a twisted grin. If the beast asked for her master to remove the seal, than she would happily put the beast in its place for daring to ask her master of such a thing.

The Kyuubi gave off a deep rumbling chuckle, one that had Alucard sneering at with a growl. How dare such a beast laugh at her master! Her fingers twitched as she resisted the urge to start a fight with the beast. Unless her master gave her the order, she would remain docile.

"If I hadn't observed you for as long as I have, I would have demanded my release from this acursed seal as compensation. But I know you are made of sterner stuff, and I know that you wouldn't release this seal even if your life depended on it. So instead, I'll ask for something different. I am well aware of the vast land that is outside of this mountain. I want to be able to both see, and feel it. Find a way to get me, or this damn cage outside this mountain... And I'll help you with your problem."

Naruto narrowed his eyes, warily eyeing the Bijuu as he tried to think of a reason to refute the Bijuu's help. Don't get him wrong, he knew that he would need the Bijju's help at one point. He just didn't expect it to be this soon... Nor did he expect the Kyuubi to be the first to instigate this meeting of theirs.

"What will it be boy? My patience wears thin." Kyuubi growled.

Alucard sneered "My master shall answer when he wishes to, not when you demand beast."

Kyuubi snarled "It seems that the boy needs to learn to put a tighter leash on his pet."

Alucard smirked "At least master allows me freedom... Unlike you." She said in a smug tone, her smirk stretching widely as the Kyuubi's claws suddenly shot out. Thankfully the claws were held back by the bars, and they only reached an inch away from Alucard's eyes.

The no life queen gave a malicious grin as the shadows began writhing, her eyes glowing an eerie red as her the seals on her hands glowed. The girl was giggling menacingly as she slowly brought her hands together with a rectangular shape forming in the middle. "It is obvious that hardly anything will faze you Kyuubi-san. However, how will you handle this?" She asked menacingly, she glanced behind her, scarlet staring into impassive sapphire.

"Master. I am your weapon, and shield. I may slay millions in your name, be they innocent, or guilty... However it is you who must give the order! Please, allow me to show this loathsome creature the proper respect he should bestow upon you. Allow me to show this beast that he should not demand any deals with you. That instead he should bow beneath your heel! That he should be grateful for even having the honor of being sealed inside you!" Alucard exclaimed, a hint of insanity in her eyes.

Naruto remained impassive, looking at Alucard, than at the Kyuubi who was still sneering at his direction. Humming slightly, Naruto stepped forward.

"Kyuubi-san, your terms are agreeable, however, I wish to add something else to our little deal." He said, making the Kyuubi raise a brow, and Alucard to take on a curious expression.

"And that is?"

"... When I call for it, you will supply me with both your aid, and power." Naruto answered, expression final as he glared at the Kyuubi.

Kyuubi's eyes widened slightly, and he growled. True, this would be beneficial to him if the blonde uses his power. Scratch that. It would be extremely useful in aiding him in his escape. But the mere thought of the boy using his power under his command, and not under his influence was a blow to the Bijuu's pride. The mere idea of him offering the blonde power at his beck and call... He refused to allow it.

"Absolutely not!" Kyuubi snarled.

Naruto stared at the Kyuubi for several moments, before he huffed. Looking at the Kyuubi with glaring eyes, Naruto spoke "Is that your final answer?" His answer was a growl. "I see... Alucard."

Alucard grinned, her grin showing off her fangs, her hair moving wildly as her eyes practically glowed with insanity, and glee. Darkness overtook her entire form, leaving only her eyes to be visible. Soon, hundreds of more eyes opened, each of them expressing the same glee, and insanity. With Alucard's next words, and what happened after that... Kyuubi experienced an emotion that he had only felt once in his few hundred years of life.

A feeling that he almost never felt again, and a feeling that he had forgotten it so much that he had forgotten what it felt like.

That emotion... Was fear.

"Release arc restrictions levels one through three."

After that, the Kyuubi was surprisingly more subdued, and agreed to the blonde's terms. Satisfied, Naruto altered his mindscape, allowing the Kyuubi outside the mountain, and him being released from his cage with the exception of silver collar taking its place on the Kyuubi's neck. After that, the Kyuubi explained that since Alucard could connect her mind with his, that he would destroy any memory fragment that concerned Naruto being harmed in any form or way.

With that said, the Kyuubi had immediately told them to take a hike, and promptly forced them out of Naruto's mind.

As per their agreement, the next time Alucard attempted to delve into the memories of those she devoured within the village (preferably the few Shinobi she consumed) they were able to learn various new Jutsu for Naruto to learn.

Alucard herself was at first interested in the energy known as Chakra, but it was merely a curiosity at best. Besides, she always did have her vampiric magic, she hardly needed chakra. It would be useless to her anyway... Seeing as she WAS a living corpse. She did not have a Chakra system as hers would have died out anyways. She was undead, and as an undead, she couldn't nor would she ever unlock Chakra.

Regardless though, she used the knowledge that she had from the few Shinobi she consumed, and the blonde was able to advance even further. He now had a good variety of Jtusu he learned, and while he hardly mastered all of them, he could perform them to exceptional level. His Chakra control was surprising good despite his Jinchuuriki status. While it wasn't that the level needed to become a medical Ninja, it was far better than most of his fellow Jinchuuriki. (Although that had yet to be truly proven.)

To keep up with his Chakra control, Naruto made sure to continue performing the tree walking, and water walking exercise every morning.

The years that went by were quite a small adventure for both Alucard, and Naruto. Over their time in the Academy (Despite him constantly skipping classes, or not attending the Academy at all.) the civilian council had began seeing the blonde as to powerful, and they feared they were losing control of the 'demon brat'. Numerous times the civilian council have tried to either kick him out of the Shinobi program, or to mess with his grades with class.

Of course they never did succeed for two reasons. The first being the Sandaime, as when he caught wind of such a thing, he had immediately fired the academy teachers going along with it, and giving the civilian council a harsh talking to.

The second reason was surprising, and quite shocking as well. Shimura Danzo, an elder of the village also supported the blonde, and often at times he had made it known that he did so. Something the shocked his fellow elders, and Hiruzen.

The council, along with Hiruzen had demanded why Danzo's was supporting the blonde haired Jinchuuriki. The civilian council because they refused to believe that one of their elders would support the child, while Sarutobi was more wary, and suspicious.

Danzo had simply stated that he had no reason to explain himself as of yet, and he refused to do so, despite Sarutobi demanding to speak with him about the matter.

However, Naruto could say without a doubt that he had found an ally in Danzo. Despite his... Methods. Danzo would prove to be a valuable ally, especially considering their first meeting. However that was a story for another time.

Naruto's attention was drawn back into the present when Iruka blew a whistle, Ino, and a pink haired girl being the last two students on the field. The two girls were covered in scrapes, but they were otherwise unharmed.

"Alright everyone, the second portion of the Genin exams is now finished, and now it is time to partake in the final portion of the exam. That being Ninjutsu. If you would please just follow me, I'll escort you back into the classroom for the final exam."

Naruto sighed as he decided to wait for the majority of the class to enter the academy building, following Iruka to the classroom.

Ino had tried to get his attention by waving at him, Sakura giving a small blush, also giving a small wave to both him, and Sasuke as the black haired Uchiha passed them. That was another thing about Sakura. She often deviated between the two, cheering on him was he was partaking in spars, and also cheering on Sasuke when he spared.

However, when they spared against each other, she would freeze, and appeared to have a difficult decision on who to cheer for. Naruto mentally snorted, that girl came from a civilian family, with her father being a retired Shinobi. She... Had potential to be a good medical Ninja with her control. But as Alucard would say. She is nothing but spare blood.

Naruto would give her a month. If after a month she didn't prove to be a competent Shinobi, she would forever be labeled as spare blood for Alucard to feast upon.

He just hoped that Alucard did not gain some her more... Outspoken traits should his precious servant decide to consume her.

'I resent that master. I would never even think of consuming that girl. As I stated last time, she is the emergency blood supply unless she proves useful.' Alucard piped in.

'Right.' Naruto dryly replied.

With a sigh, Naruto hopped down from his perch on the tree, and quickly vanished in a burst of speed when his feet hit the ground. He reappeared in front of the classroom, and he casually entered, ignoring the bickering of his fellow classmates as they all were chattering excitedly about becoming Shinobi.

'How naive these children are. Do they really expect to save princesses, and the nobles often. Truly amusing, yet at the same time aggravating.' Alucard once again chimed.

Naruto could imagine the grin she had on her face.

'You can hardly blame them Alucard. Outside of their homes, and village, they have not yet experienced any type of pain that would harden them to the cruelties of life.' Naruto responded.

'True, but that is another reason that I have in my list that makes you both a beautiful, and wonderful creature in my eyes.'

Naruto tried not smile, instead he pulled up on his hood, and let obscure his face, his lips twitching only slightly before they stopped. 'How many reasons do you have now?'

'Two thousand nine hundred ninety master.'

Another thing that Alucard had just recently got the habit of doing. She literally kept count of all the reasons why she believed Naruto to be the most beautiful creature, and most wonderful master in her eyes. Naruto did not know when this habit of hers started, and at first it creeped him out. However, he learned to just accept it and move on.

'Master, Dolphin and 'dead man walking' are preparing to begin the final examine.'

Another thing to note. Alucard loved giving nicknames to everyone. She had named Sakura emergency blood supply, Kiba was named fido, Shino was named bugs, Shikamaru was named sloth, Choeji was named lard, Ino was named emergency blood supply number two, (No surprise there) Hinata was named 'dead stalker'. (Because Alucard wanted to kill her for stalking her master.)

She named Iruka dolphin, and as for Mizuki. He was simply named 'dead man walking'. Naruto was inclined to agree.

"Okay class, We and Mizuki will be calling for your name individually in the next room. Keep in mind that you must preform three of the Academies basic Jutsu in order to pass. You can even preform a another Jutsu you know for extra points." With that said, Iruka called the name of student, and escorted him out the class, and into another room.

Excitedly, the other genin hopefuls began animatedly talking talking among themselves. Each of them hoping to pass, and become proud Shinobi.

'It is very likely that most of the students here will die on their first C-ranked mission, or maybe they'll quit after they receive proper training from the Jonin-Sensei.'

'Indeed, the only ones who actually stand a chance are the clan heirs, and a few of the ones from civilian families. The rest are mere cannon fodder. unimportant, and forgetful.' Naruto responded.

'My, my, master. How cruel of you. Thinking about such things about your comrades.' Alucard teased, a slight mock in her voice. While the words may have been scolding, Naruto just knew that Alucard was grinning widely at his words, and that there was a hint of approval in her tone.

'Master, I'm curious, which team do you believe you shall be in?'

'Hmm, good question. I'm the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, and rumors has it tha Uchiha Madara was able to control tailed beasts with the likes of his Sharingan with but a single gaze. If I'm correct, they will place me on a team with a wielder of the Sharingan as a precaution. However, there are only two people within this village who are in possession of the sharingan. Uchiha Sasuke, the last Uchiha within the village. However, he has yet to truly unlock the Sharingan. The second, Hatake Kakashi, someone that we know little about as the memories of the very few Jonin you consumed revealed nearly nothing about the man. At best the best description we have is that he reads a certain orange book, he's always late, his face is covered ninety-nine percent of the time, and he is generally lazy.'

'So you believe they will place you on a team with either 'duck boy' or the 'perverted scarecrow'?'

'Yes, although there is a high probability that Hatake Kakashi is most likely going to teach me seeing as he is lazy teaching me will be easier. As Sasuke is an Uchiha and is the second top student with me being the first. They cannot place me with Sasuke as it is usually the rookie of the year along with the top Kunoichi with the deadlast. I doubt they would stop tradition just to have Sasuke on my team. Plus Sasuke is inexperienced with the Sharingan, thus giving even more reason to have Hatake on Sasuke's team. Although I doubt it will actually happen.'

'But wouldn't they want the 'Perverted scarecrow' to teach 'duck' boy' about the Sharingan?'

'Sasuke can easily learn more about his Sharingan from the Uchiha clan scrolls within the Uchiha compound. Besides, Hatake is not even an Uchiha. Thus there is many who doubt that Hatake can use the true power of the Sharingan, despite many claiming that he mastered it. Besides, from what I heard about elder Koharu, and Elder homura, they are very traditional. They wouldn't set a team with three of the best students even if the entire world was being engulfed in the flames of hell.'

'An amusing thought master. Now I want to watch the world burn.'

'Your need for blood, and destruction is duly noted. You'll be able to receive as much blood, and destruction as you want once I graduate.'

'I eagerly await for it master.'

"Hey Uzumaki, your turn."

Naruto blinked slowly, and allowed his eyes to drift towards Sasuke, who was staring at the blonde with indifference. The Konoha headband bared on his forehead proudly. A flash of some sort of emotion went through the young Uchiha's eyes before it vanished. Nodding his head towards the Uchiha, Naruto stood, and walked down the stares, removing his hood as he did so.

Naruto entered the next room, and his neutral gaze was instantly with the warm gaze of Iruka, and the blank, yet suspiciously glaring gaze of Mizuki.

"Ah Naruto, just who we were waiting for. Its time for your final test of the Genin exams, are you ready?" Iruka asked.

Naruto snorted slightly. Was he ready? He had been training for this day since the academy. He could easily defeat a mid-level Chunin, and give a high-level Chunin a good run for his money. but anything higher than that would pose a problem.

Nonetheless the blonde nodded his head, and Iruka smiled. "Very well. Now I want you to perform the substitution Jutsu, transformation Jutsu, and the clone Jutsu, along with an extra one if you want."

Naruto sighed slightly, before he wordlessly performed the substitution without any hand-signs, his form being replaced with a chair.

"Its amazing that you're able to perform the technique with no hand-signs!" Iruka said in amazement.

Naruto grunted as he returned to his spot, and wordlessly he performed the transformation Jutsu again with no hand-signs, his form being engulfed in smoke as the transformation went underway.

Both Iruka, and Mizuki held their breathes, wondering what the blonde would transform into. When the smoke cleared, Iruka could not stop the slight widening of his eyes, while Mizuki openly gaped.

Standing in front of the two Chunin was a man with black spiky hair that reached down to his waist, his bangs covering his right eye entirely. He was wearing red armor that was comprised of numerous metal plates, and a black bodysuit underneath. His face held a deep scowl as he looked at the two Chunin. Red eyes with three tomoe slowly rotated in a slow, and hypnotizing manner.

Standing before them was a perfect replica of a Shinobi that was rivaled only by the Shodaime Hokage.

Uchiha Madara.

"An excellent transformation Naruto." Iruka stated in slight awe. He idly wondered if that was how the legendary Uchiha Madara really looked, before he shook his head slightly. Knowing that Madara was a Shinobi that Naruto admired the most, he knew the blonde wouldn't get the appearance wrong.

Although Iruka did worry for the blonde as times. After all, Madara was a traitor to the village.. Knowing that his (Soon to be former) student admired him worried him at times.

"You may undo the transformation now Naruto." Iruka said.

The replica of Madara blinked, before smoke covered its form, and Naruto stood in its place.

"Now perform the clone Jutsu."

This is where Naruto improvised. No matter how good his Chakra control was, he knew he would never be able to perform the clone Jutsu. Seeing as it required that bare minimum of Chakra. So he perform another clone Jutsu. He was once again glad that Alucard had consumed a Jonin, despite the jonin being a low-level one.

With a poof of smoke, a perfect copy of the blonde appeared next to him. It should be noted that once again, the blonde did not use any hand-signs.

"Excellent Naruto!" Iruka exclaimed, beaming a grin towards the blonde. "You've performed all three basic Jutsu perfectly, and with no hand-signs no less! For such a display, I believe that deserves extra credit!" Grinning, Iruka quickly wrote down into his clipboard, and once again smiled at the blonde. "Now is there another Jutsu you wish to display?"

Naruto narrowed his eyes, and shook his head. Why would he reveal the techniques at his disposal? It was foolish, and foolhardy.

"Very well than, please return to class, and wait for me and Mizuki to return. Here is your headband, proof of you graduating. Congratulation Naruto." Iruka said with a large smile, handing the blonde a Konoha headband. Naruto grabbed hold of the headband, but didn't put it on right away. He looked at it for a moment, before he tied it around his forehead. He made a mental note to change the color of the cloth.

'You've done it master. We can no longer be held back by the academy. Now our true adventures begin. I cannot wait master.' Alucard said through their mental connection.

Turning away from Iruka, and Mizuki, Naruto exited the classroom, grinning as he looked out the window. A sense of excitement, and anticipation welling up inside him. 'Yes... We are one step closer to our goal Alucard. The adventures that await us will prove entertaining. I just hope that I am able to enjoy a lot of good fights out of it.' Naruto said in response. His grin turning bloodthristy as he felt the need to fight powerful opponents. To test himself against powerful Shinobi. To fight in life or death battles.

Call the blonde slightly battle crazed, but for someone reason he only truly ever felt alive when he was fighting fighting.

'And of course I shall stand by you to the very end Master.' Behind the blonde, his shadow began rising until it began to take shape. In a few moments Alucard's form stood behind her master. Her lips pulled back into a wide grin, her scarlet eyes flashing with with devotion, and undying loyalty, to the blonde before her. Her head soon rested on the blonde's shoulder, and her arms encircling around his chest. She inhaled, taking in her master's scent, and she nearly purred as Naruto's hand gently caressed her cheek.

"Time to return to class." Naruto murmured as he quickly regained his composure, the red hue to his cheeks fading as he went into his blank mask.

A hateful look crossed Alucard's face when she gazed down the hallway, her eyes glaring at the door leading towards her master's class. The muffled sounds of excitement annoying the no life queen as she resisted the urge to kill everyone in the room.


Turning her head, Alucard's eyes stared into her master blue ones. His lips pulled into a small frown as he gave Alucard a stern look. "Reign in your anger, and hatred Alucard. There is a time and a place, and this is not one of them." He stated.

Alucard frowned for a moment, before she grinned. One day her master was going to snap, and order her to kill every single being within range. When that day comes, she was going to happily follow that order... And perhaps some villagers from Konoha would 'accidentally' get in the way.

"Of course master." The black haired girl said as her scarlet eyes shined for a moment.

Naruto stared at the no life queen for several long moments, idly wondering what she was thinking about. While they had a mental connection, he could only get a vague idea of what she was thinking about. Lets just say that it involved a lot of blood.

Sighing, Naruto decided not to indulge to much into the matter. Facing the door to his classroom, he began walking towards it, Alucard already melting into the shadows beneath him.

He reentered the classroom, and ignoring all the cheers from his fangirls about him passing he quickly retook his spot in the back. Crossing his arms, and quietly waiting for Iruka to finish testing the other students left.

It didn't take long for Iruka to finished testing the stranglers, maybe thirty minutes at best. Now the scarred Chunin was standing in front of the class, smiling at all of them as they quieted down.

"Everyone, I want to congratulate you on passing your Genin exams. From now in I am no longer your Sensei. I am now a superior, and comrade. You will face many hardships during your shinobi career, but you must push through, and keep yourself strong. You have all taken your first step into adulthood, and I wish you all the best of luck. I am proud of you all, and I was honored to be able to teach you during your time in the academy." Iruka gazed upon all his former students proudly, and his proud gaze lingered on Naruto's form longer than the rest.

Naruto, feeling Iruka's gaze, stared into Iruka's eyes. He noted the proud look in the man's eyes, and he hesitated slightly. How should he respond? He kept his face perfectly neutral, but inside he was a little uncertain. Finally, the blonde sighed slightly. 'Just this one single time.' With that thought, the blonde made sure that his now former classmates weren't looking, and he gave Iruka a small smile.

Iruka, seeing the blonde's smile, felt his eyes widen slightly. A warm smile took hold of Iruka's face, and his eyes stared into Naruto's eyes, silently trying to convey a message to the blonde.

To Naruto, that message was clear.

Be safe, and give it your best Naruto!

Naruto snorted slightly, his face went to his usual mask of cold neutrality, but not before giving Iruka a silent message of his own.

You worry to much.

Iruka chuckled lowly, before he continued to cast his gaze upon the others.

Unseen to everyone, Naruto's shadow bristled slightly. Iruka felt the feeling of impending death, but he ignored it in favor of speaking to his former students once more.

"Now everyone, come back within the following week to get your team assignments, and once again... I'm proud of every single one of you." With that said, the bell rung, and the newly made Genins all stood as one, and exited the classroom. Some giving Iruka grateful looks, and others giving the scarred Chunin a firm handshake.

As Naruto walked past, he merely gave Iruka a nod, with the Chunin returning it.

With the Hokage's office, Sarutobi Hiruzen looked upon the gathered Jonin before him. Sitting in front of him, was a crystal ball that was showing the image of graduating class of students who passed the Genin exams. Standing on his right, and left side were the elders of Konoha, Homura, and Koharu.

The Sandaime hokage was a old man in his sixties, his face carrying many wrinkles, and three lines placed vertically under his eyes. Hishair that was once black was ash white, slightly spiked, and he had a small beard on his chin. He wore the usual Hokage robes, with the exception of the Hokage hat.

"So, do any of you have any interest in the students before you." He asked, his voice raspy given his age.

The various Jonin all thought for a few moments, before someone stepped forward. Hiruzen smiled slightly as he saw his son, Sarutobi Asuma, steped forward.

"If its not any trouble, I would like to have Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru, and Akimichi Choeji." He began.

"Reasons." Koharu demanded stiffly, and curtly. Her lips formed into a stern frown as her closed eyes somehow regarded Asuma with a demanding gaze.

Asuma straightened only slightly, well aware that the elders were not lenient to disrespect as his father was. "The Nara, Yamanaka, and Akimichi clans have always looked out for each other, even during the era of the clan wars. So much so that when the formation of the villages began, the three clans joined together, and have always had teams with each other. It an unofficial tradition between the clans. Plus, they could be the next Ino-Shika-Cho trio." He added as an afterthought.

The two elders whispered among themselves, with Sarutobi humming as he whispered along with them. For several long moments the elders, and the Sandaime whispered among themselves before they turned their gazes towards Asuma. Who stood stiffly, and rigidly.

Hiruzen smiled as his son as he spoke "Sarutobi Asuma, your request is granted, Yamanaka Ino, along with Nara Shikamaru, and Akimichi Choeji shall become you Genin squad."

Asuma visibly relaxed, smiling to himself as he went back to stand among the other Jonin.

For the next several minutes other Jonin stepped up to claim students for their Genin team. Some being rejected, others accepted. In the end, Some Jonin got the teams they wanted, while others didn't.

However, now came for the final four students.

"And now the final four students. Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto, and Shimono Keigo." Hiruzen stated.

"Uchiha Sasuke, grades almost equal to Uzumaki Naruto, and the second best student in the academy. A contender for the rookie of the year title. Uzumaki Naruto, grades higher than any other student despite missing so many classes. His grades are nearly equal to that of Uchiha Itachi. He was merely off by twenty marks. Haruno Sakura... The best Kunoichi of the year." Koharu said, as if she couldn't believe such a thing. "It says here her Genjutsu is to be noted as well as her Chakra control. And finally, Shimono Keigo... The deadlast of the academy. He barely passed, him only passing because of the written portion, and he was able to just barely preform the three basic Jutsu." The elder woman finished.

"Seems like their is an odd one out." A Jonin murmured.

"Than allow me to fix that!" A brash, and cheerful voice exclaimed. The Jonin all startled in surprise as a woman shoved her way through the crowd. Her purple hair tied into a spiked ponytail, pupilless brown eyes twinkling with mischief. Her lips were pulled back into a wide grin as she chewed on a stick of Dango. Her outfit consisting of a fishnet shirt, a tan colored trench coat that concealed her barely covered breast. And a dark brown miniskirt.

The elders bristled in distaste as they glared disapprovingly at her choice of attire. Hiruzen merely sweatdropped.

"Mitarashi Anko... Might I inquire as to what you meant when you said to allow you to... 'Fix' our current situation." Koharu asked/demanded.

Anko merely grinned. "Allow me to take one of those cute little brats as my apprentice!"

The elders glanced at each other as the other Jonin whispered among themselves.

"If let you take one of them as your apprentice... Which one would you choose."

"Konoha's one and only Uzumaki Naruto of course!" The purple haired woman announced with a bright grin.

Instantly the atmosphere between the elders shifted, and they silently glared at Anko. "Absolutely not." Homura began, and he continued before Anko could protest. "It has always been a tradition to have the rookie of the year with the top Kunoichi, and the deadlast. Did you think that just because there was an odd one out that we would stop tradition?" He finished.

"But surely you can make an exception. You said it yourself that the Uchiha's score was almost equal to Naruto's. I think he would make a fine member for the team while I take Naruto as my apprentice. It'll all even out that way." Anko pressed.

Koharu shook her head as she stepped forward. "That is not the point Mitarashi. The point is that tradition must be kept, there can be no exception. Since it is uneven, we shall simply remove Shimono-san from the equation." The elderly woman stated.

"Perhaps we can let tradition go this one time." A raspy, and elderly cold voice announced.

The Jonin all started in surprise, while Hiruzen, and the elders did not look surprised at all.

"Danzo, I was wondering when you would reveal yourself." Hiruzen stated, his voice blank, and neutral.

Out from the shadows of the corner, Danzo stepped forward, his bandaged form gazing upon the Shinobi in the room with cold narrow eyes. "Even at your old age you are still able to sense me Hiruzen. Excellent. Just as expected from a Kage." The war hawk spoke.

"Danzo, what did you mean when you said, 'letting tradition go?'" Koharu demanded.

Danzo turned his cold gaze to Koharu "Exactly as I meant it. While I agree that Shimono will end being possibility useless, there will still be some use to him. Uchiha Sasuke can be Uzumaki Naruto's replacement in the team assignments, while Uzumaki receives apprenticeship."

The elders seemed to think on it, and Anko grinned, feeling confident that Naruto would her apprentice. Although Danzo's next words shattered that confidence.

"However Uzumaki Naruto will not receive apprenticeship from Mitarashi-san." Danzo finished.

"WHAT!?" Anko yelled in anger "Why can't I teach the gaki!?" She asked, anger filling her voice as she angrily glared at the bandaged war hawk.

Danzo opened his eye, and regarded Anko coldly "Do not take that tone with me Mitarashi. Respect your betters." He calmly spoke, angering Anko further. "As for the reason as to why you cannot teach Uzumaki. There are a multitude of reasons in fact. You are not even a full Jonin, you are a Tokubetsu Jonin. You have never had any student, claiming that you did not want to teach 'brats' as you put it. You have no experience when it comes to teaching, thus you'd be an incompetent Sensei."

Anko looked down, the anger was still burning in her eyes, and her fists were clenching tightly. Despite how much she wanted to argue with Danzo... Deep down, she knew he was right.

Hiruzen looked at scene with a frown, mentally deciding to speak to Danzo about the way he spoke to his Shinobi.

Seeing Anko silent, Danzo continued. "Uzumaki needs a Sensei that surpasses that of regular Jonin. The boy is a Jinchuuriki. Standard training methods wouldn't work on him. A... Unique teacher is needed to teach him, someone who has learned dozens of styles, and Jutsu. Someone who could teach the boy several key things.. And someone who can teach the boy about his legacy." Danzo claimed.

The room was silent as everyone processed the information. Most were confused by what Danzo meant when he said 'his' legacy. What did their elder mean by that?

However, Hiruzen, and the elders, along with a very few Jonin knew exactly what Danzo meant.

"As it stands, there are only two others who meet these requirements. I understand that one of them has already expressed an interest in teaching the boy."

Hiruzen nodded "True. Unfortunately however, he is late... Again." The Sandaime said with a sigh.

Danzo scowled "Yes, how unfortunate that one of our best Jonin still has that habit."

"Maa, maa, I just got here Sandaime-sama, Danzo-sama. Surely you can give this one little lateness of mine slide." With that said, a poof of smoke accompanied the voice, and when it cleared, the form of a man in his late twenties appeared. He wore the standard Jonin attire. His hair was grey, and seemed to defy gravity with the way it stood. Nearly his entire face was covered, leaving only his right covered. In his hands was very familiar orange book, which received several glars from the females in the room.

"Hatake Kakashi."

The Jonin in question looked up, meeting Danzo's cold, and stoic gaze. "You've a lot of nerve boy. Coming here late, and you have the audacity to read that... thing in my presence." The elder said in distaste as he glared at the book.

"Forgive me Sandaime-sama, Danzo-sama. But I was on my way over here when-"

"-Save your excuses for someone who cares. Hiruzen may tolerate your habits, and antics. However I am not Hiruzen." Danzo interrupted.

"Danzo." The sandaime said in a warning tone.

Danzo snorted quietly. "Very well. As you know you have the option of take Uzumaki Naruto as an apprentice. If you chose not take the boy, Than I'll gladly take him as my student."

Hiruzen narrowed his eyes. No matter what, he could NOT allow Danzo to get Naruto as his student. The mere thought of what Danzo might do to the boy... It chilled him slightly, despite how hardened he was to such things.

"Maa, maa." Kakashi began, stashing his book in his pouch. "Its fine Danzo-sama. I'm perfectly fine with teaching Naruto. In fact, nothing will please me more."

"Than it is decided." Hiruzen spoke "Hatake Kakashi will take Uzumaki Naruto as his apprentice, while Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, and Shimono Keigo shall form team seven."

"But wait." Koharu spoke up "Wouldn't it be better to have Hatake Kakashi teach Uchiha Sasuke, in order to teach him about the Sharingan?"

"The Uchiha can easily obtain that information about his Doujutsu from his clan archives." Danzo curtly explained, speaking to Koharu as one would a child.

Koharu remained silent at that. However, she bristled slightly.

"This meeting is now adjourned until the next Genin exams. Dismissed." Hiruzen announced.

The various Jonin all quietly left the room, some of them making flashy exits via the body flicker. Kakashi prepared to leave as well, but he was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. Turning his head, his eyes met with pupiless brown.

"Lets talk Kakashi." Anko growled, before they disappeared via body flicker.

Hiruzen shook his head at the display, and he turned head to see Homura, and Koharu leaving as well. Danzo remaining where he stood.

Once Danzo, and Hiruzen were alone, Danzo spoke. "May I ask when you are going to dispelled the Shadow clone that has several Shuriken pointed at me?" The scared man casually stated.

Hiruzen scowled, before a popping sound was heard, and a cloud of smoke cleared from behind Danzo. "What are you planning Danzo." Hiruzen stated.

Danzo kept his expressionless facade "I've no idea what you are talking about Hiruzen. I'm not planning anything. Now if you'll excuse me, there are matters I must attend to." With that said, the bandaged elder made his way out the room.

Hiruzen scowled for a moment, before he sighed. He looked at his crystal ball, watching as the image of Naruto walking through the village with a cold expression.

'Naruto-kun.." He thought sadly, before he gave a tired sigh. He lit his pipe, and breathed out several plumes of smoke, allowing himself to relax slightly. After several more plumes of smoke, the Sandaime set his pipe down, and began to write down on some documents on his desk.

He had to finalize the teams. He just hoped that Kakashi would be able to bring Naruto out of his shell.

With that thought, he brightened slightly, and resumed his working. Idly pondering what Danzo was thinking, and what he was planning.

Chapter end.

Kakashi always struck me as the kind of person who teaches better when his one on one. When he was teaching Naruto, and Sasuke, and Sakura. I believe he taught Sasuke a bit more because he was easier to teach in a sense. I believe that even more because when Kakashi was teaching Naruto in the timeskip, he was obviously teaching Naruto better because it was one on one (With the exception of Yamato.)