Summary: Shortly after Alucard's disappearance at the hands of Schrodinger, Alucard finds himself meeting face to face with the Shinigami. On a mere whim, the Shinigami randomly sends him off to another world, there he meets his new master. One who he.. No.. She gleefully obeys. She would protect her master to the best of her ability. For to her, her new master was more precious than anything. Fem. Alucard. AKA Girlycard.

Author's note: I literally have no excuse as to why I haven't update in so long. Let us just say that I am lazy. I don't do anything unless I am motivated. Anyways, new chapter, sweet. About the whole ordeal with guns, I already know what I'm going to do with them. I'll keep it a secret for now. Let it be a surprise and all that.

Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage, a shinobi regarded as the Shinobi no kami, and hailed as 'The Professor'. Carefully examined the picture he held in his hands. The picture was Naruto's Shinobi identification. Humming as he examined it, he looked past the picture, and to the person in question sitting in the chair with a scowl identical to the one in the picture. Stroking his beard slightly, Sarutobi puffed out a few puffed out a few clouds of smoke.

Setting down the picture, the Sandaime smiled warmly as he removed the pipe from his lips. "An excellent picture you have here Naruto-Kun. Not many manged to keep a straight face when taking their identification pictures. The only ones who kept a straight face to be honest were you, Sasuke-kun, and Shino-kun." He told the blond.

Unseen to the Sandaime, Naruto's shadow bristled when he added the 'kun' suffix to the blond's name. The blond himself kept his facial expression blank, his scowl lessening a mere centimeter. Nodding his head towards the Hokage, Naruto spoke. "Thank you Hokage-sama. Your praise is much appreciated." He told him.

Smiling, Sarutobi placed his smoking pipe back into his mouth. Blowing out a few more clouds of smoke, the Sandaime spoke. "You have the headband, your identification. You also have the skills and knowledge. I officially welcome you into the ranks of Konoha Shinobi Naruto-kun."

Naruto rose an eyebrow. "Do you do this with every new Genin? Or am I just special?" He asked, a hint of teasing in his tone.

'Of course you'll always be special to me master.' Alucard happily told him, sending him a mental picture of her grinning face. Naruto's cheeks colored slightly, before he quickly fought it down.

'I know Alucard. Just as you'll always be special to me as well.' Alucard didn't respond, but Naruto knew she was very happy with his answer as he felt her happiness from their mental link. The blond was brought out of his mental conversation when Sarutobi chuckled warmly.

"I usually don't do this Naruto-kun, your right about that. You are a special case however." Hiruzen told him, smiling at the blond. Looking down at the assorted files in his hand, the Sandaime silently hummed, unaware as his shadow rose form the ground to take the form of Alucard. Naruto rose an eyebrow when he saw her, but kept silent, curious as to what she was doing.

Alucard gave a small wink towards the blond, before she looked over the Sandaime's shoulder, intently gazing at the files he was looking over. Grinning widely, she suppressed a dark chuckled when she read an interesting line. 'Master, it appears Uchiha-san has a few screws loose.' She informed her master.

Raising an eyebrow, an interested gleam entered the blond's eyes. 'How so?' Smiling a bit to widely, Alucard nearly snickered.

'It says here that he has an obsessive, borderline fanatical need and desire to kill his older brother. It says here there is a forty-seven% possibility that Uchiha-san will leave the village and become a missing-nin to hunt down his brother. See's comrades as a waste of time, and is perfectly willing to kill anyone who gets in the way of his goal in his eyes.' The undead female responded.

Naruto silently hummed. 'Fairly accurate. What else does it say?'

Smirking, Alucard allowed herself to quietly snicker. 'It also says here that Uchiha-san is showing signs of the infamous Uchiha arrogance. It says that once Uchiha-san has unlocked the Sharingan, he will train using only the Sharingan until he reaches the third tomoe. In which he believes he'll be able to stand up to his brother on equal footing.'

Naruto scowled lightly, eyes darkening by just a small amount. 'Typical of most Uchiha. The Sharingan is a tool, not a crutch to be used constantly.'

'Indeed Master, such eyes, while extremely powerful, end up becoming a liability if you rely upon it for much to long.' Alucard replied, continuing to lean over the Sandaime's shoulder. She remained like that for a few moments, before a lock of her long raven black hair swayed into the Sandaime's eyesight. Slightly startled at the black movement in his vision, Sarutobi quickly turned around. Only to find nothing behind him. Blinking in surprise, Sarutobi darted his eyes around, not noticing a lump disappearing into his shadow.

Sighing, Sarutobi turned back around, meeting Naruto's neutral face as the blond silently rose an eyebrow at him. "Jumping at your own shadow Hokage-sama?" He asked lightly.

Frowning for a moment as he closed the file on his desk, Sarutobi chuckled for a moment as he gave a grandfatherly smile. "Yes, seems like I'm beginning to become senile and paranoid in my old age Naruto-kun. I'll need a successor pretty soon at this rate." The Sandaime chuckled, giving the blond a small glance at the word successor.

Smiling lightly, Naruto spoke. "Well than, you'll need someone just as wise and powerful as you Hokage-sama. That way, you can enjoy a peaceful retirement without anything to worry about."

Chuckling, Sarutobi fondly patted his desk. "Yes. Sadly however, not many Shinobi fit the requirements to become Hokage. I can name only three with the potential to keep this village strong and stable should I step down again." Naruto rose an eyebrow.

"Oh? May I inquire as to who the those people are?"

Smiling, Sarutobi saw no harm in answering. "Of course not. the first is one of my old students. Jiraiya of the sannin. Although I fear for the bath houses should he take the hat." He said with a sweatdrop. "There's also Tsunade of the sannin as well... But I fear for the Village's money reserves should she take the mantle." He said with a grimace. "The final one is Hatake Kakashi. But he doesn't have Kage level strength just yet. Plus, I doubt he's even interested in the job." He finished with a shrug.

"Seems like you'll need to wait a bit longer until another more trust worthy shinobi appears within your ranks Hokage-sama." Naruto spoke.

Chuckling, Sarutobi agreed with the blond. Before anymore conversation could take place, the door to the office was thrown open as a young child the age of nine barged in. The child gave a battle-cry as he charged at the aged sandaime. Sarutobi only looked at the scene with a sigh as he boredly took a puff of his pipe.

Not even five steps into the room, and the child tripped on his own feet, falling face down to the floor.

Naruto could hear Alucard's cackles of amusement as he himself fought down an amused smirk.

"Hey what happened!" The child asked, tears of pain in his eyes as he glared at nothing. Seeing the blond from the corner of his eye, the child pointed an accusing finger towards Naruto, glaring at the blond angrily. "You tripped me didn't you!?"

Losing his amused smirk, Naruto neutrally glared at the child as Alucard bristled at the boy for wrongly accusing her master. "Your tripped over your own feet child. Don't be so ignorant and foolish as to blame someone else due to your oversight." Naruto responded in kind in a cold neutral tone.

Shivering slightly, the boy glare at the blond. "You tripped me! I know you did! Don't lie to me! Because of you I couldn't defeat the old man!" He yelled childishly.

Narrowing his eyes, Naruto gave the child a look over before he snorted lightly, Alucard laughing at the thought of a child defeating a full veteran legend like the Sandaime. "As if a child like you could ever measure up the level Hokage-sama stands." Naruto said harshly.

'Of course I am positive that you will reach a level beyond that master.' Alucard chimed. Outwardly not reacting to her comment, Naruto mentally thanked her before he turned his attention to the child in front of him who was gritting his teeth and balling his small fists.

"I will defeat the old man and become Hokage! And I'll start by beating you!" With that said, the child rushed at blond, his small fists raised as he was prepared to strike the blond. Snorting, Naruto held out his hand, and flickered his finger on the boy's forehead, sending the child tumbling back as he landed on his butt. Holding his forehead fro a moment, the boy became angry again as he charged the blond.

Sighing in annoyance, Naruto moved to the side, and tripped the boy, making him fall face first to the ground. "That time, I tripped you." He stated lightly.

Growling angrily, the child stood and glared at the blond. "Fight me for real!" He demanded.

Snorting, Naruto gave the boy a cold look. "Please. What type of person would ever take a child seriously? When you wear a headband like mine. Only than will I consider taking you seriously." He told the boy bluntly.

Growling in anger again, the boy stood and rushed the blond again. Giving a battle-cry as he did so. Sighing, Naruto brushed the child's fists away, and picked him up by the collar of his shirt with a single arm. "You never learn do you?" Naruto said with a small glare.

Before anything else could transpire, another person barged into the room. the male who barged in wore a blue bandanna on his head with the Konoha forehead protector embedded on it. He wore the standard Konoha Jonin outfit, with the only thing truly standing out being the black sunglasses he wore. "Honorable grandson! Do not run off like that!" The Jonin scolded, before he noticed the person holding the boy.

Scowling, the man glare at the blond through his glasses. 'Its him... The Kyuubi brat.' He thought in disdain. Naruto gave a small glance over at the man's direction, before he returned his gaze to the boy in his arms. Ignoring Alucard's murmurs of how she was going to kill the man for daring to look at her master with such eyes.

"Let me go jerk!" The child yelled, struggling to release himself from Naruto's grip. Scowling, Naruto pulled back his arm, preparing to lightly hit the child on the head.

"Its appears no one has taught you proper discipline yet child." Naruto spoke, voice low but still audible. "Allow me to be the first one to teach you discipline." With that said, Naruto was prepared to delve his fist into the boy's head. However, he was stopped by the Jonin.

"Stop! Don't you dare lay on hand on the honorable grandson! His grandfather, Hokage-sama, will not stand for this." The Jonin demande, smirking when Naruto stopped.

This brat is Hokage-sama's grandson?' Naruto thought, glancing at the Sandaime who was watching the events before him with a neutral expression. Feeling Naruto's grip slacken slightly, the boy grinned.

"That's right. So you better put me down right now." The child demanded. 'Your just like the rest of them.' He thought in disappointment.

Looking at the child in his grip for the moment, Naruto snorted before he hit the boy with the head with his fist lightly. Despite it being light, it was enough for the boy to yelp in pain as it felt as if he was hit in the head with a rock. Holding his head in pain in his spot on the ground, the boy looked at Naruto with shock, and a hint of respect.

"I could care less if Hokage-sama was your grandmother." The blond stated coldly. Turning to the Sandaime, he bowed lightly as the Hokage gave the blond a small smile. "If that is all Hokage-sama. I shall take my leave." Walking past the shell shocked Jonin, Naruto stopped at the doorway. Glancing over his shoulder to look at the boy still nursing his head.

"One more thing child." He began, causing the boy to look at him. "If you truly do intend to defeat Hokage-sama and becoming Hokage. Might I offer a suggestion." He stated rather than asked. "Stop tripping your own feet." With that said, the blond promptly left.

Snapping out of his shock after Naruto left, the Jonin grew angry as spoke to the Sandaime. "Hokage-sama! Surely your not gonna let him get away with that!" He yelled.

Glancing at the Jonin, Sarutobi leveled a hard stare at the child who began squirming at his grandfather's look. "Naruto-kun was right about one thing." He began, taking a puff from his pipe. "Konohamaru. You lack discipline and manners. I know I've told you more than once to never barge into my office while I am meeting with someone." Konohamaru looked down at his grandfather's stern look.

"The mere fact that you still do this despite the few hundred times I've told you not to, tells me that I've been far to lenient with you. It also tells me that the tutor I've assigned to you has not been doing his job." He stated, giving the Jonin a glare to which the Jonin paled a little. "Thus, it appears that I will have to personally discipline you in proper etiquette and manners." He stated, idly fingering a piece of chalk.

Konohamaru idly wondered where his grandfather got the piece of chalk and what it was for. "From now on, starting tomorrow, you will meet me here at six in the morning. and Ebisu, due to your... Negligence in properly teaching my grandchild, you will do D-ranks for the rest of the week." Sarutobi stated, making Ebisu pale in horror.

"S-Six in the morning!? Isn't that a bit early gramps!?" Konohamaru whined. The boy found out the purpose to why his grandfather had a piece of chalk as it suddenly sailed through the air a nailed him straight on the forehead.

"From now on, when I am in my office, or when I am in these robes, you will address me as Hokage-sama understood." Sarutobi scolded.


"Understood?" The Sandaime repeated sternly. Downtrodden, the boy nodded. "Good. Now than, tell me Konohamaru. What did I tell you a hundred times not to do?" He asked, fingering another piece of chalk.

Gulping, Konohamaru answered. "Not to barge in your office during a meeting." He answered.

"Correct. And what did you do anyway?"

"Barged into your office anyway?" The chalk sailed through the air and nailed the boy on the head once again.

"Correct. And what are you suppose to do when you wish to enter an office?" Sarutobi asked lightly, Konohamaru watching in horror as the old Kage began fingering several pieces of chalk.

"K-Knock?" A piece of chalk nailed Konohamaru on the forehead again.

"Correct." It was at that moment, Konohamaru realized that it was gonna be a long day.

Walking through the streets of Konoha, Naruto gave a small scowl as he walked past villagers who were content to ignore him completely. Some would have the courage to glare at the blond, but they immediately looked away when Naruto responded with a cold stare in return. Still scowling, the blond stopped at a fruit stand, eyeing a few pieces of fruit. The owner of the stand scowled at the blond, but otherwise did nothing else.

Taking an apple, the blond placed down a bill of ryo before he resumed his trek down the street. Content to let the villagers ignore him.

'They should all be bending their knees to you master. Such worms do not deserve to even kiss the ground you walk upon.' Alucard said with a small snarl, the blond's shadow bristling slightly.

Naruto did not respond to Alucard's comment, preferring to finish off his apple as he threw the remains of it in a nearby garbage can. Placing his hands in his pockets, Naruto continued walking through the streets of the village until he reached one of the villages many parks.

Glancing around and seeing a few people in the park, the blond sat down on one of the benches. Shutting his eyes as he leaned back, the blond sighed as he relaxed. The bloond allowed himself to relax in the silent and peaceful air the park gave off, enjoying as he felt Alucard's cold presence within his mind grant him warmth.

'Master, someone is approaching you.' Alucard warned, the shadow's beneath the blond bristling slightly. Opening his eyes, the blond sighed lightly as he sat straighter. Moments later, a bandaged elderly man sat next to him. Naruto nodded his head in greeting. "Danzo-san." He said politely.

"Uzumaki." Danzo returned politely. It was silent between the two for several long moments, before Danzo finally spoke. "I'm sure your curious as to who your Sensei is, along with your teammates." He stated. Naruto didn't give him an answer, preferring to close his eyes, and silently making a gesturing for him to continue.

"Instead of being given a normal team, you shall be placed under apprenticeship under the teachings of Hatake Kakashi. However, I suspect you may have a second Sensei. Merely a hunch I have." Danzo said.

Naruto frowned, eyes narrowing slightly. "That doesn't give me as much freedom as I hoped." The murmured. 'Looks my plans will be delayed once more.' Naruto thought with a scowl.

"Fret not Master. I am positive you will be able to complete your plans, regardless of such annoying delays." Alucard spoke.

'Your confidence in me is appreciated Alucard.' Naruto responded. "Is that all you wanted to tell me, Danzo-san?"

"Among other things." Danzo answered. Reaching into his robes, the elderly man took out a scroll, passing it to the boy beside him. Taking the scroll, Naruto examined it critically before pocketing it.

After Naruto pocketed the scroll, Danzo stood. "I shall take my leave now." He said, giving Naruto's shadow a small glance. His eye narrowed just slightly as he saw a single crimson eye in the blond's shadow before it disappeared. 'Ah yes... Uzumaki's dark angel. That... Is actually the closet I've ever come to seeing it.' He thought.

He had always suspected that Naruto had some sort of protector watching over him. But he never had any evidence. He knew something was there watching over the blond, but... He couldn't sense it, it was almost as if it were a lifeless being. the only reason Danzo even knew it ever exited was because of the feeling of coldness and death it radiated, a feeling that made even him shiver in primal fear. Naruto's protector, was a truly frightening being.

"Uzumaki." Danzo spoke, gaining the blond's attention. "Your goal is a dangerous path. Some might even say an impossible goal. But I find it admirable, realistic, and very much possible. You can count on the Foundation's support when the time comes." He told him. With that said, the Shinobi of darkness turned, and walked away. His form becoming smaller the further he got.

"Are you certain we can trust that man Master?" Alucard asked with a grin.

'You know the answer to that Alucard."

Alucard chuckled "Indeed master. When its time, we will have Danzo-san's full support, along with his ROOT." Alucard stated, pleased that her master's plans were slowly coming to together. "Your plans are coming together perfectly master. Soon your ultimate goal shall come to fruition." She said. "I am joyful that I shall be by your side during all of this master. I cannot wait to see the outcome of your goal. It shall be unlike any other."

Naruto kept a blank face, before he gave a small smile. "Yes... My goal is getting closer and much more possible... And soon, you won't have to hide from others anymore. You can fully be seen by my side when the time comes." He murmured. Glancing at his shadow, he saw Alucard's crimson red eye gazing upon him lovingly, adoration and devotion in her gaze.

"I cannot wait for that day to come master." Alucard said.

"Neither can I." Naruto murmured. Watching as the eye faded back into his shadow, the blond stood. A scowl reemerging on his face as he resumed his walk through the village. He kept a good pace as she strode through the village. His steps light, yet strong, fast, but paced.

During his walk through the village, the blond knew several villagers were glaring at his back. some whispering about him behind his back, while some others would be brave enough to try and bump into him as he walked. Of course the blond dodged most of their attempts by moving out of their way. Though, for the majority of his walk, Naruto found himself trying to keep Alucard calm.

The No-life Queen's anger being felt by him through their mental connection. On more than one occasion, Alucard would murmur to herself. Whispering about how she was going to paint the entire village red with human blood, and if there wasn't enough blood she was going to gather a shit ton of goats blood to finish the job. Naruto also did not want to find out what she was going to do with a candy... A candy with an eye.

Naruto was creative, very creative. After all, before he met Alucard he used to pull the occasional prank, and each of those pranks were creative. Yet he was dumbfounded as to what Alucard could do with a candy with an eye. He didn't want to know. He really didn't.

Focusing on keeping Alucard calm, Naruto didn't anticipate that he would bump into someone when he turned the corner. Usually he would have been able to dodge the person he was going to bump into. The problem was that person wasn't radiating killing intent. So that person was automatically placed on his, not a threat meter. Looking at the person he bumped into, he raised a brow when he caught sight of the small girl rubbing her head as she sat on her rear.

Closely examining the girl, Naruto noted the long dark brown hair that reached past her shoulders. The tan skin she had, and the interesting facial features she had that reminded him of someone he knew. He was simply trying to figure who he knew that shared her features. The girl seemed to be about nine, and Naruto idly wondered what she was doing wandering the village alone.

Keeping a neutral face, Naruto bent down, and extended his hand to the girl. The girl rubbed her head for a few moments, before she took the blond's hand. She gave a small yelp of surprise when the blond lifted her to her feet effortlessly. The girl rubbed her head once more, before she raised her head, and Naruto finally realized who this girl could be related to by the sight of her eyes.

Eyes that were a lavender white that had no pupils at all.

'A Hyuuga, and not just any Hyuuga.' Naruto thought with slightly narrowed eyes.

"Indeed Master, its the younger sister of that stalker girl. How interesting, encountering her little sister in such a manner." Alucard chimed, before she gave off a slight demented giggle. "Master, she looks like a puppy. I wonder how she'll look all bloody." She said with a insane cackle.

Naruto blinked as he imagined the scene, and found himself shivering slightly at the image. Blocking the image, and placing into the 'Never to be viewed again' section of his brain, he turned his attention to the young Hyuuga in front of him. Who had yet to stop staring at him with a blank look.

"You should pay more attention to your surroundings little Hyuuga. Though, I am also at fault for not paying attention as well." Naruto stated.

The small Hyuuga blinked at him, before she tilted her head slightly. Her eyes examined Naruto's form up and down, before the girl gave a small frown. "Are you Uzumaki Naruto?" She asked curiously.

"Yes, indeed I am. I find myself at a disadvantage. You know my name, but I know not of yours." Naruto replied blandly, disinterest in his tone.

"Ah the curiosity and innocent nature of a child. It is refreshing." Alucard chimed in.

"Hyuuga Hanabi. My nee-san is Hinata." Hanabi stated.

"Yes, I figured that. Your facial features are a bit similar." Naruto responded. "So what's an heiress of the Hyuuga doing wandering around the village. And with no escort no less."

"She's like a cat Master. She probably had an escort but ditched them or something along those lines. Luckily for her, cats have nine lives." Alucard once again chimed in, giggling at her little joke.

"I did have an escort. But I evaded them to further explore on my own." Hanabi answered.

'Alucard, when Hatake gives me an excuse as to why he's late, tell me a reason as to why he was late. Your uncanny ability to know what a person did before meeting me is impressive.' Naruto thought with a deadpan.

Alucard chuckled through their mental link in response.

"Oh? Aren't you a curious one. Did you ever hear the phrase, curiosity killed the cat?" Naruto asked lightly, his feet beginning to move him forward. Hanabi keeping pace beside him as she spoke.

"Yes, I have. But its my understanding that the cat was brought back due to satisfaction."

Naruto smirked slightly, hand raising to ruffle Hanabi's head. Meanwhile he did his best to ignore the feeling of jealously that he felt flare from Alucard. "A clever comeback." He congratulated. Hanabi nodded in thanks, her pupiless eyes staring at the blond intently as they resumed their walk. Various other villagers looking on in surprise as they saw the young princess of the Hyuuga clan walk alongside the object of their hatred.

"So little Hyuuga. Any particular reason why we are going in the same direction?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

Hanabi briefly activated her Byakugan, the veins in her eyes bulging as she briefly the area around them. The young heiress was unaware of a single eye opening in Naruto's shadow. The crimson eye watching the girl's bulging veins in interest.

"Truly curious. It makes me wonder if that is painful, wouldn't you agree master?" Alucard asked in curiosity.

Wordlessly, Naruto nodded. He to wondered if Hyuuga's ever experienced any sort of pain from activating their eyes. After all, veins bulging in your eyes could not be healthy.

"I am avoiding my escort. Right now they are a few blocks away in the direction we came from." Hanabi finally answered. Deactivating her eyes.

"Oh, and your going in the same direction I am because?" Naruto once again asked.

"I figure I may as well learn something while I am avoiding my escort." Hanabi answered curtly.

"She truly is like a cat Master. A very curious child." Alucard chimed, amusement dancing in the eyes of the vampiric girl. Naruto briefly smirked slightly, before he settled on a neutral look once more.

"Indeed, and to think she still has nine lives to use." The blond responded, a hint of amusement in his gaze.

Naruto and Hanabi maintained a comfortable silence as they walked down the streets of the village. Finally, the two reached an intersection, and that is where they stopped.

"Well little Hyuuga, its been a pleasure meeting you. But this is where we part." Naruto stated, voice neutral.

Hanabi nodded. "Its been a pleasure as well Uzumaki-san." she said politely. Giving Hanabi a final nod, the blond turned and headed off towards the direction of the redlight district. Hanabi, seeing the blond leave, faced the opposite direction before she resumed her exploration. She was sure that her escort wouldn't mind if she were out of their sight for a bit longer.

It had nothing to do with the fact that she felt a little mischievous today. Not at all.

Meanwhile, Naruto kept his posture of cold neutrality as he walked through the redlight district. The living members of the redlight district were a lot different than the other villagers who lived in the more healthy areas. Instead, the members of the redlight district never glared at the blond. Nor did they ever ignore him. At times they were friendly with the blond. Not overly friendly, but more along the lines of they merely acknowledged the blond's presence.

When the Kyuubi attack occurred, the redlight district was not to damaged from the attack. Thus, the people of the redlight district had no need to hate the blond. Instead they merely saw a boy trying to live his life just as they were. And just like them, Naruto was considered the scum of society. Despite his anti-social attitude, Naruto knew that if he ever needed help, he could depend on the citizens of the district.

However, Naruto believed he would never need anyone's help. He would prefer to do things on his own. Besides, the only person that Naruto would ever allow to help him is Alucard as the No-life queen was all he needed. This line of thinking pleased Alucard immensely.

Entering the door to his apartment complex, Naruto bore witness to the sight of Alucard's familiar's working endlessly to keep the building clean. The multi-eyed hell hounds holding trash bags, and cleaning supplies in their mouths as their feet patted against the floor.

"Your familiars never cease to amaze me with their work ethic." Naruto mused, turning his head to look at Alucard as she rose from his shadow.

"Familiars who can't even do this much aren't worth their salt master." Alucard stated with a grin. "Only the best is worthy of you master, I will not accept anything less." Giving Alucard a warm smile that warmed Alucard's cold heart, the blond stepped further into his apartment, taking the stairs up to his room on the top floor.

An hour or so later, Naruto stopped changing the channel to his T.V. as Alucard sat next to him on the couch. The long black haired vampire queen handing her master a bowl of popcorn. She raised a hand to tilt her white hat, fixing it as she looked at with her master with loving crimson eyes. Her white attire completely contradicting her dark nature.

"What movie are we going to watch Master. It is horror? Action? Comedy perhaps?" She asked, grinning as she listed some of her favorite genres.

Naruto increased the volume of his T.V. slightly. "It is horror of course." The blond replied. "You know how much I love horror movies." He stated.

Alucard grinned, remembering how she had gotten her master in love with horror movies. One did not spend several years of their life with Alucard without taking some of her quirks. For Naruto, it was her love for scary horror movies. When the movie began, the two settled into a comfortable silence as the movie progressed.

Halfway through the movie, Alucard titled her head with a disturbing grin. The things that humans thought up with, with their imaginations. Seriously, a teddy bear that comes to life due to an ancient curse and because of that curse the teddy bear has a vicious thirst for blood as it randomly kills unsuspecting victims. Not to mention that the bear would suddenly gain a grin nearly similar to hers when she's killing something. Alucard only had one thought as she watched the rest of the movie.

Where could she find a killer teddy bear? Because she wanted one.

When the Movie finished, Alucard merely looked at her master with crimson eyes as he stood and stretched his limbs. Yawning as he did so.

"Well that movie was peculiar." Naruto murmured. "The concept of a Teddy coming to life and killing people, while interesting, quickly became rather... Boring after awhile." He said.

Alucard hummed. "I enjoyed the concept behind it Master. In fact, I daresay I'm actually considering getting a killer doll of my own." The vampire queen stated. "I just need to find a perfect doll, and give it a... Improvement." She smirked widely, revealing her gleaming white fangs. Naruto gave a bland look, his eyebrow raising.

"If I wasn't already used to your antics, your... curiosity and quirks may have frightened me long ago." He murmured. Hearing him, Alucard merely gave an innocent grin... As innocent as she could look anyway. Her gleaming fangs, blood red eyes that gleamed with cruel mischief gave herself away.

"Anyways. I'm heading to bed, enjoy the rest of your night Alucard." Naruto said, turning and heading towards his bedroom.

"Pleasant dreams Master." Alucard responded, giving her Master a slight wave. Naruto gave Alucard a small smile as he wished a goodnight, and closed the door to his bedroom. Alucard turned off the T.V. and shut off the lights to living room. with nothing to do, Alucard merely stood in the middle of the room. The darkness draping over her form as she stood there with a grin on her face.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Alucard finally moved. She looked out the window, her eyes gleaming hungrily. Humming for a moment, Alucard's lower body was slowly enveloped by the shadows. "I'm gonna go for a walk." She said to no one in particular. Slowly, the shadows began engulfing Alucard's form, her grin remaining as she was enveloped completely. She sank into the ground, her shadowy state merging with other shadows as she used her favorite method of travel.

Through the shadows, she moved throughout the entire village, passing through every single house, and leaving several of her rat familiars as she felt mischievous. When she passed through the houses of Ino and Sakura however, she decided to leave a larger version of her rat familiars on their bedside. And just for the heck of it, she gave them a nightmare.

They screams they gave when they woke up were pleasant. The shrieks of horror and terror they gave when they saw her 'presents' made her cackle madly. Eventually, Alucard got bored of breaking into people's house. (In her eyes it wasn't really breaking in as she used shadows to enter their homes. There wasn't any law about that.)

To sate her new found boredom, Alucard decided to take a stroll through the the woods. After a hour or two, she came across an interesting sight. kneeling on his knees as he panted was the form of Mizuki, or as Alucard enjoyed calling him, 'Dead man walking'. In front of the Chunin was a large scroll, and from the stolen memories of the few Jonin she consumed, Alucard recognized the scroll as the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing.

With a growing smirk as her eyes gain a vicious glint, The white clad No-life Queen made her way behind the Chunin. "Hey there, that's an awfully large scroll ya got there." She said with a large grin.

Giving off an unmanly yelp of surprise, Mizuki sprang up, and backtracked away from the white clothed vampire. His stance taking a hostile position as he glared. "Who the fuck are you!?"

"Kool Aid." Alucard answered with a large grin. Mizuki blinked.

"The fuck is Kool Aid?" He demanded. Alucard merely grinned.

"Exactly." Shaking his head, Mizuki glared at the white clad girl, a smirk coming across his features.

"I don't know you the fuck you are, and I don't care. This actually gives me the perfect chance to put what I learned from the forbidden scroll to good use!" He shouted with manic glee.

"Oh?" Alucard murmured with a raised eyebrow.

"That's right, with this scroll, I now have unlimited power!"

"Uh huh."

"And with this power! The Elemental Nations shall tremble at my feet as I conquer it!" Mizuki shouted with a mad grin.

"Neat." Alucard responded, idly brushing a few of her bangs out of her eyes.

"But first, before I can do any of that!" With a sadistic smirk, Mizuki sneered at Alucard. "I am going to kill you!"

"That would be intimidating, if you were... Well if you were intimidating." Alucard stated with a menacing giggle. Surprised, Mizuki took a step back.

"Are you mocking me?" He asked with anger in his tone.

"Oh no." Alucard began. "No, no, no, no... Pft, yeah." With said, she thrusted her arm forward, and Mizuki couldn't react in time as her arm morphing into a shadow as struck towards him at shocking speeds. One moment, Mizuki was standing, the next, he was suspended in the air, his chest pierced directly through his heart by a tendril made entirely of shadows. Choking on his own blood, Mizuki's form was brought closer to Alucard, and the No-life Queen smirked widely at his suffering form.

"Sup?" She asked causally. Mizuki gurgled. "You know, normally, I would have eaten you by now. But something tells me you'll taste terribly." She said with a smirk. "So instead, I'll just take this." She took the forbidden scroll, stashed away within her shadows. "And now I'll just leave your dead corpse here for the wild animals to feed upon ok?" She grinned, patting Mizuki's cheek as the light faded from his eyes.

Seeing no argument, Alucard dropped the corpse, and eagerly prepared to travel back to her master thought the shadows. She grinned as several predators began to slowly make their way towards Mizuki's body. With a giggle, she melted into the shadows, idly thinking to herself that she had a very good walk.

"So you were taking a walk through the woods." Naruto asked, hands folded in front of him as he stared at Alucard with an unreadable expression.


"You ran into Mizuki with the forbidden scroll."


"You killed him quickly, and took the scroll, leaving his dead corpse to be eaten by the wild animals of said forest."


"After that, you returned here, left the scroll on the table, and cuddled with me as I slept for the remainder of the night."

Nodding eagerly, Alucard gave a fanged smile. Naruto looked at Alucard blankly for a few moments. "All of this from an enthusiastic walk?" He asked.

"Very enthusiastic walk." Alucard corrected.

"Right." Naruto deadpanned, idly wondering if, perhaps, he had been giving Alucard to much leeway... Nah, she knew when to be a good girl. "Ordinarily, I would command you to return the scroll... But seeing as no one suspects where it is, I see no harm in... Borrowing it until I've learned all I can from it." Naruto stated, unfolding the scroll and reading it. Alucard's grin grew as she took to her master's side, her crimson orbs honing into a rather interesting technique on the scroll.

"Master, perhaps this technique shall interest you." She said, pointing towards the one she was gazing upon.

Blinking, Naruto's eyes honed in on the one she was pointing at. He rose an eyebrow in interest and surprise. "Oh? Such a curious technique." Naruto smirked, it was a dark smirk, one filled with amusement that only Alucard could possess. It made Alucard feel a pleasant tingle down her spine, watching her master smirk like that as she gained an very similar smirk on her lips.

"Edo Tensei... Interesting indeed." Naruto murmured, Alucard's eyes flashing scarlet as her grin grew.

Naruto idly tapped his fingers on his desk in slight irritation. His patience, which was usually vast seeing as he took Alucard's antics in stride, was wearing very thin. He swore that if his Jonin Sensei did not enter the room within the next minute, he was going to allow Alucard to have as much fun as possible with her new toy. Oh yes, he could already imagine the torture Alucard would put that Jonin through. Naruto smirked in dark amusement, oh yes, it would be so beautiful.

Hatake Kakashi was a man whose mask of indifference was so good, even the Sandaime had a little difficulty in knowing what the man was thinking. Not many things could unnerve a Jonin of his caliber. So when he opened the door, and entered the empty classroom to meet his new apprentice, he was quite unnerved. Naruto was staring at him with a painfully neutral glare. Blank eyes expressing nothing but indifference and a small hint of distaste.

Ordinarily, he would have been amused at such a Genin attempting to intimidate him in such a manner. But the was something about the blond right now that was unnerving. Suddenly, Kakashi felt cold. It was as if the literal personification of death was hanging just over his shoulder. He shivered slightly as a bead of cold sweat rolled down his neck.

"I dislike having my time wasted Hatake-san. The next time you are late... I cannot be held responsible for what will occur to you. However, I will say that it will not be good for your health." Naruto's tone was neutral, and curt. He said it all in a matter of fact manner. As if he were stating a fact. Wordlessly, Kakashi nodded, and he sighed in slight relief as the feeling of death subsided. The cold feeling remained however.

"Meet me up on the roof Naruto." With that said, Kakashi promptly disappeared within a poof of smoke. He didn't know what was going on, all he knew was that he wanted to get the hell outta there! As he disappeared, he never noticed Alucard standing behind him, a sick twisted grin on her face as the shadows around her twitched in agitation.

"You did good in restraining yourself Alucard."

Alucard twitched, "It took a majority of my willpower to not kill the man where he stood master." She freely admitted.

Wordlessly, Naruto stood and proceeded to exit out the empty classroom. Without uttering a word, Alucard sank herself within her masters shadow as he moved forward. As he progressed through the hall, and made his way up the stairs, Naruto's mind flashed back as to how this all happened.

He had entered the classroom as expected of him when team assignments were handed out. The blond will admit that he didn't pay attention to the various names that were called. Why should he? Its not like he truly cared who his potential partners were. As long as they didn't interfere with his plans, than he would fight beside them until they proved to be a threat to his plans. Besides, no doubt Alucard had taken the liberty of listening to who was placed in what teams. So if anything, Alucard would be all to happy to inform him of the teams.

It was when he was called that he truly payed attention. He was not surprised to hear that Kakashi was his teacher. He was a little surprised to hear that he was to be Kakashi's apprentice, but that surprised faded quickly.

Now he had to deal with Hatake's unacceptable tardiness, and his tendency to ignore people around him.


Naruto knew one thing. If Hatake did not take him seriously, than Alucard may end up with another soul to add to her growing collection.

"You took your time in getting up here." Kakashi stated aloofly as he leaned on the railing. His eyes honed in on his book.

"You took your time in arriving here." Naruto calmly retorted.

"Touche." Not even bothering to remove his eyes from his book, Kakashi continued. "Why don't we introduce ourselves? It'll make for easier cooperation if we know a little about one another."

"I shall only participate when you decide that my apprenticeship to you is more important than your literature."

"Fair enough." The masked Jonin put his book away, making sure to memorize his place, before giving all his attention to his apprentice. "As you know, I am Hatake Kakashi. I will you Sensei from henceforth, whilst you are now my apprentice. As you know, apprenticeships are rare. The only apprenticeships have been Orochimaru, Jiraiya of the Sannin, and of course our Sandaime whose masters were the Nidaime and Shodaime. As of now, this is the fourth apprenticeship sanctioned by Konoha."

"I am well aware."

"Good. Now, since this is an apprenticeship, the next half of the Genin exam is unneeded. However, I still want to see what you can do. So tomorrow, be at training eighteen at eight A.M."

"Can I expect you to arrive on time? Or shall I arrive there at ten?"

Kakashi eyed Naruto for a moment, his mind flashing back to Anko's threat after the blond became his apprentice.

"Listen up and listen up good Hatake!" Anko had hissed, "I wanted to teach the brat! I wanted to be the one the brat called Sensei! And I wanted to be the one that could brag to other Jonins about my brat! So the least you could do, is take the brat seriously. If you don't take the brat seriously, than I promise you Hatake. I am going to break into your apartment, take your precious collection of books. AND BURN THEM TO THE FUCKING GROUND!"

Evidently, Kakashi decided to take the blond seriously. He may have been late two hours to meet the blond, but as they say. Old habits die hard. Still, Kakashi promised himself that he will really take the blond seriously, and that's what he intended to do. Just in case though, he placed several traps around his apartment. More specifically, around his book collection. You could never be to careful when your in a village full of ninja who are fully capable of fulfilling their threats. Hooray for paranoia.

"... Be there at ten." With that said, Kakashi disappeared with a blur of movement.

"At the very least... He seems to be taking me a little seriously." Naruto admitted, a twinge of curiosity due to Kakashi's actions.

"Let us hope so master. Should he not, I shall take immense pleasure into making him into another familiar." Alucard spoke, raising from her master's shadow.

Not answering, Naruto turned, and made his way down the stairs. "Come Alucard, its time to go back home. Preparations must be made for tomorrow."

Grinning, Alucard wordlessly sunk back into Naruto's shadow. Kakashi Hatake of the Sharingan was going to be very surprised tomorrow. Very surprised.

Chapter end. Can't help but think that I've could have done better. There are a few scenes in which I cringed in writing it because I couldn't seem to get it to flow. Anyways, for those who are always PMing me about my one shot: The Leviathan and The Fox. All I must say is... Its becoming a two-shot. Chapter two is nearly complete. Also, I'm gonna be changing my profile name again. It'll change later tonight. Into Sir Pendragon. So yeah, Shadow Knight Lancelot, soon to be Sir Pendragon, signing off.