After all this time… I still don't believe that I, along with all the other Pokémon that had been captured, were abandoned. No, not merely released back into the wild (where we would be scorned by wild Pokémon for having the scent of humans on us), abandoned, deleted, lost into the myriad of deleted programs, the storm of old zeroes and ones.

Hey, what did you expect? I was a level 62 Pidgeot, with a brilliantly designed move set. Wing Attack, handy against every grass and bug type. Thief, in case I was up against a Psychic and SHADOWlynx was out of the running. Fly, also good for grass and bug when I didn't have enough HP to survive another hit. Came in handy for my trainer too. Mirror Move made battles very fun, even if the opposition was half my level. Those, along with a LOT of vitamins and minerals, not to mention my impressive battle record (helped out with almost every trainer in both countries, beat the Elite Four five times, helped in the battle against Red), lulled me into a sense of security. Surely, with that much time and effort spent on me, I would never be abandoned, I would be hand raised to level 100, traded, bred, well looked after?

But no. She was walking, biking, anything to get rid of her boredom. Before she finally did it. She finally chose New Game…

And for once in a lifetime, she saved the new game. Without a single thought for the Pokémon she'd captured, cared for, and cultivated in the old game.

Celebi, I HATE being a game character.