SUNSETHILL: I agree. I adored the Harry Potter books which is why I write in the fandom but there were many plot holes and accepted behavior that made me go WTF?! To me Dumbledore was abusively neglectful and manipulative not just to Harry but to all the students and McGonagall wasn't helpful at all. She continuously brushed Harry off no matter what that the previous year proved he might have a point. The Sorting Hat talk is an excellent idea that I believe I will incorporate if you have no problem with it.

Sept 2 students

Ron rushed from the Great Hall and up to the owlery. He couldn't believe it. Dumbledore defeated and You Know Who in charge of Hogwarts and the Aurors just let it happen! He had been terrified last night thinking that Death Eaters were going to barge in and torture and kill them.

Then morning had come and he thankfully was still alive. He had almost convinced himself it had been a bad dream except everyone was subdued and waiting to leave the common room together. Even Hermione had been silent in the face of Death Eaters taking over Hogwarts.

They had entered the Great Hall hesitantly. It was repaired as if no battle had taken place last night. The Gryffindors had watched the Slytherins expecting them to be bragging and pushing around their weight since their master was in charge now, but they had been somewhat subdued as well.

Then that traitorous whore had sent out butterfly shaped summons. Butterflies! Ron shivered on the stairs as he thought of the Dark, Powerful magic that had wrapped around him and dragged him in front of You Know Who. He was only slightly less terrifying looking human rather than the snake like man the Prophet had described.

He hurried to the landing and searched in his backpack for parchment and ink. He wrote a quick, terrified message to his mother. Surely, she would come for them. Surely Mum wouldn't leave her children in a school ran by You Know Who.

Ron swallowed thickly and attached the note to one of the few owls present and sent it off. He looked around the deserted owlery. Good. Other children had alerted their parents to what had happened.

Ron hurried back to the Gryffindor common room. Maybe they could barricade themselves in. The house elves would feed them. They would be safe until adults came and rescued them.

He entered the familiar room and scowled at the knot of excited students huddling around the announcement board. He worked his way to the front earning growls and shoves and punches as he rudely pushed people out of the way.

"I was expecting some harsh rules. These aren't worse than what we have now."

"Look at the change to the Hogsmeade visits."

"We get to go! We get to go!" First and second years squealed excitedly.

"No consent form required. Awesome."

"Look at the classes that are going to be offered!"

"And the changes coming to the library."

"Maybe he really isn't You Know Who."

"Yeah. You Know Who wouldn't be this cool."

"He is You Know Who! Dumbledore said he was!" Ron screamed. "He's just trying to fool us into letting our guard down."

"Yeah, well Dumbledore attacked and tortured Professor Snape nearly killing him."

"Professor Snape is a Death Eater!" Hermione interjected hotly.

"And what about how he let Potter be abused her whole life. Dumbledore isn't what we thought he was." Dean Thomas declared hotly.

"Dumbledore was a hero! Potter twisted everything. She betrayed him and us!" Hermione nearly screamed.

"Dumbledore isn't the Light wizard we thought and even if the new headmaster is You Know Who maybe he isn't the evil Dark wizard we thought." Fay Dunbar murmured.

"This wizard can't be Him. He would be nearly seventy now." Neville growled. "And You Know Who's followers took our parents from me and Hari. She wouldn't marry him. Besides, Gran and several others have verified the documents. The birth and death records are in the Ministry for him, his mother and father and his grandmother. He is You Know Who's grandson. Now to see who he takes after." He turned and stalked off to the dorms.

"Either way Potter is a traitor. She married a Dark wizard and Dark wizards are evil. She's spreading lies about Dumbledore and defending Snape. We all know Snape is a Death Eater."

"Hari isn't a traitor!" Colin Creevey yelled. "You're just a jealous, spiteful prat!"

Ron's hand fisted as his face flushed red.

"Ron's right." Hermione shouted standing next to him. "Hari snuck off without discussing it with Dumbledore and married the Lord of Slytherin. Slytherin! We all know that Dark Lords and Death Eaters come from Slytherin. She's gone Dark and Evil and betrayed us all."

"Dark and Evil? A Light wizard was partners with Grindelwald. A light wizard betrayed the Potters to the Dark Lord. A Light wizard left the Savior to be abused and put a Noble Lord in Azkaban for twelve years knowing he was innocent. Maybe the Light is the Evil ones." Marcus Knutsen argued.

"We are not Evil!" Hermione shrieked.

"No you are just a vicious, bossy, know-it-all and Ron is a jealous, mean, greedy bully." Pavarti snapped then turned and walked away.


"Did you see the Weasel?"

"I think he pissed his pants."

"Do you still think calling Lady Slytherin names is a good idea, Bulstrode?"

Millicent glared at Zabini.

"Look at the new rules."

"He's serious about ending the rivalry?"

"We're supposed to be polite to mudbloods?"

"I'd watch my language even in here if I were you."

*groan* "Look at what can cost us Hogsmeade privileges."

"Check out the new classes."

"Who do you think he'll fire?"

"Trelawney." Several piped up at once.

"Binns." Someone added.

"I wager McGonagall won't last long."

"They are going to hire teaching assistants!"



Molly shrieked in fear and fury. The Dark Lord and his traitorous slut had managed to take Hogwarts and nearly kill Dumbledore? The Aurors let them get away with it? Well, she wasn't leaving her children there.

They would probably let Death Eaters in to torture the children. How they had everyone fooled she didn't understand. Dumbledore had told them who he was. She didn't care what the official documents said. Somehow he had subverted her poor Arthur as well as Fred and George. She had sent a letter to Bill who was out on a dig for Gringotts and to Charlie in Romania begging them to come help.

Molly sent a howler off to Arthur berating him on being gullible and telling him what happened and that she was going to save Ron and Ginny.

She tossed floo powder down and called out "The Three Broomsticks". She stormed out of the floo and slammed out the door of the pub and stomped up to the gates of Hogwarts.

She was huffing and puffing when she reached the castle. Her hair was flying every which way and her face was flushed and sweaty. She hurried down the entrance way and into the Great Hall where she could hear voices.

She stopped in the doorway and glared down the large room at Potter at the High table as if she were important. "How dare you?!" She shrieked storming up the aisle. "How dare you betray us? Marry that…that…evil Dark wizard. Attack Dumbledore! I won't let you get away with it. You won't turn this fine school into a training camp for Death Eaters! You won't torture my children you traitorous little slut!"

She drew her wand to send a vicious hex at the stunned girl. Magic slammed into her jerking her back off her feet as she belatedly remember she couldn't get within casting distance of the betraying, immoral witch.

Sirius and Remus had reacted as soon as Molly Weasley reached for her wand. Two stunners hit her even as Magic jerked her back away from Hari.

Children gathered to mingle, snack and revise in the Great Hall screamed as violence once again erupted in the dining room.

Sirius and Remus traded darkly amused looks. Remus sent thick ropes to wind around the portly Weasley matron. Sirius jerked the loose end of the binding and dragged the woman upside down so she floated, spinning slowly in the middle of the room.

Hari had been prepared to shield and let the woman attack first, but was amused at this outcome. "Tinker, go tell my lord husband he is needed in the Great Hall. Dobby, go tell Arthur Weasley he needs to come retrieve his shrew of a wife."

The two elves bowed and disappeared.

Within five minutes, Tom was striding into the Hall. He stopped short and stared at the upside down unconscious woman. He looked at Hari. Hari pointed at her godfathers with her fork and continued to eat.

The rest of the staff came in behind and gawked at Mrs. Weasley dangling unconscious.

"You will put her down now!" McGonagall demanded. "I won't have shenanigans like this in the great hall."

"She came in here shrieking and railing at Hari. She drew her wand." Sirius explained to Tom ignoring McGonagall. His calm report at odds with the fury in his eyes.

"Arthur has been sent for." Remus added quietly.

"I said…"

"Shut up. You are not in charge here." Tom snarled. He was realizing that he was going to have to fire her. He needed to find a replacement first. He moved to Hari and drew her up to gently inspect her. "She didn't get a spell off?"

"Of course not." Sirius spluttered.

Tom drew Hari in. Thinking of her in danger made his heart pound.

Hari leaned into him soaking up his love and concern.

Tom thought of what Severus had said. He had been right. Hari soaked concern and affection up like a desert rose did rain.

"Please put my wife down, Lord Black." Arthur Weasley huffed sounding very amused when he arrived a few minutes later. He had headed toward Hogwarts as soon as he got the howler.

Sirius waved his wand and Molly dropped to the floor with a dull thud.

Arthur glared at Sirius. His eyes danced. Then he sobered up. "What did she do?"

"She stormed in going off at Hari about betraying everyone and attacking Dumbledore and how she wasn't going to torture her children. She drew her wand. We stunned and tied her up."

Sirius wasn't letting that polite rendition stand. "She called Hari a traitorous little slut."

"Siri!" Hari glared at him. He knew how Tom got.

Red flickered in Tom's eyes. Thankfully, he was facing Hari, Sirius and Remus not staff and students. Red, Hari whispered in his mind and he shut his eyes and drew in a deep breath. He was going to have to glamour his eyes if these idiots kept pissing him off.

He opened his eyes and Hari nodded. He turned to Arthur. "I like you, Arthur so I'm going to allow you to remove your wife without harming her further. If she attacks my wife again there will be dire consequences."

Arthur drew in a breath and bowed slightly. "She won't be my wife for long, Lord Slytherin. I already warned her I won't tolerate this behavior." Amidst gasps of shock, he levitated her and left with her bobbing gently behind him.

Tom turned to face the staff. "You have class plans to update." He snapped in aggravation. "I want classes to resume Monday which means you need to have your plans to me or Hari Saturday before ten a.m."

He looked down at Hari. "You need a nap before Emily arrives and I'm certain Severus will want to be in the Chamber tomorrow if not later this evening."

"At her convenience or yours." Snape murmured.

Hari leaned against him. "Nap with me," she murmured quietly.

Tom pressed a kiss to her crown. "Keep an eye on things," he ordered Black and Lupin before prodding Hari toward the door.

Out of sight of everyone he swept her up and carried her up the stairs and down the hall to the headmaster's quarters. They rode the moving stairs up inside the office, Tom activated the wards locking the office down and carried his tired wife to bed.

He gently stripped her clothes off and tucked her into bed. He removed his and folded them the nearby chair and joined her pulling her close, tangling their legs.

Hari moaned and rubbed her hand over his chest and over his shoulders to trail down his back. "I love you."

Tom pressed a kiss to her temple. "I love you, too."

She shifted against him. "Love me."

"You need to sleep."

"After." Her hand slipped between them and stroked his already interested manhood. She smirked when he groaned and thrust into her hand. "It's been nearly two days. I miss you filling me, stretching me. I miss the slide of your velvety smooth cock in my tight wet…."

Tom silenced her with a fierce kiss. He rolled her over and nudged her legs open. With a groan he slid into her tight wet heat. He shuddered as pleasure rolled over them.

"Yes," she hissed.

Tom braced himself on his elbows and kissed her tenderly while rocking in and out of her slowly building the pleasure, driving her crazy with his slow pace.

Hari wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deeper. She arched up. "Merlin, Tom!"

She shivered as her first orgasm washed over her gently. Tom rose to kneel between her legs. He drew her legs from his waist up over his shoulders and began a fast, brutal pace.

Hari shrieked as hot streaks spread from her core up through her body. She fondled her breasts, pinching the nipples and moaning his name.

Tom moaned as she played with her pert nipples and moaned his name. He dropped forward to suckle one while continuing to press his cock in and out of her. He shuddered as another orgasm was ripped from her. He rose to a kneeling position again drawing her up with him so she sank down on his cock. They clung to each other, rocking to their own rhythm until she came a third time. This time Tom came with her filling her with his release.

Hari snuggled against his chest; her face in the crook of his neck. Tom heard her breath even out in sleep. Tenderly, he laid her back on the mattress and settled beside her. He drew her back against him fell asleep cuddling his wife.


Tom woke with his wand pointed at a terrified house elf. He lowered the wand.

"Tibbles is sorry for waking yous. It be supper time. Miss Hari needs to eat and Healer Mystrain has arrived."

"Thank you. We will be down shortly."

Tibbles bobbed her head and disappeared.

Hari groaned.

Tom could feel her exhaustion through their link. "Sleep, love. I'll take care of getting Emily settled. You can eat when you wake."

"She wants to see me."

"She can see you tomorrow."


"Yes. Sleep."

Hari exhaled softly and curled up letting sleep reclaim her.

Tom watched her sleep a moment amazed at how she'd wormed her way into his heart in just a few short weeks. The battle on top of the baby had exhausted her physically. He knew it would be hard for her to slow down. She was a magical powerhouse and would want to keep going, doing everything with all that power thrumming inside her, but physically she was a seventeen year old pregnant witch. He would have to have the elves keep an eye on her for him.

He left their bed reluctantly and showered quickly before dressing and heading down to the dining hall. He would be glad next week when classes resumed and structure was imposed. Right now the children and the staff had too much free time to think and cause mischief.

Emily was waiting in the hall beside the gargoyle. "My… Lord Slytherin."

Tom smirked. "Emily. Hari is exhausted and sleeping. I told her you would check on her in the morning."

"She isn't showing any signs of distress?"

"No. Temper. Exhaustion. Pickier than normal about her food." He touched her arm gently prodding her into motion.

Emily fell into step beside him. "Normal for this stage."

"Yes, well calming potions would be nice. She's more powerful than I am. She loses her temper even I placate her."

Emily looked at him shocked. Saw the fondness in his eyes and dared to smile.

"I have not informed Madam Pomfrey of her termination. Hari did mention it this afternoon in the staff meeting so she may have been warned."

"She isn't going to take it calmly."

"No. Many aren't. The next few months are going to be chaotic and full of conflict. I have no doubt parents will be arriving soon. I was surprised only one showed up today."

"You haven't seen the Prophet?"

"No. I have been in meetings or napping with my wife all day."

Emily fought back the foolish grin at his fond exasperation. "The Prophet ran an article. Madam Bones has informed the public that the Founders' Heirs have claimed their legacy. She stated that Gringotts has verified your claim. The castle and the grounds are yours and Lady Slytherin's. She acknowledged that Dumbledore attacked you viciously in an attempt to steal your legacy from you and was critically injured during the battle which he started in the Great Hall amidst their children."

Tom turned the information over in his mind. The head of the DMLE was covertly backing him? He smiled. "That is unexpected and welcome news."

Emily nodded.

They reached the infirmary and Tom entered as if he owned it. Which he did. He swept the room for children and was glad to see that it was empty. He moved confidently over to the medi-witch's office.

Poppy Pomfrey stepped out of her office with a glare just before he reached the door. "So this is my replacement." She said bitterly.

"She is."

"Replacing everyone with your minions?"

"Not everyone. Just those who aren't able to put aside hostility. You ignored seriously injured children yesterday because of their Affinity. I won't have prejudicial behavior."

"And she won't let Light children suffer?" Poppy glared at Emily.

"I'm Gray. Neutral. I will take care of every person that is injured regardless of their Affinity." Emily snapped. "You are to put your personal beliefs aside when Healing. You did not take an oath to only Heal those with the same Affinity as you."

"Since you were informed earlier can I assume you are packed."

Pomfrey's nostrils flared. "I am."

"I would like to see the student files and the storeroom before she leaves." Emily murmured.

"How dare you suggest I would do something unethical!"

"Like not treat a student with severe, long term malnutrition and abuse." Tom hissed his eyes flaring ruby red.

Pomfrey gasped and stumbled back away from him as blood drained from her face. "You are Him!"

"Bloody hell." Tom whipped out his wand. "Obliviate." He carefully excised the memory and replaced it with Emily yelling at her.

Pomfrey shook her head then glared at Emily. "I did no such thing!"

"Hari Potter has multiple breaks that are badly mended, organ damage to a severe degree, her growth stunted and was covered in scars." Emily snapped. "I don't care," she shouted when Pomfrey opened her mouth. "Nothing you say can justify leaving someone in that state especially a child."

Emily shoved past her into the office. She checked to ensure that the student files were still there and not empty. She then stormed to the storeroom and checked the supplies. She returned to where the Dark Lord was glaring menacingly at the medi-witch. "As far as I can tell with a cursory exam everything is here and not spelled."

Tom nodded. His gaze never leaving Pomfrey. She quailed beneath his implacable gaze. "Gather your belongings and leave the castle."


"Now. You may use the floo if you wish." He indicated the fireplace in her office.

Pomfrey hurried into her quarters and returned with two trunks floating behind her. She grabbed floo powder with a trembling hand. The green powder drifted to the floor as it sifted between her clenched fingers. She tossed it down and called out the address of her home in a voice full of suppressed outrage. In moments she was gone.

Tom drew in a breath and exhaled. "I want to know who else has been neglected in this school."

"I'll start scheduling physicals tonight and have notices delivered before breakfast."

Tom nodded. He looked around the office and the infirmary. "Do you need Retha to help?"

"It would make the process faster. I've between eight and nine hundred students to examine."

"I'll send word to Retha and Matilda. They'll be here by eight tomorrow morning. Do not stay up late scheduling. I can bring in a seventh year to schedule appointments tomorrow morning. I'll let Severus know to expect a request for potions. He can keep a few of his less irritating students occupied with that."

Emily laughed softly.


Tom rapped on Snape's door.

Snape opened his door with a glower that quickly smoothed away. He stepped back and let the Dark Lord enter. He shut the door and activated his privacy wards.

Tom waited politely until invited to sit. He sank into a very comfortable leather chair with a weary sigh.

"Whiskey, my lord?"


Severus poured a generous glass full and handed it to his lord before pouring his own and settling in his chair. He waited silently to find out what had brought the powerful wizard to his quarters this late at in the evening.

Tom sipped his whiskey and allowed his head to rest against the back of the chair. "Remind me that I wanted this position."

Severus felt his lips twitch. His eyes widened slightly when the Dark Lord sighed and rubbed his eyes tiredly. "My lord?"

Tom let his hand drop to the arm of the chair. "The battle was exhausting. It may have been over quickly, but we had to put a lot of power into making it so. Collapsing his core was no easy task either. I've fired Trelawney, Binns and Pomfrey and will have to fire McGonagall as soon as a replacement can be found. We are starting the physicals tomorrow. Gather your best brewers and start stocking up on nutritional potions, skele-gro, pain potions, bruise balm, scar cream and whatever else abused children usually need."

"Yes, my lord."

He opened his eyes. "I am going to try to teach you to say open and stairs in parseltongue so you can get to the basilisk without us. Hari is exhausting herself and has that blasted muggle day planner full of future appointments. She went down for a nap at three and is still sound asleep."

"I will do my best to learn. If not, the basilisk can wait for things to calm down."

Tom snorted. "Two assistants to grade idiotic essays, help teach the lower years and dismember the grosser ingredients? A team to professionally clean the lab? Magical windows with diffused sunlight? My wife adores you. She will insist on opening the chamber for you tomorrow and showing you around. She'll find a reason to hang around while you are rendering the beast." He smirked at the dour man's flush. A thought filtered into his tired mind. "Why do you need to discuss one of your requested assistants?"

"He's a fifteen year old werewolf."

Tom stilled. "Werewolf?"

"The woman remodeling Grimmauld figured Lupin out. Her younger brother was bitten two years ago. Lupin negotiated with me on brewing Wolfsbane for the boy. I went with him to see this young werewolf to get the dosage right. They are poor, but proud. They can only afford six galleons a month."

"The potion ingredients and your time makes the cost close to twenty."

"I refrained from mentioning that. It would be a balm to their pride if he were to work as my assistant." Snape glanced toward the fireplace. "The child has been unable to attend school because of his affliction."

Tom stared at his follower. This, he thought, this is what Hari saw. This is why she admired him so much. "You wish to mentor him. Educate him."

Snape nodded brusquely. "With Lupin and Black here to keep an eye on him during the full moon and all of us ensuring he take the potion he should not be a risk."

"I know what my wife would say. I know she'll be angry with me, but I can't allow it. Not an unstable werewolf just starting on wolfsbane. Not around my pregnant wife. Perhaps after he's been on it a few months. For now send him the text books so he can start reading up on the theory."

Snape inclined his head.