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Hey Girl- Chapter 18

Bella felt her eyes fill with venom as she watched her sire and her closest friend drive away together. Peter kept his arms tight around her, and she leaned back gratefully into his embrace. She was filled with mixed emotions at the thought of finally being alone with her mate for the first time since Garrett found them at Christmas. It had been a long and trying few months, but she felt like she had come a long way in that time.

"Hey, Sugar?" Peter murmured, pressing his lips to her neck in a deliberate attempt to get her mind elsewhere. With her easily distractible newborn tendencies, it was an easy task.

"Hmm?" she answered, pressing her ass back against his hips as her mind went straight to her favorite activity. She'd just finished hunting, their first solo attempt where Garrett and Amber stayed in the car a block away while Peter took her out alone. They were all very proud of her control and her ability to listen to Peter's instructions and not get lost to her bloodlust. Now she was hoping to work out the other kind of lust.

Peter hissed at the feel of his soft little mate, and his body instantly responded to her intentions. He had other plans, though. "Oh, mmm... ah, as much fun as this is, I actually had something else in mind first," he panted as he spun her in his arms. He couldn't resist leaning down and kissing her pouty lips, then he pulled away and led her back into the house.

She didn't say a word as he led her back to their bathroom, and she took a moment to appreciate the new black granite tiles that lined the wall and the large Jacuzzi tub that took up half the room under the window. She glanced down at her blood-spattered clothing as he turned on the faucet and began to fill the tub.

"Oh, I guess I did get a little messy-" She started to speak, embarrassed, but he stopped her with one long finger against her lips.

"Shh, it's okay. I actually just want you to have a few minutes alone to relax. I'll be right outside."

She stripped her clothes off, throwing her jeans into the hamper and her shirt into the trash; it was pretty much a lost cause between the blood and the ripped neckline where her meal managed to get a hand in. Peter hadn't been happy about that, but there wasn't much he could do since the guy was dead and all.

Peter slipped outside to finish setting up the surprise he had planned. The sheet Garrett had hung earlier was pulled tight against the back wall of the house, and the fairy lights covered the ceiling of the porch over their makeshift dance floor. He made sure his iPod was cued up and swept a few loose pine needles out of the way. A few floating candles spread around were the final touch.

Satisfied with that part of things, he carried out the quilt and pillows Amber had purchased and spread them out in the yard in front of the sheet. While they could lounge on the ground itself comfortably, it was still nice to indulge themselves with softer things every now and then.

He raced inside when he heard Bella moving around, letting the water out of the tub. He slipped on her favorite pair of his jeans, along with a nice button-down shirt and his best boots. He even ran a brush through his hair and left his hat sitting on the bedpost.

The dress that Amber chose earlier was waiting on the bed for Bella when she stepped into the bedroom wearing only a towel, but her mate was nowhere to be seen. She frowned slightly at his handwritten note, imploring her to wear this, but she pulled the dress on carefully, foregoing undergarments since they were alone.

A knock at the door startled her, and she wondered why Peter was knocking to enter his own bedroom. Her eyes widened in surprised when she opened the door to find her cowboy all cleaned up and holding a dozen roses.

"Peter? What is all this?"

He smiled and pulled her hand to his lips, raising his eyes to hers as he pressed a tender kiss to her fingers. She smiled back in a daze, and he handed her the roses, tucking the hand he still held against his elbow. "I'm here for our date, ma'am."

Her mind whirled as she thought back to her slightly hazy human memories, realizing they had never actually been on a date anywhere. They went to Peter's bar with all their friends, but that was more of a group thing than anything romantic.

She smiled wider as he led her to the back door and she realized just how much work he had put into everything. "Since I already took you out for dinner earlier, I thought I'd bring you back to my place and seduce ya," he said with a sly grin. "Would you like to dance, Miss Swan?"

She was startled at the sound of her name, a name she hadn't been called in years. Since her change, things like names hadn't mattered as much. She was just Bella, or Iz, or Sugar. Shaking her head, she smiled and walked into Peter's arms, melting against his firm body as she always did.

The music was soft and slow, country of course, and Peter was content to sway side to side, barely moving as he cradled his mate in his arms. He never dreamed he would ever get to this place; he hadn't allowed himself to dream it, and some days it was hard to believe this was all real.

Bella sighed in contentment, drifting along in almost a dreamlike state as they moved under the lights. The candles caught her eyes when she opened them, and after a few songs she tilted her head up to capture Peter's lips in a soft kiss.

The next song was a bit faster, and he coaxed her into two-stepping with him, delighted with the sight of her sexy little body as they danced around the old concrete patio. Her smile was huge and her red eyes sparkled with delight. This was heaven.

They lost track of time until the playlist stopped and the music fell silent. Peter pulled her close and kissed her deeper, still holding her off when her hands started to roam. "Not yet, I've got a little more planned tonight."

She looked confused as he led her out to the blanket, then got a heated look in her eyes as she thought she knew where this was headed. He laughed a bit as her eyes darkened, then turned her back to face the house. The large white sheet held no meaning for her, and she gave her mate a blank look as he reached for a small remote.

"This is me taking you to the movies, sugar. I know it will be a while before you can manage to sit in a crowded theater, so I brought the theater to you."

Bella hadn't seen many movies that were out in the time since she'd left La Push, so between Netflix and RedBox they had slowly been bringing her up to date on the ones she'd missed. She clapped her hands in delight when the projector lit up and the opening credits begin to play on the large sheet-turned-movie screen. "Oooh! The Avengers! I've been wanting to see that one!"

Peter lounged back against the pillows, pulling Bella down to curl against his chest. He didn't dissuade her when she unbuttoned his shirt to gain access to his skin, and he purred softly as she lightly traced his scars with her nimble little fingers.

He sat quietly, enjoying her laughter at the characters' on-screen antics, and agreed with her when she pointed out that Chris looked remarkably like the actor who played Thor. The movie contained enough action to keep her attention the whole time, though her hands still roamed freely over his skin, and she reached up occasionally to comb through his hair.

She was so engrossed that she didn't notice when Peter slipped his hand into his pocket, and she looked at him in question when he pulled her up to a seated position and clicked off the movie as soon as the credits rolled. He looked serious, and her silent heart leapt in worry.

"Shh, it's ok. Nothing bad, I promise," he said, soothing the fears he could easily read on her face and feel with their bond. "I just want to ask you something. You know I love you, right?" He paused while she nodded slowly, eyes darting between his, searching. "I have tried to do right by you, but I know I have let you down in so many ways."

He reached up to cover her lips when she started to protest, and shook his head with a soft smile. "Just listen. I wanted to be the one to change you, I didn't want you born in violence, I wanted to save you from that violence.

"I have taught you what I know, and I'm so grateful to our friends for doing everything I couldn't do." Peter took a deep breath and squeezed her hands lightly. "I don't have much, but you have to know I will give you all I have. I don't even have my own name, but I want you to share the one I have used for all of my immortal life."

Her breath caught in a gasp as she realized where he was going with this. "Bella Swan, I will love you forever. Will you marry me?" He opened the ring box he'd pulled out to reveal a modest diamond set in a sturdy platinum band. It was simple and durable, something that would last. Just like their love.

Her eyes filled with tears for the second time that day, but this time it was out of happiness. She would have never considered marriage while she was human, but she was looking at eternity from an entirely different perspective now.

She threw her arms around his neck and pulled herself up into his lap, laughing happily. He held her tightly as she dropped kisses all over his face and neck. He dropped the ring when she straddled him and pushed him back against the pile of pillows, grinding against his crotch as she plunged her tongue into his mouth.

It didn't take long for him to catch up to her level of passion, and he flipped her over to cover her body with his. He carefully unzipped her dress, not wanting to ruin it in the heat of the moment, and paused, stunned, when he realized she was wearing absolutely nothing underneath.

His erection was throbbing in his jeans at the thought of her spending the entire evening with him completely bare beneath the thin dress. She really was so perfect for him.

He growled as he kissed his way down her body as she fisted the blanket beneath her. Her eyes flew open as his tongue met her clit. He feasted on her, delighted with the taste of her arousal.

She literally saw stars, millions of them, sparkling in the clear night sky above them. She had to choke back her laughter when she thought about the song that Peter tended to whistle in the shower- "The stars at night are big and bright..."

Her mate was suddenly in front of her, pressing his now-naked body to hers. "Do I get to hear the joke, sugar?"

She snorted again and shook her head, wiggling her hips so that his cock was pressing against her opening. He took the hint and pushed his way in, wrapping his arms around her as they joined together. "Sorry, baby. The stars distracted me a bit."

His eyes darkened and he growled again as he pushed one of her knees back to open her up wider for him. He pressed deeper into her, silencing all her thoughts save one- him. Laid out before him, lost in the intense pleasure of their love-making, she reached up and tangled her hands in her own hair, helpless to do anything but hang on and enjoy the ride.

Peter was hanging on by a thread as they moved together, and he sat back a bit to pull her up onto his lap, allowing her to grind her clit against his pelvis. They wrapped their arms around each other, clinging tightly to their one constant in this endless eternity.

He covered her cries with his kiss and followed her release quickly with his own. His large hands softly stroked her back and he finally nudged her cheek with his nose to get her to look up. "Bella? Iz, was that a yes?"

She collapsed into giggles as she realized she never answered his proposal. She nodded vigorously and gifted him a gleaming smile. With one more kiss she leaned over to whisper the answer she felt so enthusiastically in her heart.