The Going Merry lay at rest in the calm relaxed ocean as the stunning stars shined above. It was the first stable wind that had occurred in a few days especially in comparison to last night's storm which had kept everyone up and working to control the ship. Despite the sea's relaxed state, giving permission for the Straw-hat pirates too sleep, two members of the crew were still wide awake.

The swordsman Zoro lay awake with his hands stretched high behind his moss green hair. It was a Wednesday and therefore his night to stand watch and protect the ship whilst the the rest of the crew got their 'well-deserved' beauty rest as Nami had clearly pointed out to him before he took over the position as they went to sleep. However despite his love for sleep, he didn't mind due to being able to train to his heart's extent with his swords without any distractions or disruptions from the rest of the Crew, mainly his disruptive hyperactive captain Luffy. He let out a sly smile and began to lift a rather large heavy rock with ease. No doubt Chopper would criticise him for training to hard again in the morning when his muscles ache as they did almost ever Thursday morning.

The other Straw-hat pirate that lay awake was Nico Robin. Her raven black hair flowed past her shoulders as she sat propped up with a pillow resting behind her lower back. She had just finished another interesting book on ruins and knew she wouldn't be able to fall asleep anytime soon as she was still wide awake. Climbing out of her bed she made her way out onto the deck of the ship. The little wind there was still sent a painful chill in the air and she found herself shivering whilst admiring the beautiful gloss of the stars.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Mr Swordsman high up in the Crow's nest lifting what appeared to be a rather large rock. She smiled slightly to herself thinking of Chopper's reaction if he had been the one to see this sight. Robin delicately stepped towards the ladder and began to climb. The top of her black raven hair peaked through into the crow's nest when she heard the thud of the rock being dropped. "Robin, why are you not asleep?" She was met face to face with the narrowed eye swordsman. She shrugged keeping her usual perfectly straight face. "I thought I'd give you some company, sorry, have I interrupted you Mr Swordsman?" She said as she stood on the crows nest in her short night dress.

"No, it's fine.." Zoro mumbled as he unconsciously looked her up and down. Robin was wearing some of her revealing nightdresses that sent Shitty Cook Sanji away with nosebleeds whenever she dared to wear them to breakfast. Zoro's eyes lingered on her breasts and shook his head. 'At this rate I'll be just as perverted as Shitty Cook' His eyes darted away from her clevage and he thanked himself she hadn't noticed.

Infact, Robin had noticed but instead decided not to mention it. She watched as Zoro began to lift the stone again, although they weren't speaking she enjoyed his company. After a while Robin began to shiver as the wind picked up slightly, she kept it quiet as she didn't want to move, she was enjoying the peace with Zoro too much. Zoro glanced at her abruptly and placed the stone down. To his own surprise and Robin's he took of his cloak and handed it to her, "Wear it. Can't afford you getting cold now can we?" He slyly smiled at her before beginning training again. Robin put it on and wrapped it round. "Thank you Mr Swordsman.." She whispered.

'I'm surprised she isn't bored sitting next to me doing nothing.' He couldn't help thinking, he was finding it increasingly difficult to make conversation with her as he couldn't tell what she was thinking. "Haven't you got a book to read?" Zoro asked Robin trying to make small talk although realizing he must've sounded quite blunt. Robin smiled politely at him, "I've just finished it, actually, that's why I came out here in the first place and then I noticed you training so I came to say hello." Zoro nodded, "Was it a good book?" 'Zoro isn't usually interested in books, I don't even think he's read a book in his life'' Robin thought and then nodded. "It was interesting, not much too learn in it that I didn't know already though." She stated and Zoro nodded with understanding.

After their conversation Zoro went back to training and they both sat in an awkward silence. Robin stared at the bright twinking stars above before she felt her eyes beginning to droop and gently closed her eyes. Beside her, Zoro noticed her breathing change and glanced her way to find her asleep. He couldn't help but smile in admiration. 'She looks adorable, wait.. What am I thinking?' He scowled to himself and poked her. Her eyes fluttered open revealing tired piercing blue eyes. "You should probably get to bed." He stated, she nodded feeling like she had out stayed her welcome and began to take his cloak off. "It's fine.. Return it tomorrow." Zoro said before looking away from her. She smiled gratefully at the back of his head, "Thank you. Goodnight Swordsman." She said before disappearing down the ladder. Zoro sighed deeply putting his face into the palm of his hands. 'I have to get my feelings towards Robin controlled, I can't afford any distractions in the way of my dream.'

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ. .Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Robin awoke snuggled into Zoro's green cloak tightly. Last night had been the only night in weeks where she hadn't had the same continous nightmare. She hadn't spoken about this nightmare with any of the crew as she didn't want to express worry upon them. She couldn't help but feel as safe and comforted as she had after Zoro had protected her after Eneru's shocking lightning bolt attack.

Releasing her grasp on the cloak, Robin sighed sliding out from her bed and leaving the cloak mixed up with her blankets. She changed quickly into her mini skirt and crop top and placed her cowboy hat on her head. She stared back at her own reflection in the mirror and subconciously contemplated her appearance. At that moment, Nami strolled into the room with her hair wrapped in a towel. She grinned sneakily at Robin, "So, I saw you was hugging a certain someone's cloak when you was sleeping." Nami stated as she sat down on her own bed. Robin used tres fleur to pull the cover across the bed hiding the cloak within. Turning to Nami, "I don't know what you're talking about." Nami smiled, glancing over at Robin's bed. "I know it's under the cover." She stated laughing and Robin couldn't help but also let a giggle escalate from her lips.

Leaving their shared bedroom, the girls made their way to the Kitchen where Sanji was busy preparing the food for the Straw Hats. As they entered, he swung round love hearts protruding from his eye sockets. "Good morning my two lovely ladies! I'm just preparing your lovingly made breakfasts, and your carefully made coffee is waiting for you at the table." Both Nami and Robin smiled politely at him and sat themselves opposite each other on the table. Pouring a glass of coffee for themselves they waited for the others to finally enter the kitchen.

It wasn't long until the kitchen was full of shouts from their captain Luffy, who sat at the head of the table, demanding food from Sanji. "Wait, goddammit Luffy, do you want to get food poisoning from under cooked meat?" Luffy's eyes widened, "Meat!" He shouted, his eyes popping out from his eyes. Sanji rolled his eyes hitting Luffy on the head before turning back to the saucepan on the cooker to stir the food. Robin couldn't help but chuckle as she took a sip of her coffee, her eyes glanced towards the door as Zoro, Chopper and Ussop entered together.

Sanji served the bacon and eggs onto plates and brought them too the table. Both Nami's and Robin's breakfast was accompanied by a flower, "A flower for my beautiful ladies." Sanji gushed at the two which received a grunt from Zoro. "Got something to say marimo?" Sanji narrowed his eyes towards them. "Yeah, shut up shitty cook." This continued for several minutes before Nami stood up and banged their heads together. "Shut up or your debt will be doubled, and that's for the both of you!" She growled. "Now I'm going to go check the sea and see if there's any sign of land."

Nami left the kitchen and leaned over the barrier that surrounded the ship, the sun burned on the back of her neck and she glanced down at the log pose strapped to her wrist. "That's strange," She whispered aloud, "I could've sworn it was facing differently yesterday.."

Luffy appeared at the door of the kitchen. "Nami, is something wrong?" His face was stuffed and so what he said came out more like a murmur. "Aheh, Luffy.. We have a problem. The log pose has changed." She turned around to face him and Luffy swallowed. "Where to?" He joined her at the side stretching his head out whilst holding onto the barrier with his rubbery hands. "I can't see no land."

Nami glanced back down at the log pose strapped to her wrist to see it now spinning. She shook it to see what was wrong with it. "I have no idea where we're heading towards and the log pose seems to be broke and spinning round like a magnets on it." Ussop had now made his way to standing next to them and pulled his binocular goggles down on to his eyes adjusting them. "Isn't that land there?" He pointed outwards to a distant shadow.

Nami and Luffy peered at it. It certaintly looked like the shape of land but only time would tell. "I better go draw up the calculations for what we need to refill our stock with." Nami said heading towards the direction of the bedroom.

Robin leaned over the barrier whilst everyone was preparing to dock at the land ahead, staring blankly at the shape. It looked so familiar but she couldn't put her finger on it at that second. The heat was forming a wet substance between her hands and the barrier so she let go and turned to face footsteps that she heard behind her. "Mr Swordsman." She said politely and he nodded, "Robin." He leaned over the barrier as she had done minutes before.

Robin and Zoro stayed that way for a few minutes before Robin lightly gasped as the Island became more viewable. "That's Alabasta." She stated turning to Zoro who glanced her way before looking back at the land they was closing into. "What, how can it be? Are you sure?" He said. 'Well it would make sense, I have only witnessed this kind of heat in Alabasta, but surely, there's bound to be more desert islands across the Grand line? There must be a possible explanation for this.." He thought, sweat dripping from his forehead.

"Miss Navigator, "Robin called loudly before Nami appeared from a doorway that led to the bedrooms on the ship. Nami looked directly at the land, "We're nearly there then!" She grinned and rattled a small tate bag full of berrys. "Nami, the thing is though, that's Alabasta I'm sure of it." Robin said, keeping a straight face she stared at Nami.

"Oh my god.." Nami breathed matching the surroundings up with the pictures and memories of the coastlines of Alabasta she had jotted down. "You're right, no mistake, this is Alabasta.. But how on earth did we end up back here?"

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ. .Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Author's Notes:

- In this fanfiction Robin will be seventeen just so the plot makes more sense in the long run.

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