AN: got a new tablet, got bored during a car trip and decided I wanted to try my hand at romance/smut writing. Let me tell you, it's not easy to type with a touchscreen. Not sure if I'll actually write anything explicit, but I guess I'll find out . For once this is meant to be a rather short piece rather than one of my endless ideas, I'm hoping to actually finish a story for once before I lose interest or run out of free time/ideas/motivation.

The first sensation that came back to Ino was that of warmth and comfort. The sluggish firing of her pre-awake neurons was not capable of registering anything but physical sensations at the moment, and what she felt was a bone deep weariness. The type of exhaustion that comes from having pushed the body well past its physical limitations, a familiar friend to most shinobi, but oddly enough Ino felt rather content. It was the same feeling of having become aware of being awake on a cold winter morning where even without stepping out of bed you knew it was freezing cold, but you also knew you didn't have anywhere to go or anything to do so you could just snuggle deeper into your covers. And snuggle closer to her source of warmth she did, squirming closer to the strong pair of arms draped around her body.

There was a momentary pause as her mind finally processed her own observations. Slowly she cracked an eye open to take in her surroundings. The first most notable thing was the fact that she was most definitely not in her own room. The second being that the room she was in was trashed. Items and nick nacks were scattered around the room as were a number of articles of clothing many of which were recognizably hers. Oh yes, the dark lacy panties strung over the chair was definitely hers.

A wooden chair near the window letting in the beams of sunlight through the closed drapes had been tipped over and the drawers to a standing dresser had been pulled out and even torn out in one case. A desk stood neatly in a corner, the stationary that it held scattered across the floor as if someone had swept the tabletop in a hasty desire to clear it, and a dark beanbag chair lay ripped open with its fillings spilling out from its guts in a foamy mess. The mattress of the bed was half hanging off the frame a little ways from where her blanketed foot lay, but most distracting was the feeling of someone else's bare legs pressed up against hers.

'Oh look,' she ideally thought, 'I think those are condoms'

In fact there were quite a few of the condemning little plastic rubbers scattered around and across the floor, winking back innocently at her in silent testament to her activities the night before. Shifting her body so she could pull back and take a look at who she had apparently decided to lose her virginity to on a whim, she was rewarded with a grunt before she could sneak a peek at her bedmate.

Turning her head and looking up, she was rewarded with a pair of blue eyes gazing blearily back at hers. She opened her mouth to say something, anything, but nothing came out as she stared back at her former rival's teammate.

While Naruto had never been particularly bad looking, he wasn't exactly going to win any beauty pageants when he was younger, his most distinguishing feature being those deep soulful eyes of his. But that had quickly changed after his little three year stint off in the world with Jiraiya, the boy had returned home quite the man and had become the talk of the women in the village. Whispers and giggles followed the clueless blonde around wherever he went, hungry eyes eating up his backside as he walked. Even Sakura whom everyone was pretty sure was still absolutely hung up over the treacherous Uchiha could be seen eyeing the blonde whenever she thought no one would notice, which amusingly enough quite a few people didn't fail to notice.

The irresistible baby blue eyes that had trapped Ino's own gaze held a warmth and amusement to them that should have been pissing her off to no end seeing the circumstances of how they had apparently gotten together, but she just couldn't bring herself to break away from the feeling of utter satisfaction coursing through her body at the moment.

"Hi." His morning voice was a deeper husk than his usual rough timber, sending a shiver down Ino's spine as she felt her skin break out into gooseflesh from his tone.

"Hi." She returned with a quirk of her lips.

His eyes finally released hers to gaze around the room, his eyebrows shooting upwards much to her amusement. Naruto pushed his upper body up to get a better look, taking Ino up with him slightly as she had been resting lazily against his rather well defined chest. Finally he looked back down, meeting her gaze with a sheepish smile.

"Some night huh?" he asked.

Unable to force her widening smile into a scowl she really felt should be directed at the man responsible for taking her virginity, Ino blew a stray stand of hair from her bangs out of her face.

"Some night," she replied through half lidded eyes. "We should probably talk Naruto."

"Why don't you go take a shower while I clean up and make us," here he paused to take a look at the alarm clock on the bedside, "err lunch apparently."


Ino sat up and rolled off her blonde companion, taking the thin bed sheets with her to cover her body. The curvy blonde took a moment to cast an appreciative gaze at her friend's exposed body, but she felt her eyes widen as her sight seeing strayed below his waist. While she had seen diagrams and videos of what the male organ was supposed to look like erect, she had never seen it in person before, and certainly they had never been quite that…big.

Naruto flushed with embarrassment at his saluting member, unsure of exactly what he was supposed to do. It certainly wasn't his first time sleeping with a woman, but this was the first time he'd done it after being black out drunk and with a friend no less.

"On second thought, why don't I use the bathroom first?" he mumbled as he stood up.

Ino burst into a fit of giggles that she failed to cover up with her hand at the rather large throbbing protrusion waving about in her face. "Yeah, you look like you could use a cold shower or two."

Flushing slightly, the blonde male hurried on to the bathroom, unaware of the pair of teal eyes glued to his firm buttocks.

"Oh Ino," the blonde teen murmured to herself as she heard the shower turn on. "What have you gotten yourself into girl?"