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Amichee's was a popular hangout for young shinobi who weren't quite elite enough to get into the jounin and Anbu exclusive bars, but were skilled enough to be recognized as the next up and coming generation of ninja who would one day rise to protect their village. The atmosphere to the bar was warm if not a bit dark, but then people of their profession tended to like it darker than most. The soft ambient background music was just loud enough to be soothing, but not so loud that it was distracting. A simple noise to be tuned out by the patrons that frequented the popular watering hole, but it did its job of masking away conversations to make eavesdropping more difficult.

There were dozens of tables that were scattered across the center of the relatively large room, strategically placed so that no one group had to feel completely exposed to another thanks to some handy wooden dividers. Lined up along the walls was the bar table with dozens upon dozens of stools for those who wished to drink away their misery alone, the racks furthest against the wall filled with rows upon rows of alcoholic beverages of all sorts from across the continent.

The slow moving ceiling fans often were not enough to help push the humidity caused by the large crowds of shinobi who frequented Amichee's at night, but nobody seemed to particularly mind the slight discomfort. For those who did, the company of friends was enough to divert them from the small distraction.

There was a stairwell that led up to a partial second floor. Where the center tiles should have been there were none, cut out so that the ground level was exposed. Along the walls of the second floor was a small walkway that heralded a dozen or so shinobi leaning up against the railings having a smoke and observing the crowd milling below. But of interest to most was the number of closed doors that led to the more private rooms clients could rent out should they feel a need for more solitude and could afford the expensive hourly fees in exchange for their privacy.

Room 4C was one that was frequented by many shinobi, though perhaps none as often as its current inhabitants. Though their group was not as of yet complete, just having Tenten, Temari and Hinata in the enclosed space was enough to produce a noise level most associated with an out of control party. The funny thing being that the alcohol had yet to be touched.

"Seriously Hinata?" jeered Tenten. "You've been dating the poor boy for almost two years now; you really should put out and reward him for his efforts!"

The red faced Hyuuga heiress poked her forefingers together in a rapid beat, a habit she had yet to break when she was nervous or faced with a particularly distressing situation that didn't involve life threatening circumstances.

"N-not every rela-ationship has to be about s-sex Ten-chan," admonished the lavender eyed girl.

It had been a surprise to everyone when shy Hinata who had a painfully obvious crush the size of the hokage monument on their resident blond knucklehead had gone and agreed to go out with Chouji of all people. More surprising was perhaps the fact that two years later the two were quite happily going steady to the approval of both their clans.

"Is that what he tells you," teased the kunoichi hailing from Suna with a leer. "Cause that's not what he's thinking with the way you look."

Hinata gave a squeak of distress as she folded her arms across her rather ample chest. Out of all the girls of their group Hinata had always had the distinct lead in body shape. Over the years that lead had just simply widened to the point where the desire of overtaking her had changed to hopes of simply getting anywhere near her. While the heiress tried desperately to hide her womanly shape behind baggy clothing and even resorted to wearing a parka in the middle of summer, there was just no hiding her definition. Or as Kiba often put it, Kami didn't grace her with such a figure to be hidden.

"Seriously Hinata-chan, you should just let the poor boy have a taste. Maybe then he'll find an appetite for something other than food."

"I ha-ave let him ha-ave a taste!" Hinata shot back defiantly, her face color matching that of a tomato.

Both the other occupants of the room sat up straighter at her nervous declaration, eyes alight with interest. Hinata was the only one out of all of them who had a steady boyfriend, yet she remained tight lipped about anything the couple got up to. A rare opportunity to grill the girl had just unexpectedly presented itself.

"Oh yeah when was this?"

"How far did you two go?"

The two questions came together at the same time and Hinata seemed to wilt under the weight of their words. She opened her mouth to stutter out some defensive reply, but was interrupted with the slamming of the door.

The occupants in the room all jumped and turned to stare at the heavily breathing pink haired apprentice of the Godaime Hokage. Her short hair was windswept and disheveled, as if she had been sprinting at high speeds. The light sheen of sweat only added to her appearance of having rushed to get here.

"Whoa whoa, where's the fire?" demanded Temari.

Sakura was the more level headed one in their group, and anything that had her sprinting her ass off probably meant troubling news.

"Where's Ino?" panted Sakura as she collapsed onto the space next to Hinata. "Did she get here yet?!"

Accepting an offered glass of water from HInata gratefully, Sakura proceeded to chug it down in one go. Polishing off the water, she stuck the cup back out for another refill.

"Ino?" asked Tenten eyeing the pinkete curiously. "She hasn't gotten here yet. Did something happen?"

"Yes!" shrieked the only girl of team seven, ignoring her refilled glass. "She came in requesting the morning after pill today!"

Hinata who had been taking a sip of water from her own cup to calm her nerves after having narrowly escaped her own private interrogation session sprayed the contents of her mouth out in shock. Temari having seated herself right across from the heiress gave a shrieked curse of surprise at the unexpected shower.

"What the hell!"

"Wha-wha… what?!"

"HA I knew it!"

The last triumphant cry came from Tenten drawing odd stares from the other occupants in the room. The weapon mistress turned her Cheshire grin at her rival from Suna and thrust her palm out, face up.

"What did I tell you Temari? Pay up girl!"

The fan user groaned and slammed her head on the table with a dull wet thump where skull met wood.

"God damn it Ino!" she moaned.

"What? What are you guys talking about?" demanded Sakura in confusion, her eyes darting between the two women.

"We had a bet going," elaborated Tenten while making a V sign with her left hand. "Whether Miss I'm going to stay a virgin until I marry my man will really be able to go through with it."

The disciple of Gai prodded the still facedown Temari using her free hand, a gleeful smile adorning her face. "Temari here thought she could do it, I thought she couldn't. We put down an A rank missions worth of pay on the line to see who would be right. Guess who's suddenly a whole lot richer?"

"That whore!" growled Temari as she reached into her purse to pull out the bills needed to honor her bet.

"Do w-we kno-ow him?" asked a curious Hinata who had finally recovered from the unexpected news.

"I don't know!" moaned Sakura. "She wouldn't say! She'll tell us what happened tonight she said!"

Tenten licked her finger and began to gleefully count away at the wad of bills Temari had forked over, her eyes practically gleaming with greed and satisfaction.

"Who cares who it was," grumbled Temari as she poured herself a saucer of the sake. Normally they waited until everyone was present to begin serving and drinking, but after having just lost about a month's worth of income because of Ino, Temari wasn't feeling particularly charitable to her fellow blonde.

"But guys this was her first time!" exclaimed Sakura with worry coloring her tone. "She wasn't dating anyone, so it was probably with someone she didn't even really care all that much about! She must be devastated."

"So she finally boinked a guy," snorted Tenten after pocketing the cash and helping herself to a saucer of alcohol as well. "It's nothing that special. If it really was her first time it probably wasn't even all that fun, especially if the guy was a virgin too."

"That's not the point!" growled Sakura.

"There is no point!" Tenten shot back with a roll of her eyes. "Not everyone thinks sex is special like you rookie nine girls. It's just an itch that needs scratching. And Ino finally got it scratched. Good for her."

"Tenten!" hissed Sakura, disapproval fierce in her eyes.

"Come on Haruno," grumbled Temari as she served the remaining two girls. The kunoichi from Suna tended to revert to surnames when she was annoyed with people. "I'm the one who's from the prudish society that frowns on anything even remotely sexual in nature, and I'm telling you, it's not that big of a deal."

"It's not that simple!" insisted Sakura with an angry shake of her head.

The pink haired girl glared around the table, but only saw defiance from the older girls and a desperate avoidance of eye contact from Hinata. She opened her mouth to reiterate the point that the psychological consequences for Ino might be much harder to brush off than for Temari and Tenten who had a much more casual approach to the act of copulation.

But before the words could properly formulate and leave her mouth, the doorway slid open once more to reveal the rather disheveled looking girl they had been discussing. The normally fashion conscious Yamanaka was wearing clothing that was slightly rumpled looking, hinting that perhaps she had not changed at all, and her hair while brushed did not have its usual glossy sheen.

"Cheers to popping your cherry!" toasted Tenten, getting an eye roll from Ino as she sealed the entryway.

"Geez tell the world why don't you?" the Yamanka growled as she took a seat closest to the door. "And pour me a damn drink will you?"

Hinata carefully filled her friend's saucer of sake and handed it over to the blonde who promptly knocked it back in one shot.

"So who was it?" demanded Tenten eagerly with an impish glint in her eyes. "Anyone we know?"

"Tenten!" shouted Sakura with a glare. "That's enough! Ino don't listen to her, you don't need to tell us anything. We're here for you."

The blonde in question mumbled something under her breath and waggled her empty saucer at Hinata. There was a slightly distant look in her eyes that made the girls share a glance of worry.

"Hey Ino," said the weapons mistress carefully, "it was consented right?"

Both Hinata and Sakura gasped as they looked at their friend in horror, and even Temari had pulled herself out of her funk over losing money enough to cast a concerned gaze at the younger blonde.

"Yeah," Ino said after a lengthy pause. "We were both drunk out of our minds, but yeah it was consented on my part."

The tension left the room somewhat though not entirely given the mood Ino was still in.

"So what's wrong Ino?" asked Temari. "He bad in bed or something?"

The other girls all watched with interest as Ino blushed profusely and stuttered out something that couldn't be understood. After a few moments the Yamanaka gave up and snatched the bottle of sake from Hinata to give herself a refill, avoiding looking anyone in the eye.

"Well," drawled Tenten with a grin, "that answers that. So what's cutting you up Blondie?"

Again Ino mumbled something incoherent, and the other girls exchanged confused looks.

"Come again?" said Sakura.

"I said he wants to try for a real relationship," grounded out Ino with a heavy glare at her sake saucer as if the poor cup was the source of all her frustrations.

"Oh, we-ell, tha-at's a good thi-ing right?" asked Hinata hopefully. Given Ino's sour expression, it obviously was not, but someone had to be the optimist and Hinata was the least likely to get slapped down for it.

"Yes! No! I don't know," groaned Ino burying her face in her arms. "That's what's got me so confused! I mean I know the guy but I've never really thought of him that way before! He's a sweet guy, but just never to me! I don't know. I don't like him, but I could like him. And he seems to like me! Maybe I want to like him! Or maybe that's the great sex talking! I don't know! This is all his fault! ARRGh!"

It seems once she started talking Ino broke down into an incoherent mess of words that gave away all her inner turmoil. It was a good thing they had rented out their own room. Having Ino scream and pull at her own hair probably would have gotten them thrown out eventually. The only questions would have been whether the Anbu with the straightjacket would come before or after they were booted out of the building.

"Wait so if you know him, does that mean we know him?" asked Temari slowly.

"Is it Shika?" cut in Tenten eagerly. That question earned her a glare and a kick under the table from a scowling Temari. The sand kunoichi's budding relationship with the shadow user was best described as lukewarm, though that didn't stop the blonde from being aggressive towards any woman showing an interest in the younger man.

"What?" asked Ino with a look of slight disgust. "Ewww no! Shika's like a brother to me! We grew up together!"

"Yeah so?" asked Tenten.

"Not all of us are open to the thought of sleeping with our teammates," grounded out Sakura with a frosty glare at the bun haired girl. It was common knowledge that team nine was closer than most. Close as in the three members had decided that shared bedroom activity was a good team building exercise. No one wanted to know more beyond that, in fact probably even that little tidbit should be considered TMI.

Tenten shrugged dismissively. "Well you don't know what you're missing out on."

"So who is it?" probed Hinata gently.


There was a collective pause as the room fell into stunned silence. In the momentary stillness, the single ceiling fan in the room buffeting air with its dull wooden blades seemed unnaturally loud.


The collective echoing cry was loud enough that even the outside noise seemed to pause for a moment. No doubt the people downstairs had been distracted by the synchronized screech from room 4C, the supposedly soundproof room.

Tenten was practically rolling on the floor with hysterical laughter, tears leaking down the side of her face while she pointed a finger at Ino while gasping out random words or phrases that really wasn't intelligible in any way. Temari had both her eyebrows up so far towards her hairline she resembled her youngest brother's features as she glanced pensively at her fellow blonde, but most surprising was Hinata who didn't seem too upset about the discovery that her friend had slept with her former crush. The pink hair girl of the group had fallen silent, her eyes unmoving as she stared down at the table, soft words breaking past her lips that was too low for the rest to be heard.,

"I know, I know," moaned Ino. "Look don't touch, but damn if I didn't touch."

Downing another saucer of the belly warming liquid, Ino turned an apologetic look to Hinata. "I'm soooo sorry Hinata, I swear to kami I had no idea what I was doing at the time! Can you ever forgive me?"

The voluptuous heiress simply gave her friend a sad smile of reassurance. "It's al-alright Ino-chan. I've gotten over the fac-ct that Naru-uto-kun and I will never be anything more than friends. I have Chouji now."

Tenten finally managed to regain her seat at the table and had wiped the last of the tears that had streamed down her face. "So tell me Ino-chan, how big was he?"

"Oh my god Tenten!" shrieked Sakura even as Ino flushed a deeper red, "I do not need to hear this!"

Temari chuckled at the flustered blonde from Konoha. "He really is hung like a horse isn't he?"

"Whoa whoa, wait, hold up," shouted Tenten as she made a crossed X shape with her arms. "And how in the hell would you know about the horse like quality of Naruto's cock?"

Temari gave a nonchalant shrug as she took another sip of her saucer. "Naruto and I had a brief fling when he and Jiraiya swung by Suna."

"Wait what?!" shouted Sakura and Ino together in stereo.

"A fling?" demanded Tenten. "When the hell was this and how long did you two go out for? Hell why did you two even go out for? I didn't even know you had an interest in him."

"I was the former Kazekage's daughter, and the current one's sister. You know the guy who just a few years back were regarded as a homicidal maniac who murdered people on a whim? That kinda relation isn't exactly stellar for a girl's love life. Naruto's the only one who didn't give two craps about my background and about the only guy who would stand up to Gaara when it came down to it. Hell yeah I jumped him!"

"You're lying!" accused Tenten. "Yanking our chain, there is no way in hell you and Naruto had gotten together. I refuse to believe that!

The suna noble gave a uncaring shrug. "Believe what you will. Though tell me Ino, does this look familiar?"

Temari pulled up the end of her tight black figure hugging shorts, peeling the clingy material until her creamy thigh was exposed to the air. On the inside half an inch away from the delicate folds of her maidenhood was a small unobtrusive tattoo of a raccoon, stylized in a cartoonish fashion. Ino dropped her head back into her arms with a groan after staring in disbelief.

"What the hell does she mean Ino?" demanded Tenten.

"Naruto's got a matching one on his thigh," mumbled the face down blonde.

"Does Gaara know?" demanded Sakura.

Temari smirked. "He found out eventually."

"Last I checked Naruto and Gaara are still practically best friends…" said Tenten slowly.

The kunoichi from Suna laughed. "Well Gaara approved. I think he was severely disappointed when it turned out neither of us had a long term relationship in mind. Don't think he would have minded having Naruto as a brother-in-law."

Here the older kunoichi broke out into a wistful sigh as she conjured up an image of the current Naruto in her mind's eye. "Maybe I was being a bit short sighted."

Tenten finally shook off her disbelief with a throaty chuckle. "Well seems little Naru-chan's quite the man. With two endorsements like that, I wouldn't mind taking him out for a ride. Too bad it seems he has a thing for blondes. Looks like we never stood a chance Hinata."

Hinata who had remained mostly quiet so far turned and glared at her friend rebelliiously. "He's not just into blondes."

It took a moment for what the shy girl in their group had mumbled to fully sink in.

"No," stuttered Sakura as both blondes in the group gaped at their pale eyed friend. "No, just no. No friggin way. When?!"

"What the hell is this?!" complained Tenten with a scowl. "I thought I was supposed to be the slut in the group? You know, slept with both my teammates?!"

"Hinata," cried a disbelieving Ino, "You're been with Chouji for two years!"

"It was the ni-ight befo-ore he left," mumbled the raven haired Hyuuga, reverting back into her more shy mode as her courage failed her again. "I went to confess to him m-my feelings fearing I would lose him fo-forever otherwise."

"And he took advantage of you?!" demanded Sakura angrily. In her mind she was already preparing to pound her teammates face in. Best friend or not, she wasn't going to let him getting away with coercing Hinata into giving away her virginity like that.

"No," replied Hinata with a faraway look. "He to-old me he ha-had always kn-no-own. But w-we cou-ould never be tog-gether bec-cause of what he was."

"Wait," said Ino slowly, "So you knew all the way back then that he held the Kyuubi?"

The shy heiress nodded an affirmative. "I un-understoo-od finally wh-hy he nev-ver gave me any hope."

"Ok, that's nice and all with all the touchy feely crap," interrupted Tenten impatiently. "But how exactly did this lead to you two making the beast with two backs?"

Again the next in line for the leadership of the Hyuuga clan flushed a deep red, turning her gaze to avoid eye contact with her friends.

"I told hi-im, that if I couldn't ha-ave him for my li-ife, then I wo-ould at least li-ike to have him for one ni-ight."

"And of course being the nice guy he is," grumbled Ino with a sarcastic scowl, "he agreed."

"Is that why you won't let Chouji go all the way? Don't want to be disappointed?" asked a curious Temari. "Cause I know from personal experience that Naruto sets the bar pretty damn high."

"Ok, who has not slept with Naruto here? Raise your hand," demanded Tenten. "Am I the only one? Sakura, have you slept with him too?!"

"No! I-ju-just…what the hell!" shouted the pinkette, face aghast with emotions.

"Ok, now that we've established the fact that Naruto is in fact a man slut," ground out Ino, "that really still doesn't help me answer my question."

"Now hold up that's rather unfair," defended Tenten. "All we've established is that he's slept with you Temari and Hinata, all on separate occasions in a three year interval. That hardly qualifies him to be a man slut!"

"Those three are the only ones that we know of," muttered Sakura darkly, "who knows how many girls he met during his training trip."

"Again, not helping," grumbled Ino with a glower at the thought. "Seriously though, what the hell should I do?"

"I think you should give him a chance," said Temari with a shrug. "He really is a sweet guy, loyal to a fault. A bit clueless, but A for effort where it counts."

"Let me know if you don't want him Ino," said Tenten with mischievous glint in her eyes. "Cause now you've got me all curious. If you're not riding that bronco I'm gonna give a shot at him."

Winking at Sakura, Tenten's smile turned evil. "Come on Sakura, three out of five of us have taken him for a ride. What say we make a group experience we can all share about? You and me can go give Ino's boy toy a night he won't forget!"

Ino glared back at her dark haired friend raising her left hand in a silent one finger salute as a reply, getting a bark of laugh from Tenten even as Sakura shot daggers back with her eyes.

"I th-think tha-at Temari's right," said Hinata, adding her own two cents on the matter

"What do you think Sakura?" asked Ino. "You've known him the longest."

Sakura toyed with her own untouched saucer of sake, staring down into her own reflection in the liquor. A profound sense of sadness radiated from the green eyes that looked back out from the liquid. It was odd really. Back when Naruto had pestered her for a date on a daily basis she had practically dreamed of a day like this when he would finally get a girlfriend and leave her all alone with Sasuke. Though she had come to think of her blonde teammate as a friend by then, she had nonetheless imagined it as one of the happiest days of her life. Now that that the day was here, Sasuke was the furthest thing from her mind.

A tight feeling of jealousy burned in her chest at the thought of Ino being with Naruto, stronger than any feeling she had during the days of rivalry with the blonde over the Uchiha. Sasuke had been a thing to have, the newest latest fashionable hand bag a girl could drag about to watch the envy ooze from the eyes of other girls. Losing Naruto was a blow straight to the gut that made her want to heave bile. When had Naruto's dating life suddenly mattered so much to her?

"Sakura?" prompted Ino warily seeing the stormy expression on her longtime friend's face.

"I don't know," the mednin mumbled at last. "I really don't."

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot," muttered Ino after a long moment. "Besides it's not like I'm in love with the guy. We'd just go out on a few dates, get to know each other a bit more. I bet we're not even all that compatible and it'll fizzle out after a while."

Tenten rolled her eyes as she poured the last of the sake. "Uh, hellooo? Horse cock?"

The Yamanaka flushed and threw her empty saucer at the weapon specialist who easily dodged with a laugh. Somehow that small action broke the tension that had been hanging over the group like an unpleasant fog, and the festive air that was more common to their get-togethers came back in full force. Though they laughed and drank away merrily enough, a certain pink haired kunoichi couldn't quite put all her heart behind the drunken toasts for long years of happiness between the new blonde couple. There surely would be the sounds of many breaking hearts in the village once it became official, though the tinkle and cracking of one in particular could already be heard.

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