(Another exercise! Glow sticks, Pre-dawn, car on the way home. Sam picks up a woman at a rave. Sort of.)

There's an ice-pick hammering into my skull to the beat of dubstep. I mean, we've left the club but it's still hammering there. I don't really care. I'm still really buzzed, and I have this gorgeous woman on my arm. The sky is that hazy shade of purple it gets before the sun comes over the horizon, but that's not what I'm staring at.

No, I'm totally staring at the blue glow of the stick around this woman's neck and how its shading her breasts. She's wearing a tight tank top, and from the angle I have leaning against her I have the most fantastic view.

And her lips. I look at them, then into green eyes as hazy as mine must be. Her hand tangles in my hair as she pulls me against her and she tastes as good as she looks. She yields to my touch and I'd have that top off of her if the cab didn't stop. We stumble out, I pay the cabbie, then resume pawing at her. She's built and lean, but still soft in some places. An athlete and a woman and right now she's making a mewling sound into my throat and I could die happy right now.

She picks me up, suddenly, throwing me over her shoulder. Her hand patpats at my ass and it feels so good that I squirm. My energy starts to return and by the time she gets us inside I could run a marathon. Horizontally. I spank her until she puts me down. Then we're tearing at each other's clothing, leaving a trail to the bedroom.

"Leave the glowbands on," I tell her, my voice raspy. She grins at me and pushes me back onto the bed. In the pre-dawn light, the only thing illuminating her is the glow from the one on her neck, still, and the ones around her wrists. It's super-sexy. Super, duper sexy. But I giggle, and she pauses.


"No! No it's okay. Don't stop, Sweetie."

She lifts my leg up, nipping at my ankle, before her teeth and lips trail along the inside, all the way to my thigh. "We should do this again, Sam."

Lara stops talking, her mouth busy with other things. 'Pretending to be a random rave hook up' night was the best idea, ever.