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Chapter 6:

Jason threw Wendy down onto the bed, her seductive grin spread across his face as he kissed his way along her body... her moans soft coursed through his ears, the spell Adam cast on the town had managed to keep a firm hold of him and soon he was losing complete control over his own body to the hunger rising inside him.

Wendy grinded her hips against the rock hardness in his pants and he groaned in pleasure but soon his magic was fighting back against the spell, as much as he wanted Wendy… he hungered for her but not this way, he was not going to take advantage of her while they were sexed up and out of control.

Using a light spell Jason had sent Wendy into deep sleep before leaving, placing a force field on the door he turned away breathing heavier as he began to follow the trail of Adam towards the empty field.

Adam stood in the entire of a fiery circle chanting his spell over and over again, the ground rumbled beneath his feet as the surface shifted slowly before him.

"ADAM!" Jason yelled.

"Urgh this is getting tiresome" Adam sighed silently.

"Stop this madness now!" Jason walked closer to the circle.

"Stay right where you are" the familiar voice came from behind him.

Jason froze as he turned to face Anna who was smirking victoriously.

"Anna" Jason whispered not believing what had happened "You released him"

"You catch on quick" she replied.

"Why… you saw the damage he did!" Jason hoped to understand the reason.

"He's my sweet prince" she kissed Adam's cheek.

Jason's eyes widened in shock "you and Adam!" he said non-believingly.

"Why… we're no different than you and that Wendy" she replied in Adam's arms.

"Wendy and me would never go as far as destroying a town" Jason points behind him to the remains of the burning town down the hill from them.

"Maybe not but you are in love with her" she replied.

Jason failed to reply as he thought to all the times him and Wendy had been together and she was right, he was in love with her.

"I will have to introduce myself to the Lovely Beauchamp family before we leave" Adam announced loudly with a sickening grin that made Jason's heart and sour roar with anger.

"Over… my… dead… Body" Jason growled out, He readied himself as Anna and Adam did the same, '2 against 1… it is an even fight' Jason thought to himself as he deflected their first plasma bolt attacks with a force field… he retaliated by blasting Anna with a lightning bolt to the heart sending her flying back.

"Anna!" Adam yelled as he watched her fall to the ground before he started firing his fire bolts at Jason who ducked, dived and blocked with an energy barrier.

Anna got back to her feet and sent a barrage of plasma bolts into Jason's energy barrier which was slowly depleting… Jason was not going to last, Adam blasted the energy barrier with a heavy bolt obliterating it and Anna sent a plasma bolt into Jason's chest sending him flipping over and crashing face first into the ground.

Anna and Adam readied their finishing plasma bolts as Jason lay their waiting for them to finish him, without warning though Adam and Anna were sent flying backwards and the circle of fire was extinguished.

Jason looked up and he smiled at the sight before him, their before him was Wendy, Ingrid, Joanna and Freya… their clothes messed and their hair frizzled.

Joanna smirked "You're getting slow"

Wendy giggled as she joined in on the teasing "Hmm maybe that's why he can't keep up with me anymore"

Jason got to his feet with new found strength "Just you wait Wendy, I'll show you who can't keep up with who" he turned to Adam and Anna "I used to have a rule Brother… 'forever Alone'" he remembered the rule perfectly cause it was the one he had not broken… until now "Consider this a new Rule 'I am no longer alone… for I stand with them'" he motioned to the Beauchamp woman on either side of him.

Anna and Adam looked in horror "No… Please brother, I can't go back" Adam begged.

"You're not going back" Jason announced and began to form a bigger plasma bolt than ever seen before… Anna wrapped her arms around Adam and cried "Don't take him from me" she begged "I won't cause you're going with him" he blasted the Plasma bolt at them and with a loud explosion Adam and Anna were incinerated in the blast Zone.

Jason smiled and turned to the Beauchamp family who were smiling at him, the spell had worn off but the town was still damaged.

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