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"Welcome to Konohagakure Boarding Academy, where some of the most troubled and misbehaved teenagers are sent for rehabilitation. However, the school was much different on the inside… The dorms were crowded with misunderstood kids with vibrant personalities. It was an entirely different world. And today, I became apart of that world.

Introduction: Move In Day

My second year was my last at Konoha Public High School. My step mother claimed that she wasn't able to handle my temper any longer. She even sentenced her own biological son to the same boarding school for his supposed "overly stoic and coldhearted" personality. I had heard that she cried to the headmaster of the boarding school, begging to take Neji and I in. Of course the headmaster agreed to accepting us into the school.

"Do you think mom will let us come back after a year?" I asked my half-brother who sat beside me on the bus. He removed one earbud and asked me to repeat the question. "I don't know," was his answer, "and frankly, I don't care." Neji was always like that. He kept to himself and had little friends. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing— it was just rare to see in a hormonal sixteen-year-old boy.

Our bus finally came into view of the facility that we were to call home for the next year, at least. As Justin Timberlake blasted through my eardrums, I spotted the sign that said Konohagakure Boarding Academy. The campus was huge! Towers nearly reached the tops of the pine trees that surrounded the area. Dorms were located across the streets of the school buildings, much like a university campus. The buildings were all nice and well taken care of; they were adorned in tan stones and topped with burnt orange roof tiles. Above the arches of each dorm was a name etched in black kanji. I looked over my shoulder to where Neji sat slumped against the bus window. He stared absently at the school buildings that were even bigger than the dorms and had large windows and arches. Cement sidewalks and fountains decorated the exterior. I could only imagine what the inside looked like.

"First stop— Mist Hall." The bus came to a complete stop as the driver spoke. Soon enough, other kids took out small slips of paper and bustled around to see if that was the name of their new residence. "Amu," Neji tugged gently on my shirt, "what's our dorm called?" I fumbled with my sweatshirt's pockets. My fingers searched every pocket on my person before I looked back to Neji in alarm. "Shit… I think I lost it…" I said slowly. Neji's expression went from anger to exasperation as he turned back to the window.

"Onee-chan," I heard a familiar voice from behind me. Both Neji and I spun in our seats to find a familiarly shy girl with lavender hair looking down at us. "Hinata!" I gasped. "What are you doing here?" Neji asked in slight disbelief. The younger girl hung her head in shame. "Father sent me here b-because I'm too w-weak…" she muttered. Suddenly, Hinata handed me a small slip of paper with the words 'Leaf Hall Residence' written on it. "We are all in the s-same dorm," she explained somewhat cheerfully. I offered her a small smile in return, "cool."

"Second stop— Leaf Hall." I took a breath. This was it. I swung my arm to the side to snap Neji out of his trance, with which I received a menacing glare in return. Hinata, Neji, and I got off the bus with a few other boys and one other girl and waited in a long line to retrieve our luggage.

"Uchiha Shisui," the driver called out, two huge duffel bags in his hands. "Uchiha Shisui?"

Suddenly, a frantic boy who looked to be about my age came stumbling through the small crowd. "Whoa, excuse me!" he shouted as he barreled through. As I felt the boy push through, he seemed to subconsciously grab my arm and pushed it across my body, twisting it into an uncomfortable position. "Oww, hey!" I screamed, grabbing his wrist and pulling his hand off of me. "You're hurting me, asshole!" He seemed taken aback at my sudden outburst. Well, there goes making friends. Hurt was evident in his eyes as he took a step back from me. "Oh jeez… I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! Are you okay?" he reached out to touch the arm that he had hurt, but I quickly retracted it and stepped back. "Don't touch me!" I hissed, backing up into my brother behind me.

"Uchiha Shisui!" That driver sounded pissed now. Shisui looked at him and then back at me. "Look, I'm really sorry. My name's Uchiha Shisui, a third-year. If you need anything, I'm in room 543 on the fifth floor. I hope your arm feels better." And with that, the strange boy rushed to the driver, took his things, and hustled to the doorway where another boy was impatiently waiting to meet him.

"Hyuuga Amu," the driver called, and I silently pushed my own way through the crowd of students. "G-good luck, onee-chan," I heard Hinata call behind me. "Hm," was my nonchalant response as I took the plethora of bags and started toward the doorway.

The number next to my name was 507, which meant that my room was the seventh door on the fifth floor. That stupid guy is on the fifth floor too, but his is the forty third door… I don't really know why I bothered to remember that, but I braced myself and looked up towards the staircase. "Five goddamn flights of stairs," I muttered in frustration. I hitched my peach book bag onto my back and had all three of my suitcases in my hand. And with that, I braved the physical challenge of climbing stairs.

By the time I reached the third flight, I was panting hard. I imagined that my makeup was running from all the sweat on my face. I set down my suitcases and looked up, taking a break from the physical exertion. "DATTEBAYO!" My head snapped up and my eye shot wide open at the obnoxious outburst that rang throughout the stairwell. Following the yelling was the sound of a stampede of fucking boars down the stairs and I suddenly felt frozen where I stood. Well… shit.


The next thing I knew, I was falling head over heels down the second staircase and knocked my head against the hard wood of the wall. I barely regained myself when I could see a huge blob of something orange falling after me and knocked me down the other flight of stairs too. ISN'T THIS JUST MY FUCKING DAY. I felt myself hit against the hard cement of the ground of the first floor and I had crashed into something much softer than another wall. A series of "omfs" and "ughs" escaped the mouths of everyone as we tumbled downstairs.

"Owwww," I heard a boy complain. As my vision returned to somewhat clear, I could make out a blonde boy with whisker tattoos on both cheeks rubbing the back of his head with his hands. Beneath him was another boy about his age with midnight blue hair that oddly resembled a duck's ass. The boy on the bottom was giving the blonde a deathly glare with coal black eyes, and forcefully removed him from his person. "What the hell, dobe?!" he snapped. "Sorry teme! I accidentally fell down the stairs again!"

This time, I became aware that the soft something that I had landed on was another human being. As I looked down, my nervous gaze was met with a glare similar to the one that the 'bastard' had given the blonde. I noticed that it was the same boy who had met that annoying kid, Shisui, in front of the dorm earlier. He had soft, long midnight black hair that seemed to be tied into a low ponytail, a black shirt, jeans, and deep black eyes. I could also see prominent tear ducts that seemed to make him look older than he actually was. Besides that, I felt offended that he was glaring at me for something that I didn't do, so I felt the need to return that glare with one of equal fever.

"Look, I would really appreciate it if you'd get off of me," he finally spoke. His voice was like a deep velvet sort of tone that would make any girl melt. Well, any girl except me. "Gladly," I muttered as I rose to my feet. As I shifted my weight to my feet, I felt a sharp and quick pain that seared through my calf and I fell backwards again. "Ahh!" I cried out, grabbing my leg. I fell backwards again, but this time, into a pair of arms.

"Again? Am I that irresistible?" the boy smirked as he caught me. I only held my leg tighter in pain. "Itachi, the hell are you doing?" the boy with duck ass hair spoke from the other side of the room. I watched as the blonde boy rushed up to me and inspected my leg himself. "Oh jeez! I'm so so sorry about that! I didn't see you when I was running downstairs!" he scrambled his apology, and poked his finger to my calf underneath my yoga pants. The duck ass hair boy seemed to roll his eyes as if to say 'no shit'. "I think her leg's broken, dobe."

"Shit," the blonde muttered, and took my arm from Itachi. Together, the two boys helped me stand on both of my feet. "I've never seen you before. Are you a new student?" duck ass asked me. "Yeah," I replied with a wince of pain. I leaned more on the blonde's shoulder, since my other leg was the broken one. "Hn," was all duck ass said. "What's your name?" duck ass's brother asked, letting me lean completely on the blonde. "Amu… Hyuuga Amu," I answered automatically. I set my foot back down on the floor and allowed myself to just take the full brunt of the pain. "I'm fine now, thanks."

"B-but your leg!" the blonde cried.

"I'm fine. I can walk on my own."

"No human person can be 'fine' walking on a broken leg."

"Yeah, you're so little you look like you'd just break."

That one struck me. I turned my head to look at duck ass, who had been the last to speak. "What did you just call me?" I asked him. He raised an eyebrow and fearlessly repeated himself. "I said that you look weak." I had climbed the first few steps with faked ease and turned back to look at the lot. "What the hell does my height have to do with anything?!" I swung my fist blindly towards the boy, who, with widened eyes, skillfully dodged it and allowed it to hit the next boy standing behind him. Itachi was knocked a few feet away and coughed up a drop or two of blood. "You don't even know me!"

With that, I turned and continued to climb the stairs to my stuff.

When I reached the base of the third flight again, I stood around my belongings and waited to catch my breath. I could still feel the jabbing pain from my broken leg just as well as before. However, my breath hitched as I registered footsteps coming up from behind me. It was the blonde from a few minutes ago, but his once bright and big expression had faded into a somber state. "Hyuuga-san, was it?" he asked carefully. I could tell from the distance he was standing that he feared that I would attack him too. "I'm not going to hit you, blondie," I bluntly stated, "and you can just call me Amu."

"Amu," he smiled, and picked up my things. "H-hey…" my voice trailed off when he turned to me with a confused expression. Oh… He just wants to help. "Did I do something wrong?" he asked, blinking. "No, nevermind," I pushed a strand of hair behind me ear as I looked at him. "Let me help you with your stuff. What's your room number?" the blonde asked, moving closer to my body to see my slip of paper. He smelled like Axe cologne and I could feel his hot breath on my cheek as I realized our close proximity. "507, huh? I'll carry your stuff to your room. Does your leg still hurt? I can call—" I immediately cut him off at the mention of the two boys who were probably still downstairs. "No, I can walk on my own, thanks." He talked as we began climbing the stairs. It seemed effortless without my luggage, but there was always the broken leg too.

"I didn't get to introduce myself down there," he laughed and gave me a huge cheeky smile, "Name's Uzumaki Naruto, a second-year. I'm from the Konoha area. I'm also adopted, so I never knew my real parents but a guy named Iruka always took care of me. He's a teacher here, and you might have him if you're taking a personal finance or home educational class." I shook my head, which caused Naruto to shrug. "So I'm guessing your parents sent you here for your temper?"

"My step mother did," I replied, "My real mother died when I was a baby and my father remarried a more gentle woman. After my father died, she started having trouble controlling my brother and I, so she just put us in here." I hung my head as I recalled the sad memories and wondered what Neji was experiencing on his first day here. "Sorry to hear about that," Naruto replied. I noticed that we were coming up on the fifth floor and we turned the corner to room 507. "If you ever need anything else, my room is 526. The other boy with the bad hair and worse attitude is my roommate, so you can find him there too. Oh, and if you ever have extra ramen, be sure to bring it by my room!"



"What about that other guy I punched? What room is duck ass's brother in?"

Naruto had to think of the number for a moment before finally saying, "I think he's in room 543. I know his roommate is his cousin, Shisui. Oh, and the guy you punched is Uchiha Itachi, my roommate Sasuke's older brother. I'd be careful around Itachi-san if I were you, though. I've known the Uchiha family for a long time and I've never seen anyone with the guts to punch Itachi-san, or really any of them." I stuck the key into the knob and turned to Naruto, who still had my things in his hands. "I think I can manage by myself. As you could see, I'm not as 'weak' as your duck ass best friend thinks," I replied. "Yeah, about that… You might not want to call Sasuke-teme that to his face."