Chapter 19: Breaking Bad(asses)

"He's actually late," Sasuke simply spoke. Seven students were seated, standing, and even pacing around the centre fountain of the school's meditation gardens. The younger Uchiha brother had a look of shock when he checked his phone, which stated that it was twenty minutes past the designated meeting time. "Itachi's never late… for anything," he continued.

"Oi teme, stop PMSing. I'm sure he and Amu-chan will be here soon," the blonde Uzumaki said casually. A little too casually. Sasuke sent him a threatening glare for his joke, and Sakura laughed at the thought of her boyfriend actually having a period. He didn't seem to appreciate that either.

The youngest Uchiha was the most irritated of all. She had watched Itachi lead her best friend upstairs from the party last night, and everyone else had a really good idea of how the two spent the rest of the night together. The one thing she asked of the midget senior: to actually be on time. Of course she couldn't do that— Kirara woke the damn retard up every morning before class and literally dragged her out of bed. She knew that Itachi would be just as opposed to waking up easily after the night they had spent.

A rustling in the bushes silenced all seven students, who immediately became guarded in the event that the intruder was an unwanted one. Soon enough, a large brown bun of hair popped around the corner, followed by a shirtless man whose eyes still weren't fully opened.

Hyuuga Amu and Uchiha Itachi had literally just woken up, Kirara concluded.

The smaller girl wore one of Itachi's soccer training shirts and a pair of yogas. Her cousin, she concluded was too tired to even put on a shirt. He was simply in his training pants and turf cleats. "It's just us, dumbass," Amu muttered, followed by a yawn as she came to stand beside her Uchiha best friend. "Itachi, you're actually late for something," Sasuke smirked. The pun didn't seem to affect Itachi at all, actually he looked like he could've cared less. "Yeah, and I actually made love to a girl last night so I guess there's a first for everything," he retorted, smirking back at his brother. His comeback put a smile on Pain's face as he leaned over to fist bump the fellow senior. "My boy," the piercing god chuckled.

"Alright, since the two knuckleheads decided to join us," Kirara eyed Amu irritatedly, "then we should get started before we all leave. So we Uchiha have decided that the first step to making this thing work is to get Mikoto-san and Fugaku-san to oppose the marriage between Itachi-san and Karin—"

"Good luck getting father to agree to that," Itachi scoffed.

"Easy. Leave that to me," Sasuke smirked. His attitude and confidence seemed to rub off onto Itachi, and Amu found him returning the signature Uchiha smirk. "Great! Anyway, Fugaku-san is hosting a gala at the mansion for the recent success in artillery transportation, so the Uzumaki family will be there… so that means that it'll be Naruto and Nagato's job to make sure that Karin or any other member of the Uzumaki family doesn't make a scene—"

"Nagato will be there?!" Konan cried in panic.


Every mouth clamped shut at Kirara's outburst, but she finally felt calm enough to straighten out her skirt again and continue. "Sasuke and Shusui will be interacting with the Uchiha family, and Sasuke particularly with your parents. We're positive that Mikoto-san will be on board with us but only Sasuke can convince Fugaku-san of anything. Itachi, your only job is to be seen with Amu. Pain and Konan will remain close to you two throughout the entire evening to make sure nothing bad happens."

"What about grandfather? You did account for him to be present, right?" Itachi said.

"What do you think I am, a fucking idiot?" Kirara quickly retorted. Holy shit, I raised a second me. Amu thought to herself as her eyes widened at her outburst. "Of course I know grandfather will be there. My older brother, Kiyoto, will be there with his wife so he will keep a strict eye on him. Grandfather fears my brother the same way he fears Itachi, so if both of them are present around Amu then I highly doubt that anything will come of it."

"Alright, sounds like a decent battle plan," Amu suddenly exclaimed, then threw a fist in the air before heading back towards the exit, "Now let's march to battle!"

"She ruins every serious conversation, like ever," Konan laughed, following the midget out. With the game plan set, everyone returned to the Leaf Hall to pack their things to depart the next day. Fall Break was here, and the Uchiha teenagers already knew that this break would far surpass any they ever had.

"You know that this is actually a bad idea, right?" the midget Hyuuga stated nervously. The end of the weekend had arrived and the seven friends were loading four expensive looking cars with duffel bags and suitcases. Fall break had finally come for Konoha Boarding Academy, and students wandered the streets back and forth between buildings for the vacation back home.

These friends had prepared to stay at the prestigious Uchiha manor in the downtown Konoha district. Sakura had explained that she, Naruto, Pain, and Konan had all spent breaks at the mansion and the family had always been surprisingly warm to each of them.

"Yeah, but I'm gonna walk in like 'hello my name is Hyuuga Amu-san and yes I am the four-year-old your oldest son in cheating on his fiancee with' how are you?" Amu complained, throwing her large suitcase into the back of Itachi's car. The eldest Uchiha was walking to and from the rooms and the car preparing to leave as Amu freaked out to Kirara, who was actually amused to see the older girl so flustered.

"So you're not the 'meet the parents' type?" Kirara giggled. "I'm not the 'meet the Uchihas' type you moron! You're dragging me to a party where Itachi's entire family to going to be and Karin's entire family is going to be there, and you know how I—"


Speak of the devil and she shall appear.

Uzumaki Karin was looking a lot less slutty, to both of the girls' surprise. A professional looking black pencil skirt and a purple button down told them that seeing her family again was nothing short of a big deal. She was also running in black heels, heels that Amu so desperately wanted to break with a misstep on the cement. "Shit!" Kirara hissed, scrambling as she pulled Amu down to duck behind the car. "Karin can't know you're coming home with us!" she whisper-yelled as she peeked behind the corner to watch Karin scope the area for the male Uchiha. "Why?" Amu whispered back, "It's not like she's gonna find out at the gala."

A brilliant idea suddenly struck Kirara and she poked her head upward to reach the button to the trunk. With a click, it opened, covering Kirara and Amu as they both came to stand again. "Get in," Kirara commanded.

Excuse me what?

Amu stood in her place, dumbfounded at the words that just came out of her mouth. "I'm not getting into the fucking trunk," she blantantly stated. "Kira?" Karin's voice chirped, and her heels started to click again. "The absolute hell you are if you want this to go smoothly. If she sees you now, we'll lose the element of surprise at the gala and I will not have your midget ass fuck this up. Now get in the damn trunk."

Amu didn't have time to pick herself up when Kirara felt that Karin was too close to not see her. The Uchiha girl grabbed the senior girl by the ankles and threw her into the trunk. Amu didn't even have time to utter any cohesive thought before Kirara slammed the trunk shut and looked up to see Karin's confused gaze meet her panicked one.

"Oh heeey Karin" Kirara chuckled suspiciously. The Uzumaki girl seemed to eye the trunk suspiciously as Kirara scrambled for something to say. "Luggage," was the first thing to escape her mouth, "It was, you know, heavy as shit and stuff." She laughed weakly as Karin gave her a freakish look and turned around just as Itachi had walked out of the building with a huge box in his hands.

"Ita-kun!" her attention was immediately diverted to the man before her, and Kirara took the opportunity to crack the trunk open again to find her best friend blended into the few bags around her. Her white eyes shone with irritation. "I will cunt punch you with a fucking cactus," she threatened through her teeth. Kirara closed the trunk again with satisfaction, but this time she found Itachi's confused gaze meeting hers. "You know, my bags back there sound a lot like my girlfriend," he simply said, then lifted the trunk with one hand.

Amu's gaze had not changed from when Kirara had opened it, but she didn't dare threaten to cunt punch Itachi with a cactus. "Why is she in there?" he asked irritably. "Karin would see her," was all Kirara had said. He mumbled some profanity under his breath as he looked around for the slut. "Itachi, you're seriously not going to make me ride in the trunk."

Itachi didn't really say anything. He knew Kirara had a point, but he also didn't want to jostle the midget around in the trunk either. "I could ride with duck ass and Sakura! Or even that bird brain, Naruto!"

"Karin know that they're all coming with us to the Uchiha mansion for break."

"Even Pain and Konan?"

"Now do you really want to spend a four hour drive being forced to listen to sexual noises from the front seats just for the comfort of not being surrounded by luggage?" Amu's face scrunched up in absolute disgust and she shook her head violently in protest. "No, I'll just... I'll just hang out in the trunk I guess." She grumbled under her breath, no doubt cuss words that Kirara didn't particularly care to make out. Itachi offered his girlfriend one more apologetic glance before he shut the lid of the trunk. "Just speed," Kirara sighed heavily, and watched him leave to find Karin so everyone could finally leave.

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