Raven was walking down the hallway, her nose buried in the book, The Maze Runner, and because she wasn't paying attention. she slipped and fell on her head, HARD. Her vision slipped into darkness.

When she woke up, four strangers surrounded her, and she was in what looked like a hospital bedroom.

"Glorious! I am so glad you are okay!" The Red-head threw her orangish skin around the empath in a bone-crushing hug.

She pried the happy girls fingers off her neck and stared at the four people.

The girl who had hugged her had long straight red hair, and she had orange looking skin, plus eyes that were green, all green. One of the boys had green skin and a fang peeking out of his small smile, along with green hair and green eyes. One of the boys were half metal and half human, dark-skinned, with one red eye. The last boy had jet black spikey hair, a mask on, and red, green, and yellow suit on, other than that he looked humane.

"Who are you guys?" She asked.

They were all confused when the half metal/human guy shook his head and muttered something:


"We all are your friends.." Starfire said, cocking her head to one side, her facial expression full of worry.

"Who ARE you guys?" Raven demanded. She did not remember or know these four strangers, she wanted answers.

"My name is Starfire." The girl said.

"I'm Beastboy." Said the green boy.

"Robin." Said the masked boy.

"I'm Cyborg." Said the metal man.

A flashback emerged out of no where.


When they first met.

"Congratulations, you guys are now Teen Titans." Said spikey haired guy as he handed them all communicators.

End of flashback

She did know them.

"You guys are my friends." She said, she blinked, her vision blurring. She suddenly felt exhausted.

"Come on guys, let's give her some rest. I have something to show you anyway." Said Cyborg, leading them to another room.

Sleep finally engulfed her.

Cyborg held a chart in his metal hands.

"Raven has Amnesia. I'ts says here her brain scans , she doesn't remember anything since shes joined this team. But she should have her memories back within a few weeks." Cyborg stated.

"Well it's good she'll have her memories back within a few weeks, but this means she's really vulnerable to other people , and they can take advantage f her memory loss. She pretty much can't trust us pretty much, since she barely knows us anymore." Robin said.

"Well, I hope she turns out all right." Starfire stated.

"But for now, jsut let her sleep, she's probably having a real hard time trusting us, and she's probably tired." Cyborg said.

Beastboy was too busy with his own thoughts too be worrying about it.

If Raven has Amnesia, maybe he can change things?