Raven sat in the hospital bed watching Cyborg type on the computer. They eventually found out, since Raven accidently was talking to Starfire know how she understood why she hates Kitten so much.

"You don't have amnesia anymore, you're right." Cyborg confirmed.

Raven nodded, smiling, blushing. They had also caught Beastboy and her making out, so...

"So you and Beastboy are a thing now hmm?"Cyborg raised his eyebrows, his ears ready to eat it all blushed furiouy while Beastboy chuckked a pillow at him.

"You just mad that I got a girlfriend before you, and it's Raven. You jelly."Beastboy snickered.

Cyborg scoffed and folding his arms, glaring at Beastboy.

He aimed his soniccannon at his face, and Beastboy just froze. Raven. put up her shield when he fired it.

Lets not get carried away, I need to go meditate."Raven jumped out of bed andwent for her room, taking Beastboy with her.

Beastboy kept fiddling with her cloak while she meditated..

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos,..." Raven chanted. Beastboy took her waist and pulled her towards the bed. She ignored it, and continued to chant. Beastboy took a book off her shelf, and sat on the bed where Raven meditated. He wrapped his arms aroung her waist and pulled her on the bed so that she wasn't floating in mid-air.

He opened the book and sat in her lap, beginning to read. Raven opened one eye. "Good choice,"She said, referring to Beastboy's book. Beastboy beamed at her and continued to read.

"This book is boring." Beastboy said after a few minutes. Raven scoffed.

"Go figure."Raven said monotously. Beastboy chuckled. He reached up and gave her a peck on the lips, then unbelievably, they started making out.

Robin and Cyborg stood in front of the door.

"How much you wanna bet they're making out in there?"Cyborg asked.

"30."Robin said automatically.

So that's the end, I know I suck at endings. But I have two other BBRAE stories. One of them is called experiment one:Mind swipe and the other one is called The high school project. Please read and review them!And this one too! :)