How appropriate that, on the two year anniversary of my completion of the writing portion of this story, I hit 50,000 views. This was my ultimate goal from the very start, and just a little over 2 years from when I published the first chapter, I reached it. My life now bears little resemblance to what it, or the person I was, was back when I started this story. I was a scared person in an unhappy marriage who devoted entirely too much of his emotional capital towards a fictional relationship that I was upset about ending. I've been through several relationships since then. Lost and regained friends. Left behind a lot of negativity, both in my emotional state and in my friendships. Broke the rusted chains that I felt were encumbering me from my next step forward. Traveled extensively throughout the US, with my friend Paul, who I became close to because of this story. Became an uncle, a year ago this week. Left a toxic martial arts studio for a wonderful one. Met a wonderful new love, Annie, from a long-time mutual friend. She is someone I will be starting a new chapter of my life with very soon.

Originally, I had planned on the kids banding together to fight the "real" enemy, who I determined to be Glob. Magic Man was in collusion with him, and the Cosmic Owl was kind of stuck in the middle. The dream Marceline had made about Finn's happiness had unintended consequences for the universe, that the powers that be were trying to unmake. The kids were going to fight valiantly to save the somewhat ambiguous state of affairs, going through alternate timelines "Back to the Future" style to make sure that their parents still coupled and they still existed. Yes, to answer one final question, the children all being born at the same time was deliberate. It was a direct result of Marceline's wish for Finn always to be happy. Since Finn's happiness relied, in large part, on the happiness of his friends, they all found love, almost too conveniently. Since his children would need friends growing up (and his happiness would of course transfer to that of his children), Marceline's wish caused all the kids to be born at the same time. In the end, the day was saved, Glob and Magic Man were defeated, and Finn and Marceline stayed together (after a brief spat of amnesia in an alternate timeline where they never got together), as the happy couple. The children also found love, some with each other, and some from without the group, as the journey they sought out molded and guided them.

That was the original plan. But life got in the way. But I figured that you, my readers, deserved to know what my sequel plans were. Because, as of today, the lights are turning off on this part of my life. This story served a very real purpose for me in 2013, and enabled me to gain the friendships I would need to leave the marriage that made me so unhappy. But, as my boss told me last year, "the sh1tstorm has passed." I have developed new hobbies and interests. A wonderful new, promising love. A sense of happiness unlike any I've ever experienced before in my life. And is that not, in and of itself, the happy ending I was looking for, that I sought so desperately in my writings?

It's been a good ride. I often use the metaphor of the train to discuss how people come in and out of our lives. Well, this is my stop. I must be going. Farewell to all of you who have loved my story. Although my journey will continue on, hopefully for many decades to come (and I wish the same for you, as well), this is where we part ways. I hope you've enjoyed my little story. I've certainly enjoyed telling it.