The Doctor looked outside of the TARDIS doors out into the vast universe in front of him. It had occurred to him that he was able to go anywhere, throughout time and space alike, find anyone he wanted, amaze anyone he wanted, have anything that he wanted. But there was one thing missing from his seemingly never-ending life. Ever since Rose had gone from him, Martha left him, and Donna had no choice, he had felt something he hadn't felt in a while. The word...he couldn't bring himself to face his true state. The word loosened itself from the inner workings of his mind, flashed in front of his eyes, settled itself on his tongue, and escaped from his lips:


Of course, he was the Doctor. He had been alone before, plenty of times, and by this point in his life, he had gotten used to the feeling of being alone. But he never had caught on to the feeling of being lonely.His companions always seemed to provide him with satire and comfort, and he never felt lonely with them. He reminisced as he became caught in his loneliness. Rose...he had loved Rose, and she him. He smirked a bit at the thought of her - all of her.

Her hair, the way it fell in golden locks around her detailed face.

Her eyes, the way they sparkled beneath the stars in the Sunflower Galaxy.

Her smile, the way it held both vulnerableness and mischievousness inside.

Her soul, the way it was so pure, so full of life, so full of eagerness to be with me.

And I didn't protect her enough.

I let her slip away.

He tried his best to focus on the good instead of the bad the best way that he could. The bad thoughts always seemed to intoxicate his mind when her name slipped in. He began to think of Donna, how her sass and satire made her one of his secret favourites. He chuckled as he thought of all of the good times they had together, his most favourite being, believe it or not, the very first day they met, Donna's wedding day. He would miss Donna oh so very much. And Martha...his mind started to bounce around as he thought of her. He felt guilty in a sense, guilty that she had chosen to leave because his selfish impulse caused him to ignore the feelings she had felt for him. He began to think.

Martha Jones, the woman who saved my life.

Martha Jones, the woman who traveled all around the world just to protect me.

I believe her now. I always have.

She is good.

And she is gone.

He closed his eyes as he wrapped up his thoughts of her. A single tear, just one, escaped from his eye, the form of his sorrow. She was happy now, with Mickey, but deep down inside, he wanted her back with him. She had been such good comfort. She was so strong, he thought. She loved me so much, she stayed by me, knowing I never returned the favour. She saved me, and I never even loved her...He sniffed. The feeling began to stir up inside of him again, the feeling he loved to hate.


Before he began to feel lonely again,he closed the TARDIS doors and headed back to the controls. He had set the coordinates to 2300, the year of the first annual Intergalactic Conference. Although, as he set the TARDIS, it began to spark and crash. The engine moved from side to side, rocking him with it. The floor began to rumble and shake, making its way from the wires deep within the heart to the very top of the ceiling. "You never give me a smooth ride, do you girl?" He yelled over the rumbling TARDIS, laughing. When the rumbling calmed down, he checked the coordinates to make sure that they were still intact.

They weren't.

Instead, the coordinates read

YEAR: 2237




"Panem?" The Doctor spat, confusingly. "Why'd you take me here?" he said, sliding his hand down the engine. He accquired his coat, and headed out ouf the TARDIS slowly. When he got out, he was in a rainforest type of environment - complete with animal noises and the sound of running water. "Well this can't be right," he mused to himself. "Panem's completly run by technology, and there's no forest district, to my understanding..." He began to look around at where he was. He took a couple of steps forward, noticing that the grass was a bit dry for a rainforest. The Doctor began to notice something was out of the ordinary. He sniffed the air. "1-point-4-9-5 kilograms per metre. That's...twice as much density as normal air. Something's wrong." His feelings were correct. He took out his sonic screwdriver and began to scan the sky. "Force...field?" He said, observing the scan. "This seems all too familiar...where am I..." He began to hit his head with his palm until he reached the verdict: "OH!" he exclaimed. "I know exactly where I am! I'm in the middle of Panem's Hunger Games," he said.

"And if this is 2237...then I must be right in the middle of the third Quarter Quell."

The moment the Doctor came to that realisation, an arrow missed him by an inch and flew right into the side of the TARDIS.