Weiss Schnee, the 'Ice Queen' as most people called her, came to Beacon academy for many reasons. Though she doesn't really tell people about what made her decide to come here, many of her peers have formed their own opinions. Some say it is for fame and glory, believing she thinks that being a huntress will bring her those. Others claim it to be so she can flaunt her family's name around and use it to get whatever she wanted. Even a few people have thought that she is doing it to spite her family, based on the fact that her snowy white hair is pulled into a ponytail that hangs off to the side of her head instead of the fact.

Over the months of being at Beacon though, Weiss has never once thought that she was there for romance, or that she would find a lover within the hallowed halls of the academy. However, that is exactly what happened.

After spending much time around her teammates, Weiss started to open up to them bit by bit, not revealing too much at any given time, but still opening herself to the people around her. Weiss was never really big on talking about herself to others, especially information that she would rather have kept quiet about.

None the less, Weiss made a conscious effort to connect and interact more with her teammates on a more consistent basis. Since it was winter and there was snow on the ground outside, there weren't many opportunities to go into town. None the less, she took the opportunity to enjoy a few moments away from the academy with her teammates. Weiss was walking with Ruby to meet up with Ren and Jaune at the towns sporting arena, where a world champion athlete was going to perform that day.

"I can't wait to see the show." Ruby exclaimed to her white haired friend. "Did you know that he has a huge following, so the fact that we get tickets to see him perform in front of us is surreal." Ruby could barely contain her excitement at the thought of seeing the performance today. Weiss on the other hand really didn't know what was going on.

"Ruby, you act like I know this guy. But honestly, I never heard of him before."

Ruby looked on at her in shock. "You mean to tell me you have never heard of the world famous archer Mark Nutt?! How long have you been living under a rock?" Ruby was mostly joking with that comment, but still believed that Weiss of all people would know who he was.

"You should be glad that I was able to get tickets to this then. Plus, I haven't said it yet, but the tickets are front row seating, nearby where the contestants of this competition will be seated." When Weiss said that, Ruby stood still, looking like she was going to faint from excitement. Weiss looked back at her and started to wonder if she was really that excited about going to the performance, or shocked that she went out of the way to get some very valuable tickets. "Ruby You alive in there?" Weiss knocked on her head and Ruby then snapped out of it, feeling even more hyper than usual.


Ruby grabbed Weiss' hand. "Wait, what are you-ack!" Weiss was being pulled at lightning speed by Ruby. Weiss felt like she was going to have her arm pulled off at this rate, but before she knew it, she was at the Arena, and Ruby slowed down so that they wouldn't fall flat on their faces. 'Wow, you are really impatient Ruby, not even concerned about my arm or anything. Such a dunce.' Weiss though to herself once they stopped moving. A second later, Weiss realized, Ruby was still holding her hand. She immediately pulled it away. 'Did I really not notice her holding my hand for a second? God, I hope nobody saw that.'

"Weiss, Ruby, over here!" Weiss turned to see Jaune and Ren over near the main gate and was worried that they saw what just went down.

Ruby and Weiss walked over to meet them. "Hey, how is everything going?" Ruby asked.

"Well things are good. Oh and Pyrrha once again says she is sorry that she has to bail." Jaune felt like he said that to Ruby and Weiss over 10 times, and every time, both Ruby and Weiss seemed to understand and they weren't upset with it.

"No worries, though from what Ruby tells me, she is apparently going to miss a wonderful performance." Weiss started to walk into the arena with her friends, and she flashed their tickets to the person at the gate that immediately allowed them in.

"I've seen this festival before with Nora back home before. Nora and I were well entertained. Trust me Weiss, you should enjoy this." Ren said in that quiet manor he has.

'Well if Ren managed to enjoy this, then I guess that I should enjoy it as well. Hopefully this makes up for last week. I don't know why, but I still feel bad over what I accidentally did to Ruby It's not like she meant to drop the container all over the floor of our room.' Weiss and company managed to finally find their seats, and they saw many performers before them. Ruby and Weiss sat in between Jaune and Ren with Jaune on Ruby's right side, and Ren on the left side of Weiss.

"Oh oh Weiss, look! It's him, Mark Nutt!" Weiss looked over at whom Ruby was talking about. A man whom was wearing a tight red and white vest over a cleanly pressed black button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to above his elbows, and a pair of clean light brown dress pants and brown leather shoes. Weiss noticed the glasses he was wearing, noting their similarity to her father's glasses. They were small, with a thin black frame that wrapped only around the bottom, and leaving the top half open. They were seemingly loose on his face, and the only thing that was keeping them on his face seemed to be his overly large nose. Over his light brown hair was a light brown fedora that was tilted downward in the front.

'You are gawking over him? What in the heck is up with your head? I guess I just won't ever be able to understand your thought process.' Ruby kept gawking as Weiss put it till the show started. Once they got started though, Ruby managed to calm down to be respectful of the performers. Eventually center stage, a man appeared who was clearly the Master of Ceremonies.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages, my name is Burnie Burns and welcome to the festival. Tonight we are going to see performances from many athletes, including Valhalla Shotgun, Beardo the Magnificent, Mogar, and of course, the world famous Mark Nutt. Now, let us begin." And with that, the games began.