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Chapter 3: Drunken "Mistakes" and Fake Breakups

"We must not say every mistake is a foolish one" ;Cicero (106 BC - 43 BC)

"Tanya, its always a pleasure." I hear Bella say as she opens the front door for my "girlfriend." Her tone portraying her fake politeness. I want to believe so bad that its jealousy, but I don't think too much about it at the moment.

"Hey baby," I say when I see Tanya, pecking her on the forehead. Bella's eyes narrow into slits at the intimate gesture.

"When Jake gets here, send him to my room." She says stiffly. I ignore it and just nod, pulling Tanya into my arms for a hug. The gesture is purely friendship, but I know it will look like more to Bella.

"Its working." Tanya tells me when Bella is safely out of hearing distance. "She's very jealous. I don't know if I've mentioned this before but, she's also gotten very hot, Eddie. Even with that stomach. I can see why you want her so bad." she giggles. I let her out of my embrace and we sit on the couch, turning on the TV. Tanya doing this for me had really given us a chance to hang out more, and she was really starting to become a close friend of mine.

"Why don't you just tell her?" Tanya asked a few moments later. "She may not be as opposed to it as you seem to think." I shook my head, she didn't understand. If Bella wanted this, she would've said something by now, right?

"I want it to be on her terms." I tell Tanya. "If anything happens, I want her to be the one to start it, so I know its what she really wants and not just her going along with it for me."

A knock on the door tells me douche bag has arrived.

"Jake." I say in a monotone as I open the door. I don't attempt to hide my dislike for the guy. Although from the looks he gives me, I'm guessing he's not really a huge fan of mine either.

His hair is greasy and his forehead is covered in sweat, and he's wearing workout clothes. Must be coming from the gym.

"Is she in her room?" He asks politely. I nod, gesturing for him to come inside. He walks straight there and closes the door behind him.


A little while later Tanya tells me she has to talk to me about something.

"Victoria just gave me an ultimatum on the phone." She tells me. Victoria is her long-time girlfriend- she's this gorgeous redhead with bright blue eyes and pale skin. I give her a confused look and wait for her to elaborate. "She remembers that I used to date boys and she thinks that I have feelings for you, and unless I break off this whole charade she is going to leave me." Understanding dawns on me.

With a bittersweet smile I nod at her.

"Guess its time we break up then." I tell her. She gives me a pity smile of thanks. "I'm so sick of this, Tanya!" I scream a second later, obviously startling her. She looks confused for a second before she catches on: we're breaking up.

"Stop denying it!" She screams back, standing up from the couch and pointing accusingly at me. "You're in love with her!" I narrow my eyes at her obvious route to where our breakup was going, but I know this is probably the most believable scenario anyways.

"If I was in love with her Tanya, why would I be with you?!" I scream back. I hear Bella's door crack open as she peeks her head out slightly to watch the show. I see Jake look over her head but I attempt to ignore the both of them.

"I'm obviously some cover up!" She gasps dramatically, but it looks real, "You do the girls laundry for Christ sake! You cook her dinner! You've never once done either of those things for me!" My glare deepens and this time its a bit real. She doesn't have to point out all of the caring things I do for Bella.

"She's my roommate and best friend, Tan!" I yell. "What do you expect?" Bella gasps from where she is as she realizes this is about her.

"Yeah well that's not a very friendly look you give her when she walks past, Edward." She growls. I can't tell if we're honestly fighting or still fake fighting, but she's got me riled up. "I can't do this with you anymore, I'm done. This is over." she turns to Bella and with an honest smile says, "treat him well, he's all yours now." before walking out the front door. I sigh and roughly shove my fingers through my hair, attempting to ignore Bella and Jake as my heart beats wildly about what they must be thinking.

"I'm gonna go and let you two talk." Jake says awkwardly as he walks out of Bella's room. "I'll talk to you later...call me, okay?" He says kissing her on the cheek. She nods subtly before walking over and sitting beside me.

We sit in silence for half an hour, me leaned over and her rubbing my back. I would've been fine to lift my head and talk to her about twenty minutes ago, but her hand on my back felt so good I didn't want to move.

"I'm sorry." she says abruptly. I look up at her and notice small tears are trickling down her face. "I didn't mean to cause problems for you guys." I take my hand and wipe away her tears.

"Shh, baby." I whisper to her softly, pulling her into my arms. "Its not your fault." She had no idea. "Don't cry." I place my lips to her forehead and lay a strong kiss there, wanting more than anything to kiss her flat on the mouth and tell her that all I wanted was her. To hold her in my arms and kiss her soft lips.

"I don't even understand how she could think you would be in love with me." She gasps, holding onto me even tighter.

"Because you're beautiful, Bella." I tell her honestly, "And you're my best friend, and you mean more to me than anyone else." Hitting a thin line there, Cullen, slow down. Don't freak her out, you'll blow it.

"I'm not nearly as beautiful as Tanya is, Edward." She sighs. "She had absolutely nothing to be insecure about." I feel anger well up in me as she doubted herself once again. I suddenly didn't care if she realized my feelings for her or not.

"Bella will you shut the fuck up." I growled. She gasped at my harshness and I could see hurt trickle into her eyes. "You're stunning. You're perfect in every way and you need to realize that soon or I may end up ripping all my hair out from the roots." I tell her honestly. "Now, I'm going to go get a bottle of something strong from the kitchen, bring it back, and drink it. You're welcome to join me."


The last thing I remember is Bella tipping the bottle back so the liquid went down her throat.


Something warm was against the whole front of my body as I lay on my side. I pull the warm thing closer and wrap an arm around it, nuzzling my face into the warm things neck.

Apparently the warm thing was a body.

My eyes fly open as it hits me I have no idea whose body I'm nuzzling into.

A beautiful woman lays there, naked, and lying against me. Her breasts and above are the only things I can see because of the sheet wrapped tightly around her. I stare at the familiar woman, looking at her in a whole new light.

Bella. I can see Bella's breasts. They're large and perky and her nipples are hard from the cold wind around us. I have to fight the gnawing urge to bring my mouth to them.

It dawns on me abruptly that something more than cuddling happened last night. I take another look at her, allowing my eyes to wander her chest, and fight myself from bucking my morning wood into her.

She moves a little in her sleep and I panic, pretending to be asleep myself. But when she doesn't stir again I decide she's still asleep and open my eyes once more.

The desire to do something other than stare at her becomes too much, so I lean down and place a gentle kiss on her neck, hoping it wont wake her. She moans and pushes her ass farther into me in her sleep, and I groan as it hits my wood in the exact right place. I kiss her neck a little more roughly deciding I don't really care if she wakes up. She bucks into me one more time. I groan loudly when out of nowhere I'm struck with a memory from the night before.

Bella was the funniest person ever when she was drunk. After laughing at her jokes all night I was really thinking about all of the reasons I loved her.

"Bella," I groan when she lays on top of me on the couch. Her breasts are practically in my face and if I turn my head a little bit, I get a perfect view of her bum sticking out from underneath her night shirt, and she's wearing a thong. I'm not really sure when she took off her night pants, I think it was about an hour ago when she claimed it was too hot in our living room.

"You are probably the most attractive person I know, Edward." She tells me boldly. I grin at her confession. She shifts so that she's straddling me instead of laying on me, but she doesn't seem to realize the effect its making on me. My dick is at a standstill, any sudden movements from her and she'll know how attracted I am to her.

Which of course is exactly what she does: move. Her thong-cladded pussy rubs against my hard-on-which is very easy to feel through my sweatpants. Her eyes go wide and she looks down to where my tent is.

"Thinking of Tanya?" She asks, almost sadly. I roll my eyes at her.

"Thinking of you." I blurt out. Chocolate eyebrows raise at my words.

Then, when you would think things would get awkward, she does the unbelievable. She grabs me through my sweatpants. I gasp as a small wave of pleasure runs through me; I've never been touched like this before;at least not by anyone else. I place my hand over hers: holding her there. I don't want this moment to end.

"I've always wondered how big you were," she tells me. Our hands start to go to my waist band together, moving slower than a tortoise.

"Maybe I'll just peak;" she claims.

The memory fades away as Bella startles awake. She looks around in confusion of being in my room and not her own for a moment, before turning to look at me. I have no doubt she's realized we're both naked, but I really don't want to ruin this moment.

"Bella," I sigh, "Lets just have this moment for a little longer, okay?" I beg her. She looks confused, but she nods and gulps.

But five minutes later its like a bell went off in her head. She suddenly rips off the sheet and grabs my robe off the floor, wrapping it around herself before she turns to point at me.

"We slept together last night, didn't we?" She gasps. She doesn't look happy about it and it rips through my chest; because it was making me the happiest man ever that I probably lost my virginity to the woman I love.

"I think so." I tell her softly. She puts a hand over her eyes, probably in disgust. Looking at her I suddenly want nothing more than to curl into a ball in embarrassment and rejection; she didn't really want to sleep with me, it was the alcohol.

"Oh, god!" she gasps, plunking down beside me on the bed. "This is terrible." And there it was; the nail in the coffin. My heart broke in half with those three words.

"I'm sorry I'm so disgusting to you, Bella." I growl bitterly, getting up and stomping to the bathroom. I take longer than necessary when I pee, hoping she'll be gone by the time I come back.

Of course she's not.

"I didn't mean it like that, Eddie." She says the second I walk out. "You could never be disgusting to me." I want to roll my eyes but I just plop down on the bed silently. "You are not the problem. I am. I have a boyfriend, Edward. One I cheated on last night without a second thought. He's going to hate me." I understood her point, but it still hurt like a bitch that she was thinking about him.

"I don't think anyone could hate you, Bella." I tell her honestly. "Maybe you just shouldn't tell him." I almost cringe as the words fall from my lips. "I wouldn't say anything to him."

She gives me a shy smile and places her hand on mine lightly. I think about pulling away until my hand decides for me, wrapping around hers firmly and squeezing.

"You're sweet, Edward, but I have to tell him." She walks out of the room silently, and I don't see her for the rest of the day.


Its been three days since the incident. I've only seen Bella once, and she didn't mention anything about what Jake said. I thought I heard her crying in the bathroom last night, but I wasn't totally sure if she was crying or laughing or what, the noise was muffled and I was tired.

So when I see her at breakfast Saturday morning, drinking orange juice and munching on a banana, I'm a bit taken aback. She barely acknowledges my presence as I slide into the kitchen, eying her wearily.

"Bella." I say in greeting. She gives me a small smile, but keeps her eyes glued to her phone.

"Edward," she mumbles

"Did you talk to Jake?" I jump right into it. She doesn't look surprised, I've always been this way, getting straight to the point.

"Yes," she mumbles. I'm starting to get angry, I don't understand why she can't just look at me when she's talking.

"How'd it go?"

I can't understand her response.


She huffs loudly, placing her phone on the counter a bit harshly.

"I said, he dumped me."

The terrible person inside of me is jumping for joy, while the concerned friend wanted nothing more than to hold her.

"Bella, I am so sorry." I say, reaching toward her. She jerks away, getting up to her feet.

"I am too, Edward." she claims as she walks away from me.