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Kuroko went about his daily routine. Wake up, breakfast, shower, brush teeth and hair, get ready for school, meet up with Kagami, walk to school, basketball practice, classes, more basketball practice, walk with Kagami, part ways, walk home, have dinner, watch TV, brush teeth and go to bed.
But today was different and Kuroko knew it.
He woke up and did everything he had to do then went to meet up with his red head tiger, Kagami. Kuroko guessed Kagami wasn't coming to school since training was hard on him yesterday so Kuroko left and went to school on his own. When he got there he was going to shoot hoops, or try to, like usual with Hyuga but he wasnt there and neither was Riko which is weird cause she is always there unless class. Kuroko decided to shoot some hoops himself. It was then Kuroko realised that he was able to shoot the ball into the hoop without trouble. Shrugging it off as good luck he walked off as classes had begun. Kuroko shuffled his way to his class room to find the students looked different, they looked younger like preschool younger. Kuroko hesitantly walked into the class room and all the kids stood up at the same time, which was creepy to Kuroko, and they all ran over to Kuroko happily.
"Sensei! Your late!" One of the kids said with a pout.
Kuroko blinked. Last time he checked he was in high school now hes a teacher?
"I... Um... Sorry..." Kuroko said raising a hand to his head and messed his hair. "Sensei has to see the principle I'll be back in a minute..." Kuroko then disappeared from in front of the students.
As Kuroko walked to the principles office he noticed that all the classes that had high schoolers now had primary schoolers. Must of the students looked familiar. Kuroko had reached the principles office, knocked, opened the door and walked in. The first thing Kuroko noticed was that it was childish. That'd explain the preschoolers around... Kuroko thought and looked at the principle.
"Kuroko! Whats up with the old high school uniform? Tryna confuse the kiddies?"
Kuroko shook his head. "Can I ask about the preschool...?"
"Did ya bump your nogging or somethin? You've been working here for two and a half years with the same class. The kids love you!"
Kuroko's eyes widened a bit. "Oh... I had a dream I was still in high school so I must of forgot..." Kuroko messed the back of his hair again.
"Time sure does fly past dont it."
Kuroko nodded. "I should get back to the kids now." Kuroko gave a small confused smile as the principle nodded as he left the class.

A small red head preschool kid was running in the halls to get to class before he was too late. His hair and eyes are both red and he has the intensity of a wild tiger according to the other teachers. The boy got to class and looked around.
"Kuroko-sensei not here?" The boy asked and a student shook there head. "Wheres Kuroko-sensei?" The boy sounded upset and his voice cracked like he was crying.
"He went to see the principle." One of the female students said putting her hand on the boys shoulder.
The boy sniffled and nodded just as Kuroko was walking in the door. Kuroko stared wide eyed at the familiar boy.
The boy who is in fact named Kagami Tagia turned. The minute his eyes landed on Kuroko a massive grin spread across his face.
"Kuroko-sensei!" The boy threw his arms around Kuroko.
Kuroko chuckled at the small Kagamis reactions causing the small red head to look at the taller blue head and his grin spread wider.
"Kuroko-sensei! Mummy said she wanted to meet my teacher for a parant teacher intrevew!"
Kuroko kneeled down and stroked Kagamis hair. "Nice try Kagami.. Its parent and interview."
Kagamis grin got wider and he leaned his head into Kurokos hand. Are we always like this? Kuroko questioned.
"Kagami likes Sensei! Kagami likes Sensei!" One of the kids chanted teasingly causing Kagami to go bright red and start yelling at her.
Kuroko almost laughed at this before standing up right. "Alright calm down lets get class started ok?" Kuroko smiled.
The kids nodded eagerly and all sat in their seats as they got to starting class.

After school Kuroko let out a weak and exhausted sigh as he headed to the basketball courts. When he got there he noticed a couple of kids with adult supervision play with basketballs and soccer balls. Kuroko decided to sit and wait for the kids to leave but a certain red head caught his attention.
"Kuroko-sensei I didnt know you where played basketball!"
Kuroko blinked and thought, I never told them? Then nodded. "I used to play in high school. Kagami when does your mum want this interview?"
Kagami avoided Kurokos gaze as if he made it up.
"Well... Mummys picking me up soon so then..."
"Do you have anyone to supervise you cause all the other students are leaving?"
Kagami blinked shocked. "Kuroko-sensei have you forgotten?! You watch me before and after school you even point out flaws of mine cause you said that youd help me and that you'll start watching basketball so you can help me improve..." Kagami held the ball tighter and looked at it upset.
Kuroko blinked and picked Kagami up and put him on his hip. "Sorry Kagami... My minds been out of it all day... This morning I forgot I was a preschool teacher and thought I was still in high school."
Kagami giggled. "Is that why your dressed like that?"
Kuroko nodded and smiled as Kagami giggled some more.
"Kuroko-sensei do you have a grilfiend?" Kagami asked outta the blue.
"You mean girlfriend..." Kuroko then blinked, did he have a girlfriend? If he did he didnt remember. "No I dont."
Kagami suddenly grinned. Kuroko remembered the first time seeing Kagami even though it was from behind he instantly knew he was in love with the red head tiger in front of him. But now hes holding him in his arms because hes a child.
"-sei?" Kagami pulled Kuroko outta his thoughts.
Kuroko blinked again. "Pardon?"
"I said..." Kagamis blush from this morning returned. "Do you have a wif Kuroko-sensei?"
"Wife..." Kuroko shook his head after looking at his finger. "No I'm single."
Kagamis grin grew and he still blushed. "Then I'll be Kuroko-senseis wif!"
"Wife Kagami. Wait wait wait... What?"
"I'll be your wife." Kagami cuddled Kuroko.
"Ah Kagami... Your to young to get married... Especially to your teacher as old as me."
"Your only 18..." Kagamis face fell realising what he said before and tears burned the rims before they slowly fell. "Is Kuroko-sensei saying... He doesnt want to be my hasbun?"
"Husband..." Kuroko sighed then hug Kagami to his chest before kneeling to put the small upset boy down. "Kagami your to little to get married."
"Then its settled. I'll marry Kuroko-sensei when I grow up." Kagami said wiping his eyes and stomped his foot with a determined look.
Kuroko smiled then frowned. "How are we going to explain this to your mother?" Kuroko said messing Kagamis hair.
"Explain what to me?"

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