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It had been several months after Kuroko had awoken miraculously from his coma. During those several months, Kagami had forced himself to stay at Kuroko's till he recovered fully from the incident. He had forgotten what he had wanted to say to Kagami and what his relationship was towards the other generation of miracles.
As the pair now laid in bed naked while cuddling, Kagami snored away and Kuroko stayed awake watching his light sleep before snuggling closer and closing his eyes. He didn't know how things ended up this way and he really didn't care.

Kuroko smiled to himself and yawned, he fell asleep wiping the small tears that formed in his eyes.
The next morning Kuroko woke up before Kagami. He hopped outta the bed and slipped on some pants and dragged himself out to the kitchen to make something to eat.
After a while Kagami woke up to coldness, he got up, dressed himself and walked out to find Kuroko curiously. He found his new lover sitting at the table with a fork hanging in his mouth listening to someone on the other side of his phone.
Kagami walked over and kissed Kurokos temple trying to push down the bedhead on Kurokos head. "Who's that?"
"Akashi-kun. Sorry I was just telling Taiga-kun who I was talking to…"
A smiled formed on Kurokos mouth as Akashi said something. Kagami rolled his eyes and walked into the kitchen after anything he could eat.
"I don't mind. Im sure Taiga-kun wouldn't mind either… I think he forgot actually…" Kuroko laughed a little like a giggle but not. "Yeah ok. Bye-bye."
Kuroko hung up smiling and Kagami walked back into the room.
"So whatd Akashi want?"
"Oh… Nothing." Kuroko looked up at Kagami who stood behind him.
"What? No liar." Kagami pouted.
Kuroko poked his tongue a little and Kagami bent down and gently bit his tongue.
Kuroko giggled at this and kissed Kagami while standing.
The kiss was interrupted by a knock on the door. Kuroko was first to pull away so he could go answer the door. When the door opened a smaller red haired, just a bit taller than Kuroko, tackled him to the floor.
A taller blonde haired followed Akashi and tripped over the two and joined the hug.
"Thanks Kise-kun."
Kagami blinked a million times and could feel a heart attack coming on. How could he have forgotten his shadows birthday! Feeling really stupid Kagami said that he had to go home since he was wanted by his mother and ran out the door, when he really had to get a present.
"Your right he did forget…" Akashi said pushing Kise off himself and stood helping Kuroko up.
Kuroko shrugged. "He's Bakagmi after all."
Akashi and Kise agreeing.
"Nee, Kurokocchi! I brought over streamers and balloons!" Kise said smiling like the idiot he is.
"BALLOONS!" Kuroko dived for the balloons and started blowing one up.
"Should have gotten you a balloon for your birthday." Akashi laughed while Kise remained frozen trying to recover from shock.
Once Kurokos balloon was full of air and tied up, he threw it into the air and let it fall.
The three boys started decorating Kurokos apartment with birthday decorations. Akashi worked on a chocolate cake while Kise had been with Kuroko pulling clothes out of a box.
"Put these on!"
Kuroko blinked taking the clothes then nodded and went to change. He walked out a while later in dark blue a little too tight jeans, a red yellow and green stripped short sleeved shirt, a purple jacket that he left unzipped and a darker red hoodie attached to his jacket that Kise had flipped up over Kurokos head.
"A BIT OF ALL OF US! Your pants are Aominecchi, shirt is me Akashicchi and Midorimacchi and your jacket is Murasakibaracchi and Kagamicchi!" Kise said proudly.
"Whered you find these?"
"I had my clothes designers make 'em! Though I didn't have your size I used Akashicchi since you two are close in size."
Kuroko looked at Akashi then back to Kise and smiled. "Thanks Kise-kun."
Akashi turned away from the oven and looked at Kuroko. "Looking good Tetsuya!" He joked.
Kuroko laughed and stuck his tongue out.
After a while, all the food was set up on the bench - that separates the kitchen from the lounge room - and the decorations where up, Murasakibara, Aomine and Midorima turned up. Kagami still wasn't back so Kuroko got a bit worried.
Kuroko pulled out his phone and dialled Kagami.
"Taiga-kun!… Where are you?"
"Um… Im out at the shops right now…"
"You forgot didn't you?"
Kuroko rolled his eyes smiling. "Hurry home or you'll miss all the fun."
Kagami and Kuroko hung up the phone at the same time and Kuroko watched as Akashi made him a vanilla milkshake. Once the milkshake was finished Kuroko sat at the table drinking his milkshake while everyone made more adjustments to the room they were in.
After a minute Kagami was walking in the door and froze. "Wha…? Im gone for over like half an hour and this house is covered in birthday decorations."
Kuroko turned to Kagami. "Its just a party."
"Akashicchi thought it was a cool idea to have party at Kurokocchis house! But apparently you forgot his birthday so I was invited to come along and help set up a party and you had left the house while we were setting up and you just didn't get back till now when everyone else showed up!"
Kuroko rolled his eyes. "You could be a little less confusing Kise-kun… Wait didn't you say Momoi-san was coming over?"
"And your basketball team." Akashi said facing the birthday boy.
Kagami grunted and crossed his arms, causing Kuroko to look at him.
Kagami said something inaudible to everyone.
"Is it because Momoi-san?"
Kagami looked away just as there was a knock at the door.
Kuroko sighed and walked over to the door and opened it only to be attacked by a pink haired women.
"Momoi-san…" Kuroko let Momoi hold onto him as he headed inside. "Why are you dressed in a bikini? I don't have a pool…?"
"Akashi-kun and Ki-chan said that we were going to the beach!"
Kuroko directed his attention to Akashi and Kise who were both whistling, while looking away, rocking back and forth on their heels and with their hands behind their backs.
"What was the point of decorating my house then and all the food?" Kuroko asked a bit irritated.
"For when we come back! We'd be too lazy then!" Kise said throwing his hands up.
Kuroko sighed and crossed his arms in front of Momoi who let Kuroko go surprisingly.
"WE HAVE PEOPLE WAITING FOR US LETS GO!" Akashi changed the subject and walked out the door.
Everyone followed. While everyone talked and got along, Kagami pulled Kuroko back to talk to him without Momoi clinging to him.
"What? Am I not allowed to walk with you without Momoi?"
Kuroko smiled and shook his head and walked with Kagami.
"Is there something wrong with her?"
Kagami grunted. "She calls herself your girlfriend."
"So you're jealous?"
Kagami faced away causing Kuroko to smile a bit.
Kuroko had grabbed Kagamis hand as they reached the beach and walked with him to a spot undercover. Everyone placed their stuff down and went off to change, except Momoi since she was already in her bikinis. All the boys walked out with board shorts the same colour as their hair. Kuroko looked around at the 5 boys that walked in front of him and instantly remembered why he hated going to the beach or swimming with everyone. They all had toned sexy abbs while he had nothing but a pale stomach. Kuroko knew he had no muscles, sometimes he'd joke about it saying "look at these guns", but that didn't change the fact that he's jealous. Not that he'll ever show it. Even Akashi had abbs!
Once everyone got back to where Momoi was sitting waiting Kuroko couldn't help but stare at everyone staring at them. Kuroko sighed and walked off without being noticed and twirled the ends of his hair that passed his shoulders. He hadn't had his hair cut since he got out of the coma and it had grown quiet a lot. As Kuroko walked he spotted Riko with the rest of the basketball team. He smiled and jogged over to her.
"Coach." He said trying to cover up his emotion filled voice with his monotone voice with his usual expressionless face.
"DON'T YOU JUST COACH ME AFTER WHAT YOU PUT US ALL THOUGH!" Riko knocked Kuroko down, sat on his back and started pulling his legs up wards.
"Ow ow ow! That hurts please stop!" Kuroko started tapping the ground with his out stretched hand.
Hyuuga pulled the violent women off Kuroko and let him stand before he stumbled again.
Riko had been crying while hurting Kuroko, so she apologized and hugged him.
"Sorry for that… But by the time school starts again I'd be ok to play basketball." Kuroko smiled.
Riko looked up at him and nodded. "Your going under serious training!"
Kuroko nodded then lead the group to where the others are sitting. Once they got back, Kuroko got smacked on the head by Kagami.
Kuroko groaned holding his head. "What is this pick on Kuroko day?!" He sat away from everyone still holding his head.
Kagami walked over just as Kuroko laid down and closed his eyes. "Sorry Kuroko…"
Kuroko mumbled something in response but didn't move his arm from his eyes.
Everyone snuck over silently and including Kagami they all yelled at the blue haired boy. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUROKO-KUN! KUROKOCCHI! KUROKO! TETSU-KUN! TETSU! TETSUYA! KURO-CHIN!"
Kuroko visibly jumped. He removed his arm from his wide eyes and he stared at everyone. A bunch of people, no, A LOT of people that had been sitting looked over at them.
Kuroko couldn't respond but he did smile. Everyone smiled back at him, not including Midorima, even though he did say happy birthday with the others.
After a bit of talking, everyone had decided to go swim or build sand castles. Kuroko had sat on one of the bench type chairs with Akashi because he wasn't in the mood for either of the fun activites just yet and he wanted to talk to Akashi.
"What is it Tetsuya?" Akashi started the conversation.
"I… Want to tell you something and I want you to listen if that's ok…?"
Akashi nodded facing the older male as Kuroko started telling him all about being in the coma, how him and Akashi got so close and became best friends that told each other everything, which was mainly Kuroko about the life he's living know and how Kagami was 5 and everyone else was 18. He then proceeded to explain the very last conversation he had with Akashi after they had finished eating.
Akashi processed what he'd just been told, slowly so he could process it properly. "So… We were best friends in your dream type of state and I told you to create a life just like that one?"
Kuroko nodded. "It was fun having everyone close like in middle school…"
Akashi smiled and put his arm around Kuroko. "So Tetsuya, how about we go build a sand castle together! Like friends."
Kuroko smiled and hugged Akashi. "Thank you."

After a fun filled day, as the sun set beautifully over the ocean Akashi demanded a photo. He got a stranger, who feared his life and said yes, to hold the camera. Kuroko had been placed in the middle, Akashi on one side putting the bunny ears up behind Kurokos head, Kagami on the other side who had kissed a blushing Kurokos cheek, Murasakibara had his arm around Akashi smiling, Kise had jumped onto Aomines back and was grinning, Aomine next to Kagami was smiling looking up at his model, Midorima stood behind Kuroko and Akashi and was actually smiling, Momoi was on Midorimas shoulders and the Seirin high basketball team kneeled down in front and the talls ones stood behind Kagami and Kuroko or beside Murasakibara and Kise and Aomine. The stranger took the photo and commented that the photo was a beautiful one and that they all looked like close friends or family.
Kuroko walked over to Akashi and looked at the photo and playfully punched the red heads arm. "Bunny ears Akashi-kun? Really?"
Akashi laughed and not long after so did Kuroko. Everyone was staring at Kuroko by the time to two stopped laughing and Kuroko blinked looking at them.
"Kuroko laughed!"
Kuroko looked away huffing a bit.
"Well, he wasn't part of the generation of miracles for nothing." Izuki said grinning. "Oh that was a good one!" He pulled out a small notebook and wrote it down.
Kuroko smiled looking at everyone talk and laugh on the way back to the birthday boys house. Once back everyone had a quick snack and sat Kuroko at the table and placed the cake with candles in front of him and started singing "happy birthday" to him. Kuroko couldn't help but smile and feel like crying. After the song Momoi told him to make a wish and blow out the candles.
"A wish… Hm…" Kuroko smiled thinking of the perfect wish and made the wish to himself then blew out the candles.
"Whatd you wish for?!" Kagami asked.
"Why would I tell? It wont come true." Kuroko smirked.
"Tell me and I'll make it come true." Akashi joined in wanting to know.
Kuroko faced Akashi then rolled his eyes. "I wished that we'd get along like in middle school. This time with my basketball team."
"Just like in your coma right?"
Kuroko nodded. "I made a promise and I cant keep that promise if none of us are going to be friends again."
Just as Kuroko finished he was literally tackled by everyone. EVERYONE. Kuroko laughed and looked at Kagami who was the one that tackled him first and kissed his forehead.
"Hey Taiga-kun… Remember how I wanted to tell you something?" Kagami nodded. "I love you."
Kagami went bright red and everyone ontop of them grinned and said "ohhhh~" in a teasing manner like people usually do when they find out someone likes someone.
Kagami smiled and kissed Kuroko. "Guess what."
"What?" Kuroko asked smiling.
"I love you too."

What a way to confess XD Under like 20 people or less^.^ Um... Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed and liked my fanfiction and all haha... Imma miss you guys ;-; And I'd just like to say, as Kuroko slept he'd enter the other life and when he slept in that life he woke up 16 so it was like he never slept when he actually did^.^ So he gets both lives and he's the happiest he can be :3