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The years passed and Letty and Dom bounced from country to country. It became their new normality, and they would get an itch anytime they stayed in one place for too long. Investigations concerning Dom's case would vary in degree from year to year, but it seemed after seven years on the run his trail was boiling hot. Dom was an entrepreneur of sorts. He and Letty had established several garages during their travels. However, she would travel back and forth from the US to whatever country Dom was in to make sure Mia, Simone, and her mother were doing well. Leon fell in love and started his own family a few years after their job in Chiapas. Unfortunately, Vince's story had a darker ending. After his early release from prison he struggled to acclimate to life beyond bars. He left the states and began travels of his own. Nonetheless, Vince had never dealt with the death of his mother or Brian's betrayal. He was stuck in the past and could not seem to move forward.

Before the eighth year since their L.A heists, Letty found herself in quite the scavenger hunt. For the first time in history she could not seem to find Dom. She had left him in an emotional state a little over a year before, but they had kept in touch until all of a sudden all communication stopped. Nevertheless, there was no hiding from her. She found him in the Dominican Republic of all places, and once she knew the country Dom was in it was only a matter of time before she found him. And as pissed off as it made her, he was right where she looked.

"It ain't that hard to track you down. All I have to do is follow the odor of skanks." Letty told Dom cheekily when she found him arm and arm with two attractive women at a popular Bar in the Cibao.

"Letty…" Dom began removing his hold of the two women. "Life has a way of changing one's plans."

"Tu oyes a este?" (You hear this one?) Letty asked the girls in false amusement. "A change of plans." She threw her duffle bag at Dom and stared him down until he stood. "Where do we sleep?"

"Excuse me ladies." Dom said politely attempting to save face. She wanted to stay angry, but the stupid grin on his face would not let her. He had not been expecting her, but he never does. Letty enjoyed the element of surprise.

"Yeah, that's right. All the way from Mexico sucker." Dom pecked her lips and Letty wiped her mouth.

"Yo no quiero la saliva de ella." (I don't want her spit.) Dom cackled at her snarky comment and placed his arm around her.

"It was just on the cheek." He said defensively as they walked out of the small bar to his car.

"Are you gonna tell me that if I had waited five more minutes your tongue wouldn't be down their throats."

"Yes." He said smooching her cheek.

"I am not that stupid. Stop touching me. It's embarrassing. You're an old man."

"I'm only thirty-two."

"A thirty-two year-old who's still trying to act nineteen. You have wrinkles because you're an old man. Start playing the part." Letty jabbed slapping his hand away.

"If I have wrinkles it's because of you."

"What have I told you about touching hoes."

"They were nice and I wasn't going to do anything with them. What's the problem?"

"You know what? Whatever, I got a boyfriend anyway."

"Oh really?" Dom said raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, he writes me poetry and tells me how amazing I am everyday." She told him seriously.

"You don't like that sappy shit."

"It's still nice."

"You better be lying to me." Dom threatened with darkened eyes.

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not." She challenged. Dom looked at her angrily. "You mad?"



"That shit ain't funny Let."

"Well at least I feel better now. Take me to where I'll be staying." She ordered.

"You gotta give me a kiss first."

"I'm not kissing you."

"Give me a kiss so I know it's real." He teased.


"Meet me halfway. I thought you were my ride or die. What's up?"


"What if I do sixty and you just have to come in at forty."

"Nah, if you want to be kissed you have to come in all the way." She told him stubbornly. Dom leaned over to kiss her. She met his intensity and momentarily pulled away.

"Are you done being mean to me now?" Dom asked her softly tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear.

"You know better than that." She said in feigned sweetness.

"Say, 'Dom I love you.'"


"I love you." He attempted to cajole her with a caress of her cheek.

"I got nothing."

"Damn, that's cold."

"You deserve it."

"But baby I've been working out just for you."

"I'm not seeing anything impressive. I, on the other hand, look fabulous." Letty said with a hair flip.

"That you do. You always look good." Dom gave her an expectant look with inklings of a smirk threatening to show on his face.

"Can I help you?" Letty asked sassily.

"So that's how it's gonna be?"

"You need to put this car in drive because I need rest."

"Don't worry baby. Ima put you to sleep."

"Nah, you ain't getting shit."

"I wasn't doing anyting!"

"Why is this car not moving?" Letty dismissed agitatedly.

"Urg!" Dom grunted before starting up his Pontiac and drove Letty to where he had been staying.

"So this is it?" Letty asked looking around the small home once they arrived.

"Right by the beach, just how you like it." He said dropping her bag and putting his arms around her waist. He kissed her neck, but she pulled away.

"It's cute." She told him nonchalantly.

"How's Vince?" Dom asked when he realized she was still playing hard to get.

"He's having a hard time." Letty's voice adopted a more serious tone. She had spent the last few weeks aiding their troubled friend, as well as overseeing some business ventures in Mexico.

"He didn't seem so bad when I last spoke to him." Dom told her.

"That's probably because he wasn't soaking in his own vomit. He's been hitting the bottle pretty hard."

"Damn, I should have gone out there."

"It wouldn't have mattered. I talked to someone. They told me he has to find his own way out, so that means stop sending him money."

"He needs it."

"No he needs to hit rock bottom."

"I don't want to talk about this anymore." Dom attempted to dismiss. The topic only brought him guilt.

"Then let's talk about how you tell me you're gonna be in Colombia then end up in DR!" She said angrily removing herself from his grasp.

"Listen, it's complicated. I got caught up in Panama, met Santos, and then he convinced me to come out here."

"For three months? I don't hear from you for three months! I left Peru over a year ago and then all of a sudden you fall off the face of the planet. What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Aight, I get it. You're pissed, but baby this move came out of nowhere. You were all over the map, first LA then Texas. I can't go to the states. I can't keep track of you."

"I wasn't in the states the whole time, and you know why I left!"

"Ok, but when you popped up in Mexico, I was already long gone."

"At least you knew where I was. I had no idea where you were."

"What do you want from me? I didn't have a plan. Why would I tell you or bring you along? It was too risky. You know I'm not gonna let you do something that puts you in danger of anything. You're clean. Lets keep it that way. Plus, you were doing your own thing."

"That's bullshit."

"Letty we really shouldn't fight. We're just gonna go in circles." He insisted. Letty walked to the window and stared off into the night.

"I don't know why you always want to be away from me." She said just above a whisper. "I feel like I'm chasing you. It's pathetic."

"Don't say that. You know how this works. You're not allowed to come unless the coast is clear."

"Yeah meaning you've fucked every whore on this fucking island."

"Let come on."

"Just admit it."

"That I flirt? Yeah, I flirt."

"If you respected me and loved me, you'd tell me the truth."

"I am, it just doesn't seem to be what you want to hear."

"You're giving girls what belongs to me."

"And what exactly am I giving these women besides my attention?"

"Your dick."

"I'm not, so let it go." Dom said pecking her lips until she returned his kiss. "That's more like it." He said pulling away momentarily. Letty brought his lips to hers in a slow tantalizing embrace. They made love softly for hours like they normally would when they reunited. It was a carnal need that could not be denied.

The last two years had been a difficult for the couple. Letty had left Dom in Peru after she had suffered a miscarriage that had affected her more than she had anticipated. She had never wanted children, but having Dom's child inside her was a powerful feeling she could not have imagined. Sadly, Letty contracted a bacterial infection at four months, and grew very ill. Dom had been supportive, but she felt like she needed an escape. She could not stay in the place where she had lost her baby. Therefore, Letty made her way to LA and had an extended stay in the states. Dom did not press for her return. He hoped that his biggest fear would realize itself, and she would begin to move on without him and perhaps have the family he could not give her. Nonetheless, she returned to him. It took her months to locate him. He had all but disappeared.

"I told Mami about the baby, and she told me it's really common. It doesn't mean it'll happen again." Letty told Dom while she lay on his chest.

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" Dom asked stroking her hair. Letty propped herself up on her elbows and Dom sat up. He was unsure how to proceed with their conversation. "Let it wasn't supposed to happen in the first place."

"I thought it was what you wanted. You always wanted me give you a baby. You were so happy when I told you." She told him sadly.

"I was happy, but when it was over I was relieved. I told you before. We can't have kids in this life. We move at least once a year, sometimes two, because I'm being hunted. We're career criminals who commit felonies everywhere we go. A kid doesn't belong with us. God knew that so he did what we couldn't."

"I didn't want it like that. Don't think I didn't want it."

"I know baby." He said wiping a tear from her cheek. "It wasn't your fault. It just wasn't meant to be. Ok?"

"I just wanted to make you happy." Letty cried.

"You do, you always do. Life's been hard, but you make it worth it." He told her with a kiss. "Why don't we have some fun tomorrow?" Dom suggested pulling her to his chest. She thought pensively for a moment and pulled away and wiped her tears.

"Why don't we do something right now?" She suggested. Letty stood from the bed and made her way outside the small house, completely nude.

"Where are you going?" Dom hollered after her.

"A night's swim." Dom smiled and shook his head as he watched Letty run off into the sand. She dove into the water and felt her sadness wash away, almost as if the saltwater was helping purify her soul. "Ahh, what the fuck?" She exclaimed when she felt something gash her skin.

"What's wrong?" Dom asked trotting behind her.

"I think there's a reef!"

"A what?" He asked. The waves were too loud for him to hear.

"A reef! Be careful."

"Goddammit!" He yelped when his hip made contact with the sharp rock.

"Are you ok?" Letty asked going to him.

"Yeah, I just got cut." Dom informed her pressing against his wound.

"Me too", she smiled. "But the water will heal it." Letty took his hand, and they walked until they were neck deep. "Isn't it beautiful out here? I love watching the stars so close." Letty said staring up at the night sky.

"You're beautiful." Dom said gazing at her. Letty smiled and kissed him deeply.

"I love you." She finally said encircling herself around him. Dom held her close, knowing it was what she needed, and so did he. Her touch and embrace were like the very air he breathed.

The next day, Dom brought Letty out to meet his crew. "You brought Han's bougie-ass out here before me? No I'm upset for real." Letty reproached when she saw their old friend.

"It's good to see you to." Han said with a laugh and brought her into a hug.

"He's changed." Dom began. "He's staying with Leo's family."

"With no air conditioning." Han added.

"Well I'll be damned. The man has changed."

However in that moment, a beautiful brown skinned woman came outside the clubhouse with a message for Dom. "Dom you have a call inside."

"Cara tell whoever it is I'll get back to them. I'm not dealing with business today."

"Ok", Cara said before walking up to Han and placed something in his hand. "You left this at my place." She said with a kiss.

"Scratch what I said. He's still the same." Letty commented rolling her eyes. There were two other men at the clubhouse, but they were having an argument and had tuned everyone out.

"Leo, Santos this is Letty." Dom introduced to the bickering twosome.

"Oye man, carai y esta mamacita adonde la tenías?" (Damn man, where were you hiding this little honey.) Santos asked.

"Oye Mami y que tu hace con hombre tan feo? Buscate uno que sea más buen mozo como yo." (Mami what are you doing with such an ugly guy? You need to find a handsome one like me.) Leo said kissing her hand causing Letty to snort with laughter.

"Bájale" (Turn it down.) Dom warned.

"You know I'm just kidding man. Mami it's nice to meet you. Esto aquí es mi barrio. (This is my hood.) If you need anything you come to me."

"Noted." Letty said with a smile.

"We'll see you guys later. We have some things to do." Dom said grabbing Letty by the waist.

"Don't worry baby. I think you're very handsome." She caressed his face and placed a loving kiss on his cheek.

"Even with my wrinkles." Dom asked with a slight pout.

"Especially with those." Letty laughed grazing the faint lines around his eyes. They stepped into his Pontiac Bonneville and drove off into the open road. Letty took in the natural scenery that she had not seen since she was a little girl. Dom would occasionally caress her thighs and shoulders while her legs were splayed over his lap. Letty would hold his hand and kiss him every so often. In those brief moments they were completely happy and at peace. Their troubles did not matter. They were free to just be.

"Oye caballero!" (How's it going cowboy!) Letty yelled out when she saw a young boy riding a large horse. He waved at her and she smiled. Soon after, three people passed by on a single motorcycle and recognized Dom.

"Oye Dom!" (How goes it Dom!) The driver greeted.

"Todo bien. Que lo que?" (Everything's good. What's up?)

"Aquí tranquilo tígere" (You know, just chilling homeboy.) Letty laughed. In all the time she had known Dom he had always made fun of Dominican slang. He once vowed to never adopt it. Yet, there he was, practically a local.

"What? Who is this? Did I just here you speaking Dominican?" Dom looked away while she teased him.

"It's been a while since I've been to the states. A lot has changed."

"You're missed." Letty told him. There was a slight pause before she spoke again. "She's alright, you know." Letty said in attempt to update him. Talking about Mia was a sore subject. The young Toretto had to endure so much on her own, and Dom had never forgiven himself for it. He just looked at Letty telepathically telling her to end the topic, and she understandingly did so. "So, uh, what's going on? I know you ain't training these boys for nothing. Did I arrive just in time for an adventure?" She asked excitedly. Dom smirked.

"Letty you always arrive just in time for something."

"Come on what is it?" She persisted. Dom leaned over and placed a juicy kiss on her lips. He did not want to talk about heists or money. He wanted to enjoy the moments they were sharing. Letty deepened their kiss and traced a few against his neck. She found herself in his lap and hugged him tight. They drove that way for sometime, until they arrived to Dom's secret destination.

"Where are you taking me?" She asked as they walked along the private beach.

"Wait 'till you see; just wait 'till you see." He grinned and had her hop on his back. Dom walked them to a cave and set her down.

"What are you playing at Toretto?" She asked cheekily before kissing him tenderly.


"Are you planning to kill me and bury my body?"

"No" Dom laughed pecking her lips once more. He could not kiss her enough. Their yearlong separation had weighed on him.

"Are we gonna have sex in here?" Letty smirked against his lips.

"You want to?"

"I don't know. Was it in your plans?"

"I can put it in my plans."

"Then nah"

"Damn I should have lied." Letty giggled before their mouths once again found each other.

"Mmm, alright let's have sex in this cave."

"Let's play a little first."

"Play? With what?" Dom removed himself from her embrace and pulled out a canoe and a small cooler.

"Is that thing full?"

"You bet your sweet ass it is."

"Fuck yeah, Presidentes on deck!" Letty said excitedly opening the cooler and grabbing a beer. She handed it to Dom so that he could open it with his teeth. The couple enjoyed a few beers before heading for the water, where they frolicked and played like teenagers. Neither had laughed so hard in months. They were long overdue for such a carefree day where they could just enjoy each other. They would wrestle and splash one another in the water. Dom would paddle them out and Letty would paddle them in, and every so often they would just sit allowing the sea to carry them away while they gazed at each other. Hours later, the sun began to set and Letty crawled up his body while they floated at sea. She kissed him deeply and looked into his eyes. Their heartbeats synchronized and she had never felt more in love with Dominic Toretto.

"You feel that? How can you be 3000 miles away from that?"

"I can't." He admitted. "I'm no one without you." Letty smiled and placed her head on his chest. They let the see rock them until it was time to leave and embark on their new adventure.

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