Brand new story I have had on my mind lately and I want to see how well people take to it. This could potentially replace Devils Dragon if I do decide to take it down but I have yet to decide. I have so many Highschool DXD/Naruto idea in my head right now that I needed to get this one written out.

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Fire & Ash

Chapter One

The Underworld was very different from what many believed it would look like. When the word Underworld was spoken many would instantly think of a dark, frightening and vile place where fire and lava were blazing at every turn and filled with toxic air that killed anyone that dared to breathe.

Therefore many would have been incredibly surprised when the Underworld was nothing like this description and was instead very similar to Earth, the Human world with the exception of the sky that was purple and filled with dark clouds.

Though one thing many were correct in thinking was that the Underworld was home to the Devils, the dark race of beings that many had greatly misunderstood and believed to be nothing more than evil beings.

Devil however were just like regular people but with bat wings on their backs and have an array of different abilities that could be used for either good or evil purposes.

All Devils have increased physical abilities such as strength, endurance, speed, and senses. The could even live for thousands of years and retain a youthful appearance. It made the devils a near perfect species.

The Underworld was enormous, easily the size of earth but just in a different dimension much too contrary beliefs that thought it was underground like its name would suggest. It lands varies with cities, grasslands, fields and farmlands, forests etc.

Throughout the Underworld large portion of this land was owned by various families, most noticeably the Pure blood families of the 72 pillars.

The devils greatest enemies were the Angels of Heaven and the ones known as Fallen Angels, angels that had given into the sinful natures and had fallen from Heaven which created a new species of supernatural beings.

The Three Factions of Angels, Devils, and Fallen Angels warred against one another under the leaderships of the Biblical God, the Four Great Satans, and the Fallen Angel organization, Grigori, led by the Fallen Angel Azazel, in a conflict which came to be known as the Great War.

When the war eventually ended, each side had lost much and left the Three Factions in a state of conflict. However, due to a state of extreme exhaustion after the Great War and with all three factions losing their main forces, neither of the three sides wanted to continue battling. So while there was no peace between the factions, outright battles did not occur either.

Many years later and after the death of the Satan's, the Underworld fell into a civil war with the Satan families wanting to continue their families legacy and fight against the Angels and the Fallen ones while on the other side were many of the remaining families of the 72 Pillars that had been reduced to now just 34 that wanted peace and a new order.

The conflict lasted for almost a decade until eventually five devils from five different families all stood together and pushed back the Old Satan Faction and secured the war in favor of the Anti-Satan faction.

Sirzechs Gremory, Ajuka Astaroth, Serafall Sitri, Falbium Glasya-Labolas and finally Naruto Phenex.

Though young each young devil boasted incredible raw power that left many shaking where they stood and could decimate entire countries at a time. Each with their own skills set and power, individually they were powerful but together they were near invincible.

The strongest of the group Sirzechs Gremory and Naruto Phenex were best friends, rivals and had known each other since they were in diapers. Sirzechs with the Power of Destruction and Naruto with the power of Immortality and Fire, the two quickly became names that struck fear into the hearts of anyone that heard their names.

The civil war had taken its toll on every Devil alive but eventually the Anti-Satan faction prevailed with Sirzechs landing the final and deciding blow to Rizervim Livan Lucifer and securing the victory for the new devil faction.

With this the old faction retreated and hid while the Underworld quickly began to change under its new management.

With the leaders gone, the five stepped up to take responsibility of the Underworld and to protect its people and everyone that lived and breathed in their home world.

Before this could continue a problem arose, one that surprised many and shook the friendship between Sirzechs and Naruto.

Despite being best friends the two had their arguments from time to time and had their own opinions on certain matters. However many were left surprised when the very thing that caused tension between the two to rise was not a thing or an object but in fact a person.

A woman called Grayfia Lucifuge.

Grayfia was a beautiful woman from one of the Extra Demon families that was seen by many as the perfect female devil. She had beauty, she had brains, she had power and had an attitude that could keep even the foulest of male devils in line.

She had originally been on the side of the Old Faction but after meeting the five heroes of the New Faction she defected and became a powerful ally for the new group. She quickly stood out to everyone but none more so then Naruto and Sirzechs.

At first she had taken a shine to Naruto and the two quickly became a couple and had spent many months together in their own bubble of love.

But while Naruto had given his heart to Grayfia, her eyes and her heart was secretly yearning for another.

It was only a few weeks after the defeat of the Old faction that Naruto had returned home to find his girlfriends clothing spread across the floor along with male clothing that definitely did not belong to him and could hear voices coming from their room.

Every step he took caused bit of his heart to break off until eventually it shattered altogether when he found Grayfia in their bed with none other than his best friend Sirzechs.

What happened next led to Sirzechs almost being burned to a crisp and reduced to ashes as Naruto went into a fit of rage as he attacked his now former friend.

It took the combined efforts of Naruto and Sirzechs parents along with Grayfia, Serafall, Ajuka and Falbium to eventually restrain him and stop him from killing Sirzechs. It didn't take them all long to figure out why he was angry with the state Sirzechs and Grayfia were in.

A week after the incident Naruto and Sirzechs did the only thing they could think of to resolve the problem and decided who Grayfia's heart belonged to.

They fought and what a fight it was.

The fight that made entire war look insignificant in comparison and lasted for almost three days straight with neither of the fighters giving either a moment of rest and which shook the entire Underworld to its core. Enormous parts of the Underworld had been reduced to rubble and would take years to rebuild though thankfully no one was harmed after being evacuated to somewhere safe.

After the three days the victor finally emerged. That day despite his great power, Sirzechs proved to have that extra little bit needed to win the match and Naruto was defeated.

Defeated and now having to watch as his best friend spent his life with the woman that Naruto loved.

Both wound up in the hospital due to exhaustion and injuries that not even Naruto immortality healing was able to heal properly. Both were confined to bed rest and not to leave the bed until the doctors told them too.

It was during this time that Naruto was visited by Grayfia. She told him she was sorry and that he didn't deserve to be hurt the way he did but she couldn't deny her feeling for Sirzechs anymore.

She loved Naruto, he was her first love and no one ever forgot their first love. But Sirzechs was her true love and the man she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life standing beside.

Two weeks after the epic battle between the two great devils, Naruto packed his stuff and he left.

He told no one where he was going, not even his family. All he left was a note saying he was going away and he probably would not be back for a long time.

Afterward his leaving the Underworld moved on and rebuilt. The reaming four heroes of the Devil civil war took up the mantle of the old Satan's and became the new Four Great Satan's with Sirzechs being the leader of the four and taking up the mantle of Lucifer while Ajuka took Beelzebub, Serafall took Leviathan and Falbium taking Asmodeous.

Then some time down the line Ajuka created the Evil piece system.

With so few pure blooded devil left and half of the 72 pillars now extinct they needed to repopulate the Underworld somehow and that eventually led to the Evil piece system. A system that allowed human and other creatures and people to be reincarnated and turned into devils.

Two hundred Years Later

A pair of closed eye lids fluttered as the morning sun broke through the curtains and revealing the morning daylight. Continuing to flutter the eyelids eventually opened and revealed a pair of blue eyes that shined like sapphires and stared up at the blank white ceiling.

Tilting his head, the man looked at the alarm clock beside him and saw it read 08:30 before groaning. He grabbed a pillow and covered his face with it, trying to block out the sun.

After a few minutes of silence he let a loud sigh escape his mouth before he sat up forward and rubbed the sleepers out of his eyes.

He was a young man in his early to twenties with tanned skin and golden blonde hair that was kept short but was very spiky. He had a lean but muscular build that was built for both speed and power and at full height would stand around 6'1. Along his right eye was a scar that went vertical and stopped above his cheek while a few more scars covered his chest and shoulder with one in particular still looking slightly red, indicating it was relatively new.

He was Naruto Phenex, eldest son of the current Lord and Lady of the Phenex family, heir of the Phenex family and one of the great heroes of the Devil Civil War.

Blinking and rubbing the sleepers out of his eyes, Naruto Phenex's gaze left his bed and traveled over towards the window that showed the city of New York stretched around it.

Since his leaving, he had traveled all over the human world and met some of the most wonderful people he could have ever met as well as fought some of the strongest as well. He had a knack for attracting powerful opponents.

As he sat there and pondered, his thoughts went back to an old and familiar wound.


Naruto entered his home with a big smile on his face as a small velvet box was clutched in his right hand. His finger was gently tapping the top of it, showing signs of being nervous.

"I hope she likes this ring. Mother always said a girl's best friend are diamonds," he whispered to himself as he closed the door behind him.

He had been together with his love Grayfia for a year now and he felt ready to take the next step in their relationship. Some thought it might have been a little fast but then again with arranged marriages always floating around in the Underworld he figured most would be positive about this.

Two powerful devils like themselves marrying would have been a blessing for the Underworld. It would be a positive sign for the future of their species and their home.

He was about to call out when he stopped and stared at the ground where a grey lacy bra lay on the ground. Confusion appeared on his face since Grayfia was not known for leaving her clothes around or even being a messy person. Heck she slapped him many times when he left even a sock out of place.

Then however he noticed more of her clothing going up the stairs along with male clothing that he knew were not his. Seeing this made a sense of dread bubble up in his stomach as he took a slow step forward and begin ascending up the stairs.

Being careful not to make a sound Naruto got to the top of the stairs and crept along the hallway and towards their room where he noticed his and Grayfia's room door was slightly ajar. As he moved closer the sounds of moaning could be heard.

At his side the hand holding the small box shook harder the closer he got.

Eventually getting to the door he heard Grayfia and another man's voice.



Hearing that last name almost knocked the wind out of him and he had to hold himself together to stop from dropping to the ground.

All at once a wave of negative feelings hit him. Sadness, anger, rage, and the strongest one, betrayal.

Slowly he dropped the velvet box, making a small thud while a steady stream of tears were beginning to go down his face. At his side his fists stopped shaking and turned into fists.

And then fire covered his fists and the temperature sky rocketed.

"Did it just get hot in here?" he heard Sirzechs ask as the Gremory male head shot up while Grayfia looked confused at his face.

"I think it did. But that can only mean…" she stopped when her eyes shot open in worry and looked towards the door, only to find Naruto now standing there looking at her with betrayal and heart ache.

"Naruto…," she whispered as the two of them covered themselves up as Grayfia looked at him with an apologetic look. She watched as he looked at her, his eyes shining from the angry tears before she saw him turn his attention to Sirzechs who had gulped and was trying desperately to put his pants on.

Her eyes then widened even more when she saw him move. "NARUTO NOOOOOO," she shouted as Naruto slammed into Sirzechs and the two devils barreled out of the room and going through the wall.

Grayfia grabbed one of her robes and followed quickly, desperately trying to stop Naruto from killing Sirzechs.

End Flashback

As he sat there his thoughts briefly went to his family that resided in the Underworld.

The Phenex family was one of the strongest and wealthiest of the remaining 34 families and was also one of the biggest. From the information he got on them from time to time he now understood that he had two new siblings.

Ruval who was his younger brother had only been five when he had left his home and now his brother had apparently gotten married and had a child of his own. Naruto also gathered that he was in the top ten in the rating games that the new faction had created.

He was proud of his younger brother, especially when he caught wind that Ruval might be attaining the rank of Ultimate Class Devil soon.

Apart from Ruval, he gathered he had another younger brother named Riser as well as a little sister named Ravel who apparently looked a lot like their mother.

Thinking about his mother always made him feel guilty and for good reason.

He and his mother had always been close since he was the first born. While he and his father Minato Phenex got on well enough and he loved his father greatly, his mother had always been a big part of him becoming who he was today. Layla Phenex was the best mother he could have asked for and he felt ashamed of the pain he had obviously put her through when he left.

He just hoped she understood why he left.

"Your thinking too hard again," a whispered voice said from behind him as he felt a pair of long, smooth arms wrap around his shoulder as well as a nibbling feeling coming from his ear.

Naruto patted the smooth arms and let out a dry chuckle before he turned his head and looked at the beauty that leaned across him.

The person behind him was a beautiful woman with long blonde hair, gorgeous amber eyes and carried a playful smirk on her face as she nuzzled into him. Though the most noticeable features she carried were the golden furred ears on top of her head and the nine gold tails with white tips at the end.

"I'm surprised you're up so early Yasaka-chan. Usually you're a late sleeper," he said and let out a low chuckle when she slapped him on his bare chest while pushing her assets against the back of his head.

"I would but I have this particular itch that needs to be scratched," she purred as he raised an eyebrow. "I was hoping you could help me with it."

"Your insatiable you know that," he said making the woman grin.

"What were you thinking about? You looked lost there for a moment," she asked having been watching him silently for the last five minutes.

He didn't answer right away but when he did he just said one word.


She now sighed as she rubbed her cheek against his, showing him that she was there for him. She knew the main reason why he had left home and her heart did go out to the devil.

"Then perhaps it's time to go home. I think nearly two centuries is long enough don't you think?" She told him having noticed in the last few years he had this far away look on his face when he visited her.

"Perhaps but then again I have acquired a nice little quiet life outside of the Underworld. It been a while since any angels, fallen or other type of creatures have dared to attack me. I think the message finally got across."

"Maybe or maybe it might have been due to the fact that you gave that foolish Seraph quite the beating the last time you two met. When someone beats a Seraph I'm sure word gets around."

"The guy was asking for it and you know it. He kept bothering me with his 'my holy flames are stronger than your demonic flames.' I think we have proven who the strongest now is."

She nodded but traced the scar going down his eye. "But he did leave a mark on you either way."

He shivered a little at her touch as his put his hand over hers."It's just one more to add to the collection."

He let out a low sigh before a small smirk appeared on his face. He turned around quickly and pinned the beautiful Kitsune onto the bed while spreading her legs wide with his knee's.

"Now didn't you say you had an itch. Well I suppose I could spare some attention. After all you look after me so well," he muttered getting a coy smile from the woman before they let they engaged in making out along with other things.

An hour later Naruto sat on the edge of the bed as he put a pair of black jeans and grabbing a red shirt from a bag by the bed. His special friend was currently in the shower.

The woman name was Yasaka, a Kitsune Yokai and Naruto's first friend he made when he left the Underworld. He had met her by chance many years ago when he was travelling through Kyoto and the two met after she interrogated him.

Though rough at first, the two steadily built a friendship over the years and Naruto would regularly visit Kyoto to visit his long time friend and catch up.

Looking at her most would have thought she was just another pretty face but people could not have been more wrong. She was incredibly powerful and boasted an enormous amount of Yokai and had great control over the fox fire that Kitsune were famous for. Then turning into a fox the size of a skyscraper made most collapse from a heart attack.

Their current situation though was one of friends with benefits. It was thanks to Yasaka that he slowly began to get over Grayfia and she helped him eventually move past the silver haired beauty. While there were and would always be feeling still there, he knew nothing could ever come of it any more.

The sex was just an extra for when either of them had that scratch that needed to be itched. They didn't exactly love each other in that way but would admit there were some feelings there that had developed over the years and many would mistake them for a couple when they were just walking around Kyoto.

Both cared for one another, had a strong friendship where either would protect each other no matter the cost and that was enough right now.

Plus Yasaka seemed to enjoy teasing him when she could and was not shy about flaunting what natural gifts she had been given when they were in private.

"You almost ready Yasaka-chan?" he called just as the door opened and Yasaka walked out with a towel wrapped around her body. Since Naruto was leaving later that day, they were going to spend some time together whilst Yasaka ran some errands.

"Be patient my lovely Phenex. Us girls need time to make ourselves look beautiful," she said winking at him and making him roll his eyes before he turned away and to give her privacy to get dressed. "Plus I need to make sure Kunou knows she is still grounded."

"What did she do this time?" he asked. Kunou was Yasaka's nine year old daughter. They were the spitting image of one another and he could see Kunou growing up to be incredibly beautiful just like Yasaka. She also inherited the Kitsune love of making trouble.

"She put laxatives in the drinks of the other Kitsune again," Yasaka said making Naruto chuckle and shake his head in amusement.

Twenty minutes later and dressed up in a traditional shrine maidens outfit, they eventually left as a orange symbol appear beneath them and teleported them away.

With Naruto and Yasaka

They arrived in a small garden area about a mile away from Yasaka's home before the two began walking down a small path with Yasaka's arm wrapped around Naruto's.

"So where are we going?" Naruto asked as he looked around her surroundings as Naruto began walking down a dirt path.

"I figured while we walk I could visit a young Kitsune girl. As you know it's our mating season soon and this will be the first big one for this girl now that she is of age. I want to make sure she is prepared."

"Mating season huh?" Naruto said feeling her tighten her arm around his. "I remember those times too well. I got a call almost every couple of hours to come and satisfy you last time didn't I?"

She gently slapped his arm while blushing slightly. "Behave you."

Getting rid of the blush she turned to look at him. "She's nervous. There is a boy she likes and she wants to make sure she can control herself when the time comes. You know what happens when we lose control."

"Yeah do I," he muttered. He remembered it far too well. It only happened once but Yasaka had completely given into her primal urges and lost control of them. She basically tried to jump him at every turn and got very violent about it. In the end he had to knock her out because she was becoming too unpredictable.

"And what about you?" He asked as she looked at him. "If mating season is round the corner then have you thought about putting another bun in the oven so to speak?"

The answer he got was a light laugh as she placed her head on his shoulder.

"Oh maybe in a few more years. Right now Kunou is more than enough. Why you offering to help?"

She looked at him and saw his eyes lowered a little and he smiled weakly. "I did last time."

Her eyes softened as a gentle smile appeared on her face too. "Yes you did and I thank you every single day that you did that for me," she whispered as she thought of her daughter and then looked towards Naruto as she recognized the same look in their eyes.

"You know you could tell her. Who you really are to Kunou."

His reaction was a sigh which she knew was coming.

"You know I can't. At least not yet. I have enemies out there and even people back in the Underworld may cause problems. When I feel its safe then we will tell her."

She nodded before the two fell into a peaceful silence as they enjoyed each others company.

After an hour of trekking along the dirt path and a lot of complaining from Naruto since they could have just teleported there, they eventually arrived at the apartment of the Kitsune girl in the northern part of Japan.

While Yasaka had been here a few times to meet with the girl, hers and Naruto's face scrunched up when they felt a foul presence that the two were all too familiar with.

"I guess you're not the only one who had taken an interest in the girl."

With that the two jumped onto some nearby buildings and leap across the rooftops until they arrived at a small apartment building where they immediately saw the new problem.

Just outside the apartment building were two men and two women each with a pair of black wings neatly folded on their backs.

Fallen Angels

As the two dropped down from the roof two more fallen angles walked out of one of the lower apartments, one with a pair of wings and the other with two pairs of wings which signaled he was the strongest of the little group.

What caught their main attention though was the young girl that was draped across the other fallen angels shoulders.

Yasaka saw the girl and let a low growl come out from her mouth, figuring out that they did not have any good plans for this poor young girl and would most likely try and defile her. The fallen ones were known to be a very sexual race.

"Let's get going. Lord Kokabiel will want to run tests on this one," the strongest member of the group said as the rest of them all nodded to his words. They stretched their wings and were about to fly when a cough interrupted them.

Looking over they saw Naruto and Yasaka watching them and leaning against a nearby car, one looking angry and the other emotionless.

"Yo," Naruto said with a small wave each before quickly notice the glares that were sent their way.

"A Devil and a Kitsune," they all hissed out while the fallen with fours wings quickly went into the air to make a quick escape with their hostage.

Before he could get very high though a powerful slam hit his chest that forced him back to the ground and land on his back.

He lat there in a daze for a couple of moments before He winced at the pain shakily stood up.

All he had seen was a small flash of golden hair. Quickly he turned towards and faced Naruto.

"That man," he hissed out as a light spear appeared in his hand as the other fallen looked at him strangely.

"Sir…..he never moved," one of the females said as Naruto smirked and gave him a taunt with her index finger, indicating for them to come get some.

"Impossible, I know what I saw even if it was brief. He hit me…..No one can possibly move that fast."

"I guess they don't know me very well huh Yasaka-chan?" Naruto said before leaning away from the car. She had seen him move and was one of the very few that were able to.

"Gentleman and ladies I'm afraid I will have to ask you to give me the girl. I can't let you take a potential new friend away before I even get to know her. And by the looks of it I doubt you have any good intentions for her," he said as cracked his hands and neck, ignoring the outraged look they were giving him.

"We can do this two ways. The easy way or the hard way and trust me when I tell you this. You should pick the easy way."

Their response was creating a batch of light spear in their arms and in the air of various colors.

All Naruto could do was sigh and scratch his head. "Don't say I didn't warn you," he told them before turning to look at Yasaka. "You want this one Yasaka-chan?"

Her answer was a coy smile as her tails began to show and her eyes began to glow with power as fire danced around her hands.

"I thought you would never ask Naruto-kun," she told him before she disappeared in a great burst of speed and appeared in front of the Fallen Angels.

Naruto just stood and watched as Yasaka made short work of the Fallen Angels.


At the same moment in time another member of the Phenex family sat on a royal looking patio as a number of low to mid class devils went about taking care of the large garden that was filled with bright and warm colored flowers.

"Would you like some more tea Phenex-sama?" a maid asked as she stood a few feet away from Lady Phenex with a small tray in her hands with a freshly made pot of tea.

Lady Phenex, full name Layla Phenex was a beautiful young woman who despite being many centuries old still looked to be in her early to mid twenties with her hair held up in a ornate fashion and blue eyes that all her children seemed to have inherited. Wearing a beautiful and elegant red dress she looked nothing short of what a Queen would look like and had the power to back it up as well.

She shook her head and waved her hand politely. "No thank you," was all she said as the maid nodded and returned to the kitchen to continue with her daily duties.

She sat alone, not being in the mood for company right now and needed to clear her thoughts on her own. Recently her mind kept going back to one subject that made a stabbing feeling appear in her heart.

Her eldest son Naruto Phenex had been gone for two hundred years and she had no idea where he was, how he was or even if he was still alive.

The only way she got any kind of information about him was from the rumors and the gossip that would spread to the Underworld. While it was never enough to get a pin point location on her son, it was enough to find out what he had been doing at least.

For many of it she was left almost having heart attacks from the things her son did. Fighting hordes of Angels and Fallen Angles on his own, confronting a Dragon King, battling a Seraph. If she didn't know that her son was extremely powerful then she would have died from worry years ago.

Her son was not only a prodigy but genius when it came to hard work. He didn't get his great power from slacking off. He would spend entire days, weeks, even months training nonstop to fully control and advance his powers.

Naruto's power had always been an oddity though. He had the full Phenex powers like other members but the first thing they noticed was his flames were not orangey red like normal fire but were instead golden. Golden demonic fire that had the potential to be as hot as the sun.

They were significantly more powerful than normal fire and even his wind affinity was nothing to joke at. Layla made sure he trained extensively in both element aspects.

The second oddity that stood out about her son was his demonic power in general. It was far higher then most devils and even when he was young his raw power was already on par with a seasoned High Class devil.

Naruto Phenex was most likely the strongest devil of the Phenex family that there ever was and it was because of him that their power equaled and rivaled families like the Gremory, Sitri, Astaroth and Glasya-Labolas.

It made her proud knowing her son was on par with the Four Great Satan and that he had played a pivotal role in ridding them of the Old faction. But with him gone there overall power was now below those four families since Naruto was the ace of their family and while her children had potential and her second son Ruval making a name for himself, it paled next to her oldest..

And then there was the Gremory family that left a bitter taste in her mouth and made her face scrunch up in distaste

Her relationship with the Gremory family had all but been severed after their eldest son and now daughter in law had broken her son's heart. There was a time when she and the Gremory Matriarch Venelena Gremory had been best friends and had grown up together, even when Venelena was still a Bael and neither had married or had children.

But after the incident and watching her friend welcome Grayfia into their home happily, the two had been strained greatly and rarely conversed with one another.

The Phenex family still allied itself with the Gremory family in business terms and Lord Phenex still spoke often with Lord Gremory. They had even arranged a marriage between her third son Riser Phenex and their daughter Rias Gremory. Though she doubted it would happen since the Gremory girl was doing everything possible to get out of it.

"Mama," she heard bring her out of her thoughts before smiling when she saw her youngest Ravel walking towards her with an annoyed look on her face.

Her daughter looked like a carbon copy of her when she was her age but had her fathers blonde hair like her other children par Naruto. If their hair was in the same style then they would have past off as sisters.

"What's with that face my dear?"

Ravel huffed in annoyance as she put her hands on her hips. "Riser took his peerage to see Rias Gremory and she still refuses to agree to the marriage. Plus she has this horrible pawn that is a complete pervert. He kept looking at all the girls chest with this stupid look on his face."

Layla Phenex nodded and chuckled dryly as she listened to her daughter rant before she gently took her hand and led her to a seat in front of her. Taking her hair out of the pigtails she summoned a brush before she gently started brushing down her daughter's hair.

Ravel just continued to talk about the perverted boy and the Rias-Riser situation while Layla offered an ear to listen.

Ravel slowly turned her head to look at her mother and noticed the far off look that was on her face.

"What's wrong Mama?" She asked, recognizing when something was wrong with her mother.

She got a sad smile on her face. "I'm just thinking about your brother and wondering where he is right now."

Ravel quickly understood which brother she was talking about and nodded as she shifted in her seat and clenched the skirt of her dress. The subject of her eldest brother was kind of taboo in the Phenex home because any mention of him would make their mother sad and upset. Even her father was careful when bringing up the oldest son.

"Do you think he would like me?" She asked timidly and quietly. She had never met her eldest brother since he had left long before she was born. She had seen pictures and had heard what he was like from devils that knew him.

He was brave, kind, silly and protective to the people he loved and could be ruthless and cold towards those that threatened him or his people.

She felt the hair brush stop moving along her hair and get gently pulled out. Before she could say anything she felt her mother's arms wrap around her from behind and gently squeeze her hands while her mother's lips gently pressed on the back of her head.

"He will. I know he will. And when he comes back, whenever that may be, we can make new and happy memories with him. I'm sure he will love spending time with his little sister. So do not fret my child," she whispered.

The mother and daughter shared a peaceful moment together as they enjoyed one another company as they thought about their lost family member.

Beside them the Phenex symbol appeared and the third son Riser appeared out of it with an angry expression on his face with his entire peerage aside from Ravel behind him.

'No rest for the wicked,' she sighed inwardly as she prepared to listen to what her son now had to tell her.

Back with Naruto

"Forty five seconds. That was slower than last time you were in a fight Yasaka-chan. I fear you may be slowing down in your old age," Naruto teased as he watched his woman drag the now dead bodies of all the Fallen Angles and put them in a pile. The woman had temper when pushed the wrong way, just like these Fallen Angels had found out.

Over his shoulder meanwhile was the young haired girl that was still unconscious and now in his safe hands.

"If I'm old then what does that make you?"

"Wizened of course," he said giving her a big grin which only served to make her eyes roll before placing the last body down on the pile.

Watching as she moved to stand next to him, Naruto clicked his fingers and watched as fire erupted from beneath the pile and began burning at the bodies.

"So what now?"

"Now we go back to my home and we wait for this one to wake up. I want to make sure they tried nothing on her while they were in the apartment. Plus I need to make sure Kunou is behaving."

Naruto sighed before smiling, having been use to her attitude for nearly two hundred years. She knew him just as well as he knew her.

Clicking his fingers again an orange Phenex seal appeared underneath them and teleported them away, leaving the bodies to burn into nothing but ash.

Chapter One Completed

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