Chapter Five

Naruto didn't wait for Katerea to begin her assault on him and quickly appeared in front of her, getting shocked eyes from the girl at how quick he was. His right leg collided with her stomach and kicked her into the air.

On his back enormous wings made of fire burst out of his back causing many to look away from how intense the heat was. Sona who had seen the Phenex family's wings before was left slightly in awe at how large his wings were. They were easily three times bigger than the ones she had seen on Riser Phenex during his match with Issei. They were easily a lot hotter as well as sweat began forming on her forehead.

Pushing himself into the air he watched Katerea put he staff in front of her and four magic seals appeared around it. Blasts of energy shot out, each think and potent with dark magic.

With his wings we easily avoided the attacks and even kicked one which was sent high into the air and causing a small explosion of darkness to cover the sky for a brief moment.

"Naruto Phenex…..DAMN YOU," Katerea shouted as her staff was thrusted forward again as four more magic seals appeared.

"Hiken," was all she heard as she saw an enormous pillar of fire began charging towards her. She created defence seals around her body but the moment the fire hit cracks immediately formed on the seals and quickly broke them apart.

She pushed herself backwards and flew higher in the air to avoid the fire.

However when she got a safe level she saw Naruto wasps no longer in front of her but had now appeared above her.

"How are you moving so fast?" she asked glaring at one of the men responsible for her family's downfall. Naruto though never answered and remained quiet.

Everyone then watched as he flipped himself over in the air. His right leg was extended and they watched as his entire leg became covered a blue fire covered leg with talons that resembled a bird of prey.

His leg came down and hit Katerea hard in the chest and shoulder and threw her down back to the ground an crash right through one of the Kuoh school buildings.

Not giving her a chance to counter with her own attack Naruto quickly appeared above the now partially destroyed building and aimed for the hole where she had fallen through.

"Phoenix Flowers," he whispered as he put his hand to his mouth and shot out fireball the size of basket ball that were each shaped like flower petals. Each of the fireball went straight through the hole and ignited the building as fire shot out of the hole.

Outside they could all heard Katerea screaming in pain as she was being burned alive. While the younger devils winced and had to look way, the older devils and the other leaders of the other faction remained stoic, not showing any emotion to the brutal attack.

"Old Faction trash," Naruto whispered as his wing of fire disappeared and he free fell to the ground. Cracks formed on the spot he landed on and dusted his shoulder of any ash or dust he got caught on his jacket.

He turned back around to look towards the group and saw Serafall looking ready to race over towards him.

He stopped though when he felt a power spike come from the building that came from the old Leviathan devil woman. Turning back around he narrowed his eyes when he saw Katerea walking out of the building, limping as she did.

The once beautiful devil now had half of her hair burnt off along with multiples burns and wounds covering her arms, legs and stomach. Her clothes had been burnt off leaving her naked for the world to see. Her face though was contorted into a mixture of pain and anger as her eyes were wide with an insane look in them.

"You will not take this from me," she rasped out. "I will take my place as Queen of the Underworld and you will bow to me."

After that she made a small jar appear in her right hand that was covered in devil runes and sealed. She waved her hand and quickly made them disappeared before ripping the lid of the top.

Naruto watched with narrowed eyes as purple like snake figures wriggled out of the jar and began leaching and absorbing itself to Katerea who had a wide smirk on her face.

The snakes began to glow with an orangey glow around them as began to meld with Katerea and he watched as her body began to change and alter itself. Her arms became long and more tentacles like while her hair and face features became more wild. Her breasts even got larger and her body became more toned. The most noticeable difference though was her power level had jumped again.

Walking forward towards her he heard her begin to laugh before a powerful beam of energy shot out from her mouth, breasts and the tip of the tentacles.

Naruto sighed and cracked his shoulders in preparation and extended his hands out to each side of him. His fingers stretched and flexed and those watching could see his arms flexing as he prepared his move.

Then just when they got close to him he brought his hand together and clapped his hands. The clap was so loud is made many covered their ears but they then watched as an enormous force of wind created by the clap blocked the beams of energy and send them spiraling away.

"You'll have to do better than that," he said before he felt something connect with his shoulder. He looked over to see his right should was now gone and currently in the process of healing. He hardly felt it though it did sting a little.

He looked over and saw Katerea racing towards him with her wings stretched out wide.

"I see your little trick made you and your attacks faster and not just stronger. I'll keep that in mind," he said as his wings shot out on his back and he went into the air with her. I guess I will just need to take this to the next level as well.

When he finished speaking he power up even more to the point where Sona could feel he was now stronger then he was when he was fighting Kokabiel two weeks ago. If it had not been for Serafall standing next to her using her demonic aura to protect her then she would be on the floor struggling to breathe.

"You won't beat me," Katerea told him as her jaws extended to an inhuman length with her tongue getting longer in the process. I am destined for greatness. Not even you can stop me. He then watched as she got a sultry look on her face and pushed her breasts towards him while her hands gently rubbed over them.

"Why not join me. Join us. You could be a great ally and I could give everything you desire," she told him. "I would give you myself to you. A strong woman for a strong man. Think about the outcomes if we united. Our children could be great. They would be the most powerful devilish to ever be brought to life."

Any normal man would have been tempted by the offer, especially with her large bust swaying from side to side like they were trying to hypnotize him.

But this was Naruto Phenex. He was no ordinary devil.

"I'll pass," he told her. "Your great body does not match your awful personality. Get lost."

Serafall would have begun laughing if she had not seen Naruto make fire appear up and down his arms while he out stretched them. She recognized that posture and had a feeling she knew what was coming next.

Enraged at being turned away Katerea let her anger take over and flew straight towards him.

When she got a few meters away from him the fir along his arms increased. Naruto body then began moving as if it was on automatic.

"Blazing Kaiten," he spoke as his body spun around in the air at a tremendous speed. When he did an enormous sphere of fire sudden erupted from his body and covered everything around him, including Katerea who couldn't get herself out of the way from the attack.

Those watching again had to cover their eyes because the fire was so bright and the sphere was enormous. It was as large as the school in size and the heat from it easy tremendous. It was as if a miniature sun had just appeared out of nowhere.

What power Sona commented as she was in complete awe.

From what she had seen the stories she had heard about his power were paling in comparison to what she was seeing.

Her parents had told her all about Naruto Phenex including the real reason he left. It had left her with a very cold outlook on the Gremory family and Sirzechs. She did not believe that Sirzechs and Grayfia, two people that in a way were like a brother and sister to her like Serafall was could ever do such thing. Her respect for the two devils had taken a very large blow.

In terms of the power of Naruto Phenex, she readily agreed with what he parent told her. If Naruto went all out at his full power, he could destroy all of Japan many times over with plenty of power to spare.

It was frightening power.

Above in the sky the attack began to wear off as Naruto slowed down and eventually stopped, making the fire around him disappear completely.

In front of him was whatever as left of Katerea Leviathan. Both of her legs were now gone and her entire body was covered in burns. Her hair was now completely gone along with one of her eyes that had been burnt away. The skin on her right side of the face had been melted off and her teeth and scarred muscle flesh was all that could be seen.

"Bastard," Katerea managed to rasp out though speaking made her entire body wince in pain and she could feel the strain.

Naruto scratched the back of his head before he felt her two tentacles like arms attach themselves to his right arm.

He kept forgetting she was pretty fast with that power up.

He then watched as red symbols appeared along her body and up the tentacles attached to him. Her mouth contorted into a tiny smirk.

"If I die then I am taking you with me."

The answer she got back was a raised eyebrow and watched him shake his head.

"Yeah I don't think so," he told her figuring out it was some kind of self destruct curse. She watched as his other hand had wind wrap around it as he held it up before bringing it down on his arm just above where her tentacles were at cut his arm off.

"No!" she screeched as she neared the her destruction as Naruto sent one last kick to her stomach that sent her high into the air. His right arm though gone was already healing itself as fire appeared from the stump and slowly a new arm began to form.

Watching Katerea he let out a sigh of relief as he watched her body destroy itself. "That's one more gone for good."

As his arm healed he saw the group with the leaders look towards him and he was set to head over but to his right he had felt another battle taking place while he was fighting Katerea.

Flashing over to the other battle he saw two boys on the ground around the same age glaring at one another. One was the Sekiryuutai he had saw during the Kokabiel incident and the other he guessed was the Hakuryuu with the glowing blue and white wings on his back.

Naruto's eyes narrowed tough when he figured this was Vali Lucifer, the boy Kuroka had told him about.

Dropping down to the ground he walked at a steady pace towards the duo and watched as Rias Gremory and her peerage appeared behind the Sekiryuutai.

"Give up Vali its over," Issei told him as he took deep breathes and looked on the verge of passing out as a bracelet around his wrist broke into multiple pieces. Meanwhile Vali steadily stood up as he entered his balance breaker mode again without the helmet forming.

He was about to attack Issei making the Gremory peerage ready themselves. However behind Vali, Bikou appeared and dropped ut of a tree with his staffs on his shoulder.

"What bring you here Bikou?" Vali asked.

"They want you back. Apparently they want you for some fight that will take place up north."

"Hey who the hell are you," Issei shouted out as he stood back on his feet and let his gauntlet appeared back on his hand.

Issei be careful. You have used up a lot of energy today Rias told him but the brown haired boys focus was entirely on the two members of the Khaos Brigade.

His name is Bikou, descendant of Sun Wukong Naruto stated letting himself be known as everyone turned to look towards him. They all saw Bikou take a step back in fear while Rias had gone pale with her eyes widening in shock.

"Naruto Phenex," she said aloud making everyone else gulp and realize who he was. They had all been told he was the one who saved them and Rias could not believe she had been speaking to one of the great heroes and most powerful devils alive.

"We need to go," Bikou said to Vali grabbing his shoulder as a magic seal appeared beneath them. Vali though had a look of excitement appear on his face at the prospect of facing Naruto as the he and Bikou began to sink into the seal.

"Vali Lucifer," Naruto spoke as everyone else looked surprise at the declaration while Vali narrowed his eyes. He guessed Kuroka had told him about who he really was. "I'll remember that name the next time I destroy a scumbag from the Old Satan faction."

Vali looked like he was about to speak but both he and Bikou completely disappeared, leaving the Gremory peerage and Naruto behind looking at the spot where Vali and Bikou had previously been standing.

With most of the enemies gone Naruto took a deep breath and turned to look at the Gremory peerage who were all standing a little wide eyed at him.

"You kids alright?" he asked in a gruff tone and watched them quickly nod their heads.

Being the first one to snap out of their shock, Rias quickly bowed to Naruto. "Thank you Naruto-sama. For both saving my peerage I In this situation and from the attack two weeks ago."

In response Naruto just shrugged. "Don't mention it. I was only there because someone called in a favor." he told them. "Can you move Sekiryuutai?"

All he got in response was a head shake before he walked forwards and put Issei over his shoulder in a fireman carry before he began walking away.

The peerage quickly followed after him with Rias and a blonde haired girl fussing over Issei while the blonde girl tried to heal him as they were moving.

Five minutes later and after admiring all of the carnage and destruction that had been brought to the school they eventually arrived at the meeting room. Despite it being mostly destroyed in the explosion, thanks to the use of magic from the leader the room look almost as good as knew.

As soon as he walked in the room went silent. He paid no attention to them before placing Issei on a chair with Rias and the blonde girl whose name was Asia quickly surrounded him.

However the moment he turned around he felt a small figure slam into him and felt a pair of arms wrap around his stomach and a head firmly put itself on his chest. Looking down his eyes softened when he saw Serafall holding on to him tightly as she let her sobs and tears finally be expressed.

"Sera-chan," he said softly.

"You jerk." she sobbed as her feet kicked his shins. "Two hundred years and we don't get any word from you. No phone calls, no letters, no nothing. Do you know how worried we have all been? Many thought you were d..d…..dead."

Quickly he began to feel bad and guilty as Serafall sobbed out how annoyed she is with him despite never letting go of the hug. He always knew that Serafall would be more emotional that others when the came back and was not surprised by this reaction.

They had been very close before he left and she was one of his best friends for a very long time. He didn't take into account how much it would affect her.

Slowly his arms wrapped around Serafall and he placed his head on top of her.

"Sorry Sera-chan. You know what a baka I can be," he whispered in her ear as she nodded her head on his his.

"Giant baka, baka, baka," she said before she placed a big kiss on his cheek and wrapped her legs around his waist while putting her head in the crook of his neck.

"You're not going to move from that spot for the rest of the day now are you?" he said and felt her shake his head. "Thought so."

"That was a badass entrance Naruto-san," Azazel commented as he pat Naruto's shoulder with a big grin plastered on his face. "I always knew you had style."

"While my words won't be as colorful as Azazel I agree that it was fortunate that you arrived when you did Naruto-san," Michael said as he and Gabriel stepped forward and shook his hand and thanked him for the assistance.

"Well this idiot told me what was happening and suggested that I came as back up so to speak," he told them. "I figured it was time to end myself imposed exile. Anything with the Old Satan Faction in it then I want to be there to put them away."

Michael nodded while Gabriel who was standing behind Michael gave Naruto a flirty wink that they all saw. Azazel grinned and patted his back again while Serafall glared at the woman she called her rival with as if she was going to make the angel combust right there on the spot.

'Stay away from my Naru-tan.' she thought as she tightened her grip on him.

"Naruto-sama," he heard as he turned to see Sona Sitri standing there with her queen Tsubaki and the rest of her peerage behind her. They all bowed at the same time before Sona spoke.

"Naruto-sama we thank you for saving us during the incident with Kokabiel. We are in your debt she told him but saw him wave it off."

"Don't worry about Sona-chan. Like I said I could never let Sera-chans baby sister get hurt," he said making Sona look a little annoyed while Serafall eyes sparkled as she nuzzled her face with Naruto's.

Though annoyed Sona was glad Serafall's attention and affection was not on her. It was nice to not have her sister over bearing personality always stuck on her.

Maybe now she didn't have to worry about her sister always embarrassing her.

Though now looking at Serafall she knew now that she definantly liked Naruto Phenex more than just a friend. She was never this familiar or friendly with other male devils. Serafall had never shown much interest in male devils and for a time Sona actually believed Serafall had a thing for girl rather than boys.

Now though she knew that was not true and her actions right now was proof of that. She never had eyes for any man because they had already focused on the man she wanted.

Sona now firmly believed her sister was in love with Naruto Phenex.

'"Naru-tan is still so brave like I remember," Serafall chanted happily as she let out a girlish giggle as continued to nuzzled with Naruto who though rolling his eyes, had to smile.


The hair on the back of his beck stood up as his head gently moved to the side. Everyone looked over towards the voice and Serafall noticed his yes had narrowed as he was glaring towards the side of them.

Sirzechs stepped forward with a nervous smile on his face with Grayfia standing beside him, whose eye were firmly plastered on Naruto. A smile was tugging at the side of her mouth.

"Hehe how you been buddy? Its been a long time. We've missed you," Sirzechs said happily as he waved his hands in the air childishly and stepped forward with an arm stretched out.

Rias, her peerage and Grayfia all smiled at Sirzechs friendly attitude towards Naruto. Rias who was aware of the friendship the two once shared was happy to see her brother reunite with his long time friend.

Everyone else however looked rather nervously and took a step back. The reason being Naruto's eyes had narrowed to dangerous proportions and they felt the temperature heat up.

Serafall hopped off of Naruto and turned to tug him away from them but Naruto walked forward towards Sirzechs with his right arm outstretched.

Just as Sirzechs as Sirzechs was about to shake his long time friends hand after so long, pain suddenly erupted from his face and felt the ground beneath him suddenly leave him.

To every single person they were all left shell shocked while the devil all looked as if hell just froze over. Naruto's first was extended with small flames flickering on his knuckles while in front of him a hole was now in the wall with Sirzechs on the ground outside, having been punched out of the four story building.

"Sirzechs/Oni-san,," Grayfia and Rias called as their devil wings shot out. Before they could move however they found the older Phenex member gripping their elbows tightly and looking at them with a serious look.

He looked at Rias first who looked rather frightened before turning towards Grayfia.

She had not aged a day in his opinion and was still as beautiful as ever. Her long hair was now tied in neat braids which disappointed him. She was more beautiful with her hair down and her body didn't look like she had had a kid. She seemed more up tight in his opinion as well and he guessed her days of being free spirited were long over.

Grayfia meanwhile stared into his blue eyes and she could still see the sadness and hurt that she had helped caused all those years ago. He was still as handsome as always and without a doubt he only got better over time.

She was about to stretch her hand up to him but she saw him shake his head and stopped herself.

"I will warn both of you now," he said in a serious and eerie tone that made them both shudder. "If any of your family come anywhere near me…I will roast you alive. Keep your husband away from me."

The tone he spoke in left everyone knowing he was deadly serious. Rias's peerage wet to move but one look from Naruto made them all freeze on the spot. He dared them to interfere.

"Do you understand?"

Both girls nodded. "We understand," Grayfia whispered as her eyes glossed over. The moment his hand let her arm go she bolted for the wall, not wanting to let people see the sparkling tears run down her face.

She still had a reputation to uphold.

"W-Why are you like this? What makes you think you can threaten my family?" Rias asked getting some of her courage and putting her hands on her hips. "You cannot make threats against the Gremory family. We are the strongest in the Underworld."

His eyes looked at her with little recognition that inwardly infuriated Rias, even more so when he snorted. "Why don't you ask those parents of yours? Your family has shamed my family enough. It won't happen again."

He then turned his back to her can and walked back towards Serafall and the other leader who were waiting patiently. He ignored Rias trying to get his attention while her peerage tried to calm her down.

"I apologize for the interruptions and the scene I caused. I hope you understand," he said politely to the others leader who nodded back in understanding. Even the higher up in the other factions were aware of what went down between him, Sirzechs and Grayfia.

Serafall stood beside him and wanted to hold onto his arm but topped when she saw the Phenex seal appear beneath him.

"You're not leaving are you?" she asked panicked, not wanting him to completely disappeared from them all again. She went to lunge at him but felt Sona gently hold her arm to keep her from making a scene.

"I'm not disappearing," he told Serafall, seeing she didn't want him to go just yet. "But I have some people back at home that I haven't seen in two hundred years just like you. Its time I went to see them and showed them I was okay.

Despite wanting more of his time Serafall nodded before she stuck out her pinkie finger.

"Promise you won't disappear again?"

Naruto laughed before he nodded and wrapped his pinkie finger around hers. "I promise Sera-chan. If you want you can come round the Phenex's estate later. I have a few stories to tell which you may enjoy."

Serafall was practically bouncing on the balls of her feet and nodded happily. "I WILL! I WILL! I WILL!" She happily chanted as Naruto send her a wink.

The Phenex seal erupted in light and fire as Naruto began to teleport away.

Just before he completely left he saw Sirzechs stumble inside and look at him. Smirking Naruto raised his hand and gave Sirzechs his middle finger before he teleported away.

"We are so fucked," Sirzechs whispered as Grayfia nodded sadly. Things were going to change In the Underworld and the Gremory Family would be feeling it without a doubt.


"This place hasn't changed a bit," he said as he looked up at the front of the Phenex mansion. The large royal looking Phenex palace had not changed in any way during his absence. Beautiful roses decorated the walls of the palace in warm colors of red, orange, purple and blue while the pillar still had the burning torches always on to guide their guests to the front door.

Walking forward and walking up the large door, he grabbed the handle and gently pushed it open. He never needed a key since anyone of Phenex blood or who was a servant of the Phenex family was keyed into the palace and could walk in without a problem.

Anyone who tried to force their way in would get a nasty surprise in the form of being set on fire.

Walking inside he had to stop and look around at the large hallway as many memories of his childhood rushed back to him.

He had taken his first steps in this hallway and remembered waiting on the large staircase for his parents to come home with his little brother Ruval.

On the side pictures of their family littered the tables and cabinets with a large painting of his parents settled on one of the wall looking happy and very in love. His parents were actually both from the Phenex family but were not siblings or cousins or anything like that.

They were cousins twice removed. His father was part of the main branch of the Phenex family while his mother was part of the branch family. It was not uncommon for family members to marry other members of their family. A lot of the other devil families did it including Serafall' parents Lord and Lady Sitri who were second are cousins as well.

The only different he knew of was Lord Gremory and Lady Gremory who was originally from the Bale family.

"Who are you?" He heard as he turned to his left and saw a younger version of his mother standing their in a pink dress with her hands on her hips. She had a pink fan in her hands and was staring at him intently.

The resemblance was uncanny and it was then that he realized this was his little sister Ravel he had heard about.

"Why are you staring at me?" she asked feeling a little nervous from his stare. He quickly shook his head and smiled at her.

"I'm sorry Ravel. I'm….I'm just a little shocked as how much you like our mother. The resemblance is quite uncanny really," he said as he took a few steps closer towards the confused looking girl.

"Our mother?" she said looking him over and the gears in her head began to click and she began to realize who this man was.

She dropped her fan in surprise only for it to be caught by Naruto before it hit the ground. She looked up at him with wide eyes.

"You know I always wanted a little sister, so you can imagine my disappointment when our parents came home with Ruval," he said making her chuckle a little as her face became scrunched up and her lip began to shake.

"Your Naruto. You're my big brother," she whispered as Naruto placed his hand on top of her head and place his forehead on hers.

"I am. And I'm sorry it taken me so long to meet you Ravel-chan," he said soothingly and saw her nod her head before she leaned into him.

Understanding the gesture he wrapped his arms around Ravel and brought her in close as he smile at finally holding his younger sister in his arms. He felt her grip his shirt and sniffle a little. He wondered just how much his parents had told her about him.

"Ravel who are with?" Lord Phenex asked appearing as he came down the stairs before stopping when he saw Naruto look up at him with a smile, still with is arms wrapped around Ravel. "My son."

"Hey dad," Naruto said as his father briskly walked down the stairs and hugged his son tightly, chuckling in happiness while Ravel was caught in the middle of them.

Not that she minded though when she felt her father bring her into the hug and felt herself smile. Her father was not usually a very affectionate man and was normally quite a serious person. Though everyone in the family knew he had a softer side to him, especially around Ravel.

Lady Phenex had joked he was like a squishy marshmallow when he was with his daughter.

"My son," he said extending his arms and getting a good look at Naruto. He could see his son had definantly taken after his mother more in terms of look but he saw hints of himself in there along with the matching serious side that both shared. He frowned thought the scar that was over Naruto eye and knew his son must have met someone pretty powerful to have been able to leave a mark on his body.

"It is good to have you home at last. This house and this family has missed you dearly."

"I have missed you too dad. I'm sorry it took me so long to come home but I hope you understand why I left in the first place," he said with Lord Phenex shaking his head dismissively.

"We all understood the reason."

"Though we wish you could have kept in contact with us or at least let us know where you were and how you were," he said sternly making Naruto chuckle nervously and scratch the back of his head.

"But your here now and I guess that's what counts," he told him with Naruto smiling and nodding towards his father. I should go and inform your brothers that you are home. I'm sure they will be eager to see you."

"I would like that. Is mother around?" Naruto asked and saw both his father and Ravel nod.

"She's out in the gardens. I'll go and take you there," Ravel told him as she took his hand excitedly and led them away while Lord Phenex went to his office to make a few calls.

Naruto walked at a quick pace as Ravel dragged him behind her, the happy and teary eyes still on her face as they exited the large palace and found themselves outside in the Phenex palaces enormous garden.

Just in the distance they could see Lady Phenex happily walking through the garden as she admired the beautiful flowers that made the Phenex estate so beautiful and famous.

"I'll go tell her while you walk over to us," Ravel said not leaving him with room for argument before she flew over towards Lady Phenex while Naruto walked at a slow pace towards them.

He took large and slow breaths and he neared them and could feel his nerves building up. Would his mother be angry? Sad? Furious? Upset? He knew his leaving had hurt her but it was never intentional. Hurting his mother was never something he wanted to happen.

As he got closer towards them he saw his mother turn towards his direction and she looked like she was about to drop to the ground in shock. Ravel had to steady her to keep her from dropping to the ground.

Her hand shot up to her mouth, trying to muffle the sobs coming from her but it was no use. Her cries of happiness were to loud to be hidden. Along her cheeks tears flowed down them like river streams and showed no case of stopping.

When he got even closer her legs finally began working and he saw her lifting the hem of her dress and quickly making her way towards him, her cries becoming louder and louder the closer she got.

When she was only a few meters in front of him he leapt from the spot and threw her arms around her eldest son and began crying into his chest as her arms shot around him and held him as tightly as possible.

Naruto could feel the tears go through his clothes and could feel his mother's body shake. When he wrapped his arms around her body and placed his head on her shoulder like he use to, he felt his mother sob even more.

She felt that if she let go then her son would disappear again.

"Hi Mom," he said as he made her look at him. "Sorry I took so long to come home."

Her response was a hearty laugh mixed through her crying and she leaned up and began placing motherly kisses all along his face that made Ravel smile and giggle as she watched them.

"I have missed you so much," she told him through her sniffles as she took placed her hands on each side of his face and gently caress it in a motherly fashion.

He felt her thumb trace over the scar over his eye and could see that she was going to question him about it at some point

"You are not going away ever again young man," she told him as she wiped her eyes and felt Naruto place his arm across her shoulders and kiss the top of her head.

"I promise I won't mom," he said making her smile happily before he felt a sharp whack on the back of his head courtesy of his mother.

"That's for not calling us at all. That will be the least of your worries when I'm through with you," she said making him gulp and nod his head quickly which brought another smile to his mothers face as it softened.

She looped her arm into his and placed her head on his shoulder.

"I want to know everything. Don't leave anything out she told him as Ravel held onto his other arm and nodded in agreement.

"I'll explain later I promise. Sera-chan will be here later so I will explain it all when everyone's together," he told them both.

Lady Phenex simple nodded and led them back to the palace. Everyone could see she was practically glowing in happiness at having her son back.

That and the spark that had disappeared along with her son two hundred years ago had finally come back.

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