Authors Note:

This is my newest story, It's all McGee centered!


Disclaimer: If i owned NCIS i would have ensured McGee is married to Abby.

Chapter 1.

Since the arrival of Ellie Bishop, Things in the Squad Room started to lighten up. Tony was returning to his usual prankster-self, Gibbs was...well he was still an ass. Abby was becoming friends with Bishop quicker than anticipated. But McGee was hollow, His work was what kept him going. But at home, McGee fell apart...

McGee wiped his face to conceal the tears. Sighing deeply he took a step out of the elevator and strolled to his desk. Tony and Bishop exchanged glances and smiled mischievously. "Okay whats going on?" McGee snapped. Tony flinched back into his seat. He stared at McGee in curiosity. "Whats eaten your pants McAngryPants?" Tony joked. Bishop hid her smile behind a cough. McGee rolled his eyes and continued to his desk. "Gear up, we got a dead Navy Lieutenant in Norfolk" Gibbs ordered as he strolled into the Squad Room. McGee, Tony and Bishop followed after him.

When they arrived, they were greeted by Ducky and Palmer. Just another day...Thought Gibbs as he supped the dregs out of his coffee. "McGee shoot, Tony and Bishop bag and tag" he ordered. Frowning, McGee made his way to the corpse. McGee froze in horror, he knew this man. "No..." McGee choked quietly. His heart constricted in his chest. He bolted away from the house tears spilled over his face. "McGee" Gibbs chased after him. McGee ignored his boss's order and continued to his car. Pulling away from the road he stopped for a second to meet Gibbs glare, then he sped off.

McGee arrived at his location, The park. He knew if he went home Gibbs would be there demanding an explanation he wasn't ready to give. McGee pulled out his combat knife that had been formally Ziva's. As he unbuttoned his cuflinks on his shirt he stared up at the mighty moon which shimmered in the sky. He then sliced his wrists, McGee was fascinated how the knife tore through his skin like butter. He wished for the pain to go away, eagerly slashing his wrists so he could feel physical pain instead of internal pain.


I know it's short but there will be more chapters.

It is slightly rushed but i hope you enjoy it. Please do not give any negative comments as this is quite a serious topic and i am trying my best to ensure i do not get offensive to people who do self harm.

I bet your all curious as to who that man is...stay tuned to find out :)