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Legacy of the Family

A clear blue day was upon Vale, the clouds sparse and the temperature comfortable. On the cliff top is Beacon academy, its towers and spires towering above the lake below. Jaune arc was standing in front of the statue displayed in the entrance of the academy. With his head facing above to the male statue Jaune looked at awe. His great-great-great grandfather stood before him with his sword raised high and his stance carved in stone. Jaune stared at the statue's sword; he moved his hand to the sheath of his own sword thinking of any differences between the statues sword and his, there were none. He then stared into the ground at the base of the statue with a sad sigh. Jaune was depressed, depressed about what his ancestor have done and accomplished and was sad that he would never live up to his family name.

Not but a few moments later a female in Beacon uniform with snow white hair, off-centered ponytail and soft blue eyes walking down the path to class noticed Jaune standing oddly at the base of the grotto. She walked up behind him and stared at him with confusion. Why was Jaune staring at the statue she thought, and decided to ask him why. "What are you doing looking at the statue?" With a curious and judging attitude, "shouldn't you be getting to class now?"

Jaune startled by Weiss's sudden appearance and loud voice jump and tripped on himself. Once on the ground he got, stood in front of Weiss and tried to gather his thoughts, "well um I was thinking about things."

"Why?" In a curious manner as she could not understand why he would just stand there. "Is it about that statue?"

"Well yes it was." He said

"What about the statue?"

"The statue is... Is my great-great grandfather Gerard Arc."

Upon hearing what Jaune said Weiss just come upon a realization, "don't tell me you do not belong to thee Arc family, a family with long history of protecting Vale for generations and one of the families that founded Beacon?"

"Um Yes, that's the one," with an embarrassed tone because she knew as much about his family as he did. "How did you know so much about my family? You're the only that has said anything about it."

"Well I come from a family that must know whose whose in Vale, it is out of necessity that we the Schnee family must know. Another thing is that your great grandfather has well recorded ties with Beacon, it's in one of our history textbooks."

Jaune upon hearing that resided with a downwards tone "Oh haven't read that part of the book yet." Now even more depressed replied, "Uhh I'm a complete loser compared to my father and forefathers." Jaune with an exasperated sigh sat down and rested his back on the stone sculpture of Beacon's heroes.

Weiss surprised by the depressed tone, "I didn't say you're a loser, why would you say that?"

John replied and said with a sad tone, "well because I won't be able to live up to my family name. I am not a good fighter, I'm not even good at talking to people, everything I do goes horribly wrong."

Weiss looked down at the now defeated Jaune and thought how similar the pressures of family weigh on them both, but with large differences in outcome. "But aren't you here in beacon training to become a huntsman? Doesn't that speak volumes of your potential?"

"Even if I'm here compared to my father he already knew how to fight when he was practically a toddler, I can't even use my sword and shield right or aura… Also the truth is..."

"Stop making excuses for yourself!" Weiss shouted at him, "You're an Arc act like it, with an attitude like that you're not even going to become even match a fraction of your family's name. What was your childhood like didn't they raise you to be an Arc?"

Jaune now looking at the sky and thinking about is memories growing up they replied, "not really, my father sort of yes but my mother no. My father would tell me tales of how our family fought the Grimm countless times generation after generation, but training wasn't really forced by my parents. My mother didn't even want me to fight she would say that it's too dangerous and that she would have preferred a safer career for me. She would always baby me, not that I didn't like it. My parents never made it an issue if I became a hunter or not." Weiss face changed expression of anger to curiosity and jealously upon hearing about Jaune's childhood. "I always imagined myself being hunter like my father and before them, but I never was quite that good at fighting. My parents never forced the issue and I think they accepted that there is a possibility of me not becoming a hunter. My parents always said that they loved me still and didn't push anything I didn't want to do when I was a kid. Yet I'm here now because I understand that I have an enormous weight on my shoulders because of my family name, but more importantly I want to become a great hunter. I want to protect the weak, and change the world for the better. I just want to know that people can sleep easily and peacefully every night. The problem is that now I'm here compared to all the students here, I'm a failure."

Weiss questioned Jaune with quick, "what was your family like?"

"Huh, what do you mean?" A quizzical expression fell on Jaune face.

"I mean what did your parents and you do together, how was it being raised by them?"

"Regular family stuff, and regarding how was it being raised by them not bad I think."

Weiss slightly annoyed by the simple answer replied, "That's not what I meant... " She paused and thought of a better question, "just give an example of something you remember with your family."

Jaune surprised by the request then thought of moment and remember a cherished moment. "Ah I remember one, my mom she would tell me bed time stories every night when I was small. Then she would tuck me in every night and tell me that she loved me no matter what. She would also make me pajamas; pretty much she was there in every important moment in my life even my dad."

Weiss hearing Jaune's moment with her mother closed her eyes lowered her head and exhaled with a sigh. She then raised her head up and moves beside Jaune and sat down next to him at the base of the statue. "Can't say I have the same childhood as you."

"What was yours like?"

"We'll when I said raised to be an Arc, well I was raised to be a Schnee. Being an heiress to a family of power and wealth there a certain standards that all members must meet."

Jaune replied in a curious tone, "what kind of standards?"

"I had to be the best, the smartest, lady like, ambitious and be perfect to all who meet the Schnee family. We are judge not as an individual but as a family, so each of us had to be at our best. Don't get me wrong I find nothing wrong with this as I understand the implications of failing to do so, but ...but I can't help but listen to your stories of your family and feel a little jealous."


"Yes. When I was raised everything was methodical, my mother would always correct me if I do something wrong, tell me that I must be always in the right. The right postures, the right way to speak, the right way to present one's self, even the right activities and hobbies. The actions of my parents were calculated, everything was chosen for me and I had to meet their expectations. Not once did they say they loved me for who I am, but told me what I had to be. My mother wasn't always the most supportive person, especially my father. My father was not the most loving father I could imagine, it was tough at times." Weiss's story ended, for a while it was silence as the wind blew by and stirred Weiss's and Jaune's hair. Then she spoke with a matter of fact tone, "They were right… to an extent, I accepted what they taught me and understood why I had to be that way. Now here I am now top honors, best in class and exceptionally skilled future-huntress. I will become one of the best huntresses of Vale whether my parents like it or not, also closer to achieving my goal of becoming the best member of the Schnee family to which all members compare to." She paused in her triad and looked at Jaune and stood up with a finger pointing at Him. "Look here Arc if you're going to match your family's legacy it won't happen while you grovel here about how I can't do it. You must work harder, try harder until you get it right, do the best and understand it isn't enough. Did your ancestors say good enough when they killed a grim while hundreds more tried to kill them or others, no and you shouldn't either. The world waits for no one especially what's out there. If you want to protect the ones you love you don't stop, you don't quit, and you never ever give up!"

Jaune having just received the triad of words got up on his two feet, and scratch his head as he took in what Weiss just said. "Wow, not what I expected when I started talking to you, but... I understand. Thank you for what you said to me, I truly appreciate the honesty you had with your words. I'd say that I needed that and you have my gratitude. I wished that we would have met sooner so you could have kicked me sooner."

Weiss suddenly turned pink in the cheeks at the thanks and turned her head, "don't mention it; it was my duty to help those that need it most."

The pair then stared and smiled at each other thinking about how similar, yet how very different they are from each other. Each thought about their own family burdens and wondered how it would be like to switch places. A new found respect grew between the two of them, now understanding why they are the way they are. They suddenly turned their head away from each from embarrassment knowing they stared for too long at each other, now both sporting a reddish color on their cheeks.

Weiss looked to the side seeing the clock attached to the lamp post, saw the time and realized that both of them will soon be late for class. "Oh, no were going to be late. Come on!" Weiss just before running grabbed Jaune's hand and pulled it towards the direction of class.

"W-w-wait," he said surprised by the tug.

"We don't have time, if you want start becoming great; start now by getting to class!"

"Uhhh-Ok," was Jaune's only reply. As Weiss running to class while dragging a man larger and bigger than her, both of them knew that today was a turning point in both their lives.

Author notes

Thought of how the pressure of family would affect both characters. I felt that I could create more depth in their relationship as they have similar backgrounds, but differences that each can be jealous or curious about. That's why I ship Jaune and Wiess. Also I got bored waiting for more of this ship as everything else wasn't something I was particularly interested in.