Inside one of Beacon's buildings was a large library which a group of students were in, that group was Team Rwby. Team Rwby was sitting in one of square tables in the library supposedly studying for an upcoming exam. Their surroundings around them lay endless shelves of books that created a seemingly mind boggling maze from which students must venture to find a book. The four members of the team sat in each of the chairs doing different task. The table that the four were working on was strewn with textbooks, notebooks and many other miscellaneous things anyone can think of. The red member who is the youngest of the group laid her face on a notebook; one could hear the soft snore of a deep sleep. The page Ruby was sleeping on was half filled with notes and the other with doodles. The white member was reading a thick and well-aged book while writing notes on a notebook she used often. The heiress was concentrating on the important points of the book and memorized each section to make sure she could remember from memory. The black member of the team was reading a novel she brought along when she decided that she would stop studying. She leaned back into the chair while she was reading. Every now and then she would reach to the back of her bow and scratched an itch she would often have. The final member the yellow haired girl wasn't as calm as the other teammates; she was restless and bored. She used one of her arms as a stand for her head while the other was just fiddling with one of the pencils she brought along. It didn't surprise the others that Yang would be the first to speak after a long period of silence.

"Man, this is so boring." leaning back into the chair and stretching her arms. She looked at the clock on the wall and once again spoke, "it's getting late maybe we should call it a night, it not like most of us can study any longer."

Weiss placed her pen down and focused her attention the gold haired member, "do you not know how much material we have to cover for this exam? This class is no simple matter; it will take a considerable effort to do well."

Yang scoffed with a quick exhale of her breath at the white haired girl, "we'll be fine; I got most of the concepts down so it shouldn't be that bad."

Weiss slightly irked by that response replied, "You really don't seem to take school seriously do you?"

"I do to, it just that I take the time to enjoy life." As she spoke she pulled her arms in the air and placed her hand behind her head, making a pillow action with her arms while leaning back into the chair. Weiss rolled her eyes at the yellow hair women and returned back to her studying, scribbling more words on her notebook. Yang saw the scoff and smirked.

Ruby stirred at the noise Yang and Weiss made raised her head, eyes half close and a face of drowsiness, "uh? What's going on?"

Yang spoke to her sister, "we're just taking about how we should call it a day and go to bed soon."

"Sounds like a good idea, we have been here for half the day." While speaking she stretched out her limbs and gave a wide yawn. She then looked to the closes window saw that the sky was dark and realized that it was late. "I could use some sleep."

As the group then began to pack their belongings Weiss ignored everyone's packing to leave the table and still continued to write profusely. The others clearly tired felt that they completed enough work and were eager to leave. Ruby still sleepily felt the need to jump into bed and start fresh the next day so that she could continue tomorrow ready and focused. Blake interrupted her reading and marked the page she left, she wanted to continue reading in a more comfortable situation anyway. Yang was still quite awake but didn't want to be in the library anymore and would probably prefer to leave all the studying to the last minute.

Rwby slightly confused at why Weiss didn't leave her seat questioned her, "were going to leave now are you going to join in team Rwby's desire to sleep?"

"Not all of us are such a rush to run to bed, beside I still want to get this section done and I don't want to break my train of thought." Weiss dropped her pen and looked to the other members, "I'm almost done with this section and if I don't finish this it will just bother me then rest of the night."

"Ok Weiss take care; we'll see you at the room." The three girls the table and disappeared into the corridors of shelves, soon only the footsteps could be heard and finally only silence.

Weiss continued to read the section she was working on writing down notes for each word the she knew would be in the upcoming exam. As time went on Weiss began to feel a little worn-out as she gave up writing notes and began to skim the pages of the book. Each sentence that she tried to remember probably would be forgotten later on, but she continued anyway.

A large yawn escaped from the Schnee girl and a long stretch to relax her muscles. "I think it is time I call it a night." She placed her pen down and began to place all her belongings into the bag she brought with her. She stood up and placed her bag on her shoulder and began to walk towards the exit.

Weiss continued to walk pacing shelf after shelf after shelf, just realizing how large this library actually was. No sounds were heard except for the girl's footstep at night, probably because everyone presumably left. A few minutes passed by and Weiss realized that she went the wrong way and found herself lost. 'Just great' she thought to herself. She started looking around for any memorable landmarks to guide her out. All Weiss saw was a labyrinth of bookshelves that seem to have no end in sight.

Then suddenly a large booming sound was heard, this startled Weiss as she jumped a bit from where she stood. "Hello! Anyone there?" she called. No response was returned. She started to walk towards the sound; it was but a few aisles beyond her view. As she approached she could hear rustling sounds of paper and an inhuman moan. Weiss thinking it may be dangerous readied herself for the worst. She had failed to bring her sword Myrtenaster, but she happened to have brought a supply of dust she would use for studying. She hugged behind the shelf just before where the sound could be heard, and then proceeded to reach for the vials of dust in her bag. She held one of the tubes in her throwing armed and prepared for the ambush. She jumped out from behind the shelf raising her arm to throw the vial into the ground before the intruder. Weiss suddenly stopped her arm in the motion and stood in shock.

Jaune laid on the ground with books and papers strewn all over him. Obviously Jaune had tried to reach for a book in the higher shelves and consequently caused a small avalanche. "Jaune!? What in grim are you doing, I could have killed you."

The member of the Arc family dazed by the books that had fallen on him rose his head and saw Weiss, "uh hi Weiss." Jaune rubbed his head at the place where a heavy book landed on.

"Here let me help you." Weiss then kneeled down and gave a hand so that Jaune could get up from the ground.

"Sorry about that noise didn't think anyone was here at this time."

"Here let's get this cleaned up first before we get into trouble."

Weiss and Jaune began collecting the books that fell on Jaune and placing them back into the shelf. While this was happening Weiss took the opportunity to question Jaune. "So what are you doing here at such an hour?" Weiss checked the labeling on the book and made sure each one was placed in its correct place.

Jaune answered quickly and honestly, "Actually I was here to find a combat training book." The leader of team Jpnr placed each book in any section without any order and regard for the correct location.

Not convinced by his answer, "at this late an hour! If I didn't know any better I would think you're up to something." Slightly annoyed at Jaune's filing system for the books she took each book that was wrongly placed and moved them back to the proper place.

Surprised by the accusation Jaune attempted to defuse the accusatory Weiss, "nothing bad, I was just...Just finished training today and thought maybe I could get a book so that Pyrrha would not need to work herself so much in helping me."

"Wait a minute Pyrrha is helping you at this hour."

"Well yeah, we don't exactly have a lot of time during the day."

"Helping you in what, exactly?" Now curious at what and Jaune and Pyrrha are doing at night.

"Well like learning how to fight better, but mostly it's Pyrrha and me spending a lot of time working on how to at least defend myself."

She was mildly surprised, "Oh, I knew you were working harder, but didn't think you would spend the time to at night and have lessons from Pyrrha." Weiss thought about the implications of such an arrangement between the teammates and decided that it is a good idea. She knew Pyrrha was the strongest teammate and Jaune who was team leader was the weakest among them needed help. "What are you going to do now that you got the book you were looking for?"

"I plan to read up on it and then when we meet again I would show her what I learned." Finishing with his reason he wondered now what Weiss's reason for being here. "What about you, what brings you here ready to have a fight?"

Not amused by his jest she answered "I was studying with my teammates and stayed behind to finish something. I was leaving at this moment when I wasn't able to find the exit of this place."

"So you're lost?"

Weiss slightly insulted by the word defended herself "I am not lost, I just happen to not recall the layout of this library." Weiss realizing that she actually was lost asked Jaune for help, "You wouldn't happen to know where the exit is?"

Jaune looking around himself realized that he also didn't know as well, "um I can't seem to remember where I came from." Looking both directions of the corridor of shelves, "maybe it was because of the book the landed on my head that I can't remember where it is."

"Just great"

"Why don't we just walk around for a while until we see something that will let us remember where the exit is."

Agreeing with his idea, "ok it's definitely better than standing around talking about it."

The pair began to walk towards a direction but instead collided with each other. After the collision they both took a step back and held a blush rising on their cheeks, they quickly straighten their composure; Jaune's action to avoid the awkwardness was to raise his hand to cover a fake cough, and Weiss's was straightening out her uniform.

"How about we go this way?" Jaune raised an arm to a random direction through the maze.

"Ok." She said. Jaune led the way while Weiss followed suit.

A silence fell on both parties preferring to just walk and hope that they finally found the way out. They didn't find the way so after a while and out of boredom began to start a conversation Jaune initiating first trying to break the ice. "Sooo how is Beacon for you so far?"

"It's been good so far, lessons are not that difficult though the combat is something I'll get used to. What about you? I know you're having a harder time then most here."

"How can I say this... I'm doing better than before; combat isn't as bad as it was before; chance of getting me killed is lower, though my test scores and papers are not exactly the best."

"Are you having serious trouble with your studies?"

"Well to put it simply I'm getting killed every time we are assigned to do something."

"Do you have someone helping you in your studies such as Pyrrha?" The pair took a right turn not thinking about where the exit is.

"Um... not really she just helping me with my fighting skills, but I told her that I could handle that part myself. She was doing more than enough to help me anyway; I wouldn't burden her any more than that."

"You still need help anyway, as much as you are getting better in your fighting techniques your intellect still needs the same amount of training as well," stressed Weiss. "You are the team leader thus you need to know as much as you can about strategies, weapons and skills that are available to you. Your team turns to you for answers, as much as I can say I must also turn to Ruby as she is our team leader." Weiss now slightly annoyed about accepting the truth about how the team she is in functions. "It's a huge responsibility and requires you be at your best intellectually and physically."

"I know, I know. It just that I'm getting uses this kind of pressure and getting use to the responsibilities. I won't let them down though, I will do my best."

Reassured by Jaune statement she relaxed, "good to know that you won't ditch on your responsibilities."

Once Weiss response was finished the two just so happen to have found the exit, they were finally relieved. "Finally we found it." Jaune spoke, "it's about time we got out of this maze."

"Yeah it is." Jaune walked through the door and Weiss followed behind.

Once the two were outside of the building Jaune stopped at the top of the steps and Weiss continued walking to the bottom which was only a few steps. She then suddenly stopped walking, turned around and spoke with a sheepish tone, "you know... I could help you with your studies." Weiss then recomposed herself and spoke with a stronger tone and with vigor, "so that you won't fail from Beacon. It would be ashamed if you had to leave your teammates behind and they completed their training without you.

No quite sure what to say Jaune fumble a reply to the question, "Well geez I think I'm going to have to think about it."

"Are you refusing help from a Schnee!"

"No, no no, that is not what I meant, I mean," trying to assemble what ever thought he had together, "I mean yes..." More confident with his words, "yes I would like to receive help from you."

Weiss held her head high and allowed her boastfulness show, "Good, you should feel honored that one of the smartest students in beacon is willing to help you in your predicament."

"It is not what I expected when I came here just for this book,"

"Even if it is expected or not you need to take advantage of it and use it to better yourself. I will see you at least once a week every Friday night, if you can't come make sure you notify me. Is this ok for you?"

Thinking about what he would have to do the week finally nodded in agreement upon the appointment. "Yes that is fine here in this building right?"

"Right," reassuring Weiss they were in agreement.

"I shall see you then, until that time goodbye." The snow themed girl turned around and walked away from Jaune who was standing at the base of the building's entrance confused at what had just transpired.

Author notes: Another late post I actually made another chapter after this already but could not post this one yet. I was still thinking of where to go from here, also I didn't want to edit my writing for the longest time so I just wrote. Hopefully if all goes well I'll post soon after this.