A Midnight Masquerade

"Ugh how do they pursuade me to go to these things?"

I grumbled as I finally got out of bed and made my way towards my closet. Why Starfire had to open her big alien mouth and give Robin her "eyes of the puppy" as she calls it to get him to throw a masquerade dance I will never understand.

I open the doors to my closet and begin to rummage through my clothes, looking for that one outfit that will make everyones jaws drop. Let's just say though I am not one for attention, I don't enjoy being predictable and according to BeastBoy I am just that.

There it is, the outfit I was hoping to find. I turn around to look at the clock.


I have just enough time to shower before I doll myself up for this totally degrading evening.

All of us agreed to go to the party seperately so we wouldn't know who was who. Beastboy and Cyborg had agreed to wear hologram rings so it wouldn't be obvious who they were and let's face it, a green dude and a robot.. Quite obvious right?


I sigh happily as the hot water washes over my pale skin turning it the lightest shade of pink. I close my eyes and clear my mind, trying to quiet logic who is arguing with bravery over my bold move tonight.

The tiniest of smiles appears on my face against my will when BeastBoy crosses my mind..Why? I have no idea. All I know is the butterflies I thought I had swatted away come to life in my stomach when he calls me "Rae."

No Raven, don't give yourself any silly ideas.

About twenty minutes later I am walking around my room trying to keep firm to tthe idea that I will make this bold move. Bravery steps forward in my mind, encouraging me that this could be a good thing. What the hell? It's a masquerade party and unless someone shouted "Hey Raven!" No one would know it was me.

I stared down at my dress. It looked perfect from the day Starfire forced me to try it on and I pretended to hate it. I ran my fingertips over the fabric before sliding on a matching white lace strapless bra and panties set.

Now for the moment of truth. I took a deep breath as I slid the dress over my head. I gave a small gasp as the cool fabric hugged every curve along my body before flowing down my legs to the floor. I sat down on the stool to my vanity and slid on a pair of stilettos, giving myself a reassuring smile in my mirror I set to work curling my hair, secretly thankful I had let it grow down past my shoulders. I picked up the bottle of glittery hairspray I had to my left and sprayed each curl to make it shine.

I moved my fingers over my makeup, personally I had no idea how to do my makeup so I allowed vanity to take over for a few moments. When she was done I looked amazing.

As I stepped infront of the mirror I put on my mask which was white and glittery with black lining so it almost looked lacey.

I looked myself over from head to toe. My hair was curled into ringlets which bounced just above my shoulders and my mask covered my chakra which made my look even better. Vanity had done smokey eyes in white and black then a cateye and false eyelashes. To top off my face I was wearing an elegant shade of purple lipstick which to my surprise actually looked good.

Then my eyes drifted to my body, the sight made my breath catch in my throat. The brilliant silver mermaid type gown hugged every curve, caught every part of me just right. It had a slit along the leg up to mid thigh on the one side. It was silver in color and covered in glitter, with every move I made the dress sent sparkles in every direction. In my mind it illuminated my every move.

I grinned at myself in the mirror as I phased myself through my floor and downstairs in a shadowy corner.


I whispered to myself as I took a step into the light