I felt a blush creep to my cheeks as his eyes wandered over me. I hadn't seen him stroll up to me but his gaze made my legs
almost give out on the spot. Thank goodness for the small table behind me which I ever so casually placed my hand on to
steady myself.


His voice nearly made me jump out of my skin.. It seemed familliar and welcoming yet sexy and mysterious. What is happening
to me? I'm Raven for goodness sakes, I don't get jittery or flustered over guys. That's just not me. So I reply ever so casually.


His grin literally oozed playful. I couldn't see his eyes very well through the mask yet I felt them glide over me. I felt my
emotions fight for my attention, my look must of faltered because he spoke to me again.

"You alright?"

"Oh.. Uh yes.."

What the hell is my problem? I needed bravery so I allowed her to chime her voice into my mind to calm me down some and
make me act as bold as I had when I chose to do this in the first place.

"You are very handsome."

I batted my eyelashes almost seductivly, then cursed myself when I realized that was at my own accord, none of my emotions
had taken over at that moment. Oh what the hell why not. I reached for his hand, his palm warm against my cool skin.

"Shall we dance?"

He gives me another one of those smoldering grins as he twirls me around, pulling me tight enough to his body that I feel the
outline of a flatchast and a toned stomach with abs pressing against me. He had a good few inches on me, I had to look up at
him if I wanted to look him in the eye. It took everything in me not to get caught up in the moment and pull him in for a kiss.

Then I looked up and realize this whole time he was... studying me? To me it seemed as though he was studying me like a lion
would his prey, that's when it hit me. I knew who this was now.

"Beast boy?" I whispered in his ear.

He nodded and I sighed in a bit of relief. That explained the "turning to honey" feeling. He still grinned at me.


He reached his hand up to my face and cupped it gently, his fingers first caressing my cheek then settling in my hair. I looked
up at him, blushing a little.

"Wait BeastBoy.."

Beastboy gave me a look of confusion before I reached for his hand again. He gave it to me quite willingly.. almost eager. I ever
so slowly took off his hologram ring and watched him slowly turn back to normal. Then came my big surprise, without any
coaxing from bravery, lust, knowledge, desire or any of my emotions. I lifted his mask slightly and was met by his kind eyes and
boyish smile.

This was the Beastboy I wanted.

Ever so slowly I twined my arms around his neck, pulling him close to me once more. He gave me a playful wink before lifting
my mask as well.

"You are so beautiful Rae."

I look up at him to give a genuine, totally unravenlike smile, all on my own may I add. I surprise myself when I find my fingers
stroking his cheek before settling on the back of his neck, pulling him gently closer to me. I blush when I feel his breath
mingling with mine.

This is it.
This is what I have been waiting for.

I close my eyes as I see his already closed and our heads tilt slightly in unison. I realize that he wants this as much as I do and I
feel my heart skip a beat.

It felt like time had slowed down, though we were just centimeters apart it felt like it took a long time for him and I to meet.

Finally our lips touched for the first time and it felt like someone had set off fireworks from my chest to my belly. I stood on
tiptoe ever so slightly so I was able to be closer to his height. He wrapped his arms around me tightly, almost possessivly and I
loved it, my grip tightened around his neck as his tongue traced my lower lip begging for entrance.

I obliged him, my tongue meeting his and we remained this way for several moments in this fireworks, turning to honey, heart
exploding, passionate kiss. When we finally pulled away from eachother BeastBoy whispered softly against my lips.

"Be mine?"

My response was a yes in the form of another passionate kiss.

~The End~