We have been fighting two days straight so many had fallen so many lives wasted over greed and egos.

Percy was fighting for his life as he had for as long as he had lived.

As he and his army marched to defend Olympus you could see yhe pressure bulding on him, crushin him.

With his mighty sword Clockwork in hand he was feard by mosters and respected by demigodes.

He had joined the camp at age 14 and two years later even Atheana the godess of wistom could not figure it out. There was only one clue his eyes wich were only a shade darker than pure gold.

Yet he never seemed sad or angry about it.

But now... now that we were about to battle the titan of time Kronos he seemed almost pained as wee made it to the top of the empire state building.

As we arrived on olympus and made it to the throne room you could feel the ground shake from the battle going on outside and finally he arrived himself Kronos.

As we took our stand Kronos did something we did not expect, he smiled like he was seeing an old lost friend.

„Hello Percy its nice to see you again." said Kronos with glee in his tone.

As we looked at Percy wee noticed that while he was anything but scared like the rest of us but like he was accepting somthing.

Then he opend his mouth and said two words that changed so much „Hello father."