One Shot, One Kiss


The Erotic Adventures of Ichigo and his Hypno Gun

A Bleach smut-o-rama



WARNING: This fanfic depicts activities of an adult nature between characters who would be minors in the real world. The author of this fic does not endorse such things being done by minors in real life, and in fact strongly discourages minors from reading this, and also from participating in any and all such activities until they are at the age of majority/consent as defined in the laws or customs of their state or principality.

(take the warning to heart: this is pure smut)

Ichigo Kurosaki was having one of those really weird days.

Really, really weird.

It had honestly started out innocently enough, but at some point everything just went completely topsy-turvy, batshit insane.

Ichigo had been walking down a dark, secluded alleyway in downtown Karakura, curiously handling a strange, gun-like implement. It looked sort of like one of those cheesy sci-fi laser guns you would always see in old movies, with an ass-load of little knobs and switches and dials on the side. It looked more like something you'd see in the hands of Marvin the Martian than any sort of Soul Reaper.

He wasn't sure, exactly, how this thing was supposed to work, either, but he did know what Urahara had told him.

"This is a kind of prototype weapon commissioned by Soul Society," Hat-and-clogs had explained a few hours earlier, when he'd handed the contraption to Ichigo at his store. "After various recent events, it was decided that practical alternatives to zanpakuto should be researched and developed."

Ichigo had given Urahara a curious look at this. "Okay, but why are you giving this to me?"

"Field testing!" said the mad scientist cheerfully. "You're pretty tough, so there shouldn't be any problems if the weapon suddenly backfires~"

Ichigo scowled. "Crazy old bastard," he muttered darkly. He did not appreciate Urahara's eccentricities, no matter how helpful the man himself had proven to be in the past. It was especially annoying because of how often he wound up getting conned by Hat-and-clogs into putting his own ass on the line in the exiled captain's place.

"How's this thing even supposed to work, anyways?" Ichigo wondered irritably, holding the so-called gun up to his eye and smacking the side of it. He'd tried pulling the trigger maybe a hundred times, earlier, while testing the thing out, but no matter how he'd fiddled with the weapon he hadn't gotten so much as a spark out of it.

Nothing. No matter how Ichigo tried it, this gun did absolutely—

At that moment, something happened.

Ichigo bit back a yelp when the outlandish-looking gun he had been examining in his hands suddenly let off a blast of red energy that shot out of the alleyway. It was a visible sphere of concentrated reiryoku, in shape and color reminiscent of a bala. The bolt of spiritual power zoomed out of sight, small and fast, not unlike an actual bullet.

Looking on, dumbfounded, Ichigo saw the bolt impact with someone in a middle school girl's uniform, someone who happened to be walking past the alley at just that moment in time. This someone immediately collapsed to the sidewalk, and Ichigo ran out of the alley to check on them.

"Shit!" he quietly cursed, kneeling down next to the girl who was face-down on the pavement. "Are you okay?" he asked worriedly, grabbing her shoulder with one hand and rolling her over.

He almost blacked out when he realized the girl was none other than his sister, Karin.

The petite, black-haired girl moaned softly at the touch of Ichigo's hand on her shoulder. Her dark eyes fluttered open, but there was something different about them. They were glassy, and their color was slightly dull.

"Master..." she whispered, the residual hollow reiatsu left in her from the blast resonating with its source to produce a hypnotic effect latent. "Your wish is my command..."

Ichigo swore, and decided that he had to take Karin somewhere else. And, figuring that, if anyone knew what was going on with Karin, it would be a certain exiled shinigami scientist, Ichigo raced to the Urahara candy store with his nearly senseless sister in his arms.

When Ichigo reached the front of the shop, nearly tripping over a sweeping Ururu in his haste, he kicked the door with all of the considerable force his legs could muster.

"Oy! Hat-and-clogs! Get out here!" he shouted, the shop's astonishingly sturdy shoji door somehow managing to stand up to his assault.

"Yes?" said Urahara, peering over Ichigo's shoulder with the lower half of his face hidden by a paper fan. "What's so urgent that you feel the need to try and kick in my door?"

Ichigo, too concerned about his sister to even be creeped out by Urahara's sudden appearance, spun about face and held Karin up to Urahara.

"Something's wrong with Karin!" he snapped.

"Oh," said Urahara after taking a moment to pull down Karin's lower eyelids and inspected her pupils. "Is that all? It looks like it's nothing more than a simple cognitive override resulting in a passive, highly suggestible state of mind for the subject."

He laughed behind his fan at Ichigo's blank expression.

"It's just hypnosis, is all," he explained. "Though I must admit that am interested in how it happened, considering our past experiences with hypnotic powers..."

Ichigo shuddered, recalling Aizen and Tsukishima.

Karin, for her part, took that moment to turn around in Ichigo's arms and look up at him.

"Do you want me to service you, master?"

Ichigo blanched, and Urahara laughed once again in that infuriatingly superior manner of his.

"You can borrow my storeroom, if you'd like~" he offered cheerfully, greatly enjoying the horrified expression on Ichigo's face.

"If it pleases master," Karin said in a monotone, looking up at Ichigo expectantly.

He sighed.

"Sure, why not," Ichigo muttered. "At least that way nobody we know should see you acting odd..."

Urahara chortled and waved the pair inside. Turning to spare Ururu a glance, a devious idea formed in his mind.

"Ururu," he called out, "Would you be a dear and come help me with these two?"

Meekly nodding, the girl followed Urahara in, to where Ichigo and Karin were waiting in the dusty storeroom. Ichigo was seated atop a dusty crate, and Karin was kneeling before him, hands on her knees.

The latter was the first one to respond to the pair's entrance.

"Ah," Karin said, her head turning almost robotically to survey the shifty store manager and his cute little assistant. "Are you here to help me service master?"

Urahara sweatdropped. "No, no," he said, waving his fan dismissively, "I'm just here as an observer~"

"I wasn't talking to you... pervert," she deadpanned, causing Urahara to sweatdrop again. "I was talking to her."

She pointed at Ururu, who blushed, her face turning beet red.

"N-no," the girl stammered nervously, before pausing for a moment, then adding, almost as if an afterthought, "... unless I am?"

Her tone of voice was uncertain, and she was looking up at Urahara imploringly, as if asking him for an answer.

"Not unless you want to," the blonde ex-shinigami said brightly.

This caused Ururu to blush and fall silent, her gaze drifting towards Ichigo's crotch.

The teen in question felt like groaning. But he didn't, not quite. Instead, he closed his eyes and started massaging his temples.

"Hat-and-clogs..." he darkly grumbled. "Could you please get your employee to stop eyeing me like I've got a lollipop hidden in my underwear? It's weirding me out." He scowled. "And what the hell is wrong with Karin, anyways? I mean, she's hypnotized, okay, but why? YOU were the one who gave me that gun. Remember?"

"No~" said Urahara cheerfully, chuckling behind his fan. "Not particularly~"

Ichigo glared daggers at the mad scientist.

"I hate you," he told the man, absentmindedly batting a hand away from his zipper for what had to have been the third time, already, not even bothering to look away from Kisuke as he did so. "And would you stop that, Karin?!" he snapped at his sister, causing her to look up at him quizzically.

"What?" she said innocently, or as innocently as she could with that creepy monotone. "It's not me, this time."

Ichigo blinked, taken aback by this response. He hesitated for only a moment, but that single moment was all the opening the true perpetrator needed. With remarkable haste and deftness, a small, dainty hand unzipped Ichigo's trousers, slipped down his boxers, and grabbed hold of his dick.

All in under a second.

Ururu held Ichigo's penis in her hand, observing it with an almost awed expression.

"So this is what one looks like..." she whispered, paying no heed to Ichigo's yelp. "It's so big..."

Ichigo groaned as he saw the girl playing with his member, tracing her fingertips along the veins that marked the length of his semi-erect dick and marveling at how it reacted to her touch. A large part of him wanted to make Ururu stop, to say that this was inappropriate, but there was also a small voice in the back of his head saying to just let things play out however they might and just go along for the ride.

This slight indecision was what ultimately gave him pause. It was only for a moment, but that solitary moment of hesitation was enough of an opening (and invitation) for Karin.

Yanking Ichigo's trousers the rest of the way down his legs, Karin leaned forward below Ururu, opening her mouth to lick the base of his shaft before taking one of his balls into her mouth. Ururu, following the Kurosaki girl's lead, cupped the remaining testicle with one hand, gently squeezing and teasing it, while her other hand rubbed up and down his shaft. And any power (or inclination) Ichigo might have still had left to resist at that point was immediately sucked away when Ururu, who had been eyeing the tip of his manhood curiously for a while now, leaned her head in to plant a kiss *chu* on the head of his penis, before taking the tip into her mouth, tentatively licking and sucking upon it like one might a popsicle.

All of this stimulated and aroused Ichigo, and by this point he was completely lost in a haze of pleasure. Between Karin from beneath and Ururu from above, Ichigo's little Zangetsu was just about ready to go bankai. And yet,what finally finished him off was not Karin lightly nibbling on his testicles, even though the sensation was exquisite, or Ururu pulling back to blow cutely on the tip of his member, even though it felt incredible.

No, it was the looks on their faces – the cute yet oh-so-lewd expressions – that did Ichigo in and caused him to blow.

He came without warning, his semen spurting out into Ururu's open mouth. ...most of it, anyways. There was a bit that got in Ururu's eye, causing her to squeak in surprise, and a fair amount of it also covered her lips. The young assistant rubbed her eye, wiping away what had gotten into it, and she looked about ready to swallow when Ichigo got a perverted idea.

Normally, Ichigo would have never acted on such a dirty thought, but this was so far outside of normal for the substitute soul reaper that he decided in for a penny, in for a pound and voiced this idea, this crazy, perverted idea that seemed to come straight out of nowhere.

"Hey... Ururu..." Ichigo said before the girl could swallow his semen, having to momentarily fish through his memory to find her name, " about you share some of that with Karin?"

Ururu, despite not being under the effects of the hypnotizing gun, readily obeyed. Awkwardly, at first, she wrapped her arms around the other girl and chastely kissed her on the mouth.

But Karin was not so reserved, and she hungrily attacked back, her tongue invading the recesses of Ururu's mouth and stealing for herself as much of her master's semen as she could. In her normal state of mind, Karin would have been disgusted by the overpowering, salty taste, but under the hypnotic effects of the gun it was the most delicious thing she had ever sampled, and Karin as she presently was could not imagine deriving nourishment from anything less than her big brother's seed.

Ururu was quickly overpowered by the more athletic, hypnotized Karin, and she soon found herself on her back. She moaned as the dark-haired Kurosaki daughter reached a hand under her shirt and started toying with her small breasts, squeezing and rubbing and pinching her nipples. By that point all of the semen had long since been swallowed or forgotten, and now Karin was molesting Ururu solely for the sake of molesting Ururu... well, that and pleasing her master.
Ichigo, for his part, was starting to get hard again from the sights (the skirt of Karin's school uniform was riding high on her bottom and her thin, white cotton panties were soaked through to the point of near transparency), the sounds (Ururu had a wide range of squeaks and yelps, and her girlish moans were gasoline to Ichigo's fire), but most of all the sense of power. It was intoxicating to him, holding so much control over someone's actions, and he got a slight head rush when he told Karin to flip Ururu's dress up and pull down her panties and she then actually did as he ordered.

Ichigo's penis twinged pleasantly at the sight of Ururu's now exposed pussy, the lips of which Karin had taken the liberty of spreading with her index and middle fingers.

"Does this please you, master?" she asked him, "Do your loins stir at the thought of plunging deep into this girl, of debasing her and turning her into nothing more than a tool for your pleasure?"

Ururu whimpered longingly at that moment, as if to punctuate Karin's remark, and Ichigo groaned, his erection flying at full mast once more.

"It does..." he said, jerking himself off as Karin then proceeded to flip up her own skirt and lower her panties, bending over and spreading her buttcheeks, presenting her anus.

"Do you wish to defile us in every way, master?" she asked, panting slightly as juices dripped from her burning, aching pussy. "To fill our every hole with your seed and claim us as your own?"

"I do..." Ichigo groaned huskily, before standing up, no longer satisfied with his own hands. "... and I will."

"Then take us, master," she said, "Use our bodies however you see fit, for as long as amuses you, and use that tool to claim even more as your loyal servants, if you so wish, even though none could ever be more devoted to you than I am."

And Ururu whimpered.

"Maybe I will do that..." Ichigo murmured, "...later. But for now... you two are enough."

He walked forward slowly, his member erect. He grabbed Karin by her hips, leaning against her and pressing the tip of his penis against the entrance of her anus.

"Ahn..." Karin moaned, grinding her backside against her brother's erection. "So you wish to take me there, master...? To tear up my ass with your dick?"

"Yeah..." said Ichigo. "It's too nice to ignore... so firm and tight..."

He grunted as he pushed the tip of his penis in, eliciting an exquisite moan from his sister.

"Master..." she moaned, flushed and panting as she pressed her ass against his hips, gradually forcing his length inside of her.

"You're a dirty girl, Karin," Ichigo told her, grunting as he felt the walls of his sister's anus stretching as best they could to accommodate his formidable girth. "Even before this... always wearing shorts... constantly bending over... to tie your shoes... or pick something up... teasing me... with that tight little ass... You've always wanted this... haven't you..." he panted as he started thrusting in and out of her.

"But of course," Karin replied with a moan, her tongue lolling out of her mouth as Ichigo plowed her ass. "How could I ever not desire you, master?"

Ichigo groaned as he felt his sister's ass suddenly clench. Unable to hold it any longer, he came inside of her, filling her ass with his thick seed.

He pulled out with a sticky, squelching noise, and Karin collapsed bonelessly to the floor, completely spent. She had a euphoric expression on her face, and her eyes seemed a little clearer now.

"Ah...haha..." Karin murmured. "I am such a filthy girl... coming just from having master inside my ass... how shameful... how delightfully shameful..."

She then smiled when she looked up and saw that Ichigo was still erect.

"You aren't done..." she said, "Yet I fear that my body is too weak for you, master... for I cannot even lift my head, now... but if you still wish to use my body, master..."

"Nah," Ichigo muttered. "Take a break. You earned it."

Karin smiled, looking up at him worshipfully.

"Master is too kind..." she whispered, tears forming in the corners of her eyes. "...truly, you are the only master I could ever want..."

"..." Ichigo sweatdropped at this comment, before shaking his head and turning his attention to Ururu, who was moaning and touching herself, having completely disrobed at some point while Ichigo and Karin were fucking. He grew harder, if that were possible, at the sight of the girl's hairless, virgin pussy, and decided then and there to take her as well.

Kneeling down over Ururu, who was lying on her back, he lined himself up with her entrance. She looked him in the eye, blushing.

"Do you..." Ichigo started awkwardly.

"Yes," Ururu said quietly, smiling softly as she wrapped her small arms around him. "Go ahead... master..." she told him shyly.

Ichigo was unable to hold himself back at those words, and he plunged straight into her awaiting pussy, causing Ururu to scream out in a sublime, mind-melting blend of ecstasy and agony. Blood mixed with lubricating juices as the substitute soul reaper pumped in and out of the petite girl, driving her small frame into the ground with force of his fucking.

Ururu moaned and squealed as Ichigo's massive dick felt like it was tearing her pussy apart. Her pelvis ached exquisitely from the way he was ramming into her, and she knew that she would scarcely be able to walk for nearly a week if Urahara didn't feel like using kido to fix her back up as good as new.

But she didn't care. She simply smiled as she melted into Ichigo, and then she screamed when she reached climax, her pussy clenching with the force of a vise grip as her nectar gushed forth.

Ichigo groaned when he felt Ururu tighten around him. He was close to climax as well, and that just about pushed him over the edge. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he got the thought that he should pull out lest he impregnate the girl, but another part of him wanted to stay inside of her, not wanting to leave because it felt too good.

His senses lost in the heat of the moment, Ichigo decided not to worry about it. He was in no state to be weighing the consequences of his actions right then, and the wondrous tightness of Ururu's pussy was too much for him to leave.

So he came in unto her with prolonged grunt, their bodies hot and sweaty, and his seed filling up her womb.

"Ara ara," Urahara said from the sidelines, where he had been watching the whole thing, forgotten by the trio in the midst of their passion. "I hope you're willing to take responsibility for your actions, Ichigo~"

The teen in question blinked, staring down into Ururu's half-lidded eyes which were glazed over and dull from exertion. Then he looked up at Urahara, blinking again.

He looked back down at Ururu, whose cute little body was flushed and coated with sweat.

"Ah..." he murmured weakly. "... shit."

Urahara laughed at Ichigo from behind his fan.

"Just kidding~" he said brightly. "Do you really think I would risk losing one of my cute little assistants for nine months? No, no, the body you're in is perfectly sterile."

Ichigo blinked again. Then he jumped up and glared at Urahara.

"Ehhhh?!" Ichigo roared indignantly, "What did you do to me, you Hat-and-clogs bastard?!"

"Maa, maa, you misunderstand me," Urahara said, unperturbed. "Your original body is just the way you left it."

Ichigo blinked again.

"... eh? My original body...?"

"Yes," Urahara said with a nod of his head, "your original body. What you are currently inhabiting..." he flicked his fan closed and tapped it on Ichigo's shoulder. "... is a special, custom designed gigai. It's a state-of-the-art model, based on the type of gigai developed for use by shinigami who have to make long stays in the human world, for one reason or another... They're designed to be sterile, since there's been trouble in the past with shinigami who 'went native' or procreated with humans while in the world of the living."

He then paused, smirking mischievously.

"...Of course," the exiled scientist added, "I've also added a few other modifications... such as eliminating that pesky human refractory period, among other things..."

Ichigo stared blankly at Urahara, who shook his head and sighed.

"The refractory period is the recovery phase after orgasm during which it is physiologically impossible for an individual to have additional orgasms," he elaborated.

"Oh," Ichigo said. " is that how...?"

"Yes, that is how you were able to get erect again, multiple times, so shortly after ejaculating."

Ichigo then scowled.

"But then, why would you...?"

Urahara smiled enigmatically, once more unfolding his fan and concealing his mouth.

"Let's just say..." he said, in that mysterious manner of his "...that I am not one to leave my debts unpaid. You have a great help to me, Ichigo... at the very least, I owed you for taking out Aizen."

He paused, then laughed.

"Well, not anymore, though," he added as an afterthought. "After all, I did give you that gun..."

Ichigo's eyes widened.

"That's right..." he muttered, remembering the reason he had come there in the first place. "You bastard! So you knew what was going to happen?!"

"More or less~!" Urahara said cheerfully. He then casually ducked a punch from Ichigo, sidestepping him and pushing down on the teen's head, causing him to overbalance and fall on his face.

"Ahhh... Be careful, Ichigo," he advised brightly. "You're still young, and inexperienced in many ways. So go out and enjoy your youth, and gather many new experiences. Go, and become a man among men, Ichigo Kurosaki..."

He then vanished in a sudden flash-step, leaving Ichigo, Karin, and Ururu to their own devices.

"...Now consider us even..."

Ichigo sighed, and looked down at the two girls.

"Great..." he muttered, " Hat-and-cogs is taking pages out of the old man's book, now? What a pain in the ass... Now what do I do?"

Ultimately, Ichigo decided he'd go out into the town. Maybe he could find someone sane to talk to.

Naturally, Karin wanted to follow him, though she was still too weak to walk quite yet. Ururu also wanted to go with, apparently having decided to also become a slave to Ichigo (despite his halfhearted protests). But she was too sore to walk right, having to sort of slowly waddle along.

So he somehow got roped into carrying the two of them on his back. They weren't too heavy for him to lug around, not by a long shot, but it felt very awkward nonetheless, especially considering what he had just finished doing to them.

Eventually, after about twenty minutes of aimlessly wandering through Karakura looking for someone he knew, Karin and Ururu were well enough to walk under their own power and so he set them down. And right after he did so, he heard a familiar voice call his name.

He turned around.

Ichigo blinked at the sight of Mahana... something or other... a girl from school. She was decently attractive, with goodly sized breasts by normal standards, though unremarkable compared to some of the other people he knew. Still, she was one of the more popular girls with the boys in his school, based largely on her casual, regular flouncing of the dress code by always leaving the top buttons of her shirts undone, showing off a decent amount of cleavage for a high schooler.

It still couldn't compare with the likes of Kukaku or Matsumoto, but then that was hardly a fair comparison.

Naturally, Ichigo's eyes flicked down to the cleavage Mahana was always showing, before flicking back up to her eyes.

"... Hey..." he said somewhat awkwardly. He never really had any contact with the girl, either inside or outside of school, but she was amiable with Orihime, and had been something like a friend of sorts to Rukia, back during the shinigami lieutenant's first stay in Karakura, so he figured she had to be a decent enough person. "... uh... Banana, right...?"

...though he still sucked at remembering names.

Mahana pouted, before smiling once again and cheerfully saying, "No, it's Mahana."

The moment she reminded Ichigo of her name, the gun (stored in his front pants pocket) registered her as someone he knew, and fired off a small spherical blast of red hollow reiryoku, which shot straight into her cleavage, the crimson glow splashing across her breasts before flowing over the rest of her body. Her eyes became dull and unfocused, and she went limp.

Just before she could collapse to the ground, Ichigo rushed forward and caught her. Swearing, he knew he had to get her off of the street. Deciding that he did not want to risk any awkwardness from taking Mahana home, Ichigo decided he'd simply drag her into a nearby alley and wait for her to come to.

Setting the girl down on the ground and propping her up against a wall, Ichigo sat down across from her. As he waited for Mahana to come to, Ichigo found his eyes drawn once more to her cleavage, and a small, long-suppressed, perverted part of him imagine what it would be like to stick his dick between her tits... or to fuck her mouth... or to pound her pussy... or to ream her ass...

Against his better judgement, feeling his member start to harden at the sight of the unconscious girl propped up before him, Ichigo lowered his zipper and took out his penis.

Karin and Ururu saw this, and they also saw the way their master was looking at this girl. So they shared a glance, and in a moment of unspoken communication, they stepped forward and undid the rest of the buttons on Mahana's shirt, exposing her decently sized breasts, which were only kept just barely decent by a small, lacy black bra.

Ichigo stood up and walked towards Mahana, reaching down to grab her chin and open her mouth before sticking his penis in. He could barely fit even half of his length into her mouth with risking choking her, but Ururu rose to the task and started licking the exposed remainder of his shaft and shyly toying with his balls.

Karin, meanwhile, unclasped Mahana's bra and and took it off before starting to play with the older girl's breasts, rubbing and kneading one while sucking and nibbling on the other.

Ichigo, mindful of Ururu beneath him, started pumping in and out of Mahana's mouth, grunting as he felt himself grow more stimulated with every thrust.

After a few moments in this manner, Ichigo felt a sudden suction on his dick, and looked down to see Mahana's eyes flutter open, her tongue sliding clumsily over the meat in her mouth.

For a moment, Ichigo froze up, realizing with a moment of horrible clarity just what he was doing, and what it would look like.

Frantically, and quickly, as though he had been burned, Ichigo immediately recoiled, pulling himself out of Mahana's mouth and falling on his ass as he backed away.

"Th-this isn't what it looks like!" he stammered frantically, holding up a hand in a gesture for stop or wait. "I-I can explain!" he said, his member standing straight up, still wet with a mixture of precum and Mahana and Ururu's saliva, even as his sister continued to alternate being suckling and groping the stirring girl's breasts.

He would have continued trying to defend himself, but no accusations came, and when he looked into Mahana's eyes, he realized that they looked the same way Karin's did – glazed over and sort of unfocused, like the lights were on but nobody was home.

And then Mahana spoke, and he finally put two and two together (Ichigo could be surprisingly dense for someone with such high grades).

"Master..." she said slowly, in a monotone completely unlike her usual manner of speech, really driving home the fact that she was actually, honestly hypnotized.

She looked down at her exposed breasts, which were currently being singlemindedly sucked upon by a stunningly obstinate Karin. Then she moved her gazed to Ichigo's erect penis.

"... allow me to service you with my breasts," she concluded, gently pushing Karin off of her before getting down on all fours and crawling towards Ichigo, her bosoms dangling pendulously. Enveloping Ichigo's intimidating member in her modestly generous chest, Mahana started rubbing her tits up and down his cock, squeezing them tightly together and licking the head of his penis. Ichigo moaned as she did this, bucking his hips roughly in time with the movement of her breasts.

Karin and Ururu gathered on either side of the pair, watching in a mixture of curiosity and slight envy as Mahana pleasured her master with both her tits and her mouth, sucking on the head of his penis as she massaged the shaft with her breasts.

"Incredible..." Ichigo moaned as he luxuriated in the feel of her tits enfolding his member, "You're incredible at this..."

"Thank you, master," Mahana said through a mouthful of his dick, which was so large that nearly half of it was sticking out of her cleavage at any given moment. "My body exists only to pleasure you."

"Well it's doing a damn good job of it," Ichigo grunted, feeling the pressure building up in his loins at Mahana's words.

"You are too kind, master," Mahana murmured, making a particularly lewd face as she teased the slit in the head of his penis with the tip of her tongue. "Do not hesitate to reprimand me for my failure. If there is any part of me that fails to please you to the fullest, I would rather have that part torn out from my body than continue to disappoint you. If my breasts fail you, lop them off. If my hands fail you, cut them off. If my feet fail you, chop them off. If my mouth, or my ass, or my pussy fail you, seal them with cement. For I would rather die than fail to please you."

The civilized human and soul reaper parts of Ichigo were greatly perturbed by the morbidity of Mahana's words, but the savage hollow within him was pleased, and his arousal grew even greater. And it was too much for him to hold on any longer. With a final buck of his hips, he came.

Mahana watched in wonder as a great quantity of semen spurted out from Ichigo's penis, great sticky ropes of his white, strong-smelling sperm covering every inch of her chest.

"Master's seed..." she whispered in an awe-struck tone, wiping a bit of it off into her hands, which she then raised up to her face. She inhaled deeply, a euphoric expression on her face as she took in the scent. "...such a strong smell..." she whispered, before licking some of it out of her hand. "...such a wonderful taste..."

She moaned, swallowing up the rest of the semen in her hands and licking them clean. She then turned her attention back to the rest of Ichigo's cum still covering her chest, only to see that Ururu and Karin had moved to begin licking it straight off of her tits, Karin taking the left one and Ururu the right one.

She pouted.

"Mou..." Mahana whined childishly, a bit of her original personality shining through the hypnosis. "You greedy little things... Don't steal. If you want some of master's milk, get it for yourself..." She grabbed Ururu and Karin by the shoulders and pulled them off of her chest.

Mahana then locked lips with a stunned Ururu for a moment, kissing the girl deeply and searching through her mouth. After about a minute, she broke the kiss and pulled back, pouting.

"No faaaiiir, you swallowed it all!" she whined.

She then looked down at her chest, which was by now completely clean of Ichigo's sperm, though was quite a bit of Karin and Ururu's saliva in its place.

"... and now it's all gone..." she mumbled. "I bet if I had bigger boobs there would've been room for more of Master's seed, and then maybe you little piggies wouldn't have been able to get all of it before I could..."

Ichigo blinked at those words, his thoughts going to the gun in his pocket, remembering reading something on it about "body adjustment options"...

"Actually..." Ichigo said, interrupting Mahana's moping, "I think I might be able to do something about that... Making your breasts bigger, that is..."

Mahana blinked, looking up at him with her eyes wide and her mouth agape.

"You can do that?" she asked.

Ichigo nodded. "Yeah," he said, "I should be able to..."

Tears came to Mahana's eyes, and she laughed joyously.

"Ohh, please master, pleeeaaase dooo iiiit~" she begged, wrapping her arms around his waist and giving him a hug that incidentally managed to bury his penis between her breasts.

Ichigo shivered as he felt himself start to harden again, and decided to hurry up and do it quick.

Taking the gun out of his pocket, he aimed down at Mahana's breasts, briefly toggling the gun to "breast expansion", and fired, pouring a decent amount of his hollow reiatsu into the shot.

There was a flash of red light, which faded after a few seconds. And when it cleared, Ichigo's eyes nearly bugged out of his head when he saw how large Mahana's breasts had become.

"Holy...!" he said, "I think I gave it too much juice!"

And it did indeed seem that way, since Mahana's breasts looked like they had to now be nearly twice the size of even Orihime's or Matsumoto's. And since Mahana had still been embracing him when he did the expansion, they were now mashed so tightly against his penis that the warmth and the pressure, coupled with a loss of control from sheer shock, meant that he had ejaculated instantly, filling her cleavage with a copious amount of semen.

"Ah, hell," he cursed, "Sorry about that," he said sheepishly. "I made them too big..."

Mahana smiled up at him.

"No, they're perfect!" she said brightly, pulling back, somehow managing to stand upright without appearing the least bit bothered or hindered by tits that now had to count for, like, a full third of her body-weight. Which was mind boggling to Ichigo, since he knew from overhearing Matsumoto talking with Orihime once or twice that breasts that big were supposed to cause all sorts of back pain, and yet Mahana didn't seem to be the least bit afflicted by any such thing.

In fact, she seemed to be positively giddy as she dug up semen from between her gargantuan mammaries, greedily scarfing it down while occasionally pausing to make childish faces at Karin and Ururu. The two younger girls appeared largely unbothered by Mahana's taunting, however.

Still... Ichigo thought, he had to admit that, while the size of her tits was a bit ridiculous, each individual boob being at least three times of her head, it was nonetheless arousing, in a way...

Especially when he realized, belatedly, that there was now no way Mahana's old shirt and bra would possibly be able to fit her.

Indeed, when he thought about Mahana being forced to walk through town topless, everybody's eyes on her, he found himself growing hard once again. It was a bit out there, but after everything that he had done today, a bit of simple exhibitionism like that seemed almost passe.

Thinking about it, his erection twinged, and he decided he should do something about it. After everything that had happened today, Ichigo had almost completely lost his former reservations about sexual matters. So when the thought hit him to make Mahana walk through town without a shirt or bra, the question was not whether he should actually through with that idea – no, it was: where would he make her go?

After pondering the matter for a moment, a thought struck Ichigo.

"Hey, Banana—" he started.

"—actually, it's Mahana, master," Mahana corrected automatically, before loyally adding, "but if you wish to call me Banana, then that shall be my name from now until the end of time."

Ichigo paused, possibly considering it. Then he shook his head and said, "No, that's okay... Anyways, do you know if your parents would be home right now?"

Mahana thought for a second, before she nodded her head.

"Yes, master, they should be. Why?"

"Because," Ichigo said, smiling pervertedly, "there's no way the shirt you were wearing before will fit you now."

"Ah," Mahana said, "Does that displease you, master?" she asked fearfully.

"Nope," Ichigo said brightly, "It's better that way."

"I see," Mahana said, not actually seeing at all.

"Well, then, let's get going," Ichigo said, taking out his substitute soul reaper badge and pressing it against his chest, causing his soul to separate from his physical body, which fell uselessly to the ground, member still erect.

"Ara?" Mahana said confusedly, the hypnosis she was under preventing her from freaking out over what had just happened. Instead, she looked between the erection of the lifeless Ichigo on the ground and the visible bulge in the crotch area of the shihakusho of the black-clad Ichigo now standing an inch or two off the ground. "Two masters...?"

"It's... complicated," Ichigo said with a wave of his hand. "But the basic idea is that most people can't see me when I'm like this. That way, when we walk through town everyone's eyes will be on you."

"I see," Mahana said, actually seeing where he was going with this. "But what about the other master, then, master?"

"Karin and Ururu can take care of my body... er, gigai... well, they'll take care of it."

Karin and Ururu looked pleased to hear this, both of their gazes immediately being drawn to the erect penis of the artificial body.

"Okay, let's go then master!" Mahana said cheerfully. Then she paused. "Wait, where are we going, then...?"

"First, we'll be going to your house." he told her.

"Okay!" she said cheerfully, taking off down the alleyway and onto the street without any heed.

Naturally, people stared. After all, it wasn't every day you saw something like a girl with breasts that were practically big enough to have their own zip code walking down the street topless, considering there were generally such things as anti-indecency laws in most places. But those few hapless police officers who tried to approach the girl to bring her in to the station all found themselves being mysteriously thrown through the air by an invisible assailant.

Obviously, none of them tried more than once.

Mahana, for her part, was largely unperturbed by the stares and whispers, and even the occasional jerk coming up to crudely proposition her didn't bother her all that much, since her master made quick work of such ruffians. Indeed, it seemed that master was far more powerful than she could have ever possibly imagined, as he never once even needed to take a pause from jerking himself off as they walked to kick the ass of anyone who bothered her, sometimes literally if they were being especially annoying.

She was also happy that she currently had master all to herself, as he always told when was about to come so she could stop and catch his semen in her hands or on her breasts. People stared at her whenever she started licking up the invisible-to-them semen, but it didn't bother her. She had her master with her.

Ichigo was also having a damn good time, as aside from having a field day masturbating to Mahana's situation he was also taking advantage of his invisibility to let his long suppressed inner-pervert run wild, casually copping feels off of any pretty girls he saw and even using a well timed shun-po to ejaculate into exceptionally hot businesswoman's coffee right as she was lifting it to her mouth to take a sip. But eventually they reached Mahana's house, and went inside.

It was a surprisingly plain place, and her parents also looked rather plain (her mom a lot looked like her, only older and with a much smaller rack). Of course, Ichigo couldn't really judge for sure, since they'd passed out cold the instant they saw their daughter, expressions of horrified disbelief frozen onto their faces.

Mahana was unperturbed though, and simply turned to Ichigo and said, "Where to next, master?"

Ichigo thought for a moment, before saying, "Let's go to the park. Maybe we'll see somebody you know there."

Mahana's eyes widened, gleaming eagerly at this.

"Ooooh!" she said excitedly, thinking now of her friends from school. "I bet Michiru and Ryo will super jealous when they see the new breasts you gave me! Heeheehee..." she giggled evilly, striking a sexy pose that caused her gargantuan breasts to bounce and jiggle arousingly. "With this new, ultra-womanly body, I'm sure to be considered the sexiest girl in school~" she gloated to nobody in particular, before giving Ichigo a heated look. "And I'm all yours, master..." she purred huskily, causing Ichigo to shiver in excitement.

"C'mon," he grunted, redoubling the stroking of his lower zanpakuto as he headed out the door, Mahana following behind him.

Compared to their first trip, the walk to the park was completely uneventful. While people were still staring, it seemed to be mostly men (and a few possible lesbians) who did so. It was not out of surprise that they stared, now, but simply out of... well, perversion. News of the topless, unnaturally endowed girl walking through town seemed to have spread at the speed of gossip (which was the only thing, aside from certain subatomic particles, known to travel faster than light), and while there were still gawkers and onlookers, nobody seemed as affected by it now.

Ichigo supposed it was because, even with only a small handful of the people in town having any spiritual awareness, just so many weird, unexplainable things happened in Karakura town that the residents had simply grown inured to such bizarre occurrences.

Still, he and Mahana had plenty of fun messing with people on the way to the park, such as when she stopped to give him a titfuck on a busy street corner. People had been greatly confused, and considerably aroused, by that, since they couldn't see Ichigo but could see the way Mahana was moving her brodignagian bosoms.

Eventually, though, they reached the park. It was fairly empty for this time of day, and at first glance they didn't see anyone they knew.

But, after a moment, they heard something.

"... Mahana...? Is that you?" came a curious voice.

Mahana turned face to the source, recognizing the voice immediately.

"Heeey, Chizuru! Fancy meeting you here," she said brightly.

Chizuru, drooling and staring at Mahana's chest, nodded dumbly in time with the bouncing of the other girl's tits.

"... I don't know what you did..." she said after a moment of silence, not once taking her eyes off of Mahana's breasts, "...but I like it!" she cheered, giving a thumbs up before leaping on top of the girl and grabbing hold of her massive tits.

Neither party noticed the flash of red light that splashed over Chizuru – Mahana was lost to carnal ecstasy, moaning as her sensitive breasts fell under the lesbian's ravishing assault, and Chizuru was too busy all but raping her schoolmate's tits with her wandering hands and her slavering mouth.

Ichigo groaned, fapping with all his might, his arousal at an unbelievable level as he watched Chizuru molest his most recent slave. The redhead was not at all gentle in her ministrations, violently kneading the soft, yielding flesh of Mahana's bosoms and leaving glistening, bright red bite marks and hickeys everywhere she put her mouth.

Mahana quickly came under Chizuru's assault, the transformation apparently also having made her Eiken-grade breasts incredibly sensitive, judging by the volume of her wailed moans and the almost ridiculous force of her orgasm, which nearly soaked her jeans all the way through with her juices, leaving them wet and sticky and thoroughly un-wearable.

This, of course, also caused Ichigo to climax, spurting his semen all over Mahana's breasts and Chizuru's hair.

And for the first time, Chizuru looked up and saw Ichigo in his shinigami force, his Ron Jeremy-level dick erect and pointed in her general direction. Her eyes briefly glazed over as she looked almost hungrily at his member, before something flickered through them and she glanced back to Mahana's breasts, then down to Mahana's nectar-soaked pants.

Chizuru's almost fanatical lesbianism briefly warred with this new and strange desire to service a man, and not just any man, but Ichigo, the one who had stolen the heart of her pure, beloved princess. It was vexing to the girl, whose identity up until that point had revolved almost around her over-the-top sapphism. The urge to service him was strong, for most it would have been completely overpowering.

But Chizuru was nothing if not single-minded, and the newly earth-shattering sensuality of Mahana's lewd, newly-massive breasts was too much for the relentless libertine to ignore. Eventually, she decided on a compromise. She would give Ichigo a show by ravishing Mahana, and please him that way.

So decided, Chizuru quickly went down to Mahana's pants, which she tore off at the seams in her uncontrollable lust, completely shredding her panties and then plunging her tongue into the depths of Mahana's pussy. Her skirt rode up her ass as she did this, and her head was buried under Mahana's tits as the brunette sat up and stretched to grab the hem of Chizuru's scandalously short skirt, which she flipped up before pulling down Chizuru's panties and spreading the redhead's butt cheeks to reveal her tight, puckered anus.

Ichigo, taking Mahana's hint, stepped forth and violently plunged his full length all at once into Chizuru, causing the girl to let out a muffled scream of both pleasure and pain from where she was eating out Mahana as her newly recognized master reamed her ass beyond recognition, ripping and tearing her criminally tight hole with his enormous cock. The force of him fucking her ass also incidentally pushed Chizuru's face hard against Mahana's crotch, causing the girl to whimper and moan.

People, or at least what few there were in the park, gathered in a crowd and watched wonderingly as this erotic spectacle unfolded. One or two bolder individuals publicly masturbated to the scene, but nobody had the courage to join in, as anybody who stepped forward suddenly got the instinctive impression that they were crossing into the territory of some incredible monster, and they all quickly retreated before the inexplicable flood of killing intent could cause them to further soil themselves.

Mahana was the first of the three to come, unable to endure Chizuru's orgasmic ministrations any longer and spraying her juices in the ecstatic lesbian's face. Ichigo was the second, Mahana's O-face pushing him over the edge, filling Chizuru's sore and bloodied ass with his hot, sticky seed. And Chizuru came last of all, from the combined excitement from getting a face-full of Mahana's honeypot and having her anus flooded with her master's gloriously filthy sperm.

Mahana collapsed to the ground, completely spent from her successive orgasms. Chizuru was better off, having came once as well as just possessing a higher sexual stamina than most people. Ichigo, of course, in his spirit body the vitality of which was limited only by his reiatsu, was as fresh as daisies and not even feeling the least bit exerted.

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