One Shot, One Kiss


The Erotic Adventures of Ichigo and his Hypno Gun

A Bleach smut-o-rama



WARNING: This fanfic depicts activities of an adult nature between characters who would be minors in the real world. The author of this fic does not endorse such things being done by minors in real life, and in fact strongly discourages minors from reading this, and also from participating in any and all such activities until they are at the age of majority/consent as defined in the laws or customs of their state or principality.

(i really wanted to make this a round ten chapters... but there just wasn't any doing it)

Ichigo looked down at the cooing and blushing forms of Soifon and Suzumebachi. The two pretty, slender babes were cuddled up together beneath him in a sensual looking embrace. Soifon had a hand on her zanpakuto's round, soft butt cheek, and Suzumebachi herself was nuzzling her face into her mistress's small breasts.

Ichigo grunted happily, feeling himself getting hard at the sight.

"Good girls," he muttered quietly. More loudly, though he added, "You two look pretty cute like that. Why don't you throw those bikinis of yours back on and head over to Kukaku's place? I bet your fellow slaves over there'll be glad to see you two. Maybe you'll even get to play with Yoruichi."

Soifon's eyes widened and her cheeks went scarlet red. She shot up out her bed immediately and eagerly.

"Yes..." she said. Her eyes were glassy but strangely intense, focusing on something in the distance that only she could see. "Yes," she repeated. "That sounds like a very good idea, master."

She got up, then, and she had just a little trouble standing up straight.

Suzumebachi was more reluctant. "Do I really have to go?" she asked, pouting briefly. "I wanna stay with Ichigo-sama. He's so strong and sexy and... heehee!" she giggled girlishly.

Soifon shot her zanpakuto a baleful glance, dressing up faster than human eyes could follow. A fraction of a second later, she was dressed once more in her bee-kini. "Yes, you do," she said firmly, and she grabbed Suzumebachi by the ear.

"Eeeyaaahhh!" the sword spirit yelped. "Owowowow!" she whined piteously as Soifon dragged her off by the ear at the speed of shunpo.

"Be good, you two!" said Ichigo wryly.

He waved the pair a cheerful goodbye, before grinning and turning. With his own flash step, he quick-traveled to the Eighth Division barracks. He got there in less than a second.

And he arrived to see Kyoraku there, eyepatch and all, waiting for him along with Nanao, who was wearing a skimpy black string bikini that barely covered her nipples and concealed absolutely nothing of her pale, soft round buttocks. In addition, the crotch was cut out, exposing a cutely wet and puffy pink pussy just begging to be pounded and owned by a certain substitute soul reaper's flesh sword.

Kyoraku greeted Ichigo with a lackadaisical wave.

"Hello~" he said cheerfully. "Nice to see you doing so well for yourself, Ichigo-kun." The man was smiling, dressed in his pink floral kimono. His usual wide brimmed hat was slanted just high enough to let the shorter Ichigo see his eyes.

"Um... hi, Shunsui..." said Ichigo a little awkwardly. He wasn't so sure how he would deal with this guy if it came to a fight.

Even with Nanao's scandalous state of dress, it was entirely possible that she was just bait in a ploy to lure Ichigo out for an ambush. And if anyone would be able to counter Ichigo's raw power, it would be that girl's barriers, and her captain's tricky fighting style. It would be just the sort of clever maneuvering you might expect from someone as crafty as Kyoraku.

But... if it was an ambush, then Ichigo couldn't sense anyone nearby. There wasn't anyone present in the barracks but himself and these two. And while maybe Shunsui would do better against him than most, without the raw power of other captains to back him up he wouldn't be able to much of anything to Ichigo aside from stall him.

Ichigo looked askance at Nanao.

"I see... that you're dressed very, um..." he mumbled, feeling a little anxious at Shunsui's presence.

The captain, and temporary captain commander, let out a cheery laugh.

"Dont worry about me, Ichigo-kun!" he said. "Nanao-chan here just wants to join that harem of yours, and so I figured I'd send my zanpakuto spirits along with. You know, to make sure nothing too untoward happens to my cute little lieutenant."

Nanao blushed fiercely, and she threw a book at the side of her captain's head. Her glasses fogged up, and her cheeks got deeply rosy. Steam all but poured from her ears.

"I-I-I-I only volunteered because Lisa-sempai is with him!" Nanao insisted, flustered. "That's all! It's not like T think that kind of thing would be fun, or anything...!"

Shunsui laughed, rubbing his ear where the book hit him. He beamed at his vice-captain.

"Sure, sure," he said indulgently. "Whatever you say, Nanao-chan. Just be sure to show Ichigo-kun a good time, alright? You'll be representing our entire division, after all."

Nanao harrumphed, crossing her arms under her modest breasts, pushing them up and together a little bit. Which pleased Ichigo to see.

"I'll do what I want to," she said mutinously, before averting her gaze from either man. Quietly, she added, "And if that happens to include this... or that... or maybe the other thing... well, what happens happens."

Kyoraku laughed heartily.

"Sure, sure," he said, giving his lieutenant a playful smack on the rump. She did not retaliate for this, perhaps simply allowing her captian one last grope before her body became Ichigo's alone. Once Shunsui'd had his fill of feeling up Nanao for one final time, he turned to Ichigo and drew his zanpakuto, the tachi and wakizashi of Katen Kyokotu's sealed form.

"Here," he said to ichigo, setting the blades on the ground. "Shoot these with that hypno gun of yours. That'll bring Kattan and Kyocchan out to play."

Ichigo was still a little tense in expectation, but he did as Shunsui said. Firing a bolt of hollow reiatsu at the dual swords, Ichigo forced the twin spirits of Katen Kyokotsu to manifest. The one was buxom and mature and dressed like an oiran or dayuu. The other looked young and immature, dressed like a little kunoichi.

Kyoraku smiled at his three lovely ladies. With a cheerful wave, he bid them adieu.

"Have fun, girls~" he said playfully. "Be sure to write~ And send plenty of pictures back to your old captain, too, okay~?"

Nanao blushed, but she said nothing. Katen Kyokotsu nodded, the older-looking one smiling seductively at Ichigo. The younger-looking one said nothing.

With that, Shunsui turned and left the group. And it was only once the man was well out of sight that Ichigo relaxed and allowed his guard to drop, if only a little.

"So, what do you wish us to do now, master?" the older-looking half of Katen Kyokotsu asked. The younger one looked down in embarrassment.

Ichigo smirked, and he gestured wordlessly for the trio to follow him. They did just that, and he led them to a secluded part of the Eighth Division. Smiling, Ichigo turned and sat down and took out his dick.

Nanao and the sword spirits stared at it openly, redfaced and overawed at the sight. Even Captain Kyoraku was not so well-endowed, and that man was nothing if not well founded as far as his confidence in his sexual prowess and appeal. But Ichigo's cock was truly monstrous in its scale and size, almost more than could possibly be human.

Ichigo leered pleasantly at them.

"How about the three of you give me a show?" he suggested. "Come on, take off those clothes. You're mine now," he jeered.

The two halves of Katen Kyokotsu disrobed at his command with little hesitation, the large melons of the taller jiggling temptingly, and the cute pink nipples of the smaller standing erect in the air. Nanao was more reluctant, however, her sense of modesty warring with her libido. Ultimately, it took the assistance of the two sword spirits to get her undressed - the taller tearing off her top and the smaller pulling down her bikini bottom.

The trio then, with encouragement from Ichigo, proceeded to get down and dirty.

The loli spirit got down on the ground, wiggling her tight little ass as she kissed and licked Nanao's slit. She rubbed her lips against the shinigami's nethers, eating her out and slipping her tongue in to mouth-fuck the girl. She rubbed Nanao's thighs, makin her moan and squeal. She lapped up Nanao's neactar with a reckless abandon, driving the bookish meganekko absolutely wild with her incredibly enthusiasc cunnilingus.

And Nanao, for her part, pulled the more buxom spirit down on top of her, taking hold of those tits and fondling them roughly. She pinched and rolled the spirit's boobs like they were dough, putting on a show with them for her new lover and master. She kissed the spirit's tits, making the oppai oiran half of Katen Kyokotsu moan lewdly and shamelessly. She nibbled at the big, puffy nipples to make the spirit come explosively.

And the elder-looking spirit, as well, was humping her smaller twin's neck and head as the loli kunoichi ate Nanao out while the four-eyed bookworm played with the big-boobed courtesan's tits. She mashed her drenched, distended cunt against her twin's nape, grinding her aching, horny pussy against the silky violet hair, luxuriating in all of the multitudionous sensations her body was experiencing. She came all over her sister's neck and shoulder, coating her head with her juices.

All three of them were moaning and whimpering and squealing deliciously, and Ichigo was masturbating furiously. His dick went fap fap fap as he ran his hand furiously up and down it throbbing, veinous length. He jerked his giant groin off this way and that, all but creating fire from the sheer friction of skin against skin. He rubbed himself out, masturbating with all the frenzied passion of a horny teen, and all the masterful skill of an experienced adult.

Soon enough, the three girls came as one, and Ichigo came with them. Jis semen spurted out in a gooey, sticky rain. It arched up high in the air, and most of it landed with an obscene SPLAT on their naked bodies, coating all of that soft, supple, peachy, rosy skin with the heavy white ropes of his potent, fertile oats.

"Ohhh, Master!" cried Nanao, making an obscene face as his sperm splattered her pale skin.

"Very nice," hummed the MILFish half of Katen Kyokotsu, licking her lips.

"Mmmmmm!" moaned the lolita half of Katen Kyokotsu, squirming wordlessly.

As Nanao and the mother and daughter-looking pair of Katen Kyokotsu began licking one another clean of semen, Ichigo walked up and grabbed the silent daughter by the hips. Her eyes widened as she felt Ichigo spread the cheeks of her firm little ass, the head of his member probing her anus.

He rubbed his cock between her buttocks, making her squirm and whimper. His hands traveled over her body, pinching and groping her rudely. He dominated her completely.

"Damn, that's tight...!" Ichigo groaned in delight as he inched the head of his hard, throbbing member into the childlike spirit's anus. "Shit, fucking hell!" he swore, panting as he bucked his hips against the firm, pale, peach-shaped buttocks.

The kunoichi-like lolita spirit let out an incoherent squeal of shameful ecstasy as the substitute soul reaper's massive girth began tearing its way into her seemingly virgin asshole. His broad, calloused hands felt so utterly massive atop her hips, long and dextrous fingers pressing deep, doughy furrows into rosy alabaster flesh.

He thrust himself into her, the mass of his manhood so vast that the zanpakuto spirit wondered for a fleeting moment if this physical form would not be split at the seams should Ichigo apply any more pressure.

Nanao and the elder-seeming spirit smiled lustily, seeing the obscene expression on the other spirit's face as Ichigo Kurosaki tunneled his way fervently into the depths of her tight little ass. She could do nothing but squeal and whimper as he reamed her poor anus.

The buxom MILF-spirit smiled at this, as she made out with Nanao, playing with the bespectacled brunette's modest breasts while their tongues fought each other for dominance. Their lips mashed hard against one another, tongues coiling and darting hither and yon between each other's mouths.

Soon, Ichigo came in the loli-spirit's ass, and she shuddered euphorically at the feeling of his seed filling her up. Ichigo then pulled out, and he flipped her over.

Smiling predatorily down at the loli kunoichi, Ichigo next pressed the tip of his semen-covered manhood against the lips of her maidenhead. The lass squealed and squirmed at the touch of his flesh against hers, and Ichigo himself shuddered pleasurably at the sensation of her labia rubbing so lewdly against his sensitive foreskin.

"Man, you must really want this," he grunted to the girl-shaped sword spirit. She whimpered wordlessly in response, and her MILF-looking courtesan counterpart translated with a sultry smile.

"She does," the big-breasted sword spirit purred, squeezing Nanao's breasts in soft, skillful hands. "She really, truly does," she repeated huskily with added emphasis, pinching the bespectacled lieutenant's nipples between the tips of long, slender fingers.

Nanao moaned, squealing and coming with a high pitched, girlish cry. The elder-looking half of Katen Kyokotsu swiftly silenced her, however, once more crashing their full, rosy lips together in a hungry, lustful kiss

Ichigo smirked at that, feeling a bit of a twitch in his throbbing dick when he saw Nanao and the sword spirit start to wiggle their hips for him. Leering between the sight of those two making out, and the other half of Katen Kyokotsu writhing desperately beneath him, he drove himself into the lewd lolita's cunt.

"You're a good little bitch," he grunted, swiftly building up his pace as he thrust in and out of the lass. "Fuck yeah, you like being used like this. Don't you?"

The childlike zanpakuto spirit blushed, panting and sweating as Ichigo fucked her, making her body rock violently back and forth with every powerful thrust of his muscular hips. Squealing weakly, feeling the head of his cock sharply bump up against her cervix for the umpteenth time, she nodded. A moan escaped her lips.

Ichigo laughed.

"That's right!" he jeered, raising a hand up from the lass's hips, only to bring it back down with a force that would have cracked a human's bones. He smacked her hip, making the girl cry out in a confused mixture of pleasure and pain.

She came at once, a pussy which was already ungodly tight getting even tighter as her nectar coursed like a river over Ichigo's length, the walls of her vagina clamping down on the substitute soul reaper's iron shaft with all the force of a vise.

Ichigo grunted, shooting a thick wad of sperm into the sword spirit's cunt.

"What a good fucking bitch...!" he groaned, feeling his seed overflow the poor spirit's torn and stretched out pussy. The loli kunoichi collapsed, spent, with one last wordless whimper.

Smiling, he pulled out of her. His cock made a most obscene sound as he yanked it out of her cunt, SPLORCHing with his semen and the suction of her tight jailbait poon.

And with that, Ichigo turned his attention to Nanao and the courtesan MILF, who were shamelessly swapping spit and playing with each other's tits. He stood up and moved behind Nanao, who was still passionately making out with the MILF. He grabbed her by the hips as well, playfully kneading her firm buttocks as he pushed his dick between them, inching it into her anus.

The bookish lieutenant moaned in spite of herself, writhing and squirming in the MILF's embrace even as Ichigo proceeded to fuck her ass raw. He tore her anus up with his massive cock, not holding back as he forcefully thrust in and out of her. Nanao's tongue was lolling out of her mouth, and her eyes were rolling in her head as Ichigo fucked her ass.

"Oh, GOD!" she screamed. "MASTER! ICHIGO-SAMA! FUCK! GOD! YOUR COCK...!"

"Christ, you've got a fine ass, Nanao!" Ichigo respond with a groan, spanking the round, shapely, not-too-soft-yet-not-too-firm buttocks with one of his broad, powerful hands. The lieutenant's delectable posterior jiggled remarkably from the contact, reddening at once in a rosy, palm-shaped splotch where he struck her.

Nanao let out a lewd, shameless wail, wagging her bookworm booty.


Driven mad with lust nearly from the get go, now, she ground her goodly rump against Ichigo's groin. Her anus rocked back and forth on the teen's enormous, rigid penis. The mass of Ichigo's gender pressed this way and that against the sore, sensitive walls of Nanao's rectum, stretching them and sending pangs of the most sublime sort all throughout her writhing, horny body.

The buxom half of Katen Kyokotsu, meanwhile, moved on to sucking and nibbling at Nanao's tits. She kissed the soft, fleshy mounds, running her tongue lasciviously over the rosy, goose-pimpled hills. Her teeth she raked gently over Nanao's stiff, puffy nipples, making the bespectacled Shinigami shiver and come.

Nanao was going positively wild from all of this most wondrous stimulation. Womanly nectar gushed freely from her pussy, falling in a sweet-scented rain down her tender, creamy thighs. Her anus clenched, the bookish young woman throwing her head wildly this way and that.

"ICHIGO-SAMAAAAAA!" she cried out as she came.

The cinnamon-haired teen grit his teeth, feeling Nanao's asshole squeezing his cock. The sides of his shaft pulsed mightily against the tight, confining walls of the woman's delightfully fuckable ass.

He came with a hiss, and Nanao squealed at the feeling of his thick, potent sperm shooting far up her ass.

"Ahhhhn...❤ " she moaned weakly, her legs feeling like rubber. The second Ichigo pulled out of her, she fell to her knees, swooning and flush with a sense of profound satisfaction.

Last, but certainly not least, Ichigo turned his lustful, ravenous attentions to the buxom, mature, even motherly-looking courtesan half of Katen Kyokotsu. She smiled lustily at him, seeing the way the young man leered at her chest, and her most ample of assets.

She licked her lips, leaning back to let Nanao lay down on her side, all but outright fainted from physical exhaustion. Katen Kyokotsu smiled up at Ichigo, leaning back and puffing out her chest. Her immense bosom, two ponderous, vaguely zeppelin-shaped mountains of milky, doughy, creamy flesh heaved delightfully with her every breath.

These tremendous tits dangled pendulously from her sternum, but they did not sag even under the considerable weight of their most mammalian mass. Areolae as large and round as saucers topped the ivory, blushing fore of her brobdignagian bosoms, nipples large and rosy standing up most obscenely in both the open air and the excitement of what all was happening.

"Mmm, do you like what you see...?" she purred, turning her body a little so that her huge, generous ass was now facing the teen while her breasts were still also clearly visible. "...Ichigo-sama~?"

She giggled huskily, and wiggled her hips a tiny bit. The vast, dimpled expanse of her white, doughy buttocks trembled and quaked violently from even just that slight motion, and Ichigo's cock throbbed furiously at the utterly obscenely spectacle this zanpakuto spirit was making of her lewdly voluptuous body.

The substitute soul reaper smirked.

Rather than give a spoken reply, he instead threw his hands forth to grasp fiercely at the gigantic cheeks of the spirit's big and beautiful MILF booty. She moaned delightedly, practically purring as she felt the teen step forward and begin to violently, aggressively knead and molest her ample, spankable buttocks.

"Ohhh, Master~❤ " she cooed, moaning lustily. She wagged broad, childbearing hips enthusiastically side to side, shaking her vast and voluptuous figure like a plate of gelatin sitting next to a jackhammer. "You're so good with your hands!" she praised him shamelessly.

She bent forward, pressed down onto her hands and knees as Ichigo mounted his weight against her. The powerful half-quincy bent the buxom babe over, roughly fondling her buttocks and spreading her doughy cheeks to allow his throbbing, lustful manhood purchase against the tightly clenched rim of her anus.

Katen Kyokotsu – the more buxom, elder-seeming half – allowed her body to relax as Ichigo made the first perfectly positioned thrust, plunging his dick precisely into her hot, fuckable anus. He went in easily enough, and only once his full length was inside her did the buxom courtesan permit her anus to tighten back up. She squeezed his cock, lewdly massaging the base of Ichigo's mighty shaft with an expert control of her anal muscles.

"Ahh, Ichigo-sama..." she moaned in pleasure, letting herself melt into the teen's rapacious embrace. She felt a familiar tingling in her breasts, a soft sort of pressure beneath her nipples, as Kurosaki then reached his hands around to grope her chest.

Her moans grew even louder, curvaceous frame swaying violently back and forth as Ichigo fucked her, when brought his finger to bear upon her nipples, pinching and tweaking them.

Fluid, warm and white, leaked out onto the substitute soul reaper's fingertips.

Ichigo knew at once what it was.

"Hehe, are you a woman, or a cow?" he mused, playing a little more with the MILF's sensitive, puffy nipples, eliciting further lactation. He felt himself about to come, his balls clenching up.

"Neither, Ichigo-sama..." moaned the sword spirit in response. "...I am a zanpakuto, of course...❤ "

She then gushed, coming as she felt something thick, wet, and sticky fill up her ass. Ichigo's muscular body shuddered ever so briefly against hers. Then she felt him pull out of her with a noisy splat, overflowing semen spilling out from her anus the second his manhood was removed.

She then felt Ichigo's hands on her sides as he rolled her over onto her back. Her curves roiled obscenely with this movement, and her breasts in particular jiggled most explosively.

"What, is your power to make milk?" he asked wryly, leering down at the bluenette's generously lactating nipples.

She blushed, averting her gaze shyly.

"If you want it to be, Ichigo-sama..." she whispered. "...I will become whatever it is you desire."

Ichigo smirked, and he leaned forward. He took one of her nipples into his mouth, causing both halves of Katen Kyokotsu to shiver in sympathetic euphoria. He fondled the vast, pillowy mountains of the sword spirit's motherly mammaries, sucking greedily at her teat.

She moaned, eyes rolling back up in her head. Nectar gushed from a vigorously excited cunt as Ichigo sucked down what felt to the zanpakuto like a full pint of her milk. He licked and nibbled her stiff, puffy nipple, making the MILF courtesan squeal and groan lewdly and girlishly.

Finally, Ichigo removed his mouth from her tits. The sword spirit shivered, the air feeling suddenly cool against her once-more exposed nipple. The substitute soul reaper was licking his lips as he leered down at the buxom woman.

"Delicious," he appraised with a satisfied look on his face. "Way better than anything you can get at a convenience store."

The MILF moaned piteously, blushing yet more deeply still.

"I... I would be happy, Ichigo-sama... to serve as your personal cow, if my milk is truly so pleasing to you..." she murmured, wiggling her hips a little excitedly at the thought. "If you want, I'll even wear some cute horns and cow-print bikini...❤ "

Ichigo hummed thoughtfully.

"Well," he said slowly, grinning down at her lustfully. "I might just have you do that after we get you to your new home in the world of the living."

She blushed, smiling beatifically up at her new master.

"I look forward to it," she said with utmost sincerity.

With that, Ichigo looked at Nanao and the daughter, and noticed they were awake once more, and passionately playing with each other.

He grinned softly, deciding darkly that it was time to enslave another bitch.

And the beautiful, motherly, but powerful Retsu Unohana was the first person to pop into his mind.

"Alright, I think I'm gonna go after that Unohana, next," he said to himself, straightening out his shihakusho. "Nanao, be sure to tell Yoruichi about this cow's new job, okay?"

He pointed to the MILF sword spirit.

"I will," said Nanao, nodding demurely as she felt up the daughter's bottom. "And I'm sure she'll make a spendid cow. Don't you think so, too, master?"

The little sister simply nodded, a smile on her cute lips. She looked better under her mask than Ichigo thought, too. If it wasn't for her height, she'd look like she was around Yuzu and Karin's age.

Ichigo grinned.

"Take care, you three~" he said with a cheerful, lackadaisical wave.

With that, the three girls left Ichigo, and he went to the Fourth Squad's barracks. It took him no time at all to get there, using his super-powered shunpo.

It took Ichigo no time at all to locate Unohana's reiatsu. After her revival by Orihime, the woman had taken her post as captain of the Fourth Division back up, although Kenpachi kept his title.

Ichigo walked nonchalantly into a rock garden just behind the Fourth Division's hospital complex, where he saw Unohana wearing only a narrow band of sarashi over her considerable chest, and tattered black hakama which rode infuriating low on those wide, beautiful hips. She looked to be going through sword kata.

It was beautiful.

He could see a good deal of the first kenpachi's buttcrack peeking up from the back of her hakama, enormous round buttocks looking delightfully firm and shapely, and the wraps over her chest were only just enough to cover a little more than her nipples. Everything else, from cleavage, underboob, to sideboob, and everything in between, was pretty much completely uncovered.

Simply beautiful.

Ichigo grinned, feeling a goodly erection twinge under his re-donned shihakusho. He was sure that Retsu could sense his presence, and the tent in his trousers had to be practically big enough to qualify for its own postal address.

And sure enough, she paused in her swings a few minutes in, and peered nonchalantly over her shoulder to look at the teenaged substitute soul reaper.

"Hello, Kurosaki-kun," the explosively buxom woman said in her usual, deceptively sweet tone. "Have you seen Isane? She hasn't reported in for duty, and her shift was supposed to start half an hour ago."

Ichigo grinned sheepishly at the woman. Secretly, he wondered where she had been hiding those enormous tits. She had to be even bigger than Matsumoto, amazingly enough. Easily on the same level as the dayuu half of Kyoraku's zanpakuto.

His erection twitched a little harder, even as he spoke.

"Actually, I'd like to talk to you about that..." Ichigo said slowly, carefully. Unohana was a powerful woman, one of maybe three or four people in the entire world who could stand a chance at besting him in a fair fight. If she decided to fight him, it would be no easy task to subdue her.

Gulping a little nervously, Ichigo continued.

"She's part of my harem, now," he said. "I guess your lieutenant was seriously in the mood for a good dicking. All I had to do was shoot some cum on her, and she submitted herself to me completely."


So maybe he didn't have a very good grasp of subtlety.

Unohana smiled dangerously at Ichigo, her eyes gleaming.

"Ohhhh?" she said. "And what brings you here, then?" she asked him. "Do you come to enslave me, next?"

Retsu's reiatsu spiked, and the rock garden basically exploded from the sheer level of spiritual pressure pouring off of that obscenely voluptuous body. Her eyes flashed with a fell light, and her lips curled into a wild sneer.

Ichigo took a step back unconsciously, feeling a sudden stab of instinctive fear.

"Um... well... basically, yeah," he said, not so much ashamed as cautious about the woman's reaction.

A moment passed.

Unohana's reiatsu seemed to bear down on Ichigo with all the immeasurable weight of a mountain.

The woman's smile softened, and her spiritual pressure suddenly dissipated, once more contained.

"Very well then," she said. "Joining a harem sounds like it might be interesting❤ "

Ichigo smirked, inwardly breathing a sigh of relief at the revelation that Unohana was willing to join without making a fight of it. She would have be a dangerous opponent, even for him.

"Good," he said. "Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to test you, see if there's a need to improve your body."

Unohana nodded and smiled.

"Very well, master," she said huskily, giving Ichigo a playful wink before proceeding to strip. She undid her slim band of sarashi, baring her gigantic breasts. Then she lowered her hakama to fall about her ankles, exposing her humongous twerkable ass and a hot, juicy cunt.

Ichigo grinned, and for the umpteenth time that day he stripped out of his shihakusho.

He was gonna enjoy this.

To start things off, Ichigo pushed Unohana down to the ground, getting on top of her. She was pinned beneath him as he thrust his cock into her pussy with his full strength, the ground cracking as the first kenpachi's booty was slammed into it.

Retsu let out a deep, throaty moan as Ichigo forcefully pumped in and out of her womanhood, utilizing every last drop of his strength to fuck her silly. And even as he did this, Ichigo was also suckling and manhandling Retsu's massive tits, roughly milking them. Like the mother half of Katen Kyokotsu, Unohana had obvious potential as a cow, judging by the way milk was spraying from her nipples as he fucked her.

"Ohhhh, mmmmmm❤ " Retsu moaned lewdly, feeling Ichigo's tremendous cock tearing up her cunt. "Sooo goooooood, master❤ "

"Fuck yeah, that's good bitch," Ichigo grunted, leering possessively down at Unohana's obscenely curvaceous body. "Just lie there and take it like the fat-titty cow you are, you filthy slut."

"Ohhh, YEEESSSSS!" Retsu screamed, coming explosively.

Idly, as he fucked Unohana and drank her sweet milk, Ichigo supposed it might have had something to do with reiatsu levels – like, the reiatsu of Unohana and the mother, as the first kenpachi and (half of) the zanpakuto of a soutaicho-level shinigami, was so high that it naturally leaked off in the form of milk. And if that was the case, then just those two could probably provide milk for Ichigo and his entire harem with relative ease.

At that thought, envisioning Retsu and the courtesan (what had Shunsui called her? Kattan?) dressed up like cows and being milked by him and his slaves, Ichigo came into Retsu's pussy, causing her to moan happily.

"Ohh, master..." Retsu sighed contentedly, mewling weakly as he grabbed hold of her waist.

He flipped her over, mashing those enormous milk-makers into the hard, gravelly ground of Unohana's ruined rock garden. He spread enormous, generous buttocks, squeezing his cock in between them to punch down deep into a tight anus.

Ichigo could feel her asshole squeezing his dick as he rocked his hips, beginning to fuck the Fourth Division captain's phat, soft yet muscular booty. The sound of Retsu's buttocks slapping wetly, noisily against his pelvis echoed throughout the courtyard as he ravaged her anus with his mighty rod.

"Ahn...! Master!" Retsu managed to say in between all the moaning and squealing she was doing. "It... feels so... good!"

Ichigo smirked.

"I know," he said smugly, having done enough fucking in the past couple of days to have absolute confidence in his sexual prowess. He gave her ass a playful slap, eliciting a remarkably girlish squeal from the mature, sexy captain Unohana.

He fucked her ass for several more minutes before finally coming, and Retsu moaned delightedly as she felt his semen fill her anus. Ichigo pulled out of Retsu, semen dribbling from her anus. He gave her ass a sharp, teasing pinch, and she moaned happily.

"Well," Ichigo said, sitting down and surveying Unohana's naked form appraisingly, "My first impression is that you will be a top notch slave. You and Kyoraku's zanpakuto will make excellent cows."

Unohana found herself blushing at his praise, and she looked up at him adoringly. She didn't know what it was, but something about Ichigo simply made her want to please him however she could, to submit herself to him in mind body and soul – and she wasn't even under the effects of the gun!

"I am pleased to be of service, master," she said, managing to regain her normal serene composure for at least a little bit.

Ichigo grabbed a piece of paper and pen, and wrote something down before handing it to Retsu. It was a request to get her cow suit fitted.

"Go to the Shiba house," Ichigo told her. "Give this note to Yoruichi. You and Kattan – you know, the big-boobed half of Shunsui's zanpakuto – are gonna be my cows." He gave her a wicked grin. "Unless I tell you to speak, the only sounds I expect to hear coming out of that filthy whore mouth are moans, groans, and moos. In fact, I expect you to be mooing when I get back there. Got it? Moo once if you understand."

"Moo...?" said Unohana weakly, a little confusedly, and Ichigo gave her ass a good, hard smack in punishment.

"Weak!" he said, wrinkling his nose. "Fucking pathetic. I expect you to moo like it's the best thing ever!" he ordered her.

Retsu blushed, shamefully aroused by this cruel treatment.

"Mooooo!" she all but shouted, the vocalization carrying a distinctly obscene undertone of sexual delight.

Ichigo smirked, satisfied with this.

"Good," he said. "Now, off to pasture with you. Yoruichi and Kukaku will know what to do with you when you get there."

"Moo," said Retsu, nodded her head in understanding. Then she turned and shunpoed toward the Shiba woman's home, her immense curves jiggling most lewdly for her master's viewing pleasure.

Ichigo made his way to the Squad Twelve barracks, planning to make the Division's lieutenant his next acquisition. The way he reasoned, he might as well get the unpleasant task of dealing with Mayuri out of the way now, while he was still fresh and rarin' to go.

"I just hope that guy doesn't ask for anything weird in return," Ichigo muttered to himself as he neared the Soul Society Department of Research and Development. "He's a serious creeper..."

Probably hypocritical, for the harem-crazed substitute soul reaper to be saying something like that. But Ichigo didn't bother with such thoughts.

In part because he was promptly distracted by the sight of Nemu Kurotsuchi standing at attention outside the Twelfth Division barracks. Particularly since she was dressed in nothing but a skimpy red bikini, and a studded black dog collar with a tag that said: Property of Ichigo Kurosaki.

Nemu noticed Ichigo immediately, and she proceeded to walk over to him. She swayed her hips flawlessly, the motion seeming almost inhumanly smooth as the buxom, artificial shinigami strode sensually up to Ichigo.

Her face was as blank as ever, the woman seeming perpetually expressionless.

She bowed, once she got with arms reach of the teen.

"Greetings, Ichigo-sama," she droned. "I am Nemu Kurotsuchi, your loyal sex slave."

Ichigo blinked.

Now he was really confused.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Mayuri in all his strangeness, a creepy smile on the... man's?... face.

"Salutations, Kurosaki," said the eerie science freak, wringing his hands and tilting his head at a faintly impossible angle. "I understand you have been assembling a harem in order to disseminate your superior genes among appropriately promising female specimens." He smiled a wide, yellow grin that sent cold shivers down Ichigo's spine. "Is that correct?"

"Um... yeah, I guess you could put it like that..." the teen murmured, feeling distinctly put off by the scientist's frankly bizarre demeanor.

Mayuri nodded.

"Yes, I see. Good, good. Well, as you might guess, not wanting my own genes to be left out of the mix – considering my vast, natural intellect – I have taken the liberty of rewiring Nemu's mind. Since she is, genetically, more or less a clone of myself." He gestured to the girl, who bowed again, her goodly breasts bouncing delightfully with the movement. "Now, she is no longer my servant, but yours.

"Of course, I have also modified her body in a variety of ways, such as giving her hands the capability to transform into various mechanical sexual aids, and making it so that her vagina and rectum will remain perpetually as tight as those of a virgin. Her body will be able to handle any form of sex you can imagine – including several I doubt you've ever even heard of – and her mind has been filled with sexual knowledge."

Ichigo stared at Mayuri blankly, vaguely unsure how he should react to this.

"Wow," he said. "Um, thanks. I guess."

Mayuri waved a hand dismissively.

"Yes, yes, whatever," he muttered. "I've long grown weary of her endless bungling. She's yours now, and good riddance."

With that, Mayuri disappeared, leaving Ichigo alone with Nemu.

Nemu looked at Ichigo quizzically.

"What shall I do for you, first, master?" she inquired, almost sounding innocent.

Ichigo smirked.

He took Nemu to a nearby alley, and pulled down his pants. Nemu stared at his cock, almost seeming to be in awe. It was huge and thick, throbbing mightily and curved like a katana. Veins lined its pulsating length, and its head glistened, slick with precum.

"I'm gonna test you," Ichigo told Mayuri's former lieutenant. "So show me what you've got, alright?"

"As you wish, master," said Nemu, nodding her understanding.

She smiled as she got to work. She undid her skimpy, barely-there bikini top, freeing her goodly sized breasts. The artificial shinigami's nipples were puffy and erect, and the milky white skin of her tits was smooth, completely flawless. Furthermore, while she was not the most well endowed, her proportions were uncannily perfect.

She looked almost like a model in a magazine, all of the ordinary imperfections airbrushed away by keen-eyed editors, or a porcelain doll, painstakingly crafted to perfection. Only she was a flesh and blood soul, standing right there before Ichigo, eyeing his member hungrily.

It was almost eerie. Even with her speech and mannerisms altered to reflect those of an ordinary person, there was still something distinctly unreal - artificial, even - about Nemu Kurotsuchi.

Though that was only to be expected, Ichigo supposed. He didn't really care about that, but rather simply observed it to be so. All that mattered for his purposes was Nemu's sexual skills.

Nodding absently to himself, Ichigo sat back and relaxed as Nemu got to work.

To start things off, the purple haired lieutenant bent down before Ichigo, resting her breasts in his lap. She squeezed them together around his penis, rubbing them up and down against it while coyly licking the head.

Ichigo's eyes widened, and he groaned as Nemu rubbed her tits up and down his shaft. They were jiggling like crazy, and Ichigo could feel them vibrating against his cock, massaging it.

"This one of your special functions, I take it?"

Nemu nodded mutely as she bobbed her head up and down on tip Ichigo's dick, expertly sucking him off even she vibrated her tits against his shaft.

Ichigo smirked, feeling his balls contract as a bit of semen leaked from his penis (which Nemu promptly licked up).

"Nice," he said appreciatively. "Mayuri's pretty creepy, but I guess he knows his stuff."

He then paused, eyes squinting shut as he came, filling Nemu's mouth with his seed. The lieutenant smiled, humming cheerfully as she easily swallowed every last drop.

"Does that please you, master?" she asked Ichigo, and he smirked.

"No," Ichigo said, causing Nemu to frown confusedly, "Not yet. It'll take more than just this to judge your abilities," he elaborated.

"I see..." Nemu said thoughtfully, before reaching her hands down to her scarlet string bikini bottom and sliding it down.

Then she took two of her fingers and spread her pussy, leaning back and thrusting her hips forward to give Ichigo a good view of her most private place.

"Do you require something more like this, then?" she asked him, blushing softly as Ichigo inspected her cunt like it was a piece of meat, teasingly poking and prodding at her sensitive insides.

"Yeah..." Ichigo said after a moment's thought, absentmindedly pinching Nemu's clitoris between his index and middle fingers as he spoke, "Something like that should work."

Having said that, he then grabbed hold of Nemu by her hips and forcefully slammed her down onto his dick, causing her to let out a high pitched squeal as his massive member penetrated her all at once. She moaned as his cock stretched her out, and Ichigo groaned at the feeling of her tightness.

Quickly and violently, he rocked his hips back and forth, fucking Nemu's pussy with all his strength. The ground cracked and buckled a bit beneath them from the sheer amount of force, and Nemu was mewling and wailing like an wildcat in heat, face red and skin covered with sweat as Ichigo tested her.

True to Mayuri's word, Nemu's body held up marvelously even under Ichigo's full power, and her pussy did not once get even a little looser, no matter how much Ichigo's cock stretched it out. Furthermore, Ichigo could actually feel the walls of the artificial shinigami's pussy actively contracting as he fucked her, tightly squeezing his member and coaxing him to climax several times.

He drove his hips back and forth, plunging himself ravenously, lustfully in and out of the lovely violette's delectable cunt. Her pussy squeezed his member like a grip test. She drove him mad with her tightness.

After about fifteen, maybe twenty minutes of full-bore fucking, and several orgasms from both parties, Ichigo finally judged Nemu's performance as satisfactory.

Now he was ready to get the female half of Zabimaru.

Ichigo headed to the Sixth Division's barracks, having sent Nemu on her way to Kukaku's place. He soon came across a nostalgic spot as he walked, and he stopped to take a look around.

It was the site of his last battle with Renji, near the tower of penitent souls. Ichigo remembered that fight well. If he hadn't had the incomplete Getsuga Tensho at his disposal, he probably would have lost back then.

He grinned a little, remembering the thrill of battling against the redhead. Things had seemed so much simpler back then, hadn't they?

As Ichigo reminisced, he noticed a lone figure standing a few yards from him. The figure walked closer, and Ichigo was soon able to identify them.

"Renji..." he said.

Indeed, it was the lieutenant of the Sixth Division, Renji Abarai. He stood in his uniform, his headband on. Ichigo noticed that Renji's Zabimaru was in its released state.

"Been a while, Ichigo," the lieutenant said. He then turned his head to the left. "I assume you remember this spot?"

"How can I forget?" said the substitute soul reaper. "This was where we had our rematch, back when Rukia was scheduled to be executed. I also remember completely kicking your ass."

The redhead chuckled.

"Oh? That's not the way I remember it, you bastard," he said without any particular heat.

It then went quiet for a moment, the two friends and rivals facing one another, neither one speaking.

Ichigo was the one to break the silence.

"What are you doing here, with Zabimaru out?" he inquired.

Renji smirked.

"I want a fight, Ichigo," he said. "I wanna cross blades with you one last time. It's been way too long since you and me have had a good fight, and I want one more match before I give you that big-ass monkey of mine."

Ichigo's face broke out into a grin, and he pulled out Zangetsu, getting into a battle-stance.

"Sounds good to me. I've had to get some of my slaves by beating them, and I think I'm starting to like doing it the old-fashioned way, too," he said, brandishing his zanpakuto enthusiastically. "Let's do this, Renji!"

The redhead smirked, grinning savagely and swung his sword.

"Alright, Ichigo!"

The pair shouted as their blades rang together, the ground cracking violently beneath their feet as flowers of crimson and cerulean blossomed behind them.

As fitting for a final clash between two friends, two rivals, it was a fierce battle. Ichigo had the advantage in raw spiritual power, but Renji was no pushover. With his reforged Hihio Zabimaru, and a true mastery of his bankai, as well as all of the intense training he had undergone since his last fight with Ichigo, Renji was now more formidable than ever.

They started out simply enough, though.

"Howl, Zabimaru!" Renji cried, his sword segmenting and extending as he swung it. Ichigo dodged it, but just barely, a cut forming on the shoulder of his shihakusho from the close shave.

Renji didn't let up though. He kept on swinging, taking full advantage of Zabimaru's bending and extending. With his zanpakuto's range, flexibility, and speed, Renji was able to control a sizable portion of the battlefield.

His attacks could not be easily deflected, due to the way Zabimaru could bend and wrap around a parrying blade. Ichigo had nearly had Zangetsu yanked out of his hands the first time he tried to parry one of Renji's attacks, and while the substitute soul reaper was confident enough in his strength, he wasn't about to play tug of war with Renji for control of his blade.

It wasn't much easier to dodge though. Renji had clearly spent a lot of time improving on the way he planned his attacks, and wielded his zanpakuto with a surprisingly strategic mindset. He took full advantage of Zabimaru's flexibility to make the trajectory of every swing almost impossible to predict, often changing direction mid-swing to throw his opponent off-balance.

Ichigo was having a hell of a time. This was the toughest fight he'd had in a while – one of the first in some time where he felt like he could actually lose if didn't play his cards right. Unlike the last time where he had been able to exploit the timing of Zabimaru's extended attacks, he had not seen a single opening so far. Renji had worked hard on covering up the hole in his attack patterns, it seemed.

But Renji couldn't keep on swinging like that forever, either. Already Ichigo could see beads of sweat forming on the redhead's brow, and he had only received a handful of trivial injuries so far from Renji's onslaught.

"You're slowing down," Ichigo observed, sidestepping, then ducking, another swing.

Renji grimaced. "I'm just getting warmed up!" he retorted.

Ichigo smirked, suddenly vanishing from Renji's sight in a blur.

"So am I!" he said from behind the redhead, swinging Zangetsu down.

Renji swore, knowing he would be unable to block fast enough with Zabimaru extended in the opposite direction. He used flash step to get out of the way of the attack, but he was not quick enough to completely avoid it, a mostly shallow cut forming on his back.

He then smirked.

"Looks like it's time to kick this up a notch..." he said, and he raised his zanpakuto above his head. "Bankai!" he roared, a cyclone whirling around him as his sword transformed. "Hihio Zabimaru!"

"My thoughts exactly," Ichigo muttered, before getting into Bankai Position. "Bankai!" Ichigo shouted, reiatsu erupting from every pore of his body in a veritable explosion of power.

"Tensa Zangetsu no Kaiyuki Nekomata!"

Renji's eyes widened, surprised by this strange new bankai of Ichigo's. 'Incredible...' he thought, almost awed, 'Is his power really still evolving...?'

Ichigo smirked, knowing that Renji had no idea about how the capabilities of his new bankai. Black snow swirled around him as he raised the two black and white nodachi in his hands, which where connected by a gray chain.

Unwilling to give Ichigo a chance to attack, Renji swung the hilt of Hihio Zabimaru forward with a cry of "Baboon-Bone Cannon!" firing a massive crimson blast of energy at Ichigo, who confidently stood his ground.

For a moment nothing could be seen, red light washing over everything as the attack connected with a mighty explosion. But then the light faded, and Renji saw a large where the attack had hit, and in the center of that crater was a strange black sphere, perhaps around three meters in diameter.

He was confused at first, but then he saw a crack form in the large orb, and it soon crumbled away into nothingness, revealing Ichigo, who was unharmed.

"New Dance, the Third," he said, "Black Shell."

Renji scowled.

"What the hell?" he muttered. "Since when was your zanpakuto a kido type?!"

Ichigo smirked.

"A lot of things have happened," he said simply. "You were pretty impressive yourself, though. A bit more juice and your attack might have even punched through."

"Heh, that so?" Renji said, a vein bulging in his temple. "Well, in that case..." Hihio Zabimaru wheeled around him, its individual segments glowing bright red. "Baboon-Bone Cannon Bombardment!"

Wildly, Hihio Zabimaru began firing indiscriminately, shooting countless massive blasts of energy Ichigo's direction. But when the smoke cleared, Ichigo was nowhere to be seen.

"New Dance, the Fourth," came Ichigo's voice from behind Renji once again. "White Shadow."

"I see..." the redhead murmured. "So you swapped out with a double, eh..."

He then smirked, Hihio Zabimaru moving to wrap around him, shielding him from every direction.

"Pretty impressive," he remarked, "But this is what a real defense looks like."

Ichigo whistled appreciatively, seeing no gaps in Hihio Zabimaru's defense.

"No kidding..." he said, sounding impressed, before skipping back a few feet and raising his black nodachi with a smirk. "But then, I've always been more of an attacking kind of guy. New Dance, the Fifth," he intoned, dense black reiatsu gathering at the tip of his blade. "Black Arrow."

The energy shot from the tip of Ichigo's blade in the form of a thin, straight beam. It speared right through Hihio Zabimaru, bursting cleanly through the other side with a spray of blood.

Renji lowered his zanpakuto, revealing that Ichigo's attack had punched through his side. It didn't hit anything vital, but he was bleeding badly enough.

"Heh..." the redhead chuckled, a bit of blood dripping from his mouth as he fell to his knees. "You weren't kidding..." he mused. "That really was a hell of an attack."

"Ah, it wasn't even that strong, though," said Ichigo.

"Really?" Renji said, cocking an eyebrow. "Because I feel like just got an entire mountain stabbed through my side..."

He shook his head, paling a tad.

"Alright, I'm done," Renji said weakly, deactivating his old bankai. "That new bankai of yours strong, really strong. I might actually die if we keep up like this." He raised a single hand up, a sign of surrender. "You win."

"Fair enough," Ichigo said, smirking. He re-sealed his zanpakuto's power as well. Then he pulled out the gun, and fired it at Renji. Monkey (the female half of his zanpakuto) materialized right next to him, looking as deliciously sexy as ever.

"Alright, Monkey, you understand the situation here?" Renji asked his zanpakuto.

"Yeah, and if you're fine with it, I guess I am too," she said. "Plus, I don't have to deal with Snake's comments anymore either."

"Yeah," Renji chuckled, shaking his head and grinning wryly. "That too! Hah. Take care, you guys."

He waved a wry farewell, and turned to leave.

Monkey didn't particularly care, though.

"So, master," she said to Ichigo, smiling at him cheerfully. "What do you want to do first?"

Grinning, Ichigo undid his clothes, and let his soft, yet big, cock free. Monkey stared wide-eyed at his cock.

"I'll test your sex skills, so get to it," he told her bluntly.

"As you wish, master," she said as she got on her knees and got to work.

Monkey took her master's flaccid cock into her hands, rubbing and kneading it. It soon hardened to full length, and she found herself needing to employ both of her hands in pleasuring it.

Ichigo smirked at the slutty look on Monkey's face as she jerked him off, her cheeks flushed and nipples erect. He could smell the scent of her arousal, could tell that she was getting off on touching his dick.

"You're a real slut, aren't you?" he mused.

Monkey blushed at his words, but she did not look unhappy.

"If you want me to be..." she said, and Ichigo grinned.

"I do," Ichigo replied pleasantly, before coming from Monkey's ministrations, covering her hands with his seed.

Monkey smiled, licking her hands clean with relish.

"Then I shall," she said, before turning around and bending over, presenting herself to Ichigo.

Ichigo took hold of her hips, and plunged into Monkey's asshole, making her scream and moan as he tore it up.

"You're always complaining to Snake about your ass, but he is right," Ichigo said. "It's huge, probably the biggest one I've had the pleasure of being able to fuck thus far. You should be proud of your ass."

"If my ass pleases you, then I won't complain," she said, her tongue rolling out of her mouth. "If you wanna spank me, then let me know, I'll gladly bend over, and enjoy the spanking."

"I won't be the only one spanking you. Oh, no, you'll let all your felllow slaves spank you whenever they want, as well. In fact, once we get home, I'll have all my slaves take turns messing with your ass."

"If that's what you wish, then I'll do so, master!"

Ichigo came into her ass then, shooting a massive load into the simian slut and causing her tohout in pleasure as her asshole was filled up by his seed. Ichigo pulled out with a messy splortch, and took a moment to ogle her big, round ass.

Raising his hand, he started brutally spanking her bubble butt, causing her to yelp a few times before moaning deliriously at having her ass abused by her master. She came explosively, feeling thrills of pleasure shoot through her lewd, voluptuous body with every smack of his hand against her huge, doughy buttocks. Her ass was bright red where he hit her, and her legs felt like tenderized rubber.

"That was amazing, master," Monkey said, panting hard. "I feel like I won't be able to walk for a week."

"Then I'll simply carry you," said Ichigo, "and then we might have some fun with the other slaves I've gathered here."

Monkey blushed, and she moaned, the sound low and husky.

"That sounds wonderful, master," she cooed lewdly.

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