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As she began to cry her fairy godmother came and found her all in tears, and asked her what was the matter. I wish I could-I wish I could- but Cinderella/Lucy was not able to speak the rest, being interrupted by her tears and godmother of hers who was a fairy said,You wish to go to the ball don't you child?

Yes, cried Cinderella/Lucy,with a great sigh

Well then, said her godmother be a good girl and I will arrange that you shall go!. Then she said to Cinderella/Lucy, run to the garden and bring me a pumpkin,Cinderella/Lucy went immediately to gather the finest one and brought it to her godmother, not being able to imag9ine ow this pumpkin was ghoing to help her get to the ball. Her godmother scooped out all the inside,leaving nothing.

Then she struck it with her wand and it instantly turned into a fine coach for her to travel in it. She then found six mice running on the floor and struck it with her wand they turned into fine horses. Altogether they made a very handsome set of six beautiful horses with blonde mares. Being at loss for a coach man the godmother asked her if there was a rat trap.

Yes, she replied

then go and bring it to me, said the godmother

Cinderella/Lucy then brought the trap the godmother then chose the biggest rat and turned it into a coach man . then she said to cinderella/Lucy go and bring me six lizards. Cinderella/Lucy had no sooner done so than her mother turned them into six footmen, who skipped up immediately behind the coach , their green liveries trimmed with silver.

The fairy then said to Cinderella/Lucy( HEY GUYS I AM GOING TO WRITE LUCY'S NAME AS C/L BECAUSE I HAT TO TYPE IT SOOO LLOOONNNGG) Well you see here n equipage fit to take you to the ball

Oh Yeas! cried C/L but must i go as i am in these old rags?

Her godmother barely touched her with her wand they instantly turned into clothes of silver, all trimmed with gold and jewels, with this done she had her hair in a french bun all decorated with jewels and a beautiful pair of glass slippers, the prettiest one in the ,decked out C/L and her godmother warned her not to stay after midnight and C/L promised to AND then away shedrove, scarcely able to contain herself for joy

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