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Summary: She was tired of it all. All the hared and cruelty she received from her clans, and the betrayal of those" close" to her caused her to break. And all it took was the discovery of one book, of one tiny little contract, to change Hinata Hyuuga forever. This new Hinata is cruel, calculating, she's a sadomasochist with a fetish for blood. She's also lacking in morals and empathy for her fellow people. And with one murder, everyone in the Leaf will see through her mask of meekness. How will all this affect the Naruto world? Well, you'll have to read to find out.

Hinata Hyuuga kept her head down as she traveled the busy streets of the Leaf village. There was a hum of activity, something she was used to. But, what she wasn't used too were the string of whispers that trailed after her no matter where she went. It seemed as if she was still the hottest topic in the village. The hushed whispers of her being a murderer, and killer, and a psycho didn't faze her though. She had already gotten used to being called those names, especially by her victims.

A smile began to form on her face at the thought of her victims. Their beautiful blood, their screams of agony and pain! Oh! She could picture it all! Every single wonderful moment! She was getting lost in her memories, until a certain conversationbeing whispered 6 feet in front of her caught her attention. She slowed down her walking to hear more.

"Look! It's her!"

"Oh my Kami, I still can't believe they let that murderer roam the streets!"

"I know! I just feel so bad for that poor girl's family; they must've been devastated over their daughters' death."

"Such a shame, I always thought that the Hyuuga heiress was such a kind girl."

"Me too, just goes to show you, you can't trust anyone these days. I mean, how her mother would react."

There was a snort of disgust.

"She would've probably been proud! Her mother was a crazy bitch. I always though that she was Yami's whore, and looks like I was right by the looks of thi-"

The woman froze; an overwhelming sense of unease began to overtake her. She turned her head and saw a sight that almost stopped her heart.

Hinata Hyuuga was smiling at her.

It wasn't just a regular smile, it was one the promised death and absolute pain. A one way trip to hell on Earth via Hinata. It was absolutely frightening.

Hinata just stood there, just smiling at the now horrified woman.

And stood there….

And stood there…..

And stood there…

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, but was only 5 minutes Hinata turned her head, and continued her journey to the academy. The woman let out a shaky breath, her heart was thundering in her ears. The other woman put a concerned hand on her friends shoulder.

"Are you alright dear?"

The now pale as death woman nodded her head,

"Y-y-eah, I-I'm j-j-just l-ucky nothing h-happened."

Her companion nodded in agreement. They never noticed the extra shadow that disappeared at the end of their conversation.

A couple yards away….

The young" Hyuuga" suddenly stopped, concerning many of the villagers, whom had given her a wide berth to walk through. Even more disturbing was what she had started to do next. Laugh. It wasn't a normal laugh though. It was filled with pure insanity and malicious intent, which was sounded horrible coming form a 12 year old little girl. It died down to a chuckle and she began to walk again. But this time, she had pulled a little ancient looking black book form her coat pocket. She flipped it open and started to read, an eerie smile was plastered on her face.

'Stupid bitch,' she thought to herself, "she actually thinks that she can insult my mother and get away with it.' Another chuckle slipped past her lips.' I guess I should pay her a little visit.'

Did Hinata Hyuuga care that everyone knew the type of person she was? No, no she did not. After all, it made things more interesting that way. So look out world, because, ready or not




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