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Hinata closed her eyes and sighed. Of all the times for this jackass to show up it had to be now. Couldn't he have waited until after she was finished with her cinnamon buns?

'Wonderful. The grand asshole is here.'

'Do you think he'll take away my cinnamon buns?'

'No, of course not! After the multiple times we've disregarded and disrespected him and his authority, he's bound to allow us to keep our delicious sticky delights!'

'I will believe that.'

'Really? You honestly think he'll let you keep them?'


'Are you enjoying the water?'

'Yes, denial is very warm this time of year.


'Horrible joke…'

'Never speak again...'

'Shame on you both...'

'Fuck you all.'

'Yeah, fuck you!'

"Once again, what are you both doing?" Kakashi asked again.

"Uh, we were just, um…" Naruto tried to come with an answer. He really hoped that this didn't mean that he was automatically disqualified.

Hinata rolled her eyes at him. "I don't know, what do you think we're doing?"

"Well, it looks like you're-Where did you get those?" Kakashi's attention had been drawn to the very mysterious bag on cinnamon buns in her hands.

"Get what?"

"You know what. You didn't have those before the test started." Kakashi pointed out.

"Yes I did. I hid them in a tree." Hinata replied with a straight face.

"You hid them in a tree?" The silver haired Jonin repeated in disbelief.

"Yes. What the fuck did you expect me to do, hide them in a bush? Don't be ridiculous." Hinata maintained a cool calm demeanor as she fed him this bullcrap.

Kakashi sweatdropped, he was about to respond to her when the alarm went off, signaling that the test was over.

Naruto cursed. He hadn't managed to get a bell! He had been so close! The only consolation he was received was that no one else managed to get their hands on a bell either. Still, there was some disappointment inside of him.

"Oh, looks like the test is over. What a shame, none of you managed to get a bell. But that does raise the question, who will I tie to one of these training logs?" Kakashi pondered the question out loud.

This caught the attention of both genins.

"What? Tying us up? Are you some sort of BDSM freak too?" Hinata asked him. She was serious too, she didn't want to be apart of some sickos fantasy. Especially if this guy was actually into orgies. She wasn't very interested in participating in one anytime soon.

"No, I just decided that it would only be fair if the person who didn't get a bell should be tied up while the rest of you eat." Kakashi explained. He didn't acknowledge her comment about his sex life.

"So not only would the bell-less geinin fail, but they would be subjected to some mental torture as the rest of their team had a nice little feast?" Hinata had to admit, that was slightly sadistic.

And she loved it!

'Wow, this fucker might be tolerable after all. Maybe.'

'I can only hope. He has proven to be a stick in the mud so far.'

'What, no false hope this time? Good for fucking you.'

'Don't give me that sarcasm you bitch!'

"Now, since you both broke the rules about not eating, or at least tried to," he sent Naruto a pointed look. "Which one of you shall I tie up?"

Naruto and Hinata glanced at each other. It was easy to tell that neither of them was willing to be the one tied to the post. Naruto considered offering himself to be tied up. Hinata was staring him down, and she could be quite intimidating.

"I nominate Naruto. I was standing here, minding my own business, being all innocent and shit, and he was being dastardly enough to eat one of the bentos. Never before have I seen a more horrific crime and insult against the law." Hinata suggested to the one-eyed male, while she maintained eye contact with the young blonde.

"What? That's not true! Well, it kinda is, but not like how she's saying it!" Naruto tried defending himself.

"Actually, I believe it's only right if Hinata is the one to be tied up." Kakashi announced.

"What!? Bullshit! I did nothing wrong! What right do you have to tie me up?" Hinata was enraged! Ok, she was irritated. Being tied up by a man who was probably more than twice her age wasn't on her list of things to do today.

"You were the only one who didn't even attempt to get a bell. " Kakashi explained to her.

"I call bullshit! Haruno didn't do anything either!" Hinata protested.

"Huh? What about me?" It was at that moment that both Sakura and Sasuke walked into the clearing. Naruto was very curious on why they were both together.

"I was just explaining to this man about how you did nothing to get a bell, therefore you should be the one who's tied up." The blue haired girl explained.

"What!? That's not fair! Hinata's the one who wasn't even here when you arrived at the meeting spot!" Sakura pointed out.

"So? I was just demonstrating to him that I will not take any form of disrespect from anyone. I shouldn't be punished for defending my honor!" Hinata argued, placing her hands on her hips.

"Actually, Sakura does have a point Hinata." Kakashi admitted, placing a hand on his chin.

"No she doesn't!" Hinata quickly denied.

"Yes she does." Kakashi insisted. "You have left the designated meeting spot twice already, and you haven't been the most pleasant person so far. Plus, you didn't even attempt to participate. As a matter of fact, I couldn't sense your presence during the test…."

The Jonin's eyes narrowed slightly at that statement. Hinata was quick to notice his suspicious gaze, and quickly changed her demander. She placed her hands in her pocket and shrugged her shoulders.

"Fine, tie me up. I don't give a fuck. But please don't let your inability to sense me get me into trouble again in the future, okay jackass?"

Hinata knew it would be better to comply. More arguing could lead to this guy becoming more and more curious about her whereabouts during this test. She didn't want anyone snooping around in her business. She had enough people doing that already.

The rest of the team was surprised by Hinata's sudden agreement, but they all watched without a word as their sensei tied her to the training log. She didn't flinch as he tightened the ropes a few times, just to make sure she couldn't easily escape from them.

"Now, I have some very important news to tell you all." Kakashi announce when he was done restraining the blue haired girl.

"Really? What is it?" Sakura and Naruto asked eagerly in unison.

Sakura was hopeful that he would tell them that they would all become official ninjas because of their effort, and Hinata would be sent back to the academy alone. She really could not stand that girl. Plus, although Hinata and Sasuke expressed no interest in each other, it would be best to eliminate the competition early.

Naruto was just hoping that they got a second chance at the test. He thought that it wouldn't really be fair if Hinata didn't get a fair chance to retrieve a bell. Maybe she was just biding her time some more. Hell, if she had been so good that sensei didn't sense her, maybe it would be best if they did team up.

"Yes, instead of sending you all back to the Academy, I am dropping you from the ninja program all together!" Kakashi told them, his voice becoming extremely serious.

"WHAT!? You can't do that!" Naruto exclaimed loudly. He could feel the disappointment and rage brewing even more inside of him.

"Yeah! You have no right!"Sakura agreed with him.

Sasuke was scowling angrily at the man's words. If he couldn't become a ninja, how was he going to be able to properly train to himself to kill his brother? This was unacceptable to the young man.

"Oh really? I can't? Are you all sure about that?" He asked them.

"I am. You are a Jonin, the best that you could possible do is recommend us to be taken out of the program. The final decision is left up to the Hokage and the Shinobi council. Even then, there would be multiple tests that would have to be considered and several factors that would have to be taken into account." Hinata interjected. She wasn't in the mood for his ridiculous mind games.

"Really? How are you so sure about that?" Kakashi challenged her.

"I went through that bullshit when people accused me of murdering that purple headed bitch. " She told him.

It was true; there had been a very large debate over whether or not Hinata should be allowed to resume her time at the academy. For some reason, the civilian council had been allowed to stick their noses in. It was decided that she would remain within the ninja program due to the very little evidence that was presented. There were no eyewitnesses, so there wasn't really much linking her to the case, besides the fact that she had been the last person seen with Ami.

The other genins relaxed. They knew that if Hinata was still allowed to be in the ninja program, then they should be fine. Although, Naruto wasn't as confident. He figured that the council would be very eager to get rid of him.

"Well I'm sure the Hokage would be very interested in hearing what his most loyal formal anbu would have to say about you four." The silver haired Jonin brought up casually.

The three of them tensed once more, while Hinata rolled her eyes. She just wanted to be done with this whole test thing and get on with her business. She had a very busy day ahead of her. Or, she had a very busy evening. It was starting to get late.

"What? Why the hell would you do that? What did we do?" Naruto asked in frustration.

"Come on, think for yourself and answer me this question. Why were you put on a team?" He questioned them.

"How should we know? And what does that have to do with the test?" This time, it was Sakura who asked.

"Alright, since you people are that stupid, let me explain it to you. The main point of the test was to get us to work together as a team. Although, it was extremely stupid and utterly ridiculous that he thought we would actually accomplish this, it was the desired result." Hinata explained to them.

"What!?" Naruto looked from Kakashi to Hinata and then back." But there were only three bells and four of us, so how would that get us to work together?" Naruto couldn't believe that was the answer to the test. It didn't fit the rules at all!

Kakashi was about to explain the thought behind the test, but Hinata beat him to it.

"I know, that's why I said it was ridiculous. Never before in the academy have they taught us, or really emphasized how important teamwork was. Not only that, but to actually create a test where the main goal involves stealing, and inadvertently leaving behind one of the members, it doesn't seem like a good idea as a test for a small group of starving genins who were "randomly" placed together." Hinata rolled her eyes. She thought that having any type of test to determine who could become official ninja was stupid. She thought it would be best to have as many ninja as possible, even if those ninja became nothing more than meat shields with kunai.

"The reason for the test is more complex than that, Hinata." Kakashi had to make sure to restrain his temper. He couldn't stand having her insult the test that had been administered to him by his now deceased sensei.

"Oh, excuse me for not seeing through the bullshit." She sarcastically apologized.

"Well, part of the test involves seeing underneath the underneath. Did any of you genin really think that you could take down an experienced Jonin by yourself? And if you knew the answer to the test, why didn't you try to work with one of your team mates Hinata?" At this question, the three other genin gazed upon her with irritated eyes.

"Yeah! If you're so smart, how come you didn't do something to try and make us work together? Did you just want to see us all fail?" Sakura interrogated her.

"Oh please! Don't you all give me that fucking look! If I asked you or Sasuke, your pride would have probably gotten in the way, or you would have been too scared of me to actually agree with working with me. And if just Naruto and I worked together, he still would have failed us for not asking either of you to work with us." Hinata defended herself.

Although they hated to admit it, Sakura and Sasuke knew she was right. They were still cautious to be near her right now, despite her being tied up. They were both still pissed at her for not even trying to work together with them.

Naruto felt some happiness fill him. It was nice to know that she was considering working with him. It was a nice change being that one person that someone wanted to work with out of several people, instead of the other way around.

"It's not just Hinata's fault." Kakashi interjected.

"Not just my fault? You are such an asshole…." Hinata mumbled to herself.

"Sakura, you hid under the bushes and watched as Naruto fought me alone. Not once did you make any move or any attempt to help him. As a matter of fact, the only time you did go running was to make sure Sasuke was alright." Kakashi gazed pointedly at her.

The pink haired girl ducked her head down in shame. Naruto also slumped forward some. He was a bit stunned that Sakura didn't even try to help him, but she was so ready and willing to give away her position to save Sasuke.

Hinata rolled her eyes and tilted her head back. She zoned out as her supposed sensei lectured them on what they could have done to help each other. She really just wanted to leave. She was sick of being in the presence of other people.

'Why the fuck is this taking so long? Why is this douche bullshitting so much?'

'I don't know, but I want them all to die now.'

'Why? Not that I'm against that, you have my full support. But still, why?'

'If they die, I can leave.'

'Leave and do what? Masturbate?'

'Is sex and murder the only things you think about?'

'Obviously not! I also think about food, and occasionally money to buy food and weapons! Duh!'

'Are you fucking serious?'

'Yes, what, is there more to life?'

'Yes, yes there is.'

'Like what?'

'Like finding love, and true happiness, and making your dreams come true. There's also starting a family with beautiful children.'

'….are you fucking serious?'

'Pfffft! No! But that is the crap people keep feeding me.'

'Thank the lords! I was worried that- What the fuck is your sensei doing with the Uchiha kid?'

Hinata returned her attention back to the scene in front of her. For some odd reason, the orgy master had his foot on the emo's head, with one of his hands restraining both of Sasuke's. Hinata was very intrigued. Things were starting to become more interesting.

"Hey! Get off of Sasuke's head!" Sakura demanded.

"This is exactly what I mean. You all think that this is some sort of game. On a real mission, every decision matters. For example." He pulled out a kunai and held it to Sasuke's throat.

"Naruto, Sakura, kill Hinata or Sasuke dies." He threatened.

Both preteens gasped at his words. Sakura felt some inner conflict rise inside of her. On one hand, she didn't want Sasuke to die. But still, she's never killed anyone before. Even if it was just Hinata, she didn't know if she could bring herself to murder her. On the other hand, Sasuke's life was now in danger…

"If either of you make a single move to harm me, you will regret birth. Don't let these ropes fool you, I will fucking kill you if I see do so much as breath in my direction." Hinata warned was no way in hell she was going to die for that Uchiha kid. She didn't care who saw, she would phase through these ropes and start slitting throats like nobody's business.

Both Naruto and Sakura tensed their bodies so they stood completely still. Neither of them doubted her threat.

Naruto hadn't really been considering harming her. There was no real doubt in his mind that he would prefer Hinata over Sasuke. Although, it would have been awful if he did die. Naruto wasn't sure he could live with that guilt.

Kakashi sighed; he honestly wished Hinata would at least try to cooperate when he was attempting to teach the others a valuable lesson. He got off Sasuke's head and allowed him to stand. He made his way to the memorial stone, where several of his close friends had their names engraved. Hinata knew where this was headed so she once more, zoned out.

'So that's what you plan to do! Nice.'

'Thanks, it's nice to see you finally start paying attention to what I'm doing.'

'If you made your thoughts a bit more interesting, I would pay attention. But no, it's always so boring.'

'I'm sorry if all my thoughts don't revolve around sex, murder, and food.'

'You should be.'

'I was being sarcastic. You really need to open your mind up a little more.'

'I'm rather open up the minds of others. Either with a very sharp to, or a blunt instrument.'

'You need help.'

'I am you.'

'And I know for a fact that I need therapy.'

'Well you're not ever gonna fucking get it! I don't want some stranger getting into our mind!'

'I know, we've discussed this. I don't want to sit with some stranger who doesn't actually give any types of fucks about me.'

'I know, I can't believe that old shit actually forced us to see all those shrinks! It was hell.'

'Really? I recall you having some fun.'

'Of course, 6/10 of them committed suicide. That was fucking epic!'

'It was entertaining.'

'Entertaining? Fuck, that shit was the amazing! I love re-watching our memories of their cowardly exits from our planets over and over again.'

'I know. I'm usually there when you do it.'

'Pfft! Well excuse me for not noticing your unimportant presence in our mind! Hey, where the fuck is that jack ass headed?'

Hinata once more re-focused her attention to the world around her. She was met with the sight of the silver headed, always late asshole walking away.

"And remember, do not feed her, or else you all fail indefinitely." He called over his shoulder. He then disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

'What? Not to feed who? Me? Has my status as a person been lowered from a monster, to a fucking gremlin now?'

'I know! It's nowhere near midnight, so there is no justifiable reason that I shouldn't be allowed to eat!'


'Another chance….'

'He gave us another chance….'

'Was it a chance at a promise?'


'Another test…'

'We must retake the test…'


'The both of you….'

Hinata raised an eyebrow. This guy was really something else. How do you go from preaching about teamwork, to permitting your students to starve one of their teammates?

'That's probably the test you dumbass.'

'Hey, fuck you! I could've figured that on my own!

'Well fuck you too my dear. Now, are you actually gonna listen to the weirdo.'

'Meh, why not? I'll play his game and have one of these dipshits feed me.'

'Ew, we don't know where their hands have been! What if they had been off masturbating last night, and haven't washed their hands since then?'

'There are multiple things wrong with your statement. First of all, I doubt Sakura would feed us. Second of all, Sasuke doesn't masturbate. He has the civilian council and most girls in our old class to suck his dick for him. Lastly, I doubt Naruto knows what his penis is. Fuck, he's so anti sexual I wouldn't doubt that he has a vagina!'

'Hey, girls can be very sexual!'

'Not the ones in this village.'

'That's so fucking true.'

"Hey Naruto, will you pass me those cinnamon buns?" Hinata requested, jerking her head towards the bag of delicious wonders.

"Huh?" Naruto looked up at the sound of his name. He was surprised to hear her voice. She had been so silent for the past few minutes.

"I politely asked you to hand me the cinnamon buns, now please do so. Now." She added some more emphasis on the last word.

"Oh, Um.." Naruto trailed off. He wasn't sure how to respond to that request, He would like to help her out, yet he didn't want to fail this test. It was his dream to become Hokage, and he wasn't sure if he could achieve that dream without ever being a ninja. But on the other hand, he could hear the threat of pain and suffering in her voice if he didn't comply.

"Don't even think about it you idiot!" Sakura quickly interjected. She was glaring at him, frustration was written all over her face.

"There is no way that I'm letting the two of you ruin Sasuke and I's chance of being a ninja!" She continued.

Naruto flinched at her harsh tone and voice. It easy to tell that if he gave Hinata what she wanted, he would be brutally beat by his crush.

"Naruto, ignore her. Remember all the good times you and I have had?" Hinata asked in a very sincere voice.

"Good times?" Naruto furrowed his eyebrows together in confusion. He couldn't recollect any "good times" that she was speaking about. As a matter of fact, he could barely remember any time at all with her. The two of them never really hung out.

"Yes. Don't you remember that time I gave you my cookies? You ate them all, except for one, and I didn't kill you. Please don't make me have to take that back." Hinata reminded him.

Naruto sweat dropped. Of course that was the good time she was talking about.

"Wait, what do you mean 'take it back', what would you be taking back?" Naruto asked her. Was she planning on taking back the cookies? It seemed like an impossible task, but Naruto still cringed. He could mentally list some of the methods she could use to extract the cookies from him…..

Hinata made direct eye contact, and held it with him for several silent seconds. Naruto quickly grew unnerved by her piercing gaze. Her light lavender eyes managed to hold a very sinister darkness. He could swear it was like he could see another Hinata in her endless depths. It was strange, the longer he gaze d into them, the more it felt like he was sinking in a sinister pool of darkness and hatred. If eyes were a gateway to the soul, then he was frightened for her.

But, she sort of had pretty eyes. When he looked past the never ending darkness and need for blood and pain inside of them, they were sorta nice.

"My mercy."

Naruto snapped out of his slight daze at her response.

"Excuse me?"

"I let you live last time, I may have to take that back. Choose right now, your life, or this test." Hinata elaborated. She was completely serious, if there was one crime you could never commit, it was denying her of her treat. Or denying her of anything really.

"Give her the cinnamon buns." Sasuke instructed suddenly. Both Naruto and Sakura were shocked by his sudden interjection. Sakura could feel some jealousy burning in her gut at his instruction.

'Why does he want her to have the cinnamon buns? Could he have feelings for her?'

She clenched her jaw and dug her nails into her palms. There was no way in hell she was losing Sasuke to that hussy!

"But Sasuke! You heard what Kakashi sensei said! We shouldn't feed her!" The green eyed girl reminded him.

"Fuck sensei! I'm with the Uchiha! Feed me, now!" Hinata was slightly surprised that the dark haired boy was actually on her side with this! It was incredible!

'Praise the Uchiha, he might actually be your future husband!'

'Pffft! Please! He wouldn't last a day with me!'

'But still, shouldn't you give him some type of treat for this?'

'Of course, the next time I have an opportunity and an urge to kill him, I won't'

'You are too kind.'

"But what sensei said-"Sakura was cut off by her crush.

"Exactly, he wants us to work as a team. I have no doubt that she'll refuse to participate with us if we don't give her what she wants now. I also doubt that sensei will pass us if we're not all working together." Sasuke explained.

"Well if you say s-"

"Feed me the fucking food, now! Or else I will shove my foot so far up each of your asses you'll cry leather!" The pissed off Hyuuga roared. She was tired of this little debate! She wanted her treat and she wanted it now!

They all jumped. Her voice was filled with malice, and absolute hatred. She sounded ready to fill out her threat, and more. Naruto quickly grabbed the bag. He pulled out a piece of one of the cinnamon buns and brought it close to her lips. He almost yelped when she bit it out of his hands. She nearly took his fingers with it!

Hinata moaned as she tilted her head back and enjoyed the wonderful morsel of food in her mouth. The soft, gooey texture, the sweetness, the cinnamony bunness of it all! She really couldn't survive without one of these at least once every few hours.

Her teammates were, slightly disturbed by her complete and utter enjoyment of the food. It was like watching a drug addict get their fix.

Suddenly, there was a loud clap of thunder, and the wind blew across the field in a very vicious manner. It slapped them in the face, and whipped their hair and clothes wildly behind them. They each held their kunai in front of them as they tried to find out where this mysterious wind was coming from. Hinata…..was in her own little world.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" A furious voice shouted at them. Kakashi appeared suddenly, with a face that matched the voice. He looked livid.

"Well?" He repeated with a furious undertone.

"W-we w-were-"

Hinata cut Naruto off. "They fed me. You're gonna say it was part of the test, and that we passed. Now, can we please finish this shit? I am tired of being tied here."

"Pass? Pass? You think I'm just going to pass you after you completely disregarded my orders?!" The pissed off Jonin hollered at her.


"WELL THEN…you pass!" The wind stopped blowing and an eye smile appeared on Kakashi's face as he gave them a thumbs up.

"We pass? We actually pass!?" Sakura questioned in complete disbelief.

"Yes, you see, in the past all the other teams who failed-"

"I don't give a fuck, we pass, and that's all that matters. Now are we done here? Or would you like to go into great detail about your entire childhood?" Hinata was glaring at him. She really regretted allowing herself to be tied up like this.

Kakashi closed his eye; he could feel the number of headaches he'll have to deal with in the future because of her. Maybe he could have a chat with the Hokage about placing her on a different team.

"Alright, it is getting late. I'll be meeting you all here tomorrow, same spot and time. See ya!" With that, Kakashi once more disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

"Yay! We're finally ninja! Isn't that great Sasuke?" Sakura turned to notice that her crush was now walking away.

"Wait! Sasuke!" She immediately followed after him, not sparing a word to her two other team members.

Naruto felt a rush of disappointment as he watched his crush run after that dark haired bastard. What the hell was so great about him anyway? He heard a small thump, and turned to see that Hinata was now back on the ground, completely untied. The ropes appeared to have been cut, which was odd because Naruto was sure she couldn't have pulled out a kunai and cut herself free.

"How'd you do that?"

"Huh?" Hinata looked at her blonde companion in slight surprise. She assumed he had gone to chase after the loud one. "Oh, I just used skill, and intelligence to break free."

"That…that doesn't make any sense."

"If you were me, it would make plenty of sense." Hinata strode past him and grabbed her bag filled with her tasty treat.

"Well, I'll just be off now. See ya again tomorrow." She started on her way.

"Wait!" Naruto called out.

Hinata paused, and whirled around to face him. "Yes? How may I help you?"

Naruto scratched his cheek; he nervously started at the ground. "Would…Would you like to join me for some ramen?" He asked her.

He was originally planning on asking Sakura so they could celebrate becoming genin together, but that plan obviously went down the drain. But, he wasn't in the mood to eat ramen by himself, and Hinata was there. Maybe she would come join him. After all she was….."Nice" enough to him. Despite insulting him a few times, and threatening his life, she was okay for a rumored psychopath.

She cocked her head to the side. "You mean….Like a date?"

"What!?" Naruto's head shot up and his eyes became wide. He didn't want her to get the wrong idea. He opened his mouth to deny her claim, but she beat him to the punch.

"Well, I would love to," She started.

"Really?" Naruto asked, there was a very slight blush on his face. She wanted to go on a date with him? Like a date date? He never really thought about dating anyone other than Sakura, mostly because no other girl came forward with the notion on dating him. But if Hinata wanted to, then maybe, quite possibly, they could…

"Yeah, but I already have plans for the night." She finished.

"Oh…." Naruto couldn't help but to feel dejected. Of course she had "plans". He was positive that any girl who thought he liked them would say they had "plans".

"Yeah, but since you were so nice to feed me my delicious, and delectable cinnamon buns, I will make a promise with you. The next time you ask me out on a date, I will drop everything I'm doing, and go with you. Sound good?" Hinata offered.

Naruto's eyes snapped up to meet hers. He searched for any sign of deception.

"Really? You mean that?"

"Fuck yeah, I always keep my promises. Anyway, I gotta go, peace!" With that, she turned and once more, started on her destination home.

Naruto slowly smiled. It wasn't his fake, overly cheesy grins, but a small sincere smile. Hinata was way nicer than how most portrayed her. He could tell that he was going to enjoy being on a team with her.

"Okay, Bye Hinata! By the way, you have really pretty eyes!" He called out behind her, before making his own way home.

Hinata paused and allowed his words to sink in.

'Pretty eyes? Pretty eyes? The fuck is that supposed to mean?'

'I think he complimented us.'

'Why? Why the fuck would he do that?'

'I think it's because we agreed to go on a date with him.'

'We? I didn't agree to shit! Why the fuck did you make that stupid promise?'

'I thought that's what you wanted me to do!'

'Why the fuck would I want you to do that?'

'So I could get close to him and shit! Plus, he did feed us that cinnamon bun.'

'He fed us once piece.'

'And it was fucking awesome!'

'You're way too fucking easy to please!'

'I know, I would make an awesome fucking queen!'

'I was a queen in my past life.'

'Doesn't that mean that I was a queen too?'

'No! Fuck off; I was more of the queen than you were!'

'How the fuck do you know that?'

'Fluffina and fang told me.'

'Sure they did. That reminds me, we have to feed them soon right?'

'Yes we do.'

Hinata resumed her walk towards her destination.

'Than we should probably find someone to feed them to. We wouldn't want them to get grumpy.'

'Sure, why the fuck not? I'm sure we can find some people late at night who are willing to follow a cute little girl wherever she wants. We got this shit in the bag.'

'Should we take care of business, and then feed them? Or vice versa?'

'Like I give a fuck.'

'Then we shall feed them first!'

As both Naruto and Hinata left the training ground; only one of them had noticed the third presence hiding amongst the trees, listening to their conversation.

Hinata was indeed in for a busy night.

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