A SQ story with many many children:) Some names are borrowed from other stories but I got the author's consent :-D

I hope you like it. This chapter is just more like a prologue. A view into the daily life of this huge family. I will also probably will publish the exact ages and relationships:) And there are many gay couples in this story:) IDK why^^ it just happened:)

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"Good Morning, Em." Regina greeted her wife when the latter entered the kitchen.

"Morning, Gina." Emma mumbled and slumped down on a chair. Regina walked over to her and kissed her head softly. "That bad?" Regina asked and Emma nodded. She pulled Regina close while she spread her legs so Regina could stay between them.
"I will find a way to make this a good day again, my love." "Just seeing you made my day good, Gina." Emma answered and kissed her wife's lips lovingly.

They married 19 years ago and were still very happy. "Next year is our 20th anniversary." Emma said to which Regina nodded. "20 wonderful years with the most wonderful wife and the most wonderful children. I wouldn't want to lose this for the world." Regina said and kissed Emma's soft lips once again. Emma smiled and sighed then.

"Talking about the kids, are they still asleep?" "Yes dear, they are, I didn't wake them yet. I thought you might want to get into bed and pretend to be a sleep, so they wouldn't see that you were working late again. I miss you in our bed, Em." "Oh Gina, I miss you too… but David is ill and I HAVE TO take every shift in the station."

"No. We will hire another deputy who can take over a few shifts. I can't have you almost passing out, I'm so worried about you. We can give Ruby the night shift and Tanya and Sebastian can take over the afternoon shift." Regina said and Emma nodded sleepily. "Now it's off to bed with you. I will take care of it."

"I love you, Regina. This is one of many moments I am reminded why I married you." Emma said with a smile and Regina lovingly kissed her. "I love you too. And now to bed, tiger." "Yes, Madame Mayor." The blonde replied teasingly. They shared one last smile before Emma darted up the stairs to their bedroom. She quickly changed into her pajamas before plumping herself on the bed where she fell asleep after just a few seconds.

Regina made breakfast for her and the kids with a smile on her face. She remembered their wedding like it was just yesterday. Everything was in a peach color. Her dress, the decoration, just everything. She also remembered their vows and off course the first kiss they shared as a married couple. What she remembered the most though about that beautiful day, were the kicks of their twins with whom she was 6 months pregnant with at the time. They had kicked when Regina and Emma where dancing together, pressed against each other, just being happy.

She smiled at the memories when she heard something crashing. Regina sighed and put the last pancake on the plate and walked towards the crashing sound. When she arrived in the living room she saw her little daughter Lana sitting crying on the ground. Regina directly ran over to her and picked her up.

"Oh, my sweet darling. What's the matter?" She asked her daughter and held her close. "I'm sorry, Mommy…" Lana sniffed and buried her face in the crook of Regina's neck. Then the latter saw why Lana was so sad. Regina's favorite vase laid broken on the ground.

Regina looked at Lana and quickly checked her for wounds. She sighed in relief when she found none. "It's alright, baby girl. I'm not angry." Regina said and kissed her head. Lana just wrapped her arms tighter around her. "You hungry?" Lana nodded. "Then wake up your sisters and brother. I will check on Ma." She said and put Lana down, who bolted upstairs. Regina followed her and walked to her bedroom where she found Emma asleep on top of the covers. She hadn't even pulled the pants completely up. She chuckled and fixed it for her before she pulled the covers from under Emma's body and laid them on top of her.

She then walked back and watched how almost simultaneously the doors opened and the children stepped out. Tanya her oldest daughter wasn't alone, behind her was her girlfriend Isabelle. "Uh…hello Mrs. Swan…", Isabelle stuttered and blushed. Regina however just smiled. "Good Morning Isabelle. Have you heard something about Henry and your uncle?" "Mhm. Henry and Hansel are still in NYC but Mom said they will come back tomorrow." Isabelle said and Regina nodded.

Her other children all came over to her for a hug and she smiled happily. She loved being a mother. "Tanya and Sebastian. We have to talk about something later." Regina said and the twins nodded. "Sure Mom. But I wanted to meet Dani soon." "Send Maura and Ruby over when you are there. I need to talk to them too." Regina said and picked up her youngest child. Maike. "Hey, my little one. Are you hungry?" She asked her and Maike nodded. "Please don't send Lana ever again to wake us." One of the second twin pair said. It was Rose. Regina laughed and saw how Tanya picked up Jane and they walked downstairs.

The group walked downstairs and everyone took a plate and two pancakes before they went into the dining room. Regina took the toddler food for Jane and Maike with her and served them it. "I will look if Emma is a bit more ready for communicating." She said then and the children nodded. While Regina was checking on Emma , their adoptive adult daughter Ana entered the house and walked into the dining room. "Hey guys. Where are mom and Emma?" She asked and they pointed to the door which led to the staircase.

"Oh. Well. I wanted to ask you three." She pointed at Lana, Jane and Maike. "If you would like to come with me to the playground. Emilie and the other's should be there later. You could have a playdate." The three children nodded enthusiastically and started to eat faster. "Not so fast, little ones." They heard Emma's tired voice from behind them. Regina and Emma both had plates with their own food in their hands and sat down after they had kissed Ana's forehead. "Good to see you once in a while." Emma said with a smile and dug in her food.

"Rose, Nuria. Don't forget your duties today. You promised to clean your room and the staircase." Regina reminded her twin daughters and they nodded. "We are almost finished with our room." Nuria said proudly and Emma raised an eyebrow. "You know that your mom actually means cleaning and not stuffing everything under the bed?" Emma asked smiling and Regina chuckled. "We did it once… Could you stop teasing us with it?" Rose pouted and the others started laughing.

"Don't worry, Rosie. Sebastian and I had the same problem. We hid our things under the beds too." Tanya said and Sebastian grinned. "It was your idea, Tanya." "It worked for a few days. It was better than your idea off throwing it out of the window. Than we would have to carry it upstairs AND move it." Regina and Emma observed the scene in front them with amused smiles. Emma took Regina's hand which made the latter change her focus to her. They softly kissed and then ate again.

After breakfast Regina sent the children upstairs to change clothes. Tanya and Sebastian patiently waited for her in the kitchen. "So?" Sebastian asked when Regina entered the kitchen. Emma had probably gone to bed again. "You know that your mother is always exhausted these last weeks, right?" Both nodded. "Well. That is because without David the station needs someone to cover the whole day and Ruby does not have much time to take over a lot of the shifts, so Emma mostly does the afternoon and night shifts and is working in the station for 16 hours at a time. What I wanted to ask you is, if you two would want to split one shift in 4 hours and work for Emma? You would get the normal deputy payment."

Both looked at her skeptically. "We all want to see Emma a bit more and more important Emma want to see all of you a lot more. One hour per day and sometimes lunch isn't really enough. You would help us a great deal, guys." Both sighed but nodded. "We will do it." "Thank you." Regina said and wrapped them in a hug. "I will check on your sisters."

Regina walked upstairs and knocked at Rose's and Nuria's room. "Come in." She heard and then entered the room. "You have 5 minutes left to get ready." Regina said and the twins nodded. They were putting their things into their school bags. Regina left the room and walked over to the next room. Lana was sitting on the ground and stared at a book in her lap. Regina smiled lovingly at the little girl and walked over to her. "You know that you won't learn faster when you just stare at it. I promise you, once you learn the alphabet and the words you will be able to read it." Regina said and Lana looked up. "I want to be better than everyone else, mommy." "You will be. But staring at it will just frustrate you. How about we'll learn the alphabet this evening, huh? Would you like that?" Lana quickly nodded with enthusiasm and laid the book on her bed before she took her little princess bag and took Regina's hand.

She left the room and they walked over to the room of the youngest members of her family, when Emma came out with Maike on her arm and Jane at her hand and the bags on her shoulder. Regina took Maike in her arms and walked downstairs with Emma by her side. When they came downstairs the saw the younger twins were already waiting, while the older twins were already gone. Ana took Maike and the bags before she walked out of the door with them, to her car so she could drive them to child care. Regina kissed Emma goodbye and then ushered the last twins out of the house.

"So. What are you doing today?" Regina asked while they walked to school. "I hope we'll finally do some algebra." Rose said and Nuria nodded enthusiastically. "Algebra? Isn't that a bit early?" "Mom, we are 13. We are almost freshmen." Nuria said and Regina laughed. "Right… In the Enchanted Forest women weren't allowed to do maths and if they were, they would never do something like that." "You were allowed, right?",Rose asked and Regina nodded. "Yes. Because I was born from royalty. You two by the way too." "We know. And that's why we shouldn't make fools out of ourselves."

"Not only because of that but yes." Regina laughed and the twins grinned. "But I actually mean if you have plans for this afternoon. I know that Tanya, Jane, Maike, Lana and Sebastian won't be there. Ana is away too and that leaves just the two of you." "Oh. No, Philip asked if we would like to hang out with him and his friend Stephan. Would that be alright, Mom? We already asked Ma and she said yes." Nuria said and Regina smiled. "That would be fine with me." she answered with a smile. Knowing that this afternoon she would have Emma completely to herself. "Where would you like to hang out?" "In the park or forest?" "You could take the smaller ones with you. Show them our camping place and such things. I know. Doing things with a little sister is annoying and not cool but I bet they would be happy."

The twins nodded and they arrived at school. "Have a nice school day." she waved her daughters goodbye, while they bolted into the school. Then she made her way to Paige and Gretel's home to collect Aaron and Thomas. "Hello, Regina." Paige greeted Regina with a huge smile. "Hello, my dear. Are they ready?" Paige nodded and called for them. "Grandma!" Aaron squealed happily and jumped into Regina's arms. "Hey, my favorite little grandson. How are you?" Regina asked laughing and kissed his cheek. "Great, grandma. But we need to hurry if we want to get to school at time." Aaron said and Regina laughed. "Such a good boy." Regina said and put him back down. She greeted little Thomas with a heartily hug and then ushered them out of the apartment. After she had collected them she walked to her office and did some paperwork.

Tanya and Isabelle were cleaning the boxes at the stable. They did it to earn a bit money of their own. "Tan?" Isabelle asked and Tanya looked to her. "Yes, Isa?" "I know that sounds a bit fast but… would you like to move in together?" Isabelle asked her and Tanya smiled. "I would love to. But I think we should get real jobs before we do that. I hate to ask my mother's for money." Tanya said and Isabelle nodded. "Granny offered me a job as waitress in the diner." Isabelle told her and Tanya hugged her. "Congratulations. My mother offered me a job as a half-time deputy." Tanya answered and they smiled. "Then maybe… we should search something small just for the two of us." Isabelle said and pulled Tanya flush against her by her buckle.