My Cristmas story Stay tuned for the 1st of December!

Disclaimer: I do not own Rise of the Guardians or Guardians of Childhood, here i only own the idea to the story and the Ocs that aer unfamiliar in this story.


Primary characters:

Lucia Yuki: the main character, who learns that Destiny can play some tricks on you as she learns things about herself that she didn't know

Jackson Nighlight Frost: Lucias boyfriend he's adeopted into a loving family

Nickolas St. North: a good friend of Lucias always there to help out when needed

Thiane 'Tooth' Asia: Luicas onlu female friend who is aways happy to help, Tooth is however jalous of Lucias relationship with Bunny/Aster

Aster Bunnymund: Lucias clostest friends wants to protect the best he can
Sanderson Macsnoozie: the Mute and narcoleptic friend (Sadly a minor role Keep forgetting the guy)

Shadigan Shin: A girl with cancer who comes into the small groups life, mostly in Lucias in unknown ways.


Most Medical facts are true but some are fictional as according with this being a fanfiction.


I'll try to write more but this will do for now

~shadigan shinen