"No!" I scream. "Peeta don't do it!" I'm running for him but it is too late. He takes his knife and stabs himself in the gut. When I get there he is still breathing. I can hardly see him through the tears. I cradle his head in my arms and begin to sing the same song I sang for Rue back when Marvel had killed her.

"I love you Katniss." Peeta said with his final breath. "I love you to." I kissed him on the forehead. Then the cannon sounded. I started to bawl and shake.

I won the 73rd annual Hunger Games. Peeta deserved to win. He kept me alive. I should be dead.

I heard the sound of a hover craft approaching. I knew I should get away from Peeta's corpse but I could bring myself to do it. Peace Keepers stepped out of the hover craft. They tried to drag me away but I just wouldn't let go. I owed this boy my life and the Capitol was trying to rip him from me again.

"NO, you can't I love him take me!" I sobbed. "Shut up." They told me as they ripped him from my grip. This only made me cry harder. Peeta was good he should have won this. I don't deserve this. Them taking him from me only made me cry harder. I was inconsolable and in hysterics. The Peace Keepers must have gotten annoyed because I felt a needle going in and I don't remember anything other than that. I feel into a haze I remember certain parts like people cheering and being brought into a hospital but after that nothing.

Cato was standing over me knife in hand. "You stupid little girl, I bet you thought you could win this." He sneered. He traced the knife over my skin. I was paralyzed. I wanted to run to scream to fight back but I couldn't. All of a sudden he lifted the knife and with a terrifying grin plunged it into my chest.

I woke up in a cold sweat. Cinna was stroking my head. "Baby it was a nightmare. You are safe. Maybe you need more sleep." He soothed me. Then it hit me Peeta was dead. I started crying at the memories. "Honey don't cry you have an appearance on Caesar's show tonight." He rubbed my shoulders trying to calm me down. "Peeta loved you very much and that's why he did this." I stopped crying a little bit and nodded. Not believing a word he said.

All of a sudden Effie came in. "Darling, darling you have an appearance tonight. I am so proud of you." Her voice suddenly dropped. She grabbed my hand and dropped her voice. "I'm so sorry sweetheart. Peeta loved you very much." I nodded, Trying hold back tears. I wasn't going to do this not now.

Suddenly Cinna and the other stylists whisked me away. I was laid down on a cold metal table. They waxed away all my body hair that had grown back during the games. I looked down I was completely nude but I felt like I could trust my stylists. I looked closer and noticed all my wounds had healed. My burn scar wasn't even visible anymore. "What a joy modern medicine is!" A stylist piped in. For a moment I was disgusted, the people in district 12 die every day from things far less life threatening injuries. If my mother had access to these types of treatments she would be able to save far more people. I decided I didn't want to get mad at my stylist it was all she had ever know. I just smiled and nodded.

I was put on a pedestal and my wardrobe was to be decided. Cinna was busy looking through a huge rack of dresses. After a couple minutes he pulled off a gorgeous black dress. I put it on and it was about knee length. It was more revealing than the dress I first wore but I didn't mind. I trust Cinna's opinions.

After I had my dress on Flavius took me to get my makeup done. It was a dark smoky eye I had on a deep red lipstick. I could hardly recognize myself after all the makeup was layered on.

"Thank you so much Cinna!" I said pulling him in to a tight hug. My eyes were beginning to water. "No crying honey I don't want to redo your makeup." Cinna told me gently taking my chin in his hands. I gave him a final kiss on the cheek and then Effie came in followed by Haymitch. I was so happy to see Haymitch I ran over and hugged him. I noticed he wasn't too drunk so that made me even happier. He noticed my teary eyes and offered his flask to me.

"Don't you dare!" Scolded Effie. She was too late I grabbed the flask and took a gulp. The whiskey burned as it made its way down my throat. After a few more sips a numbness settled over me and that was nice. I was pushed along by Effie. A voice began to count down, when it reached one I was pushed on stage.

"KATNISS EVERDEEN!" Caesar yelled as I made my way on stage. A huge roar ripped through the crowd everyone got on their feet. As I looked in the crowed I noticed everyone was in a rainbow of colors. I couldn't stand how capitol people dressed it was like they weren't even human. Cinna was the only remotely normal person I had met from the capitol. Effie wasn't too bad though.

Caesar grabbed my hand and kissed it. I knew I couldn't break down on this stage, not with everyone watching so I smiled and laughed. Caesar looked the same except his hair was now purple instead of blue and he had on a pink suit. As he lead me to the chair the crowds cheering died down.

"So Katniss how does it feel to have won the 73rd Hunger Games?" Caesar asked grinning. If I told them the truth the capitol would surely punish me and my family so I put on a fake smile. "Oh great Caesar! I hope I brought honor to my district and family."

"Why indeed you have . What kept you going through out this year's games?" I wanted to tell him Peeta but I didn't want to talk about him right now. "Well I think what kept me going was my family. Also if I didn't make it I wouldn't be able to see your or their beautiful faces again." The words felt wrong but I smiled anyway gesturing to the crowd. That answer gets me an awww out of the crowd and Caesar.

"Speaking of your family how will it feel to see them again? We all remember your heroism as you volunteered for your little sister Prim at the reaping." The crowd all agreed with Caesars statement. "Well I am very excited to be able to go back to district 12 in a few weeks. I will miss you but I will always visit." I flashed a fake smile. The crowd was eating it up. "I am so glad I was able to save Prim's life and now we can go on living again." I heard some sniffles coming out of the crowd. It disgusted me.

"I'm sure indeed, I have one final question Katniss." Caesar took my hand in his. I knew what was coming. It was about Peeta. "We all saw the heartbreaking end of Peeta's life. We saw you trying to stop him. My question is would you have given up your life for Peeta?" As soon as he asked it I began to choke up. This was too personal. They were all watching me waiting for an answer. "Yes." I choked out. "Peeta was the only reason I was still alive. If he was alive he could offer so much more." By now tears were streaming down my face. "I loved Peeta and I couldn't save him." I was now sobbing. The crowd was to. I don't know why but this made me angry. They didn't know Peeta! He was better than there games. He told me he didn't want to be a part of their games. Yet they all act like they know how I felt. They didn't and they never will because soon they will forget about him and move on to next year's games they always do.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up it was Haymitch and he lead me off stage. The crowd was all cheering and crying but I don't know why they were cheering.