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I woke up to someone climbing in to my bed. I was confused and had no idea where I was. "Hey Kat." I heard a voice whisper as a hand snaked around my waist. Oh god it was Neilsoy. He came back for me. I frantically scooted away trying to get out of his reach. I began to hyperventilate my eyes filling with tears and terror. "Please don't hurt me." I begged my voice sounded foreign to my own ears.

I stared at the man but my eyes soon adjusted to the light. I then realized it wasn't Neilsoy it was Finnick. He had on a hurt expression and one of shock. "Katniss it's me Finnick. You are safe. I would never hurt you." He held out a hand and I took it cautiously. My hands were trembling as I crawled back over.

I didn't realized I was crying until I tasted salty tears in my mouth. I crawled up to Finnick and nestled in his chest. My body still shaking from the panic attack I had just experienced. Slowly he took my chin in his hand and brought my face up to his. I refused to look him in the eye. I was a terrible person and I didn't deserve this man.

Gently he took the pad of his thumb and began wiping the tears off my cheeks. "Katniss look at me." Finnick coaxed. Still I refused. "Come on sweetheart." He rubbed my back. I could feel the electricity with each movement of him against me. I just shook my head. I didn't want him to see the pain in my eyes he didn't deserve that. Finnick was too good for this life.

"Why not?" He asked. "I don't deserve you." The words came out at less than a whisper. I then looked up. The pain that crossed his face was unbearable so I looked back down again. "Katniss stop! Don't you ever say that again! I am not too good for you. You are too good for me. Never say that again!" He was almost shouting. This caused for me to break down. The sobs wreaked my body as I struggled to catch my breath.

"He, he made me call him Peeta. An, And he called me Kat." I could hardly get the words out of my mouth before Finnick stood up. He jumped out of bed and grabbed my lamp and threw it against the wall. I let out a whimper and he walked over to me. I cowered because I thought he was going to hit me. He saw this reaction out of me and began stroking my hair.

"I'm so sorry Katniss." He came on the bed taking me in a hug and he began to kiss where my neck and shoulders met. I gave out a moan in pleasure and he stopped. "I won't let that happen to you again." He promised. Then he went back to kissing. "Wait no. I can't." I protested. He looked at me confused. "It's just I haven't umm washed yet." He nodded understanding. "Well then let's get started." He ginned picking me up bride style. "Put me down!" I squealed. He laughed and continued walking to the bathroom.

The pressure on my torso was very uncomfortable. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to worry Finnick. He set me down and began taking off my shirt. I stepped back a little in protest. I didn't want him to see the damage. "I'm ugly and scarred. You can't see." I know it sounded vain but I knew the sight would set Finnick over the edge. "Katniss you're not ugly. You could never be." I kissed me gently on the mouth. "I will go first." He assured me and he began pulling off his shirt.

I had never noticed before but Finnick's chiseled chest was covered with scars. I tentatively reached out my hand. He flinched but let me continue. Lightly I began to trace his scars with a delicate touch. He gasped as I followed one of the longer scars down to the waist of his jeans. I hadn't noticed these the first night. I wondered why.

He looked at me and reached for my shirt. I nodded and he gently pulled it off. I was standing there in my bra and I could feel his eyes looking over me. I kept my eyes on the ground ashamed of my body. He cupped my face in his hands and brought my eyes up to his. "You are so beautiful." He took my lips in his. Our tongues fighting for dominance. He removed his pants and I did the same. Expertly he took one hand and unclasped my bra from behind. I let it fall no longer embarrassed.

Finnick turned up the water and we stepped in. He pressed the shampoo button and began massaging it into my scalp. His fingers massaged my temples. I let out a sigh. This felt so good. He then rinsed it out and conditioned my hair. I usually didn't like being taken care of but Finnick made me feel so safe. After that he took the body wash and lathered it up pin his hands. He cupped my breasts and rubbed his thumbs over them careful not to disturb the fresh bruises. He slithered his hands down to my mound. He began washing me tenderly.

With each stroke I grew wetter and I took the wash and began to wash him. By the time I reached his length he was already hard. I took charge grabbing his head and pressing our lips together in a passionate heat. He placed his hands at my waist as I continued holding his head. He pressed his tongue to my lips and I parted them granting him access. He began to explore ever crevasse of mouth. He began sucking on my tongue which brought a gasp from me. He chuckled and grinned.

His hands traveled to my entrance and he slowly pushed a finger in. After a few moments another went in and soon he had three fingers filling me. He began to move them in and out until I was rocking on his hand and humping his hand. I was embarrassed by this behavior but the feeling as too strong to ignore. I took his length in my hand as he continued and I began stroking him. I kept going faster. I heard a gasp fly from his lips as I continued. I could feel my self getting closer so I gripped him harder. I let out a moan of bliss as I came on his fingers. I then heard a grunt as he came on my stomach. He took his fingers out and started sucking them grinning like he just won a prize.

He dragged his finger though the trail he just left and brought it to my mouth. It tasted salty but there was a hint of something sweet that I had never experienced. We brought our mouths closer and soon we were kissing out juices mixing together in harmony. We turned off the shower and stepped out side. Together we laid in bed skin against skin our bodies melting into each other.

There was a knock on the door and a note slipped underneath. My victory tour left in two day so this couldn't be good. I walked over a read it my face dropping as I did so.

Since you two seen to be getting along so well both of your presences is requested tomorrow at my mansion. Please arrive at 8:00 sharp. –Snow.