Hello to all of my loyal readers. As much as I enjoy writing the stories I do I sadly, am doing something I had hopes I never would have too. I am putting all but a few up for adoption.

Its not that I don't want to write them anymore so much as it is my motivation and time to work on them. I'm still keeping a few of them up and going though so I don't loose my fan base completely.

Below is a list of the stories I am putting up for adoption:

The Demigod ninja of Olympus: book 1 (pending approval from Co-author Shinnigami)

Awakening the Draconic blood (I have chapter two started. Message me if interested for details)

Life in Orange Star High (new chapter started. PM me if interested)

Harry Potter: Year Three (Same as above two)

That's them people. Once again, if you are interested in taking any of these in contact me so I can send over the needed details.