hi chcolatemonster-san here, this story was Heavily edited by EternalLegacy, because my grammar makes EternalLegacy's face hurt. so for better grammar purpose's EternalLegacy has edited this chapter. -She stared out the car window, tears streaming down her ghostly face. This was a normal occurrence for Rin Kaga, who had just lost her cherished mother and father.

It was a sunny Sunday when her parents went out shopping. Rin had waited patiently till midnight for them to come home.

They never did.

The next day, a phone call informed her that an out of control car had hit two people. One had been a woman, the other a man. Neither had survived.

The car stopped, and Rin got out. From a distance, you could see a blonde person standing in front of a dark mansion. Although the mansion looked old and seemed to be rotting, you could still tell it had been a beauty in its days of youth.

Rin stared at the mansion, examining it before sighing quietly to herself. She was supposed to stay here until further arrangements were made.

The fragile girl pushed on a deep oak door, and a creak was heard. She slowly stepped inside.

Inside the mansion, everything was covered in sheets, reminding Rin of the hospital. She shivered at the thought of hospitals. For Rin, hospitals were not a pleasant place, they reminded her of her lost parents.

Sighing once again, Rin decided that she had better choose a room. Cautiously, she opened a random door and ran to the bed, throwing herself upon it before letting a fresh stream of tears take over her pale face. She lay there for what seemed to be an eternity, crying herself to sleep.

Rin woke up and heard a strange sound, like someone was crying. It felt sinister. She decided to investigate the noise and crawled out of her new bed. She tiptoed down the grand staircase and headed towards the living room, her feet refusing to go on, but her curiosity pushing her onward.

There she saw a little girl sitting, leaning her back against the wall, the area around her seemingly dark compared to the other sections of the wall. The young girl wore a dirtied white dress, her arms covering her face and her long hair covering her arms. Rin could now tell that the crying had come from this little girl.
Rin moved towards her.

"What's wrong?" she asked, wanting to know why this girl was crying.

"I can't find my mommy, " responded the little girl.

Rin got closer and bent down. "It'll be okay, I'm here, I'm going to help you find your mommy," she attempted to console the girl.

"You don't understand," answered the little girl bitterly. "Mommy isn't here anymore."

"Why not?" asked Rin. The little girl lifted her head.
Rin scrambled backwards, trying to get away from the horrible sight.

The girl's face was rotted, her arms covered in blood. Her blood stained dress was becoming more apparent by the second.

"Because," she said, her rotting breath rushing over Rin's face, "I killed her, and I'm going to kill you too," she screamed and lunged at Rin. Rin had started running for her life long before the girl had spoken her last words.

Rin ran and ran, she didn't bother to look behind herself to see if the girl was still behind her or not. All her energy was focused on getting away. Her lungs were burning, and her blood was pumping.

"I'M COMING FOR YOU!" a screech came from behind Rin.
Rin sprinted out the back door and ran into the woods. Running deeper and deeper into an unknown area, she suddenly tripped, a scream tearing itself out of her throat. Her vision went black.